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Found 8 results

  1. Salam I have a friend that was kicked out of the house in a violent breakup and now they are separate but not divorced for about 10 months now they are getting a divorce and was just wondering if there is a waiting period for her of you guys could give references that would be great Thank you everyone
  2. Assalam Wa Aleikum, i really need some help here, as I am so confused, In regards to whether i am a free woman and my iddah is over. It might be important to note that i follow Sayed Sistani. So I am a sister from Denmark and i contracted a mutah with a man for 1 year. We were together for 8 months, but then We decided to end our mutah and gift me back the remaining 4 months. Since none of us really speak arabic, (although we could pronounce the actual mutah contract - and so, we did do that In arabic, because we found that easy) But he did not say the "divorce-formular" In arabic (I am aware of the fact, that there is no actual divorce in mu'tah, but for the sake of making it easy, I'll refer to it, as "divorce") so he pronounced the "divorce formular" In english and then In danish. So one of each language. The reason for this, and our intention of saying it In both languages, was so that we could make sure, that he had pronounced it properly and that i was sure, to have been given back my remaining time of 4 months. Now i am confused, since i read the following; in mut’a there is a waiting period which must be observed after the time period of the marriage has expired or the man has returned the remainder of the period to the woman. It consists of two menstrual periods, provided she menstruates. This statute is based upon the following two hadith: 'To divorce a slave, one must pronounce the formula of divorce twice; her waiting period is two menstrual periods' (the Imam Musa). It has been related that al-Shaykh al-Mufid,al-'Allama al-Hilli, Ibn Idris, and a number of the other ulama' hold that the waiting period of a wife by mut'a is two fuhrs i.e., two major ablutions following menstrual periods. They base this opinion on the hadith related from the Imam al-Baqir: '. ..If he is a free man married to a slave girl, he divorces her by pronouncing the formula of divorce twice; her waiting period is two fuhrs.' And in the hadith quoted above, it is seen that the waiting period of a wife by mut'a is the same as that of a slave girl. so now i am confused if whether or not, he did actually gift me back the time correctly. Because although he did say it twice, In two different languages, we did NOT have the intention of doing it Because we thought we had to do it. I did not even know about the hadith until a few days ago. So my first question is: did he really gift me the time back properly and is my iddah valid? My second question is, i already had 2 menstruations since he left me. He left me on the 29th of september, i got my first period on the 9th of october. Then it ended about the 14th - 15th of october. Then i did ghusl. then i got my second period on the 15th of november and it lasted until the 21th - 22th of november. Then i did ghusl. Does that count as 2 menstrual cycles or do I have to wait until it has actually been 2 months, counted by days. So for example, 1 month of 31 days and a second month for 31 days = 62 days? And if so, did my iddah start on the 29th of september, when he left me, or did it start the 9th of october, when my first period started? OR do i In fact, have to wait another 3 weeks, until i get my period for the third time? My last question is, i don't remember if i was pak from my earlier menstruation period, BEFORE he left me, as i did not pray at that time, i never used to do ghusl that much, after ending a menstruation. I Think i maybe was pak, But i just dont remember. On Sistanis page it says following; 2518. There is no question of of divorce in the case of a woman with whom temporary marriage is contracted, for example, for one month or one year. She becomes free when the period of her marriage expires or when the man forgoes the period of her marriage by saying: "I hereby exempt you from the remaining time of marriage", and it is not necessary to have a witness nor that the woman should be Pak from her Haidh. so it says that I did not need to be pak BEFORE he left me? My very last question is, if it is haram to start talking to some one else, about marriage. Because i am talking to someone at the moment. i have had my period 2 times, But i just don"t know if i really am free or not. I pray that one of you, Can help me with my questions, as my Sayed from Denmark is out travelling and very busy, and i just need to know. Assalamu Wa Aleikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh
  3. Bismillah, Assalamu 'aleykum, A friend of mine has a really complicated problem! I couldn't find an answer for her so I need your help inshallah. My friend didn't knew that she was still in her Iddah (Khul3 divorce) when she made a mut3a with another man. After the mut3a (it was only for 1 week and they had no sexual contact), they noticed that their mut3a was actually batil, cause their Mahr was just 100 Surat al-Fatiha, but according to her Marja Sayyid Ali Khamenei, a Mahr like this isn't allowed. And this makes their marriage batil. (Correct me if I'm wrong) The question now is: Was their mut3a really batil? And if yes, does it count as zina? If not, are they forever haram to each other? Or can they marry after her Iddah is over, cause their Mut3a wasn't really an actual marriage? Hope my question is clear. looking forward to your answers, Thanks and salaam.
  4. Salam to all, I have recently joined this forum and would like to ask few questions from my community members, I got married and then i figure out that my wife is not willing to consummate the marriage and was making excuses so i waited for more than a month and then decided to divorce my wife and completed the process in-front of 2 witness and one religious scholar. Now, the wife has to observe the iddat period of 3 months or not? I have already returned personal belongings to my wife , how do we resolve the issue of Jewelry items given to my wife as marriage symbols and i got the ring and watch. also in Salami i got cash amount and other gift items, what is the ruling of our Marajeh on the items to be returned ?? How do i return the cash amount which is spend on shopping for my wife ? Also how much amount of Mehr i need to pay ? Half or Full. I hope our members are knowledgeable enough and will reply according to our Marajeh's rulings. Wassalam
  5. Salaam, My husband and I have decided to get divorced, we have been living in the same house but separate rooms for 5 months. I know I need 2 male witnesses to get divorced, do I need get a Maulana involved as well, or does my husband just have to say "something" in front of the 2 witnesses? (also - what does he need to say?) After we separate homes, do I need to wait 3 months of Iddah before the actual divorce, or can I divorce and then the 3 month Iddah period comes after? Thank you Syeda
  6. hello i am 23 and have just a year old son, its been 11 months i am staying at my parents, after physical abuse and strangulation by my husband at my in laws house, in this time they try to reconcile but on their in humane terms, one of their condition was if i do any suicide at their house than it wont be on their head, another condition was i wont be allowed to meet any member of my family, (i have no siblings but parents only), now the situation is that he is doing second marriage after muharrum, plus he said he wont leave me easily and will take away child too after seven years, he never paid any maintenance of me or baby, since born, neither i asked out of fear that he will take child away. i am saving that child maintenance tool in my hand for future that if he ever asked for child (baby boy) custody after seven years than i will file case for 7 years of child maintenance, may be he will with draw his case than, because no matter what he will never pay anything to me ever and till these seven years he will never ever give child maintaince,i dont know how to continue my life now, my father says that after his second nikah we will apply for khulla. even after khulla what should i do? my parents will of course do my second marriage too that i have no intent of doing ever in life now, once in life time is enough for me now, m doing mphil and preparing for competitive exams too, but i have no friends or social circle, neither am sure that how should i take my life ahead now. being out at university i have to put up a complete fake face and feelings and at home its different, its creating more and more emptiness only. even after khulla do i have to observe iddah time of 3 months? as i am separated from my husband for almost a year now. and now i have university and classes too. kindly help give some direction, confuse and alone.
  7. Salam all, I have heard everyone talk about marriage and divorce but less about iddah, What are the conditions of iddah of that of a divorcee and a widow? what do they have to do? I have heard just brief conditions from sunnis saying: She can't dress up she can't go out for pleasure purposes, only if she needs to She (of course) can't marry and receive proposals are these the same in Shia fiqh? Does anyone know of anything else? thanks
  8. salamalaikum all, i did search shiachat quite a bit but this question has not been covered, which is: the lady i am talking to for possible marriage is in Iddah from a divorce (Khula). I am not sure if such a situation allows her to talk to me although she says "talking is allowed" but "proposing for marriage is not allowed" Can someone explain if her assertion is valid. Lots has been said about lady required to wait to make sure no conception, but nothing about any other issue that might not be obvious on the surface. Thoughts/clarification will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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