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Found 16 results

  1. If autism is related, at least in part, to jinn, then is there any form of ruqyah that could cure autism (a manifestation of jinn-possession) in its entirety? I am wondering if anyone has heard of autism being cured among Muslims, especially among adults who are diagnosed with said condition.
  2. Al-Salaam Alaikum, This topic is perhaps one of the most active discussions happening among non-muslims with use of Islamic terms and references. Only years ago nobody knew the meaning of Jinn or anything beyond Aladdin's Geenie, or that other TV show from the 60's where this guy had a beautiful lady as his Genie in the bottle. Of course there is Christina Aguilera who also sang "I'm your genie in a bottle baby ..", but nowadays if you look at all conspiracy threads on places like Youtube, you will find non Muslims referring to the word Jinn as if it's common knowledge. Subhan Allah. People have a hunger for ghost stories and exciting horror movies that include demons and spiritual entities that make people's lives miserable. Of course the whole black magic movement gave credit to what most Muslims have been saying for centuries. Still I believe that this topic is one of the least understood and biggest misconceptions in the world. What is a Jinn? How do you picture one? I have personally been through much of the evolution of thinking when it comes to this topic. In the past my mentality was that I'd imagine them as these creatures that look like us somehow, but are on another dimension where they can see us and we can't see them. I imagined that they were not included in our physical realm at all, and all this, even though I read a lot of about them being animals and serpents. Anyway, without further ado, let me explain to you my current evolutionary stage when it comes to this topic. God created creatures that have tendencies to certain elements. They master and resonate with these. They are not purely made of any element, as purity is impossible for any creature who is always diverse, and in the very least, dependent on the duality of time and space. Every creature has left and right, up and down, etc. So those creatures have a hierarchy with Allah, and one of them is the highest. This one is the owner of the realm of this element that carries certain responsibilities that are based on specialized abilities. Those owners are the representative angels that are shown in the Arabic language with the root word MLK, which is used for king, kingdom, etc. So Iblis was the malak of the fire realm, which are the Jinn it seems. I am still not 100% sure if Jinn only refers to the fire element, or if they also include others, not including earth. But what happened in heaven as soon as Adam (عليه السلام) was created, was that the angels who each represent their own creed, were told that they should prostrate towards Adam (عليه السلام), making it obvious that the earth representative is better than the fire one. fire comes first, as earth was created by fire that emerged from water, and settled as ashes (according to Usool el Kafi Vol 8 Cosmological hadith). So the fire representative was so convinced that his element and his being is deserved of higher rank than the earth one, that he challenged God Himself! masha Allah! La 7awla walaqowata ila billah! Anyway, got a brain block just thinking of it! To keep on going, I would like to just point out something that some might be confused with, and I have my own personal way of explaining it. Maybe it will help! So, some might think that "how can they be told to prostrate to Adam, when we are only to prostrate to Allah?" - or - "isn't that shirq?" (btw we can use the same explanation for issue of bani israel prostrating to Joseph (عليه السلام) in his dream metaphorically, and in reality ). Let me rest you assured, that we can visualize it in this way: They are all prostrating. Adam is prostrating to Allah in the direction of the qibla, wherever it might be at that time and place, and therefore the people prostrating towards Adam, are actually prostrating towards the qibla, like you praying behind the scholars of your huseneya. It shows seniority and superiority when you pray towards someone who is between you and the qibla. So, I don't think anybody can deny that praying towards Adam, is actually praying towards Allah, and Adam given the honorary position of being the Imam. Iblis didn't like this, because he wanted to be the Imam. There are people who say that Iblis was the Imam al Khalq - or the leader of the creations - up until this point, and that he was basically dethroned for some reason. I still don't know all the details, but I look forward to finding out - in sha Allah. So, to continue, the result of this event that I think did not happen not on earth, and prior to the creation of Eve, lead to the removal of Iblis as this high ranking creature in the heavens, and he was put on earth together with Adam, who now got a wife. What most of us have been thinking is that these gardens basically had Adam, Eve and Iblis running around, and lots of trees and animals decorating the place. But I think that the reality is different. According to the Biblical stories, and mainly from the book of Enoch/Idris from before the flood, the story involved more than just one Jinn. There were a whole group of creatures who were reporting to iblis who decided to follow Iblis in rebellion. These are referred to as the "Watchers", and the bible even refers to them as "sons of god", who eventually ended up intermarrying with "daughters of men" to create Nephelim. The word Nephelim is usually referred to as giants, but I have heard from hebrews different interpretations of the word, but for our purposes it's accurate enough to say that they were human/jinn hybrids. And the term 'sons of god' is definitely in reference to how the polytheists refer to them in most cultures across the world. At the same time we can not neglect the idea that perhaps the gardens of Eden had Jinn in various forms existing in peace, without bad intentions as well. Most people think that the love making between those 'fallen angels' were some invisible entities having intercourse with the women while they were sleeping, and when they wake up, they are pregnant. But that is not accurate according to my current belief. The way I see it from the Quran, is that when Adam and Even were conversing with him, they were talking normally in the same dimension. Iblis did not have to possess a human body to talk through him in form of channeling. It seems that Iblis was physically there like all of them. Another proof that Jinn exist in a physical realm is the proof from biblical and hadith sources that claim Jinn occur in shapes of snakes, dogs, and even certain tribes of what we call humans. This shows us that not only are Jinn not purely spiritual creatures, or invisible entities, but they occur across the animal and human kingdoms. The word human means man ( from word 'homo' ), so it is not a very accurate description of who we are. Somebody can look like you and me, but they are not really as much bani adam as children of some fire-realm forefather. In other cultures and religions, these are referred to as: Fairies, Elves, children of god, annunaki, aliens, etc. But I think the best term is jinn. When looking at the use of the word Jinn in the quran, we find it has a counterpart called ins, or insan. I do not currently have evidence for this, but logically speaking I feel that the word insan is for creatures who are more in tune with the earth element. All of us have all elements within us, but you will find some people are more in tune with fire or earth. I have a Kurdish friend of mine who comes from a Kurdish princely family whose forefathers were in charge of vast territories in Iraq, and he definitely acts like a Jinn. His personality is very fiery, and I even told him. He agrees, and you can see it not only in their faces, and eyes (almost like fire), but you can hear it in their voice. Also, when I lived in Yemen for a year, I felt that the nature of the people was very somehow jinn-like. Then I found out that there is talk about Queen sheeba actually being half jinn, as her father decided to not marry from his own kind, because he was really upset with all the women for some reason. And most Yemenis see themselves as physically descended from that woman. According to several researchers of today, the Jinn race, and specifically the lineage of the dragon/satan/iblis, is very prominent, and originates from Atlantis before the flood. There is evidence that many very knowledgeable people from the past who built pyramids and created high civilizations, claim to be remnants of the 'god-people' who survived the great deluge. Sometimes they are described as having come from boats, like their own arks, and other times there are descriptions from indigenous people saying they came from the sky - often referred to as winged gods - and then there are native Americans for instance who talk about those people coming with their knowledge of advanced science from under the ground. This poses the question of 'was Noah's ark the only surviving ark?'. Were there flying transport vehicles at that time perhaps, or some who hid in the earths below this earth? So those people are almost always described in the same way, as 'caucasian' looking, and are often referred to as Arian, with a tendency to blue eyes and blonde/red hair, although this is not generally always true, as they often inter-marry over the years. According to researchers these people are represented also by having a majority of Rh- blood types, which some people say is proof of different ancestry. A woman having an embryo with different Rh type, can not have their blood mixed, or else the immune system of one would attack the other. These are said to include among others the Basques, the Berbers (Atlas mountain is said to be the same root word as Atlantis) and the Druze populations. In ancient history these sky people, or people from the underworld, or from a sunken Island, came with great knowledge of Astronomy, numerology, mathematics, weaponry, architecture, sacred geometry, agriculture, livestock keeping, and all kinds of other knowledges. The oldest recorded human civilization that we have extensive information on is the Sumerians in Iraq, who claim that they were visited by gods who taught them everything from time keeping, calendars, to how to build cities almost over night. So it seems that the jinn race did teach us most of what we know, based on knowledge that they had from before the flood, and possibly even from before Adam (عليه السلام). It is said in the bible that the race of fallen angels who married daughters of men, taught their children all those things, which would be in union with the same idea as the Sumerian stories, as well as most people, especially those who live in places where they have ancient architectural wonders that are far away from their abilities to build, like those in Mexica for instance. One of the most important lessons for me is that Jinn and Ins are not pure fire or earth, but both have both of them, and both have existence in other dimensions as well. The quran refers shayateen (satans) as being from among jinn and ins. This means that each and every one of us is capable of spiritual manipulation to a certain extent. We all have ethereal bodies called souls, that can haunt or help people. And we are all mixed with all elements within us. We could never live without fire within us, which is the combustion happening in our every cell, that converts our stored energy into free energy to make work. Another point that I would like to go into is the naming of the 'fallen angels' among the Christians, who are also called 'sons of god', and 'watchers'. Another term for the devil iblis and the likes of him is dragon. The word dragon has developed into a fire breathing reptile in most people's heads, but there is a less known meaning of this word from the Greek version of this word, that means 'to see'. This term would not only be in tune with "watchers" from Enoch (i suggest you all read or listen to the ebook or audiobook of the whole thing), but my finding is that it is in tune with Allah's word of the Quran. Allah says in Surat 'Araf (7):27 that the satan who made our grand parents leave the gardens of bliss - who is a jinn - sees us with his tribes from where we don't see them. So, this is in tune with the idea of them being 'watchers', while we are not. When it comes to their tribes, it is interesting that we have dragons on family crests, and even orders of Dragons such at Vlad the Impaler, who is also known as Count Dracula, who is also known as the Dragon. In his native tongue the term Dracul means Devil supposedly. Then there is an article that states how apparently Prince Charles of England, claims to be related to this man. It is said that almost all ruling classes in the world from the past millenia are always from this family, and that they even introduced the cast system into India. These things deserve extra research, for the sake of knowing who we are and in what world we live in. The bottom line here is also that when God mentions the word Jinn - which is also the same root word as jannah/gardens - that they are usually mentioned in a type of equality. Both are said to have been created for the same purpose, namely for the worship of God. So this shows that Jinn and not just Ins have the possibility of being good God-fearing creatures, and Muslim believers. The conclusion here, is that whatever the jinn are, that the good ones among both of these races are one Ummah and one Nation. And what is interesting is that according to ahl bayt hadiths, it is not just jinn who can occur as human form and animal form, but even "human" who can appear as animals. Or, they can be reincarnated into them, meaning that their same soul gets transferred into the body of another animal creature. The example of a one-colored dog being a jinn, has the counterpart of a spotted dog, being an ins. And then we even have angels in the form of so-called humans, like the ones who visited Prophet Lut (عليه السلام) and his cousin Abraham (عليه السلام), and then there are angels who can also come in the shape of an animal. For instance, I read a hadith saying that the angel Gabriel will appear to the Mahdi in the shape of a white dove. I don't know how reliable this is, but it could be true. Of course some children of the prophet Israel are described as becoming pigs and apes in the Quran as well, perhaps giving another reason of why we should not eat pork! According to our Vedic and Hindu brothers, we are even capable of being turned into trees and plants. According to them, it all depends on what state we are in at the moment of death. That's why the Holy Quran keeps stating the specific dua of "please let us die as Muslims". If we die while being lazy, we get reborn as a bear who sleeps all the time. If we die being exhibitionists, then as trees who are exposed. If we are too much into devouring things and eating meat, then a tiger perhaps, and so on. It makes sense to me. According to this logic, even an insan who was demoted from a body like ours into the body of a pig, can still be theoretically promoted again to a higher being perhaps, as he has not reached the final immortal judgment and scales yet. To me this is a very interesting topic, and can be discussed further in another topic at hand. So, back to the Jinn-Ins dichotomy: The misconception and misinformation campaign to paint a picture of fear and panic for all of us needs to be broken (other than the fear of the Creator). Not only are Jinn and Ins virtually the same, but just with different accents of creations, but we all have some Jinn and Ins heritage in us in all certainty. It is just a matter of how much percentage, or of how purely you are part of this tribe or that. In the end it only matters what we do with our heritage, and if we are gaining a wasila - or way to - God or not. I believe that it is time to set the true definitions of these words into the mainstream, and open the discussions based on not only our materials from the Quran and ahlulbayt, but also from other prophets, saints and histories as well. We need to understand our past better, so we can be ready for the truth. After about 22 years of research into this topic I feel that I've reached 1% of 1% of a clear picture, and that I'm just scraping on the surface of the covered and veiled truth. But my hope is that more people look at this from an Islamic perspective, and join all the truth seekers out there who are discovering the true world history without the use of Quran and Ahlulbayt. We have a huge head start and responsibility to use these, and represent their information, in order to set things straight. Jinn are not ghosts. Jinn have ghosts, and so do Insans. The hybrids of Jinn and Ins - such as ourselves to certain extents - also have ghosts, which are souls. Those souls leave the body when we sleep, when we die, and can even be directed out of the body when awake, through thinking. Therefore, Allah reveals to us the open-ended and absolute statement of: "Remembrance of Allah is Greater", and "in the remembrance of Allah, do the hearts find security" Allah has a throne, and predicts in the Noble Quran, that some day this throne will be held up by eight angels who will bear the throne of God. In all likelihoods, those eight angels are head representatives of different aspects and elements, such as the fire and earth elements. In Islam, the focus is on those two, while we do know that there are other angels as well. But in our religion as well as other philosophies and books there is further talk about other elements that form the basis of the universe. But, what I want to say is that I can picture how the fire element will be present and represented by a Jinn brother, who will take over the position that Iblis lost that day he refused to heed God's command, and unrepentantly. Those eight angels will also be part of a hierarchy and you can be sure that they are competing this very moment with their entire beings, who can be closer to God. We all are ordered to race towards all that is good, and God talking about hierarchies again and again in the Quran, is a signal to us for competition. It is like that gun shot at the start of a race. Come one! let's run! Imam Hussein doing the sacrifice that he did (عليه السلام) was nothing more than competing for the higher ranks in front of God. Let us race together dear brothers and sisters who may be reading this, among the jinn, ins, malaika, or any good creature of God. Modern 'science' has us believe that we are all one race, but that isn't true. What distinguishes us is whom ware descended from. We are descended from the prophet Adam (عليه السلام) - that makes us bani Adam, or Adamites. But just because we are descended from this man, it does not mean we are not descended from other creatures as well, who are independent from Adam. A son of Israel, is called son of Israel, even if one of his parents is not descended of Israel. And then the modern Jews will tell you that you are not a son of Israel, if you convert to Islam for instance, or become of Christian. So the monopoly on the term and title of being a son of this prophet is not only considered physical, but metaphysical. The same goes for converts, such as the countless Jewish converts in history, who are considered as bani Israel in today's world. So someone who is descended by prophet Israel might be excommunicated by his tribe, because now his allegiance is more with the cousin tribe of the bani hashim. Prophet Mohamed himself is said to have a Jewish grandmother, from the tribe of Bani Najjar, which is mentioned in the Constitution of Medina. We are all more mixed than we imagine. Probably every person on this forum is related to most prophets of the Abrahamites. But our spiritual inclination is what matters the most. Although some people are more purely descended from one prophet or the other, we all chose our allegiance, which then makes us who we are. So we choose to focus on being descended from Adam, Noah, etc , yet the detailed truth is most certainly much more complex than this. Thank you for reading, and please give your positive feedback, thanks!
  3. Guest


    Assalamalaikum I remember hearing during my youth that jinns would take one's aqeeq ring if it was left unattended long enough I lost my ring a few days and I am having a hard time finding it Is it because of a jinn? If that is the case, is there anyway to get it back or is it lost forever? Thank you.
  4. Salam, In a few weeks I am moving out of my parents house. My apartment is about two hours away from them and I am going to live by myself (because my university is far away). One thing that really scares me is seeing a jinn. They scare me more than people. When I was 7 and 16 I saw some things that I never wish to see again. (I am 19 today) And on top of that my mother told me all the scary things that she has experienced with jinn. I know some of you might not believe me but wallah its true. I am so scared to live alone because what if I see a jinn? I already do the obligatory things that a Muslim should do (pray, fast etc.) I have never been harmed by them but they still scare me alot. When I even think about living alone I start crying because of fear... So my question is, does anyone know what I can do to prevent them from coming to my home?
  5. I was wondering what happens at midnight because there are so many things that refer to midnight they say people get more creative after midnight we have the midnight prayer and some more things I can't think of off the top of my head. Is there any Qur'an or hadith of Ahlul Bayt that talk about what happens at midnight?
  6. Assalamu alaykum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu brothers and sisters of islam. I am in a fear and confusion. Please clear me if there is any concept of belief that a person or event can be a harm to someone. I was born to hindu parents who are now convert to chritianity but i call myself a muslim as i love islam. I know a shia guy for 5 years now and we are in sha Allah soon to be married after all the struggles Alhamdulillah. My father is into haram activity of consuming alcohol due to which he lost lots of money, mobile phone, bike, his work got affected, his health is not well at times. And all this happened few weeks after i told my parents about this guy and that we wanted to marry. My thoughts are wandering thinking if there is something evil about me marrying him. astagfirullah Please clear my thoughts about this. Also please suggest me some duas to recite for my father so that he is not trapped into the evil of drinking. Request you to make dua for our marriage and soon i follow islam thoroughly as it gets very difficult to read namaz and follow islam in my family. Jazak Allah kahir. May Allah forgive all of us an May Allah's mercy always be upon us. Ameen
  7. Salam, I need help and guidance if anyone here knows a Molana or Aamil in Karachi who has knowledge of Jinn & demonic presence in households. We have been facing some problem so urgent help will be appreciated. thanks
  8. Asalam a alaykum guys i have a question that im hoping to get answered regarding fortunetelling and black magic. My question is if jinns get info of future events etc from the Angels discussing it how do some fortune tellers guess / predict info about a particular person. Because i dont think the angels of Allah would be discussing personal info about ourselves. Inshallah i get a good response.
  9. Salaam all, and thank you for participating. I'm wondering the majority opinion concerning the substance of Qareen in the Shia world. From what I read in Quran, it mentions that only those who turn away from God's beneficence will be assigned a Qareen, but we have hadith and literature (from what I know in Sunni world) that the Prophet SAW said we all have qareen including himself. With regard to the hadith of Muhammad, “There is none of you who does not have a companion (qareen) appointed for him from among the jinn.” They said, “Even you?” He said, “Even me, but Allaah helped me against him fa aslama [or fa aslamu], so he only tells me to do that which is good.” There are two well-known views that have been reported. Those who read the phrase as fa aslamu said that it means, “So I am safe [aslamu] from his evil and temptation.” Those who read it as fa aslama said that it means, “The qareen became Muslim [aslama] and became a believer, so he only tells me to do that which is good.” [8] ----- This makes me wonder about the Prophet Muhammads SAW substance as a person/soul comparer to us. It seems to fit alongside a narrative supposing Muhammad was an erring human like the rest of us but just was best representation of a human being the best it can be, rather than a being we can never hope to achieve the same level in terms of piety and belief.
  10. Salam, While discussing with some brothers about jinns and angels, a question came up that bugged a bit: It is known in the Quran and hadith that jinns are created of fire (or smoke) and Angels of light and that both are invisible to the eye. If they are creations they ought to be observable (eyes or not) with the technologies that we have or will have in the future. Or maybe the use of the words fire and light are metaphors and they are consisted of some energy (or matter) that we cannot observe (yet)? Or is it possible that they live in another dimension that we don't know of? Please feel free to give your thoughts or share with us some verses, hadiths about this topic. Thanks for your attention
  11. Is it allowed or not? What are your opinions on this method of ruqyah?
  12. So...I was watching this movie Paranormal Activity. I take a lot of interest in the supernatural. What occurred to me suddenly was that what is the difference between demons and evil ghosts in Islam? Yes I believe in the supernatural.
  13. From what I have read Islam does not believe that Satan is an angel. As in Islam, an angel does not have free will. In the Ethiopian Orthodox bible their is a book called Enoch 1. Their are three books of Enoch, though only the first one is considered scripture. Most translations are of poor quality in English. Though, I own a decent copy. The first book was written in about 300-100BC. This book is very descriptive in detail of the fall of a group of Angels called the "Watchers". They rebelled against God by choosing to mate with the daughters of Eve (humans) and teach man the art of war. The book is very clear that these "fallen ones" were angels. Their is a long list of fallen angels that are named in Enoch 1. More to the point, even in the Western bible of Christendom, Satan is called "the God of this world". Satan in Christianity has great authority in this world. But, it seems that in Islam, Satan has little power. And, is in fact inferior to both man and the angels. Christianity claims in the book of Revelation in the bible, that Satan possesses angels of his own, executing great authority over all of the earth. It is said, he held great power in heaven before being cast down to the earth after a great battle in which Saint Michael the Arch Angel was victorious. I have read that Satan in Islam is a creature made from fire called a Jinn. And that Jinn are far inferior to angels as well as man. How is the Islamic Satan so different from the Christian Satan?
  14. bismilah (salam) after a chat session in the chatroom today it became clear to me that one way to help my fellow brothers and sisters in faith would be to address the issue of fear. we were discussing the topic of Jinn, and many people got scared and left. we were also talking a bit about magic as well. i would like to stress that fearing any other than Allah is haram we have a surah about jinn in the quran so it should not get anybody scared to talk about them humans are potentially superior to jinn, proved by iblis who was ordered to prostrate to our grandfather our purpose in life is identical to that of the jinn: And I (Allah) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (Alone). 51:56 the last surah in the quran is "Of jinn and men." 114:6 there are good jinn and bad jinn, just as there are good humans and bad humans. the aim of the bad jinn such as iblis is to prove that we are worse than him, and when we fear them, they win. they win because it shows that we do not fear Allah, but His creatures. so if for any reason this post helps to overcome fears that are haram, then i will be grateful to Allah. duas to you all, اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وآلِ مُحَمَّدٍ وعَجِّلْ فَرَجَهُمْ (wasalam)
  15. I see this forum is full of people from around the globe and I am interested in the cultural/religious practices of burning incense. My family comes from a Christian background and among those who claim to be religious they are divided on the subject. Some (mainly Sanctified) say it is ok because incense was burned in the Tabernacle. Others (mainly Baptists, who for some reason discredit anything in the Old Testament) say it is a pagan ritual and is not permissible to burn during prayer or any other time. As I google the internet about incense and Islam I see people saying that it keeps the jinns away, then some say that jinns eat the smoke, lol.
  16. In The Name of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. Assalamualaykum wa RAHMATULLAHI WA BARAKATOH. I hope you all are, INSHALLAH (God Willing), well and in the best of health and Faith (Imaan). I remember once hearing a lecture whereby the speaker talking about the Jinns and the story of Iblis being ousted from Paradise. Now, the speaker had said before Adam (as) had been created, Jinns were already existing and that Allah (SWT) had sent a severe punishment on the Jinns for their disobedience but Iblis was the best of the Jinns who used to worship him a lot so Allah (SWT) has raised up to the seventh Heaven to live alongside Jibrail (as) when the Jinns were punished due to his high levels of worship. Then, the angels of the first heaven (sky) had come to know from Allah (SWT) that he was going to do something - I don't remember what exactly it was but it something that the angels got worried about. According to what he had said, the angels also have classes and levels and, so, the angels of the first heaven are inferior to those of the second heaven who, in turn, are inferior to those of the third heaven and so on while the angels of the seventh Heaven are the most superior. So, the lecturer had said these first heaven angels started to panic that this bad thing - as I have said, I don't remember what exactly it was - which Allah (SWT) had mentioned may happen to them so they so went to the angels of the second heaven in order to ask them to intercede for them but these second heaven angels, themselves got worried about what if it was for them and they, in turn, went to angels of the third heaven and so until they all reached the four biggest angels until, at last, they all reached Jibrail (as) who also got worried and suggested they all go to Iblis and ask him to pray to Allah (SWT) because he was so special to Allah (SWT) that He had raised to live with Jibrail (as). So, they all went to Iblis and asked him to pray on their behalf to which he agreed and then, Allah (SWT) punished Iblis which was his ouster because of his disobedience. Basically, the moral that this lecturer was trying to impart was that when you want to pray for material things like cars, money and their like, you should first pray for your friends, family neighbours etc...like the Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them all) used to do and then lastly for yourself but when it comes to praying for forgiveness and immunity from sin, then you must start with yourself and then go to the others. This is the mistake Iblis made whereby he prayed for all the angels but forgot himself so he was the one who suffered! Regardless of the moral from this story, what I would like the respected members of this forum to do is, if they can, provide me references for this story IRRESPECTIVE OF WHETHER THE SOURCE IS SHIA OR SUNNI. :D By the way, the lecturer was Maulana Sadiq Hasan (some of the oldies may know him as Sadiq Bapu) who is a very, very famous Urdu speaker so I would, most probably, trust his words and be assured that if he says something, then he must have some sources for it. So, I am looking forward to get the source for this hadith. I am in urgent need of it so I would be very grateful if someone could provide me with a reference to this story! :D May Allah (SWT) bless us all, our families and loved ones, may He guide us all with His Perfect Guidance and may He, The Forgiver of Sins and The Oft-Forgiving, forgive all our sins for, indeed, there is neither any refuge nor any respite for the sinners except in Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì.
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