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  1. I The Name Of Allah Hello everybody Mahdism and justice Shia’s the green wing Shias doctrine as one of 3 principles of Islamic republic of Iran besides people and leadership principles ,with deferent content from other common doctrine that usually explains as socialism and liberalism ,it could make bases for a revolution that has basic deference with materialistic doctrine in manner,ideals and aims. As philosophers testify being Shia`s two basic parameters ”Jihad and martyrdom” and “expectation and Mahdism” in Islamic revolution of Iran causes that this revolution can not jam as other common revolution analysis. In western society revolutions occur exactly formulated , in simple meaning and as one formula :”government levels declaim “ and “people displeasure” are two prerequisite for revolutions and revolutions are this displeasure`s result. Marxism doctrine attitude toward to revolution is completely materialistic with supporting “infrastructure” and “superstructure” theory and Karle Marx levels gaps .in other meaning all of revolutions that occurred in world and specially in west yet , can explain as this formula . for e.g. great revolutions as France revolution ,the Bolshevik`s revolution in Russia or China`s revolution can explain easily with above formula. The Islamic revolution of Iran as a “special sample “ occurred that government level hasn`t declaim even was in perfect situation ,this matter is clear whether in internal politics arena and or in foreign politics arena and there is lots of proof for this claim(including unexampled oil price increasing in 50th solar decade ) because of this western theories in both level , practical and theoretical they aren`t able to prove or explain this revolution and Islamic revolution of Iran`s soul has basic deferent with other world`s revolutions .Michel Foucault is one of people that has studied basic Islamic revolution of Iran . Philosopher ,historian and contemporary French thinker and who is one of main post modernism leaders,Michel Foucault Foucault favor to Islamic revolution of Iran is because of his special theories that he tabled around history ,power and modernism. He finds this revolution a good exam for his theories.(Frahani,Resalat newspaper ,1385 solar)Foucault analyses Iran`s revolution from cultural aspect , he spoke about Islamic and Shia culture as a strong potential.and believes that Iran`s people with their Shia and Islamic religion made a power that defeat Shah`s invincible regime .spirituality is that factor that Foucault has stressed on it .Michel Foucault in himself studies about Iran`s Islamic revolution, enchant to two meanings “expectation” and ”martyrdom” (Nazari ,Aftab site,1385 solar) He believed unlike Marxist theorist no factor except religion beliefs can not unify these groups but it`s Shia religion that could make this political unification. Encountering with Iran`s revolution , Michel Foucault instigate him to study about Shia`s doctrine. That point was too interesting for him was at first having some things in common in Christianity and Shia`s theologies and second Shia`s theology`s hidden facilities for breaking and overlooking from modern speeches principles. Foucault knows Iran`s revolution promising for appearance of new political-theosophical radical discourse that is raised fromthe bottom part of religion`s heart that was buried with superstition and Lethe .(ZarShenas,Andhishe`s club site,1386) Foucault stresses to appearance`s meaning in Shia`s religion in an attitude ; that reality that truth will not end with the last prophet and after Muhammad(PBUH) will start a new time that is endless time of imams that with their speech,with being fugleman by their life, and with themselves martyrdom are carrier of the light,that is always unique and always change,the light that will make shiningsharia;that shouldn`t just save but it has an internal meaning that should get clear by passing time.so 12th imam, although is hidden from our eyes , he is not exactly absent .this is people that if the truth`s light shines them , they will make his appearance basis.(Michel Foucault,1377.page 42) By this meaning spiritually orientation ,make his analysis heart about Islamic revolution of Iran. Foucault catch glance on two Shias parameter : martyrdom and the waiting and name them an opportunity and call Shia the unique way to exit from modernize dead end and in opposite point we have Francis Focoyama`s idea that call Shia and its two principles(martyrdom and the waiting) threat for mankind and specially for west and he wants to block its spreading. This idea was propose while Islamic revolution of Iran got result and Shia got more important in world. Francis Focuyama is conservative , researcher and Japanese-born and American citizen historian .he has a semi-political and semi-philosophic , he is acquainted in NSA(national clandestine service) and is military analyzer in Rend co. dependent Pentagon. He grew famous with his essay ((the end of history and the last man)) in 1989 that published in a book with more explanation in 1991 .Fokuyamain two essays ,does ahistorical defense from wests political valuesand argued that events in 20th century shows that appeared an universal consensusfavor liberal democracy .Fokuyamahad been drawing Shias political idea in a conference in Jerusalem. Hesais in this conference that titled «reinvestigation of Shia Identity»: “Shia is a bird that its horizon flight is so upper than our arrows , it`s a bird that has two wings. One red wing and another green one, its green wing is Mahdism and seeking justice ,because Shia is expecting justice, is hopeful and hopeful person is unbeatable and you can`t conquer a person that claims a person will come that in the climax of cruelty , will glut the world with justice.”according to Fokuyama`s theory Shias green wing is waiting or seeking justice .he sais ; Shias red wing is seeking martyrdom that its root in Karbala and have made Shia unbeatable” Shia with this two has very up flight horizon and toxic arrows in politics, economy , society ,culture , manner and…. Won`t damage it. He adds : that point is momentous is that; “Shia has an armor that is called Velayat (leadership) that has made Shia invincible” in all Islams sects Shia is the unique sect that hasjurisprudence attitude two leadership ,it means thatJurisconsult can be leader. This view, is superior than Plato geniuses theory. Fokuyama believes that : Shias leadership forms by merit too that have made Shia out of treat . in invincibility explanation he sais; Shia grows double with martyrdom . Shia is a principle that becomes more and more with killing them and examples Iran-Iraq war .he sais after that :you should create for west an Imam and Karbala(martyrdom)and jurisprudence leadership. Offered a new doctrine that titled (evangelist) that its history starts from 1989 ,six month after Fokuyamas theory . they believe that Jesus of Nazareth will come.theyattribute all and all Imam Zamans factors to Jesus of Nazareth ! is said that when world filled with cruelty he will come and fill world with justice ! according to this they`ve made a net that is called T.B.N that its work is analysis events that happen in society , when tsunami occurred professor Holding Zee (Fokuyamas student) after 20 horses he analyzed that its one of Jesus appearance signs. So this idea has 4 principles : captivity ,absence, waiting and rescue , in waiting and belief they believe that a rescuer that is absent will come and will bases justice in world and will rescue mankind and truth and justice and equality will win ,in negative path justice enemies and corruption and crime agents and people who don`t know any task in their life and there is no border for their cruelty and corruption making reason.by this meaning that mankind rescuing and justice making just and just is postponed to a special unseen rescuer`s rise ,its usual and common , its no unusual and so its usual we should accept it because its acceptable and because its imminent its impossible to resistance and every try for justice is meaning-less . We can see absence, by this explanation “negative waiting” it’s the best tool for people who corrupt and oppress and they`ve made religion a tool for their group and material and political and spiritual benefits that can use the Imam`s followers and can ride their ideas and economy and life and try and activity . but this principles with this beliefs :believe waiting ,believing waiting and believe to imminent apocalypse`s rescue ,it’s a apposite path with this path that it`s the biggest negate for this factors and people who are equipped by this ideology they have the most strong weapon for destroying corruption and the biggest impact for destroying cruelty and the biggest energy to move to feature. Author: JavadHaghgoo Sources: -Resalatnews paper,AbbasFarahani -short readout to Foucault idea about Islamic Republic of Iran ,ShahriarZarshenas -what wishes Iran has? ,MichelFoucualt -Iran,an ego for a egoless world,Foucualt -Islamic Revolution,ManoochehrMohammadi -Islamic Revolution analysis , M.M Nazari Shabestan
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