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Found 5 results

  1. Tale of Tears https://youtu.be/bYiuN-hNoRI Ummul Banin Death Noha(German Sub) https://youtu.be/Lmj9UiQOZQA Biography of Ummul Banin https://youtu.be/HWUA5rpfj6k Umm ol Baneen (the Holy) https://youtu.be/uPP8HjAwG4Y Ana Umm al Baneen (Nazar Qatari) https://youtu.be/9OL6GzqvD1g Basim Karbalayi :Umm al Baneen https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjrIxHsJN-SXFMaQOuOTdVd5QpsiByqFQ Mother & son (Documentry) https://youtu.be/p5JSeGDiKBY
  2. ASSALAM-O-ELIEKUM, I had started listening to 40 day mojza of Imam Ali (AS), but yesterday forgot one day. 1. Do I need to start from the beginning or continue from the last thread 2. Is there a compensation (khamyaza) I need to do, as i forgot one day in the middle of 40 day ritual? Thank you in Advance, JAZAK-Allah Ali
  3. Is the Love of ahlulbayt(as) really a source of comfort amid so many difficulties ? I will ask all the lovers out there, who have fallen in love with another human being... How is the love of ahlulbayt(as) helping you in your day to day struggles ? Allah and prophet(pbuh) wanted people to love ahlulbayt(AS) then there must be endless wisdom behind it, because those who love ali(as), actually love prophet(pbuh) and when you love prophet(pbuh) you love Allah then how is this love helping you live this life ? I do know majority of the benefits will be reaped after death especially for the lovers of Ali(as) but still how you are going about your day to day life with this love ? What have you achieved so far with this love and where are you heading ? What are you expecting from this love ? Is it really helping you to become a person that imam of the time wants you to be ? How are you preparing to meet him(as) and what are you doing to make him proud of you when you finally meet him(As). Love of Ali(as) saved me. It wasn't easy for me to accept it because I wasn't kind of person who accept something then doesn't follow it. So I avoided it and avoided it for many years. I wanted to live the way I wanted to be; without restriction thinking whatever I am doing is right as long as I don't hurt and cause harm for others. If I have certain kind of education and degrees I will be successful. But I forgot I was hurting myself the most. I planned my life perfectly. I planned everything in great depths in teenage years. But God different plans for you. He destroyed all of my plans, things didn't go the way I planned. Even my back up plans I couldn't execute. Not all that was my fault. But still I didn't know what was I doing wrong. But then finally I got where I wanted to be in my life. Everything seem to pay off. All the hard work. But again the thing didn't go as I planned but this time it was way too much for me. It seriously shook my whole being. I lost all the plans. I didn't know what else to do in life. Because all my perfectly laid down plans failed. I didn't even know what went wrong, there was this regret, frustration and anger inside me I didn't know what to do with it. I just wanted to give up. I had lost almost everything and I couldn't find the way out. I went into depression. Then One day, This love of Ali(as) changed everything for me. In one night.... It changed everything for me. Now I had direction again. This love of Ali(as) brought new life in to me. I truly believe I was born again that night. It helped me to overcome my depression. It took some time but I managed to overcome it without any help from anyone but only because of this love. It helped me when I was broken down and about to give up on life. It helped me when I was about to destroy everything and everyone in my life. It helped me to cure my anger. Love of God was there but If God hadn't showed me the love of Ali(as) I wouldn't have understood the meaning of Love. if there was no love of Ali(aS) in my life I would have been Destroyed by now. This love saved me and cured me. This love of Ali(as) saved me from Myself. And it helps me every single day from thousands of horrible things. I'm not saying life became easy after this, actually it became even harder but now there is this peace and comfort that I never experienced before. Now every hardship has it's own charm and beauty. I don't feel lonely anymore in my loneliness. It's just you want to know and hear more and more of Ali, Ali and Ali.... In this thread I want you guys to share your experiences where this love has helped you it could be in any way or in any form especially in your daily struggles Bless you All !!
  4. In the name of Allah that is stronger than any nuclear bombs and any warships. السلام علیکم و رحمه الله و برکاته لَا تَستَحِ مِن إِعطاءِ القلیلِ فَإنَّ الحِرمَانَ أَقَلُّ مِنهَ "Be not being ashamed of granting a scanty thing because , verily , giving nothing is less than that." أَفضَلُ الاعمالِ مَا أَکرَهتَ نَفسَکَ عَلَیهِ The best deeds are the one that you make your despotic soul do that which it dislikes (to do سُئِلَ امیر المومنین علی علیه السلام عَنِ الیمانِ فَقالَ الایمانُ مَعرِفَةٌ بِالقَلبِ وَ اِقرارٌ بِللِّسانِ عَمَلٌ بِالارکاَنِ Once Amir-ul-Mu 'mineen Ali was asked about faith , then he answered. "Faith is congnition in the heart, confession by the tongue, and practice by the limbs." مَن عَظَّمَ صِغارَ المَصائبِ ابتِلاهُ اللهُ بِکِبارِهَا "Whoever enlarges his small inflictions , Allah will inflict him with greater than them." کُم مِن أکلَةٍ مَنَعَت أَکَلَاتٍ "It happens that eating one thing hinders eating many other things." بِئسَ الزَّادُ الی المَعادِ العُدوانُ عَلَی العبادِ "What a bad provision for resurrection is enmity unto the servants (of Allah). اَلغیبَةُ جُهدُالعاجِزِ "Backbiting is the endeavor of a feeble person" مَن وَضَعَ نَفسَه مَواضِعَ التُّهمَةِ فَلا یَلُومَنَّ مَن أَسَاءَ بِهِ الظَّنَّ "Every one who causes himself to be imposed in an accusation he should not blame the one who is suspicions to him." فَوتُ الحاجَةِ أَهوَنُ مِن طَلَبِها إلَی غَیرِ أَهلِها "Losing someone 's need is better than demanding it from a mean person." الدَّاعی بِلا عَمَلٍ کَالرَّامی بِلا وَتَرٍ "A caller with no action is like a bow without a cord." www.qm313.com
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