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Found 3 results

  1. “Ibn Taymiyyah” writes about forging hadith: و قد وضع الناس أحاديث كثيرة مكذوبة على رسول الله صلي الله عليه وسلم و سلم في الأصول والأحكام و الزهد و الفضائل و وضعوا كثيرا من فضائل الخلفاء الأربعة و فضائل معاوية. People {Sunnis} made many narratives and lie in the topic of principle of religion, Ahkam, piety and virtues and ascribe them to Prophet Muhammad [(صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)] and they’ve also made many virtues about four caliphs and “Muawiyah”. “Minhaj al-Sunnah”- vol. 7, p 312
  2. Minhaj al-Sunnah, Volume 8 page 230: وعلي يقاتل ليطاع ويتصرف في النفوس والأموال فكيف يجعل هذا قتالا على الدين “Ali fought to secure obedience and rule the people and money, so how can that be deemed as fighting for sake of religion?” Really? Amīr al Mu'minīn fought the kuffãr at Jamal and Siffeen for the money? You accept this Sunnis? We read in Minhaj al-Sunnah, Volume 8 page 205: وأما إسلام علي فهل يكون مخرجا له من الكفر على قولين "There are two opinions as to whether Ali’s conversion to Islam released him from kufr or not” So Imam Ali (as) was a kafir before conversion and even after conversion Ibn Taymiyyah isn't sure if he was a Muslim. I'll let you people be the judge. I would also like a Sunni comment on this one. Minhaj al-Sunnah, Volume 4 page 137: وعلي رضي الله عنه كان قصده أن يتزوج عليها فله في أذاها غرض “Ali intended to marry so as to hurt her (Fatima) on purpose.” Was this because the Prophet (pbuh) gave preference over all companions in allowing Ali (as) to marry his only daughter? Sunnis can comment here too. Minhaj al-Sunnah, Volume 7 page 172: وقد أنزل الله تعالى في على يا أيها الذين آمنوا لا تقربوا الصلاة وأنتم سكارى حتى تعلموا ما تقولون لما صلى فقرا وخلطوا “Allah had revealed for Ali {O ye who believe! Draw not near unto prayer when ye are drunken, till ye know that which ye utter,} when he prayed and recited and then got mixed up.” Alã la'natullahi alal Kãdhibeen. Does a single tafseer of the Qur'an say that? Minhaj al-Sunnah, Volume 8 page 161: وعلي قد اختلف فيه هل حفظ القرآن كله أم لا “Ali, there is disagreement about him as to whether he had memorized the whole Quran or not.” Shall we see the Prophet's (pbuh) opinion about this? The Prophet (S) said: "There is amongst you a person who will fight for the interpretation of the Qur’an just as I fought for its revelation.”The people around him raised their heads and cast inquisitive glances at the Prophet (S) and at one another. Abu Bakr and Umar were there. Abu Bakr inquired if he was that person and the Prophet (S) replied in the negative. Then Umar inquired if he was that person and the Prophet (S), replied "No. He is the one who is repairing my shoes (i.e., ‘Ali)." Abu Said Khudri said: Then we went to ‘Ali and conveyed the good news to him. He did not even raise his head and remained as busy as he was, as if he had already heard it from the Messenger of Allah (S)." • al-Mustadrak, by al-Hakim, v3, p122, who said this tradition is genuine based on the criteria of al-Bukhari and Muslim. • al-Dhahabi, also records it in his Talkhis al-Mustadrak and admitted that it is genuine according to the standard of the two Shaikhs. • Khasa’is, by al-Nisa’i, p40 • Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v3, pp 32-33 • Kanz al-Ummal, by al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, v6, p155 • Majma’ al-Zawa’id, by al-Haythami, v9, p133 So you defend Ibn Taymiyyah, but also say "I love Ali"... just take a moment to use your intellect.
  3. (salam) I will only quote the words of Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah, and leave the comments to you guys. He states in his Minhaaj al-Sunnah, vol. 4, pp. 243-244:: ونحن نعلم أن ما يحكى عن فاطمة وغيرها من الصحابة من القوادح كثير؛ منها كذب، وبعضها كانوا فيه متأوّلين. وإذا كان بعضها ذنباً فليس القوم معصومين، بل هم مع كونهم أولياء الله ومن أهل الجنة، لهم ذنوب يغفرها الله لهم And we know that what is narrated about the evil deeds of Faatimah, and others apart from her from the Sahaabah, , INCLUDING TELLING LIES, are several; and in some of these evil deeds they (Faatimah and the other Sahaabah) were only doing taaweel. Of course, some of these evil deeds were sins. However, they were not infallible. Rather, although they were friends of Allaah and from the people of Jannah, they committed sins that Allaah forgave for them. Salafees call him "Shaykh al-Islaam" nonetheless. I wonder what they would have said if a Shee'ah had said the same thing about 'Aaishah and some other Sahaabah??
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