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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 8 results

  1. I am a sunni and would like to ask all Shia a question. I have not come with any bad intention and do not want to cause hatred. I just want to know why Shias believe the Imams are infallible and where in the quran does it say that? My second and more important question is why do Shias believe imams have all knowledge? Where does it say that in a quran or hadith? In fact our holy prophet (saw) said that he doesn't even have all knowledge? Finally if they have all knowledge then doesn't that mean imam husain commited suicide?
  2. Hello and Salam. I am a Sunni Hanafi, born and raised in Pakistan. Please understand that I want to explore this matter, not malign the Prophet's reputation. If you think he was infallible, please cite your sources and if you think he wasn't, please cite your sources. JazakAllah
  3. Quick question: I was wondering in all christian, catholic, and islamic idealogy-- were the apostles of Prophet Jesus (pbuh) infallible? I've noticed one thing- In christianity, they do not believe in saints or the apostles as saints, which means they are not infallible. Therefore, would they not be subject to subjective and/or accidental human error? ( and also subject to sin ) In catholicism, they believe in saints so therefore I think it holds for their belief to say that the apostles words were correct as a saint is someone who is infallible, and someone who is infallible should have the knowledge of not committing subjective error, as an infallible should not make error at all. ( correct me if im wrong-- i do not know if catholics even belief in the infallibility of saints, so my question still stands anyway - could they have been or were they?
  4. As salam alai kum Prophet is an Infallible. He cannot commit mistakes. He has come to guide us. Whatever action he performs is right and there cannot be mistakes. We need to disregard, neglect, and delete such hadees posted on the internet that spread wrong things like these. Plz discuss the following in a manner and according to the guidelines set by the forum. Just got a forward, a hadees with Sunni refrence as under Narrated `Abdullah bin Buhaina ( RA ) Allah's Messenger (ﷺS.A.W.S) once led us in a prayer and offered two rak`at and got up (for the third rak`a) without sitting (after the second rak`a). The people also got up with him, and when he was about to finish his prayer, we waited for him to finish the prayer with Taslim but he said Takbir before Taslim and performed two prostrations while sitting and then finished the prayer with Taslim. Sahih Bukhari (Forgetfulness in Prayer) Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 1224 In-book reference : Book 22, Hadith 1
  5. According to Tafsir al Mizan regarding surah 13:7 "Ibn Shahrashoob narrated it from al-Hakim in Shawahidul Tanzeel, and al-Mirzabani in his book 'What was revealed about the Commander of the Faithful in the Qur'an.'Abdullah ibn Ahmad narrated in Zawaidul Masnad, and ibn abi Hatem al-Tabrani in al-Awsat and al-Hakim, and it was authenticated by ibn Mardawayh and Ibn Asakir from 'Ali ibn abi Talib, regarding Allah, the Exalted's words: 'surely you are a warner and for every people there is a guide'. He said: 'The Messenger of Allah is the warner and I am the guide' and in another expression: 'the guide is a man from Banu Hashim - meaning himself'. (ad-Durru'l-manthur)" In Mustadrak al-Hakim, with his chain from Ibrahim ibn al-Hakam ibn Dhaheer from his father, from al-Hakam ibn Jareer from Ibn Burayda al-Aslami, he said: “The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.) called for purity while Ali ibn abi Talib was with him. Then the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.) took Ali's hand after he had purified (himself) and held it firmly against his chest then said: 'surely you are a warner' and he meant himself, then he returned it to 'Ali's chest and said: 'and for every nation there is a guide'. Then he said to him: 'You are the light of the people, the peak of guidance, the ruler of the reciters. I bear witness that you are so'” Ibn Jareer, Ibn Mardawayh, Abu Na'eem in al-Ma'rifah and al-Daylami and Ibn Asakir and Ibn Najjar narrated that: “when the verse: 'you are a warner and for every nation there is a guide' was revealed the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.) placed his hand on his chest and said: 'I am the warner' then he pointed with his hands to the shoulder of 'Ali (a.s) and said: 'you are the guide O Ali, by you the guided ones are guided after me'” (ad-Durru'l-manthur) Can anyone tell me whether these are authentic or not and can anyone send me wesbite references or pdf references for proof.
  6. This is probably the most rational and best article I have so far read on the issue of infallibility in Shia Islam. It touches ever single aspect you can think of. From sins, to errors, to forgetfulness. Please take a look at this. Taharah & 'Ismah of The Prophets, Messengers, Awsiya', And Imams (Peace Be Upon Them) (wasalam)
  7. Asalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters,, i have heard this hadith,, im pretty sure its from Imam Ali AS,, and i wanted to see if anyone has a source for it,, or is able to give me a similar Hadith to this one,, "someone came to the Imam and asked him,, how can we follow you if your unable to sin,, the Imam replies and says that its not that we are unable to sin,, its that we dont allow ourselves to sin,," W/Salam
  8. How could there be 14 infallibles if there were only 5 covered by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the Kisaa including himself? Sunni/Shia Valid references only please. Thanks.
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