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  1. In every darkened place and time there lies a dark stained land, where people die with martyr´s blood which stains the yellow sand Perhaps a place within our minds which kills all false ideas but with it love and peace are pushed to fall and disappear like Hussain's death at Kerbala or Hasan´s poisoned cup We seem to think such evil things with thoughts which do corrupt Silently we think our thoughts from places dark inside which reap a battle outwardly which never do subside and then we mourn as saints, the men, whose blood they left behind not knowing we ourselves did kill by our false thoughts in mind
  2. I've been looking for the most authentic, well researched and referenced book on the history of Karbala? It would be preferred if some modern day Ayatollah or scholar on hadith has done tehkeem & takhreej (research/revision) of that book. Has Sheikh al-Mufid's Kitab al-Irshad been revised by some modern scholar? I'm starting this thread inviting knowledgable members to have discussion on books written on Karbala, their pros & cons.
  3. Salam Alaikum I wanted to ask weather anyone knows where I can get a hold of an arabic speaking sheikh og sayed who can interpret dreams (more like ro'yas) for me. Under Ashura, specifically the night after Abafadlul Abbas martyred, I had a dream about Imam Hussein (as) visiting me. But he wasnt sad or in war. He was like a beautiful king dressed in the most amazing heavy bordeaux red cape with light embroidery on it. Next to him was a person all dressed in the most beautiful white/goldish cape and the noor was clearly shining from him, but his face was covered with a white fabric just like the green fabric we see in those imam ali (as) pictures that are made - that's how he wore it. In the dream I wondered if it was Gibrail, but I questioned that, because why would I be able to see imam Husseins face and not Gibrails? What amazed me the most was the way they walked. They were SO majestic and strong. They were tall and handsome and walked like great kings. This is the best way I can describe it - but it does not make them any justice. I felt the dream was very real and that it was another world that opened up to me and I was able to see them in my home (my parents' home actually). They walked into the living room and I followed them. I saw them standing facing partially each other and a specifik wall and they were discussing something, trying to figure something out, and then reaching a conclusion, but I was just standing in the door completely amazed by what I was seeing. Then they dissapeared and on the wall next to them the blood of imam Hussein (as) appeared to me and the amount of blood increased and then a hand print made with the blood also appeared on the wall. The blood dissapeard and I looked over at the window shelf/sill and there Imam Hussein has left diamonds. It was the diamonds of Imam al Hussein (as). I took one up and pointed it to a light and I saw it project colours inside it like a rainbow and in amazement told my parents that those were real diamonds that the Imam had left for us. Everything was like how my home looks like in real life. This dream happend after the morning prayer where I went back to sleep. That night before the dream - I came home from the Abafadlul Abbas majles prayed the maghreb and isha prayers and my 9 year old sister came in and asked me to play with her. I told her I needed to read ziyarat Ashura first and then we could play. When I was reading it she was just sitting looking at me and when I was done she asked me if one could really see Ahlulbayt. I told her of course, if you are a good person you can even make dua and tell them whatever you want and ask them for whatever you want. Because Allah loves them so much he will answer your dua. We are all born in Denmark so especially her arabic isnt very good so she asked me what I would say to them formulated in arabic. I told her I would tell them that I loved them and missed them and that I wish I could have been with them to support them and ask them to ask Allah to keep my family healthy and so on. Apparently she got convinced that they would answer immediately and asked me an hour later if I had heard them yet. I told her no but maybe they will come to you in your dream and answer. Well the next morning she got dissapointed that it was me who saw Imam Hussein in my dream and not her Anyways if it is of any relevance I'm a 25-year old unmarried women. I practice my religion but not to the extent that I could be and should be - but al7amdulillah my iman and love for Ahlulbayt is big. I dont know if I even feel worthy of seeing Imam Husseins beautiful face though. I hope someone will help me or ask an a shia imam for me. I dont know anyone in Denmark who are able to do so. Maybe you have an e-mail adress for an imam? Wa alaikum alsalam
  4. Heartless & Insane i am heartless & not shy can spread love up the sky & love my love till i die to mitigate some of his pain i am insane & don't care without a brain yet fair that my ONE is so rare for him blood; did rain... i visited IMAM HUSSAIN..... my heart didn't sustain stayed there with my brain so i'm heartless & insane #عبد_الاشتر
  5. Love is the strongest knob in a chain Love is the hot tear in every pain Love is for thirsty like rain Love is the flow in vein Love is Hussein Hussein is Love Flows in veins his Love For thirsty rain is his Love Hot tear & every pain is his Love The strongest knob in chain his Love
  6. Brothers and Sisters, I've been searching lately about the events that happened after karbala, I heard that the heads of warriors were carried from country to another and how sayeda zeinab(as) participated in the awakening of the people. Since i only know a little about this i was hoping for you, brothers and sisters, to help me find out... Why do we do the 40th masira to iraq? Did something happened on the 40th day back then? What are the major events that we should be aware of after the 10th of muharam? I would like to know more because by the time i visit iraq Insha'Allah i would want to understand why i'm doing it and i want to feel everything that happened in this historical event.
  7. Salam Brothers and Sisters, Recently I have been researching about Imam Hussein's life and his companions at Karbala. I am looking for a content that describes the battle of karbala and the poetry that each companion recited before being martyrized. Does anyone have these content in English and in Arabic and could share with me? Salam.
  8. Salam everyone, I'm new here so forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong forum. Over the past 4 months I've been spending a lot of time trying to learn and understand the basics behind the Shia sect ( born into the hanafi school of thought). I began to want to learn about the history of Islam and knowing my dad is shia helped intrigued my desire to learn. After reading several books and listening to lectures, I've really learned to love the ahlul bayt and come to understand somethings I've questioned so much. But recently I've been having some odd dreams which I'm not too sure why. Maybe there is a hidden meaning behind them or maybe because I'm delving myself into learning all this. dreams are in order which they've occured 1) I was at a costco and I left my car on in the front of the store outside with emergency signal to go and help my mother bring grocery to the car because it was raining. She took longer than allowed so I went to make sure my car was still there but as I was heading out, the employees were shouting at me and while they were shouting all I thought of in my dream was imam hussein (as) for some odd reason. I began screaming his name in such a manner that it sounded like ya hussein. I then woke up thirsty as ever! I went to go get water and then it hit me; in my dream it was raining and I woke up thirsty and throughout the dream I hear imam Hussein. I then hen stopped watching lectures and reading for a while because I thought maybe my mind was overwhelmed until I had this next dream. 2) I had a dream where the entire dream is a blur to me right now, but all I remember was shouting Ali and Husseins name constantly. After this I had another such dream and then I decided to just open up the books and continue learning. But my question is this, do these dreams have any specific meaning? Out of nowhere in having these dreams with me shouting names of the imams and honestly, I'm just confused! Any help with this would be ever so grateful!!
  9. Salaam Alaikum dear brothers and sister: I am currently enrolled in a course in my university called: Pathways to Enlightenment. This is a required senior seminar course, but the specific topic/course focus was allowed to be selected by us. For this class I am to write a 20 page research paper on a topic of my choice. ​Here is a description of the topic: Research Paper: Students choose their own area of interest that emerges from (or merges with) the course theme of Enlightenment, and then write a series of four 5 page essays that will eventually form into a whole. Think of this as a book with a title that includes the word Enlightenment, and then chapters that indicate an engagement with the different disciplinary lenses we’ve been using. These papers require a use of common course readings AND original research materials. The “chapters” will need to be revised in order to create a fully coherent whole turned in during the final exam period colloquium. Conferences with me throughout the writing process are required. For my topic, I decided I will be focusing on the topic of Karbala and Muharram, and how this is a sort of "enlightenment" particularly for Shiite Muslims. Since I will need to look at the topic through a historical lens, I was wondering if anyone could provide me to some academic, well-researched articles pertaining to the topic of Karbala, and perhaps the history of Islam following the death of Muhammad pbuh. I know there are many, many resources out there; therefore, I was wondering if any brothers or sisters knew some great works on the topics of the history of Karbala, or a general history following Muhammad's death, a general timeline, etc. etc. All resources would be greatly appreciated. Salaam.
  10. Salaam Alaikum again everyone (I know I am posting a lot of things tonight/today--depending on your time zone) Since Muharram is around the corner, I was wondering if anyone could provide links to videos that they find insightful, moving, or educational. My knowledge on Imam Hussein (as) is unfortunately rather limited, and this Muharram I would love to learn more. And videos would be greatly appreciated. Salaam :)
  11. In the name of Allah the Most Beneficient the Most Merciful Salam Alykum Brothers and Sisters, I have created a presentation on Imam Hussein (a.s.) and Tragedy of Karbala that I would like to share with you. You can view it at, http://karbala-tragedy.blogspot.com Note: It is created using Adobe Flash, so unfortunately its not currently viewable on IPhone, IPad or other tablets/smart-phones that do not support Adobe Flash. I am planning to convert it to a Mobile App so it can be downloaded via App Store in the future. The concept behind the presentation is to serve as an educational tool to highlight important events from Birth of Imam Hussein (a.s.) leading upto his Journey and Martyrdom in Karbala, and why Sacrifice of Imam Hussein (a.s.) at Karbala became necessary for revival of Islam. The Presentation is divided into following sections. Background and Pretext Part 1 (626 CE - 632 CE) Birth of Imam Hussein - Last Sermon of Holy Prophet Part 2 (632 CE - 656 CE) Death of Holy Prophet - Murder of Caliph Uthman Part 3 (656 CE - 669 CE) Imam Ali as 4th Caliph - Martyrdom of Imam Hasan Imam Hussein's historic journey from Medina to Karbala Part 1 (680 CE) Medina - Makkah 27 Shaban, 60 AH - 8 Dhul-Hijjah, 60 AH Part 2 (680 CE) Makkah - Zuhasm 8 Dhul-Hijjah, 60 AH - 29 Dhul-Hijjah, 60 AH Part 3 (680 CE) Zuhasm - Karbala 29 Dhul-Hijjah, 60 AH - 10 Muharram, 61 AH Please feel free to leave comments and share the link with others. Thanks, Hussain Zaidi
  12. Assalamualeykum, I was just wondering if someone could tell me how can one dream of the prophets or imams? Are there any hadiths about this? And if you do can you share your dreams and of not why? Jazakallah.
  13. Salaam, i came across this video and i want to know your thoughts on it .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PogOOpI1j-c
  14. (bismillah) Hello dear brothers and sisters , I would like to share this article with you . like myself who has a tremendous love and respect for IMAM HUSSEIN ( PBUH ) and the ALLUBAYAT , came accross this story from my fellow Armenian brothers and sisters who share the same love. I also attend Ashura , but tend to stand back and just remember the sturgles the Allubayat went through with the great IMAM , and ponder on myself and my beiliefe in Christ our lord Jesus . who also had suffering until the last moment brothers and sisters even though i am a Armenian chrisitan , and our faiths have diffrences , i pray to GOD that in my dying moments when i take my last breth i am accompanied by both Imam Hussein ( PBUH ) and Jesus Chris my lord my saviour ( PBUH ) , and sahre paradsie with them both . INSHALLAH http://www.taghribne...3nz-d.01t2.html http://www.taghribnews.com/vgleop8zfjh8zei..jj-rk7br1xjk.2.html#11 regards N
  15. Here are two haikus I wrote about Karbala. I will add more as I write them, if people would like to see more. [i also wasn't sure exactly where to put this, if it's in the wrong place I apologize] Haiku #1 Hooves trample his chest: Their tears would fill the Nile and tell his story Haiku #2 Held in tender hands, The child cried for water and was killed instead
  16. Salamun Alaykum, Alhamdulillah we had the opportunity to record and upload a beautiful recitation of Ziyarat-e-Ashura. The upload is in full HD and was recited on the day of Ashura during Muharram of 1433 at the Jaffari Community Centre in Toronto, Canada. Ziyarat-e-Ashura: Here is the direct link to our channel if the above link does not work. On the channel you will find many other Duas, Surahs, Seminars, Majalis and Khutbas recited by various alims. http://www.youtube.com/user/KautharWaNahr Thank you and as always, please remember to rate the videos and subscribe to our channel. Wasalam, The KautharWaNahr Team.
  17. Can't get enough of this clip. Labayka Ya Hussein!
  18. Imam Hussein (as) have definitly planted the seed of REAL LOVE in Karbala, producing what we see today from the love of Ahlulbayt (as). Is there a beloved in this world whose lover walks long days just to reach him and see the dome to say; "peace, mercy and blessings be upon you"? Hussein (as) is the real love, the only one that exists! Watch this youtube clip and imagine if you would hope to see a situation like it. Who's the beloved that the lovers is crawling to? This old man is walking to his lover Hussein (as), and the love of Hussein (as) has definitly overtaken his life and world. He left his bed, home, family, comfort and the dearest things behind him and started to walk towards death just to meet his beloved Imam. Labayka YA HUSSEIN!
  19. Salamun Alaykum, Alhamdulillah, we have had the opportunity to record this Nauha recited on Sham-e-Ghareban at the Jaffari Community Centre in Toronto, Canada. It is a beautiful recitation done by Mahmood Amarsi in Farsi. We thank him for the recitation and for providing us with the translation along with the transliteration of the entire Nauha. The video has been uploaded in high definition. Below is the direct link to the video on YouTube: Ai Shia Yun Imshab: Below is the link to the home page of our channel: http://www.youtube.c...r/KautharWaNahr Thank you for your support and as always, please remember to subscribe and rate the videos. Wasalam, The KauhtarWaNahr Team
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