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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 22 results

  1. Salam. So I did istikhara on a personal matter. One bead was left. Thats a positive sign. But then came another thought that is the bead divider of tasbeeh or rosary be counted as a bead during istikhara?
  2. Hello I am a Shia male Muslim and I have recently been talking to a Sunni female Muslim in the hopes of getting married. We have a strong connection and really like each other. We do not care about the different sects that we are in, instead we are happy that we are both Muslim and follow the 5 pillars. We talked about the differences and came to an understanding of how we will approach them. I told my parents about her and that she is Sunni so they wanted a Mualana to do an istikhara. I am not that familiar with istkhara, but I allowed my mom to proceed to make her happy. I said okay an
  3. Assalamu 3alikum, I am talking with this girl that I intend to marry but there are many complications preventing this. She is Asian and I am Arab but and so there is a culture difference between the families, but we get on really well. After research and asking many people we were still unsure and so decided to do an istikhara. I used this website : http://alkawthar.com/estekhara and the istikhara came out really good. The ayat said that you are on a straight path and although there will be many against you, you should continue with this good deed. My question was is choosing an ayah thro
  4. Salam Alykum brothers and sisters, I apologize that this is a repeated topic, but my situation is a bit different and I seek your advice. About 10 months ago, my mother suggested to me her friend's daughter who lives in Canada (We live in New York, 8 hours away from them). I agreed. I met the girl and we sat down and discussed many things regarding marriage. I believe she's compatible with me. Her condition was that I move to Canada which I discussed with my parents and they accepted. We went for the proposal and they accepted. Now that we are discussing dates for engagement
  5. Salam alaykum sisters and brothers and Ramadan Kareem! Yesterday I found out methods of Istikhara and how to perform it by doing tasbeeh (counting beads with a rosary). I performed the same night the same method given out by imam Al Mahdi (A.S) and the first time I got an answer telling me to do it (what is on my mind). I performed again (the same method) after and it instead said to not do it. I then a few minutes after performed another method given out by another imam (A.S) which I forgot whom it was and my answer came out to be to do it. And now a day later i performed istikhara a few
  6. Salam aleikum! I need advice here. Firstly I want to say sorry for writing maybe little bit wrong some words, english is not my native language. So here it goes. I am married alhamdulillah for 6 months now. My husband is mashAllah practising muslim. He fullfills his duties as husband fully (provides food, home, money and intimacy etc..) We dont have any children or pregnancy yet since we have been married only for about 6 months. So it is just the two of us living together. Both our families are faraway. For the last one month I have not been feeling happy with him. I even sometimes
  7. Assalam o Alaikum, I am deeply in love with a guy I met exactly one year ago. After a few months of talking to him we decided we wanted to get married. He sent his mother over to my house, it went well. His mother then said that she is just waiting for his dad (he lives abroad) to come back and she will then take the talk further. When his dad came they invited us over to their place. My parents were very reluctant as they somehow didn’t like his family. So they thought doing an istakhara would be the right thing to do. They did it through a Molana sahab. And it came out negative.
  8. Salam Alaykum to all, I have recently graduated from uni with a Bachelors of Engineering. I've applied for a Masters and it is a specialisation on a subject I am very keen on. It has been for months that I have been considering my options and I can't come to a decision. I'm not sure if my future would be beter with the Masters I choose. I did two istikhara's with an alim. The first one was for the Masters and my niyyah was if I would have a good future and good job opportunities with this degree. The result came out as 'good'. Now in the second isitkhara, I had a similar niyyah and the an
  9. We knew each other since long time and find it compatible for each other, Few months back I told this to my parents and they did a background check and found it alright. We perform Istikhara after this which came "Bad" and we have decided to close the discussion. I have also read that Istikhara is taken in certain condition and many Ullema ask to use it very carefully. One view from ayatullah-khomeini on Istikhara on this available in below link: https://www.al-islam.org/istikhara-seeking-the-best-from-Allah-muhammad-baqir-haideri/section-8-views-maraja-taqlid
  10. If istikhara comes bad for marriage but the person still wants to marry. Can they sacrifice sheep as sadaqah? Or is there any other way? Guys please help me on this with reference. Thanks
  11. Hi, my questions are the following: 1) do you know any shia website, or book, that explains Quran verse by verse (in English); 2) is it acceptable, for someone who is not Arab, to perform Istikhara by using a translated version of the Holy Book? Thanks to you all.
  12. salam aleikum beloved brothers and sisters... i have a question. i made istikhara where my niya was if i should keep having sabr and wait for a guy when he is ready for marriage. right now he isn't ready neither with me or any girl. he stopped talking/writing to me, so now we no longer have contact with each other (he doesn't respond to my texts). he wants to finish college before he thinks about marriage. i made istikhara by using imam ali (as) method as in this one: you tube.com/watch?v=JG-r4sgxrVs (remove the space between u and t to watch the video). I got ف (Allah reunites him after
  13. Salam My friend said that he would do dua istikhara on wether sunni or shia islam is right. Is his dua going to have the right answer. If yes, then doesnt that prove once and for all which sect of Islam is on Haqq
  14. Salaam brothers and sisters. Me and my family are in a dire situation and we need help. I'm new on this site so I don't know if I'm allowed to say this. But we need to make an urgunt istikhara. Does anyone have any person who can help us out? Are they reliable? I just hope I'm allowed to post this on here. Our future is on the line and we don't know what to do next. Thank you and the moderators if this is allowed to be posted and to anyone who can help us.
  15. salaam alaikum, as the title says , what is best time to make Istikhara du'a ??? i going through an issue & i cannot solve on my own i need Allah's (s.w.t.) guidance to tell me what to do. but i once heard someone say there are best times throughout the day or week to make Istikhara (like Friday), what else is there ?? what about during the day ??? i need to know as soon as possible , so if someone know please reply. thank u all & ws
  16. Salaam, I am needing to undertake Istikhara and went to duas.org to look up the proper method but have a question that needs clarified. http://www.duas.org/istikhara.htm Above is the link I am talking about. In many of the methods it mentions moving the tasbeeh beads two at a time, but to the dividing beads count? Or should they just be skipped. Any other insight that can be given overall about Istikhara would also be welcome.
  17. I urgently require someone to do for me ISTIKHARA .. CAn someone help me plz ? I know I can do it personally, but due to some reasons...am not comfortable to do it myself ! Can plz someone help me ? Its just a 5mins work.. Jazakallah and may Allah bless you if u can help me !
  18. Hello brothers and sisters. I just purchased this iphone application from apple app store named istikhara with the link below https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/istikhara/id579011865?ls=1&mt=8 It performs an istikhara with iphone. I believe in Istikhara but I wanted to know that is it right to do and istikhara with and iphone? Thanks
  19. assalam u alaikum Maira sawal ye hai k kya tasbeeh say faalnama nikalna theek hai? main nay logon ko daikha hai k wo tasbeeh Bibi Fatima zahra ko uper say pakar ker dua parh k bibi say sawal poochtay hain k kya aisa ho ga ya nahi?? ager to tasbeeh daain-baain jhoolna shuru ho jae to jawab 'nahi' tasawwur kiya jaata hai.. ager aagay peechay jhoolna shuru ho jae to 'haan]' hota hai.. kya is ka kisi aaimma a.s ya kisi puranay mustanad waaqiyay main ziker aaya hai?? kya aisee koi cheese hotee b hai?? ager hotee hai to humaray aaimma ka is baray main kya hukum hai??? jawab k liyay bahut shuker guza
  20. Al salamo 3alaykom, I was engaged to a guy for about 2 years and we were supposed to get married really soon. sUddenly I dont know what happened to him he stopped answering me. its been a few months no sign of him other than him ignoring my msgs. I want an istikhara to know if I should keep waiting or if Allah thinks its best that I forget him? and also what should I do and whats happening. Thank you
  21. Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters, I really need to know how istikhara is performed as I need an answer from Allah as soon as possible. How exactly is it performed? What are the best times to perform istikhara? How long does it usually take for an answer? What duas and prayers are used whilst praying istikhara? If I could find out the easiest way of performing this prayer it would be much appreciated, also I would like to know how the shia perform this. Thank you.
  22. Salaam, I would like some advice on the relationship between dream interpretation and Istikhara prayers. I want to ask about marriage proposals and Istikhara. My friend was offered a marriage proposal last year and she and her mom were doing Istikhara prayers almost every week. At first she didn't like this man and she was against the idea of marrying him. When she first started doing Istikhara she had bad dreams and was very uncertain about the whole matter. Then she started to become close to this man and to know more and more about him and slowly she realised that she was becoming to grow f
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