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  1. We are looking for an experienced graphics designer who can work as a freelancer with us. We need somebody with strong conceptualisation and designing skills to help us convey dense information with illustrations and infographics. Thanks to anyone expressing their interest, in advance.
  2. I am still studying at university , but I am worried about my future. and that's tearing me apart. I am studying a major which is an engineering major that I always hear negative things about it like there is no jobs, you will struggle to find a job , even If you find it will not be a good one. So, What should I do ?
  3. Salam alikum, old time member of Shia community. I am moving to Iran to resettle there from the London. I want everyone's sincere advice on this new move. What seems to be the best bussiness to start there ? What seems to be the most Western country in Iran ? Is Mutah Nikkah possible in Iran and if so where can I find it and how much will the Mehr be for that ? Will it be hard for me as a British Pakistani who doesn't speak too Farsi? What are the event prices there ? Would anyone give their daughter for Mutah Nikkah to me ? And last but not least how is the Shia culture there. Thanks for reading this, and I hope you guys can Give me a better advice.
  4. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu. Which is the view of Sistani on women working on a place where there is intermixing? Are there specified jobs that a Muslim woman is allowed to do? And what a Muslim woman is preferred to study at University? And if our parents,or one of them push us to study something in particular,we have to study what our parents or one of our parents wanted us to?
  5. What are some jobs (halal ones) that I can find, with little education, in a kaafir country? Any tips? Are there any halal jobs out there? Please share how you got your job.
  6. salam, i have been contemplating on leaving my job for a while now, the reason being is that there is haram music (rap, love, etc) playing 24/7 in there and the people i work with all use bad cuss words a lot although its mostly in joking with each other and towards me as well and even though telling them that i dont like to be talked to that way, lead to no avail. Also i sometimes feel like im not as bothered by the music anymore because of how much ive heard it there and probably becoming desensitized to it as well, as you know here in the US you'd be lucky to go a day without music entering your ears because of how common it is and what hurts even more is that everything i just stated with me is happening by arab non practicing shia muslims, i also feel like my heart is getting dirtier and its as if i just want to get away from all this to a place where there is no one. I want to know what you guys think i should do and considering the fact that i have younger siblings dependent on me to provide and my parents not living with us currently they are overseas and we are here as students. i have already asked my marja sayed sistani on working in a place where there is music playing 24/7 and i believe he said that as long as its not intentional its fine> also the reason im still contemplating on it is because im not sure if this is a test that Allah wants me to stay and go through or i should quit this job for the sake of Allah and rely on him to provide me with something better,,, im just confused now..... please give me your advice and guidance
  7. Salam All, A question on behalf of a brother. I wanted to know that if you work in a sales job and part of your job role requires you to pass customers onto the finance department who would then provide customers with finance (With interest rate) is this job acceptable according to islamic Jurisprudence? Jazak'Allah
  8. Guest

    Khums HELP

    [MOD NOTE: All personal information [EDIT] was removed. Please do not post personal information that can be used to identify you or someone else. Whatever you post on the Internet will be read by scammers and spammers.] Salaam My Fellow Brothers and Sister, [EDIT] I have been asking on many chats and forums but none were able to help me out in this situation. All I need is information that who can help me out and provide me with KHUMS here in karachi as this is my right and I'm syed. [EDIT]
  9. Assalamu Alaykum Does procrastinating at work makes my income haram? I mean, the money I make during the time I'm procrastinating. Is it like stealing from my boss? I'm a little worried about that because I don't want even a dollar of my income to be haram.
  10. Salamun Alaykum all! I work for a charity organization under a prominent Marje' in Najaf, Iraq and we're looking for really good translators. This is the kind of content you can expect to translate (mostly English-Arabic but some English-Arabic too): - The stuff that goes on fundraising posters - The stuff that goes on social media ads, and its captions We want people who, in addition to having good command in Arabic and English, are confident about their copywriting and editing abilities in Arabic. * The work will be freelance for now. You can do it from anywhere in the world. ** The work is regular - say you would be translating 8 posters/ads per month, plus short social media captions for the posters/ads. You might also be approached to translate subtitles or texts in promo videos. *** The translator needs to be prompt and translate within 5 hours or in exceptions, 10. This can be negotiated slightly if you're a really good translator. We'll trial you for a short period initially, and then decide if we want to hire you. Think you're up to the challenge? PM me soon! The work is rewarding and your price is negotiable. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  11. Okay, guys. Please hear me out first. Okay so, it all begun when i went to high school. I was in class when this boy who sat beside me said : ''Wow you have the hughest nose i've ever seen.'' I ignored it, but when i went home i looked at my nose realising he was right. I never really paid attention to it ... because i was young and didn't really care about how i looked? But well yeah, im by the way a girl. So my nose is really big, i've basically my father's nose and sometimes i wished i had my mother's. It is hooked, it doesnt look good from the profile nor the front... and it's kind of wide too. Everytime i talk it takes a weird shape, if i laugh the tip goes down and i basically look like a witch. My brothers do have these noses too, but their's doesnt go down or anything and it itsn't that bad and also they're boys so it doesnt really look weird on them. Ofcourse my parents Always say that my nose is beautiful, they are your parents after all. But i know my nose is not beautiful and im so self conscious about it. I've got a couple of comments in my life about it and the last one was very recent. I was in school and there were like this 'popular girls' who are 2 years younger. Anyway i was just focusing on the computer and they joked about me looking like a bird... i heard them but simply ignored it... like always Im very scared to meet new people, also im going to college in like two months and im scared .... When I walk i Always pretend like there is something in my eye so i can wipe it off with my hand so it will cover my nose and no one will see my profile.. I mentioned a nose job a couple times to my mother and she says it's not allowed because it's god's creation and that i should be thankful that i have a nose and that im healthy. She's right i guess?? I mean i am healthy and at least i got a nose... and doing a nose job means you're not happy with that what Allah gave you. but it still hurts me when i see every girl with this cute nose or people who got surgery and they look great after it.. so i searched on internet and people actually say it's not haram ... but i dont know im 17 and im not planning a nose job anytime soon ... but maybe for the future?? My nose is really an obstacle for me, i dont like going outside because people will see it, and i really cant make new friends or something.. also i have a job interview in two days and im scared that they will not want me because of my big ugly nose. does someone know if a nose job is haram or halal?? Can someone please answer thanks for hearing me out it kind of felt good to tell someone as i cannot talk to my friends abt it bc i dont want anymore attention on my nose and well i cant really talk to my parents about it. By the way, it's basically like my father's side of the family that has this kind of noses and my mother's side doesnt they all have cute little noses.. and i think it looks bigger because i also wear hijab so it looks more prominent.. and it is already big.. (ps: sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language)
  12. Guest


    slms. i m an app developer and i want to develop an app for a betting company, is it halaal to do that? i m just doing my job
  13. Asalamalekum, Recently, i have been hired at a new job, and i am getting training at the moment. Moreover, I have just gotten married couple months ago and was hunting for full time job in the few months. Hence, this job is really important for me and my family. But i have a problem, during the job application process. I did not mention the name and phone number of one past job i worked at. Because, i committed some mistakes their, which i deeply regret and feel sorry. Instead, i mentioned some other jobs i worked at. At that time i was young and immature, therefore, if i would have written that older employer name and phone number in the application process. My current employer could have call them and found out about my past mistake which i deeply regret, and i might not get this job which "i really want". I had other jobs in the past and have been loyal and hardworking towards those companies and received a lot of praise from my bosses. Therefore, i would like to know what is the Islamic ruling in this situation. I deeply regret my past mistake, and if i tell my current employer about one of my last job. They might call them, and find out about this mistake and i could end up getting fired. Many Thanks!
  14. What career would you choose if money were no object?
  15. Hope everyone here is fine My sister is an Arabic teacher for almost 8 years, now she wants to find a job somewhere else, I mean in some other country, may be Iran..... Anyone here can help me? I googled for a teaching jobs in Iran but those websites don't give any information.
  16. Salaam Alaikum dear brothers and sisters, I am writing a post/topic today regarding employment, specifically within the United States (trying to narrow it down so I do not confuse other members). I am a relatively recent convert (2 years or), and I wear hijab. Now, I usually work during the summers and winters when I am on break from university; however, I wished to get a part time job during the school months so that I had a little financial cushion. I usually work at Macy's and this company has zero problem with wearing the hijab (usually the uniform is all black, but I can even wear a different hijab color if I desire), I truly love the company for this. But this post is not about this company. This is a rather specific scenario so I will try to cover this in as much depth and brevity as humanely possible. I didn't know which forum would be suitable so I just went for general. Before I converted, I used to work for Panera Bread for almost four years, and decided, since a local one was hiring I might as well give it a go (since I have experience overall and generally like the company). I recently had an interview, and everything went swell, with the manager planning my orientation. Near the end of my interview, however, I asked the manager if I would wear the visor (you have to wear a visor) over my scarf and she replied "I don't even know if you can wear the scarf." As you would imagine I became very quiet after hearing this. She told me she would speak with the general manager, whom would further ask the company on this matter. I went in for another interview (with the general manager, as the previous one made it apparent that I would be provided with the necessary information during this particular interview). The interview went great again, but I learned they are still asking the corporation if I can wear the hijab. Previously they discussed that it might conflict with Massachusetts health standards. This seems odd to me as the whole purpose of wearing the visor is to prevent hair from falling into the food; additionally, Panera contains no machinery that would risk me of becoming possibly strangled or caught. I wish to know if any one has any opinions on this matter/legal information. Recently the U.S. had a court case where a Muslim woman was prevented from working at Abercrombie (a clothing store) on account of her hijab conflicting with the so called "style" of the particular store. She won her case and the Supreme Court (highest courts of law) of the U.S. declared that one cannot discriminate on the basis of religious wear. The company seems to intend to wish to hire me, and they stated they will be calling me later in the week when they hear from the higher ups. My question is, can they even contemplate this? What reasons, if any, would they be allowed to say I cannot wear hijab. Here is also a copy of their employee manual, stating the dress code for the company. Note the particular bolded section: Dress Code: All associates working in Panera Bread locations are required to follow the below- outlined dress codes. Managers reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of any associates’ grooming or attire. Associate Shirts: Clean, pressed, solid colored (except black), collared, polo style, good repair, and tucked in. Sport logos/emblems, neon colors, flannel (plaids); sweaters or sweatshirts are not permitted. Catering Coordinators: Clean, pressed, Panera Bread issued colored button up, good repair, and tucked in. Sweaters or sweatshirts are not permitted. Baker Shirts: Clean, pressed, Panera Bread issued colored polo, good repair, and tucked in. Sweaters or sweatshirts are not permitted. Manager Shirts: Clean, pressed, Panera Bread issued colored button up style, good repair, and tucked in. Sweaters or sweatshirts are not permitted. Associates Aprons, Hats: & Name Tags: Provided at no cost to each associate. Aprons are to be left in Café’s and hats must fit properly and be worn with the logo facing the front. Name Tags must be worn at all times and must remain in the stores. Baker Hats: Provided at no cost to each baker. Hats must be worn at all times. Associate Slacks: Clean, pressed, good repair, khaki colored “Docker” style. Jeans, cargo pants, baggie pants, and shorts are not permitted. Slacks are to be worn with a plain black belt and not below the waist. Baker Slacks: Clean, pressed, good repair, khaki “Docker” style. Jeans, cargo pants, baggie pants, and shorts are not permitted. Slacks are to be worn with a belt and not below the waist. Catering Coordinator Slacks: Clean, pressed, good repair, khaki or black colored “Docker” style. Jeans, cargo pants, baggie pants, and shorts are not permitted. Slacks are to be worn with a belt and not below the waist. Manager Slacks: Clean, pressed, good repair, neutral colored (Black, khaki, gray, etc.) dress or “Docker” style slacks. Jeans, cargo pants, baggie pants, and shorts are not permitted. Slacks are to be worn with a belt and not below the waist. Shoes: Clean black closed-toe shoes, black sneakers or black loafers with a non-slip sole. Pumps, clogs, converse style, open-toe shoes, or sandals are not permitted. Nylons and/or socks must be worn at all times. Hair & Facial Hair: Hair must be neat, clean and appropriately maintained with no extreme styles, colors, and shaved/cut designs. - 16 - Females must pull back long hair and hair longer than the shoulder must be pulled back into a bun. Male employees must maintain a short haircut and the hair must not go below the top of the ear. Men are not permitted to have long hair regardless of intent to pull back. Facial hair/Goatees and Beards are not permitted and sideburns are not to extend below the bottom of the ear. Jewelry & Nail Polish: Women are permitted no more than one earring per ear. Earrings must be small posts. Men are not permitted to wear earrings. Both Men and Women: No more than one (1) ring in total and it must be solid. Bracelets, watches, and neck chains are not permitted. No visible tattoos and absolutely no other visible piercing jewelry are permitted-including tongue. Nail polish is permitted as long as it is neutral colored or clear and not chipped. Religious Exceptions: An employee is to be afforded a reasonable accommodation or exception to these rules if their religious beliefs necessitate adhering to certain standards. Do their general managers do not even read their own handbooks??? Obviously, I will not work at the company if they do not permit the hijab, but is this even legal?
  17. Salam. My parents are forcing me to become a doctor. I don't want to be a doctor. My average GPA in High School is 4.07 (it's over a 4.0 because I took 3 Advanced Placement classes). I am in 11th grade and have completed Calculus I. I always get A's, and I'm overall a smart kid in terms of academics. I am a hard working person. But here's the deal: After over a year of researching careers, jobs, etc I have found that success lies in business and entrepreneurship. I understand there is uncertainty and risk involved, but business has been very strongly recommended in Islam and Hadith by Ahlulbayt. There is barakat and unlimited potential in business. Starting our own businesses is the way to go, both for individual freedom and for the benefit of the Muslim Ummah as a whole. Us Muslims should start creating new companies instead of working for the Jews. We should be the ones owning the companies and influencing the world. Here are some hadiths about business and Ahlulbayt's recommendation to start your own business: Prophet Muhammad Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå: “If blessings were divided into ten parts, nine would be found lying in trade.” [bihar Al-Anwar, V. 23, P. 5] Prophet Muhammad Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå: “Rizq is ten parts, nine of which are in trade.” [Al-Kafi, V. 5, P. 318] Ammar al-Sabati narrated, ‘I asked Aba-Abdillah (as) about a man who trades but can make the same money by working for someone else. He replied, ‘He shouldn’t work for someone else. Rather, he must seek God’s bounty by trading, for by working for someone else, he restricts God’s bounty for him.’” [Al-Kafi, V. 5, P. 90, No. 3] Imam Ali (as): “Undertake yourselves to trading, for in it lies your independence from what others possess, and verily God, Mighty and Exalted, loves the trustworthy servant who is engaged in a business.” [Al-Khisal, P. 621, No. 10] Imam Sajjad (as): “Investing money perfects courage.” [Al-Kafi, V. 1, P. 20, No. 12] I showed my parents these hadiths. I told them how us Muslims should've been the ones creating companies like Facebook, Exxon, Apple, Microsoft, Acer, and Google. Despite all this, they told me I must become a doctor because "it's the only way to make money, and if you choose ANYTHING else, it means you're trying to take a shortcut and are a loser." But I'm not trying to take a shortcut, my grades and everything show I'm a smart person. I don't want to go to medical school and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and 8 years of my precious youth studying to become a doctor just for that "steady paycheck." I, with the aide of Allah, want to be the one giving the paychecks instead of receiving them. My youth should be spent traveling the world and starting new businesses instead of sitting in classrooms and taking tests to work for hospitals owned by non-Muslims. It's time we look at what the Ahlulbayt have told us instead of continuing to follow tradition. According to Khamenei, it is not obligatory to obey your parents but it is Haram to make them sad or worried. It should be noted that my parents are very helpful and care about me a lot. They sincerely want to help me succeed in life, but they aren't convinced that it will be to my benefit if I go into entrepreneurship and business (I think mainly because they are scared and because it's against the culture/tradition). Or should I simply obey my parents and live my whole life in a career I don't believe in? Should I disobey and choose my career? Any answers would be appreciated (I also would like to hear stories of people who did disobey in terms of their career choice, and I want to know what ended up happening). My personality and abilities and desire is leaning towards business. What should I do?
  18. Salam I am a fresh business grad and I have graduated from a top university in Pakistan. Despite having a solid academic record, having given several interviews I am unable to land a job. My major is finance so the number 1 option for a finance major is to join a bank. I understand that working in a bank is Haram and for that reason I had only applied to corporations. I can easily get into a bank but have avoided it for the past couple of months due to Islamic reasons. Now I am in a mess. I have been in a relationship with a fellow classmate who also happens to be a shia. I have been in love with her for several years and I have always wanted to marry her. The girl's father is very strict and it is impossible for her to tell her dad about me. The only thing I can do is send a proposal. Recently, a good marriage proposal came and her dad is considering saying yes. I have very little time left now. I cant send a proposal without having a job. I am facing a dilema here, should I just get a job in a bank even though its haram? I dont have any option, there is very little time left and I dont know what to do. I dont want to displease God by taking up a Haram job but at the same time I am desperate here. I have been praying really hard for the past couple of months. Have been reciting Surah Waqya everyday after Isha prayers. I have complete faith in God that I will InshaAllah end up having a good job. But I am really confused as to what to do in such desperate circumstances. Please help me. Does Islam allow any flexibilty in such circumstances? Islamic evidence from Ayatullahs or sayings of our Imam are welcome. Please advice.
  19. AsSalamu Alaikum, I won't usually do this, post a link to my web page, but I have a problem. Because I am Shi'a Muslim, I have lost my job. Read the link, and advise me. https://haijinamin.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/a-call-to-christians/
  20. (salam) The Zahra Trust has several exciting job vacancies available, we are currently looking for new producers / editors to join our growing media productions side. Alongside the producer we are also looking for a researcher /copywriter. Details for both posts are available below. Job Vacancy for Producer / Editor Job Title: Producer / Editor / Director x2 Position: Permanent (3 months probationary period) Salary: Negotiable (depends on experience) Seeking an all-rounder, enthusiastic and committed person who is keen to get involved in all areas of production and to contribute as part of a team. We are looking for a Producer/Director/Editor to come on board as part of a fast-growing production company. The ideal candidate will: • Have at least two years’ experience as a producer/director/editor • Possess excellent communication skills, demonstrate the ability to work under pressure, be reliable, responsible and work well within a small team • Demonstrate a keen interest in Islam • Have knowledge of cameras, sound and lighting set-ups • Be experienced in working with a variety of crew, kit and locations (studio and outdoor locations) • Have experience in writing briefs, treatments and interview questions • Have experience in interviewing or a willingness to learn and be able to perform this task on shoot (off camera) • Final Cut Pro or Avid proficient • Above all be proactive, independent, polite and enthusiastic Applicants with strong editing and directing experience are preferable Email us your covering letter, CV and showreel (links to previous work) to info@zahratrust.com Please state in your email subject the exact position you are applying for. If selected you will be invited for an interview. Last date of application: 22nd September 2012 <img alt="" height="1" style="border:0" width="564" /> Job Vacancy for Researcher / Copywriter As the Copywriter/Researcher you will provide support to the Head of Production in all aspects of production and advertising communications. You will develop high quality, innovative copy solutions/content for the production company. You will work in a variety of projects across all areas, encompassing the entire range of scripts for programmes, fillers, ids and marketing collateral, including brochures, leaflets, advertising campaigns and advertorial features. Your role will also involve translating material into clear, concise and reader friendly copy, balancing audience needs, legal concerns and business objectives. The ideal candidate will: • Be able to work swiftly and flexible under high pressure • Be comfortable juggling a variety of jobs at the same time • Be a highly experienced writer, you would need to bring proof with you • Have a high proficiency in the English language both in reading and writing and preferably at degree level • Have experience in rewriting, adapting and expand on existing material) • Have to be computer literate, and have some experience with Mac computers • Have experience in a variety of fields; such as marketing, production, Islamic literature Email us your covering letter and CV to info@zahratrust.com Please state in your email subject the exact position you are applying for. If selected you will be invited for an interview. Last date of application: 22nd September 2012 The Zahra Trust Charity no. 1129501 131 Walm Lane NW23AU London United Kingdom
  21. Salaam Alaykum, I feel like all my life, I've been led to a job which involves fitness. I really would like to become a group fitness instructor but you need to have a sense of music. And we all know how music is haraam. And personal trainer just isn't something I want to do. So I FINALLY found a job that I could possibly do: weight training instructor and it's PERFECT. I've always been quite a strong sheman. Anyways, I'm just asking if anyone knows anyone who's a weight training instructor and could provide me with a job description. I want it as my part-time job and I don't think I'd be able to work at Goodlife because they require a certification which involves intensely working out infront of men.
  22. Salam Alikum Momneen A friend has contacted me for a JOB vacancy which will be based in London. This will be an admin position and Ideally they are looking for someone who is Shia, Momin and someone who can manage the office effectively. Interested person should send me a private message in my inbox and I will provide the contact details of that person. Regards
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