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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 11 results

  1. Aoa, I had a dream two days a go that has been bothering me a lot. I have some big projects coming up and I am worried that they have some sort of message for me. I have done sadqa just in case but if someone could tell me an accurate interpretation I would be so very thankful. I dreamt that me my mother and my aunt we're in a really tall apartment building (nobody owns such a house in my family) and the building was swaying due to heavy winds and my mum and my aunt are preparing some niaz and they keep saying "it was a very hard day for Muslims today equavalent to ashura we need to do niaz" and I keep looking outside the window and there are huge thick black clouds gathering in the sky and I keep asking my mother to let's go home before it starts to rain and I am very scared and inside my heart I keep repeating one thing "I couldn't even pray, I didn't pray" and the thought makes me even more scared. But my mother keeps preparing for niaz. Please help me with the Interpretation of this dream I read in some imam jaffar e Sadiq dream Interpretation saying that black clouds mean severe hardships. P.s I am usually punctual in offering prayers.
  2. Assalam-O-Alaikum My Shia brothers and Sisters in Islam. May Allah Have Mercy upon you All Aameen. First, My English is not Good, I hope you will understand my words . Can anyone please tell me what is the Dream Meaning if someone sees Imam Ali (AS) in Green Clothes? Jazaak Allah Khair !!
  3. Last night i saw a healthy baby girl in my dream as my daughter of 4- 5 months. I have the clear image of her in my mind still. Can anyone plz tell what it means???? Thank You
  4. In Indonesia, there is a tribunal concerning the tainting of surat alma'ida 51, and ulama. =================== This is the news Terdakwa Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok mengajukan nota keberatan (eksepsi) atas dakwaan menistakan agama. Salah satu poin dalam eksepsi, Ahok menuding jikalau lawan politiknya berlindung dibalik Alquran surat Al Maidah ayat 51. “Ucapan itu (dugaan menistakan agama), saya maksudkan untuk para oknum politisi yang memanfaatkan Surat Al-Maidah 51, secara tidak benar karena tidak mau bersaing secara sehat dalam persaingan Pilkada,” ujar Ahok, di Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Utara di eks PN Jakpus, Jl Gajah Mada, Jakpus, Selasa (13/12) . Ahok mempunyai tafsir sendiri dari ayat suci tersebut. “Padahal, setelah saya tanyakan kepada teman-teman, ternyata ayat ini diturunkan pada saat adanya orang-orang muslim yang ingin membunuh Nabi besar Muhammad, dengan cara membuat koalisi dengan kelompok Nasrani dan Yahudi di tempat itu,” kata dia. Oleh sebab itu, Ahok menafsirkan kalau Al Maidah ayat 51 bukanlah rujukan umat muslim untuk memilih kepala pemerintahan. “Jadi, jelas, bukan dalam rangka memilih kepala pemerintahan, karena di NKRI, kepala pemerintahan, bukanlah kepala agama/Imam kepala,” kata dia. Menurut dia, ayat ini pun sama dengan ayat suci dari umat kristen, dimana para elit politik juga melakukan yang sama. “Bagaimana dengan oknum elit yang berlindung, dibalik ayat suci agama Kristen? Mereka menggunakan ayat disurat Galatia 6:10. Isinya, selama kita masih ada kesempatan, marilah kita berbuat baik kepada semua orang, tetapi terutama kepada kawan-kawan kita seiman,” kata dia. [aktual] ============= If you do not understand, try to use translators. Now, as awwam, can anyone from Shi'a Ahlul Bayt a.s. explain the truth meaning of surat alma'idah 51 ?, including its asbabun nuzul.
  5. Salam Alaikum I wanted to ask weather anyone knows where I can get a hold of an arabic speaking sheikh og sayed who can interpret dreams (more like ro'yas) for me. Under Ashura, specifically the night after Abafadlul Abbas martyred, I had a dream about Imam Hussein (as) visiting me. But he wasnt sad or in war. He was like a beautiful king dressed in the most amazing heavy bordeaux red cape with light embroidery on it. Next to him was a person all dressed in the most beautiful white/goldish cape and the noor was clearly shining from him, but his face was covered with a white fabric just like the green fabric we see in those imam ali (as) pictures that are made - that's how he wore it. In the dream I wondered if it was Gibrail, but I questioned that, because why would I be able to see imam Husseins face and not Gibrails? What amazed me the most was the way they walked. They were SO majestic and strong. They were tall and handsome and walked like great kings. This is the best way I can describe it - but it does not make them any justice. I felt the dream was very real and that it was another world that opened up to me and I was able to see them in my home (my parents' home actually). They walked into the living room and I followed them. I saw them standing facing partially each other and a specifik wall and they were discussing something, trying to figure something out, and then reaching a conclusion, but I was just standing in the door completely amazed by what I was seeing. Then they dissapeared and on the wall next to them the blood of imam Hussein (as) appeared to me and the amount of blood increased and then a hand print made with the blood also appeared on the wall. The blood dissapeard and I looked over at the window shelf/sill and there Imam Hussein has left diamonds. It was the diamonds of Imam al Hussein (as). I took one up and pointed it to a light and I saw it project colours inside it like a rainbow and in amazement told my parents that those were real diamonds that the Imam had left for us. Everything was like how my home looks like in real life. This dream happend after the morning prayer where I went back to sleep. That night before the dream - I came home from the Abafadlul Abbas majles prayed the maghreb and isha prayers and my 9 year old sister came in and asked me to play with her. I told her I needed to read ziyarat Ashura first and then we could play. When I was reading it she was just sitting looking at me and when I was done she asked me if one could really see Ahlulbayt. I told her of course, if you are a good person you can even make dua and tell them whatever you want and ask them for whatever you want. Because Allah loves them so much he will answer your dua. We are all born in Denmark so especially her arabic isnt very good so she asked me what I would say to them formulated in arabic. I told her I would tell them that I loved them and missed them and that I wish I could have been with them to support them and ask them to ask Allah to keep my family healthy and so on. Apparently she got convinced that they would answer immediately and asked me an hour later if I had heard them yet. I told her no but maybe they will come to you in your dream and answer. Well the next morning she got dissapointed that it was me who saw Imam Hussein in my dream and not her Anyways if it is of any relevance I'm a 25-year old unmarried women. I practice my religion but not to the extent that I could be and should be - but al7amdulillah my iman and love for Ahlulbayt is big. I dont know if I even feel worthy of seeing Imam Husseins beautiful face though. I hope someone will help me or ask an a shia imam for me. I dont know anyone in Denmark who are able to do so. Maybe you have an e-mail adress for an imam? Wa alaikum alsalam
  6. Naturally, the Holy Quran is the highest authority of Islam in all respects. However, if Quran leaves room for interpretation or does not explain something in full extent, which one comes next in hierachy: Tafsir (interpretation of Quran by Islamic scholars), or the Hadith (the record of the sayings of Prophet Muhammad [pbuh])? Which one is to be consulted first? Thanks a lot in advance!
  7. Salam brothers and sisters, i had a dream last year that id also like to mention. There was three moons. One in the left was a full moon. The one infront was a crescent with multiple stars and the one on the right was a full moon. I, along with my little brother, had pointed at the left full moon. Any interpretations?
  8. Salam, I wonder if anybody here can help us with dreams. I saw a strange dream...
  9. Salam everyone, Does anyone know what the eating of cabbage in a dream means? (Shia interpretations please) So I had a dream that my sister and I were eating cabbage with forks from a bowl that had red (sour) liquid inside as well. Thanks :)
  10. Salam Brothers and Sisters, Can we interpret angles as forces and principles driving this and any other universe ? This idea came to me that we are used to think of angles having some form similar to human being, but Quran says that sometimes, they came in the form of human, which means that their actual form is not human. All angles prostrate before Adam, it could mean that Allah made all the forces and principle of this and any other universe obey the man, and man can achieve such a status that he could modify/bend the forces and principles to his will, see: cloud seeding for artificial raining, also water cycle, see these are forces doing things which we are told are done by angels, so can we conclude that the angels are synonyms for forces/energies/principles ? We learn that no one can harm angles and we know that energy can not be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another. We also learned that angels are always in worship to Allah, and the meaning of worship is more than just bowing and prostration, doing the assigned job for which one is responsible from Allah, is also kind of worship. We can not see angels from our eyes, but the higher state people see them, could it mean from their eye of wisdom as we can easily know the existence of forces and energies with simple experiments. So, is it correct or wrong to say that angels are forces/energies/principles driving this and any other universe, or they are entirely different thing than what I stated here ? Thank you.
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