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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 1 result

  1. "International investors from the U.S., Europe and Asia are betting that sanctions will be lifted sooner rather than later, and many think Iran is the Next Big Thing: an underdeveloped, oil and gas-rich country that -- with foreign money and expertise -- will generate profits on an epic scale. They're getting ready to plunge in." The rest are details. What set the stage for all this though was the Great Retreat on Syria. The gigantic events which unfolded in front of our eyes in the month of September 2013 created a whole lot of winners and losers. Winners: 1. Syrian Regime - Got rid of 'good for nothing' CW at UN's expense. Bought time to crush the Suadi led insurgency. Regime will remain intact. 2. Syrian People - Will first time taste some semblance of democracy. Regime will offer sweeter governing deals to citizens making it a citizen inclusive government from the 2014 elections forward. 3. Russia - Managed to regain some of its lost place in international politics and has become relevant again. 4. Iran - Gained respect and legitimacy as a pivotal Middle Eastern player. Can't be ignored or sidelined from here on. "Supremacy of Iran" what the dictator Shah of Iran dreamed as only a political slogan would finally come to fruition at the hands of People's Government of Iran lead by WeF. 5. USA - Being in North American continent gives you some advantages. One of those is, if you play both sides right, you could come out with some gains in every situation. For everybody else, that includes Iran, Russia, China, Turks,and Saudi sphere, it was Win-Lose game. For USA it was a Win-Win game no matter how the events turned out in Syria. Losers: 1. Israel - It will be all too evident what Israel lost in Syria. The loss is beyond the borders of ME and the 'gift keeps giving' till North America. Left wing Liberal Jewish are definitely coming out as winners at the expense of crazy psychopath superiority complexed but immensely fearful right wing. 2. Saudis - Takfiri Saudi evil alliance is soon to be abandoned by big powers (another 3-4 decades don't mean much in the game of worlds). Saudi financed Wahabism as we know it would get a serious beating soon, almost like Star-Wars scenario when the forces of evil just vanish in the end. 3. War Profiteers - USA, UK, French war mongers have not been handed such an immense defeat in past 2 decades. Not to mention, they are planning to resurface themselves in African conflicts, but ME for now will be spared. Smart countries and nations would start aligning their interest now seeing the new direction of the world. Old world losers will remain stagnant holding their proverbial baggage.
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