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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 3 results

  1. Its still early in the morning and there is 12 more hours and a half left to fast, but I’m leaving to go to work soon and will be there for most of the day. I already feel faint and because of the physical activity at work, I fear that I will pass out. Is this a valid enough reason to drink some water and break my fast without having to to kaffarah? Can I just fast it qatha?
  2. Sallam I have about 6 Kaffara to pay, so feed 60 people x 6 Can I just feed 1 person for 60 days or do I have to feed 60 different people. For example, if I can feed a few people multiple times then I can just send the money to my uncle and his family in Afghanistan, the money equal to 60 meals x 6. or do I have to find 60 different people and feed them only once. I prefer sending money to my uncles, and it is easier for me, much easier. Please help, I follow Sistani btw. shukran
  3. When I first reverted to Islam it was very difficult for me to fast not being used to such a practice and I know I did not complete some of them (may Allah forgive me). I feel very guily for this and have been trying to figure out how to pay the kaffarah. It would be to difficult for me to complete a consecutive 60 day fast which is why I am looking to pay it. I've searched the web and forums and I am still confused. I understand that I need to feed 60 poor Muslims but what I was wondering is: 1. Since I live in the United States finding 60 poor Muslims to feed is almot in impossible. Is there a way to pay online? 2. If so what is the amount I would have to pay in USD per person? (I've read the value of 1.6 kg of wheat but I am not sure what that equals in USD and if the price matters based on the country it is going to.) 3. As money is very tight for me would I have to pay it one lump sum or could I make payments over a period of time? (thus if it was $5 per person I could pay $50 a month for 6 months.) 4. Is there anything I missed? Any help would be greatly appreciated and may Allah reward you. Salamu Alaikum.
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