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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 7 results

  1. mahjoob doesnt hold any right to inheritance on his grandfather's property , what is position in shia as well as in sunni law, is there any exception to this law .
  2. If I have understood the following clip correctly, according to the Sunni scholar Muhammad Naeem of Karachi, Pakistan, an endeavour directed at the protection of women is contrary to Islam. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-pakistan-rights-women-idUSKCN0VY1QE If I have not understood correctly, would someone be good enough to explain. Thanks
  3. Salam Brothers and Sisters, I was doing research and wanted to know where I can purchase physical copies (online obviously) of books by the different Marjas on rules concerning women. That includes, marriage rules, Muta, roles of a wife etc. Also is there a place online I can send a question in and get an answer in less than 2 months? I wrote Sistani twice and didn't receive an answer for months and when I did it was all in Farsi. Thank you very much! ( also I don't mind if you can send me links to the online copies of the books but I would prefer physical copies)
  4. What is Religion! We must know about religion, what it is, to develop to know our position to it. How can we practice Islam that is a religion-not any religion but religion to the whole creation beyond derby -, without knowing about what religion is. Sure all are good and excellent followers of Islam, but Islam is a religion so what is religion again! What specific thoughts occur in you, please let us know. If it is not cool to mention I, AGAIN I AM, than maybe we should use 'you'- hmm how logical is this sentence -. Our scholars say religion has three parts-or 3 whatever - that is: Ahklaq, Aqaed and fiqh- respectively Ethic-ethical morality, belief and jurisprudence-Islamic law -. If any religion misses one of these parts, that religion is defected, handicap,or either sick but can we say it is no religion! Why Islam is the last holy religion to humanity? You have probably confronted the above question in your life! In this topic following questions should be dealt with: What is religion? What is a defected religion? If we accept the concept of religion, than why should we accept Islamic religion and not any other Ibrahimic religion; what answer is needed here? Why Islam the final stage, what can we say about the development of religion because we read in the holy Quran, some Prophets Peace upon Them said that we are muslim! Hope this topic is successful Allah will, and this 'riter a excellent host to guests participating in this topic. Please leave your view and thoughts, this servant will be frugal in using posts to develop text in this regard.
  5. Salam All was debating whether to put this in the general discussion thread, but knowing SC, this thread will be forgotten about in a matter of days, since mutah and mahdi ism dominate discourse. What got me to writing this thread was, apart from my frustrations, the world people's conference on climate change and the rights of Mother Earth (Gaia), which was held on Bolivia. The countries attending drafted the Universal Declaration of the rights of Mother Earth. When I looked that up it led me to the Gaza foundation, and what caught my eye was, you guessed it, the clear absence of Islamic representation. So, the goal of this thread is to document the absenteeism of Islamic jurisprudence and the scholars researching fields of research working for the betterment of society and the world. Irrespective of the fiqh school you follow, I would like to expose the clear irresponsible behaviour of our religious establishment to contribute in fields we clearly could have influenced. I start with what this: there is a document produced by indegiounous people's around the world that lists the rights of Mother earth and our responsibility towards her. There are zero Muslims/Shia contribution to this document. We need to work towards a universally acceptable Islamic view on how to treat the environment as it is intended to be treated.
  6. Regarding this fatwa of Sistani Sahab, I'm not against taqleed, I just wish to clarify that is this correct that Zoroastrians are Ahl e Kitab. See the link, the fatwa on Sistani Sahab's website says so. http://www.sistani.org/index.php?p=616687&id=1275
  7. My family and I have a situation with our sheik at our mosque, which he knew for about 5 years. In that 5 years time frame the sheik wasn’t close to the kids but he was really close to my father. I he is still an amazing person. He still give lectures in Arabic and read in the Quran every Thursday and Friday. So, when he got really good friends with my dad, he asked my dad to put the house in my dads name so he can get approved for it and buy it. My dad said, ok problem sheik anything for you. So my dad ended up putting the house in his name and sealed the deal. And now the sheik gets all kinds of benefits, because he clams that he has “low income”. I was thinking to myself, is this haram? Lying, saying that you don’t make money but you really do?? Honestly, I really look up to this sheik? And im just really confused. But this isn’t the situation, my grandpa passed away in Lebanon and my dad went to Lebanon for about 4 months. So, hamdillah the sheik is paying his bills n stuff but he states that he not happy there so he wants to move back to his old house (that’s all he told me). Since I have attorney to sign on behalf of my dad the lawyer called me down to his office to sign some papers, regarding the home I asked the lawyer where do I sign? Because I was in a rush to get back to work. Then something told me to ask what I’m signing. The lawyer told me a land contract for the sheik’s home. I was shock? What land contract? The Sheik never told me about a land contract? I was in disbelief. Really the sheik? I really didn’t know what was a land contract but I knew that NO ONE does a land contract on a home. So I told him I was NOT going to sign it until I talk to a few people. So I confronted the sheik and he told me that you RUIN the deal for me. I told him that wasn’t right you should of told us what you where doing, the house isn’t in your name its in my dads name. So I really don’t know what to do? Was it right for the sheik to do this?? Im not a perfectionist in this law stuff and buying and selling, so I kind of need some more advice. Thank you
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