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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 6 results

  1. Salam, has someone ever heard that a person is allowed to ignore impurity? I can't live with that. I have a few problems and it makes it even worse. I just want a normal life but I can't. I am allowed to pray even if I had gas coming out while praying because of my problems with that. Is there the possibility to ignore impurities to? When I ask my ayatollah (Makarem Shirazz or Khamenai still not sure) I just get the standard answer "if you are not 100% sure". But this don't help me. I just can deal with that. Problems don't just disappear thank you Salam
  2. Salam. My slipper got najis with first mutannajis water and then I tried to make it pak under the tap water (not sure whether its qaleel or kurr source), later i realised that slipper soaks little water. So is this water considered najis or pak? how to make my slipper pak again?
  3. Salem, imagine, I have oil from my bike'a chain on my finger. Than I touch an impure place. After that I touch another place with the same finger. Does this place become impure? Mustn't it be something watery? Oil does not contain water, right? thank you very much w Salam
  4. Salam all What should you do if you are living in a non muslim country and travelling in a public transport bus (sleeping bus) can it be considered tahir ? If we think.. They are using that bus since many years and majority (80-90%) travellers are kafir the seat would surely become najis once according to that ... But we have not seen with our eye .. What should we consider ? Will it be consider pure till that we see with our own eye ? Or you can use this logic ? I am under taqleed of ayatollah seestani
  5. Salam everyone Today a question came in my mind that the water coming to our house is hard water and it contains scale if this water gets najis by a muttanajis touch then after being dried up the scale (while coloured mark ) will be considered paak or najis?? scale are small particles which are visible after drying up or if water remains standstill for sometime
  6. Salam I want to know that if tap of my house got najis with touching by my wet hand .. And i use jam of water (similar to jug user for bathing) to make it make again . Then does the water running down while touching tap is najis and make the sink najis ? Because water in jam is not kur but that water is running as i poured from above the tap I am following ayatollah seestani
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