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  1. THE FLOWER FROM HEAVEN... I'm the Flower from Heaven, I'm Fatimah, I'm the only daughter of Ahmed, Rasoolullah, I was sent as a Human Houri to teach the world, But after my father I saw your hypocrisy unfold... You came to my home and burnt my door, You hit me with a whip making me sore, You broke and crushed all my fingers, I can't use the Tasbeeh the pain still lingers... You clawed at me like a reckless lion, You pierced at me with a burning iron, You slapped my face and beat me up, You caused my tears and blood to drop... You pushed me down to the floor, You threw over me the burning door, You walked over the door with me beneath, I couldn't call out, or scream, or even breathe... You heard the cracking of my ribs that crushed, Then towards my Master 'Aly your men rushed, By trampling over the door like you ordered, My baby Mohsin you ruthlessly murdered... Then you decided to usurp Fadak, my land, Because your own you didn't want to spend, You took over the caliphate from 'Aly by force, But didn't want to run the kingdom by what was yours... So I came to the court, Masjid-un Nabawi for my right, In my father's mosque you put up against me a fight, You demanded witnesses, of whom all you rejected, You made me stand, then sent me away dejected... Among my witnesses I presented to you a note, It was the Hadiyah under which my father wrote, To you I reward the land of Fadak, O' Fatimah, The land and all its turnover is yours, O' Ma'suumah... The Prophet Muhammad's writing you recognized, But by witnessing the truth you got agonised, So you spat numerously on your own Prophet's letter, You tore it, and tossed it away like useless matter... Then I bent and picked up the letter's tiny pieces, While this Flower crushed into a million pieces, That day I saw the unmistakable evil in your eyes, By the four plus hours at your ruthless court, I realise... I realise that you don't care that I'm the lofty Fatimah, I realise your hypocrisy when you recited the Kalemah, Thus you snatched the Caliphate off my Husband 'Aly, And dragged him in chains to pay allegiance to thee... I went from house to house reminding of Ghadeer, I announced how you made 'Aly, my Waliyy 'Aseer, I reminded people of the Successor after Rasoolullah, I reminded them of the call of "Mann kuntun Mawlaa..." I reminded you Abubakr and 'Umar of your Ghadeer declarations, And you said "Bakkhin Bakkhin Ya' Aly" as your felicitations, But as soon as Muhammad, my Father, the Prophet, was martyred, You left his body unattended and Saqiifai leadership you acquired... You bent my back with the evil of your merciless actions, Yet when I wept over my plight people sensed distractions, So I went to Bayt-ul Huzn in the outskirts to weep, But you even destroyed that haven from me to keep... So let me remind you that I'm your Prophet's daughter, No matter the enmity with me you wish to foster, I remind you that 'Aly and I are the specified "Qurba," And your sustenance comes from us, Masters of "Hal-Ataa" You were Idolaters like your fathers and forefathers, You all were slaves of my beloved father and forefathers, In your veins flows the blood worse than of "Sijjeen," While we are the attribute and embodiment of 'illiyeen... I am Fatimah, the "Laylatutul Qadrin Laylah," I am the "Khayr Al Waraa wal Bariyyah," I am the "Kawthar" and Bahr in "Marajal Bahrayn," I am the "Ahl" specified in "Hadeeth-e Thaqalayn..." Although you choose to forget I shall remind you lot, Ameeril Mu'mineen is my husband 'Aly, so you're not, Umm-ul Mu'mineen is my mother Khadijah Al-Kubraa, And not the Camel rider whom you deem RadhiAllah... You are the shallow and shallowness is from you, You are the evil and evilness originates from you, You are 'the curse' and 'the curse' defines you, You are accursed and all curse has been created for you... You are the fuel feeding the wanton fire of Hell, There in you shall lie, die, suffer, regret and dwell, For you ignored our status in the eyes of Allaah, And you went against your promises to Rasoolullah... Don't you remember that the Prophet said I am of his part, Yet you hurt me, tortured me and tore my insides apart, You caused my hair to turn white and use an 'Asaa, At the age of 'Aly Al-Akbar I turned into a Za'eefa... Yes I'm the Flower from Heaven, I'm Fatimatuz Zahraa Binti Rasoolullah, Yet I Suffered and am still suffering because of some Sahabah wa Ummah, Who destroyed and snatched away from me everything that is dear, The atrocities that 'Fatimeh' narrates and you painstakingly hear, So beat your chests as in Waiting does my Mahdy, Baqiyyatullah, For I'm the Crushed Flower from Heaven, I'm Fatimatuz Zahraa... Poet: Fatimeh © https://youtu.be/u_Akz_bDYu4 THE FLOWER FROM HEAVEN A tribute to the Sayyidah Fatimah Al-Zahraa ASWS narrating the atrocities she faced... أَعْظَمَ ٱللَّهُ اُجُورَنَا وَ اُجُورَكُم بِمُصَابِنَا بِٱلْسَيّـدَة فَاطـمَةُ الزَهْرَاء عَلَيْها ٱلسَّلاَمُ لعنت الله على الظالمين اللهم عجل لوليك الفرج الشريف عليهم السلام PLS SUBSCRIBE, WATCH & SHARE TO BE THE CAUSE OF SOMEONES TEARS TO PLEASE THE AHLULBAYT (ASWS) & COOL THEIR HEARTS. Mohtaaj e Dua'a please - Courtesy of The Fatimiyyeh Foundation © Infinite curse be upon: All Ummayyad & Abbasid [Edited Out]s and their [Edited Out] supporters who usurped the rights of the Ahl Al Bayt and Caused them immense grief. Mohtaaj e Dua'a please
  2. Salam Im new here,i respect both sunni and shia muslims As i search i find a lot of problems and fake things in sunnism but i also have some doubts in shia school of islam I have doubts One of them is about abu bakr As you all know for sunnis he is well respected sahaba and khalifa But for shias he is a hypocrit and not a true believer After all he took the right of Ali But i think this And i ask you,shia brothers in islam Abu bakr was first or third or 25th or 30th person to accept islam Sunnis believe he was first But i also read some said he was third and others say he was 30th But never mind He was a man who accepted islam when only few people were muslims He was a rich man,respected He accepted islam and he lost respect of others,he lost respect of members of his tribe He spent his wealth for islam So he lost respect of people and a wealth because of islam Did Prophet pbuh payed him to join muslims? No,Prophet pbuh didnt had money to give him At least he didnt had more than abu bakr And i ask you now Would hypocrit do similar thing? If he was a hypocrit why he became muslim when islam was something new in arab society,when he was surrounded with hundred of thousand of disbelievers? He couldnt knew that islam will win He couldnt knew that there will be an Islamic state So if he was a hypocrit,he wouldnt do such thing He would think about his wealth and respect among tribe members How can he be a hypocrit?
  3. Popular shia website wilayat.net in one of its article on defense of Zurarah (one of the main shia hadith narrator) said: حدثني حمدويه، قال حدثني محمد بن عيسى، عن يونس، عن مسمع كردين أبي سيار، قال : سمعت أبا عبد الله (عليه السلام) يقول لعن الله بريدا و لعن الله زرارة Abu Abdullah (alaihi salam) said: “May Allah curse Buraydah and may Allah curse Zurarah. Hadith is weak. Reason: "Whatever Muhammad b. Isa narrated exceptionally from the books of Yunus is not reliable. LINK But when same Muhammad bin Isa narrated from same Yunus in criticism on Abu Bakr a.s and Umar a.s, it become thiqah. (9) حدثنا محمد بن عيسى عن يونس عن عبدالصمد عن ابى جعفر عليه السلام قال سمعته يقول ان من ورآء هذه اربعين عين شمس ما بين شمس إلى شمس اربعون عاما فيها خلق كثير ما يعلمون ان الله خلق آدم اولم يخلقه وان من وراء قمركم هذا اربعين قمرا مابين قمر إلى قمر مسيرة اربعين يوما فيها خلق كثير مايعلمون ان الله خلق آدم اولم يخلقه قد الهموا كما الهمت النحل لعنة الاول والثانى في كل وقت من الاوقات وقد وكل بهم ملائكة متى مالم يلعنوها عذبوا - كتاب بصائر الدرجات للصفار 1/506 From Muhammad ibn 'Isa ibn 'Ubaid (thiqa) from Yunus ibn 'Abd ur-Rahmaan (thiqa) from 'Abd us-Samad ibn Basheer (thiqa) from Abu Ja'far (a.s.). He ('Abd us-Samad) said: "I heard Abu Ja'far (a.s.) saying that: 'Behind this sun are forty such suns, and what is between a sun to another sun is forty years. Over there are many creations who do not know whether or not Allah created Adam (a.s.). And behind this moon of yours are forty such moons, and what is between a moon to another moon is forty days. Over there are many creations who do not know whether or not Allah created Adam (a.s.). They have been inspired, just like the Bee has been inspired, to curse the first and the second, all the time. And with them are Angels, who torture them when they do not curse the two." Basaa'er ud-Darajaat of Saffaar (r.a.) 1/506 LINK
  4. Fatima's truthfulness is guaranteed in the Quran in Ayah Tatheer and Ayah Mubahila so they decide to call the person who opposed her SIDEEQ. The 'Sahaba' who doubted the Prophet the most and was openly rude towards him became FAROOQ. The wife that caused so much grief to the Prophet that Allah threatened her with divorce became the most beloved wife. The 'Sahaba' known for opulence and nepotism became GHANI The person known to be from the Accursed Tree became Katib-e-Wahi. The person responsible for killing Hussain and destroying Masjid-e-Nabawi & Kaaba was guaranteed Jannah because he took part in a naval attack (allegedly). The person who spent minimal time with the Prophet became the biggest narrators of ahadith. They would rather celebrate the fake sunnah (non-obligatory, optional) of fasting on Ashura in solidarity with the Jews than observe the wajib (muwadat-fil-qurba) of observing Ashura with solemnity. They get ready to burn cities to the groud if someone draws a cartoon of the Prophet or makes a movie about him, yet they keep quite or worse celebrate the martyrdom of his beloved grandson. I thank Allah everyday that I was not born into nor part of the hypocrisy that is the Sunni World.
  5. Salam This is a hadith that is famous and well known but I'm not sure if it was discussed in SC Allah said in his book that the love of Ahlulbayt is obligation and reward to the prophet messengership (review the verse of mawaddah) while all other previous prophets said to their nations that " we ask you for no reward for this guidance we brought you, our reward is from Allah", our prophet said " I ask you for no reward except the love of my household" This indicates, for shia, that the love of Ahlulbayt is associated with religious value instead of simply being love to biological bloodline . In the same time, associating a religious love with blood line made many question or get confused or deny any special place for this blood line simply because of its blood relation. So the prophet announced that if someone found in himself that he cannot love ahlulbayt then he did not believe in the prophet's message because the love of Ahlulbayt is part of it. يا علي لا يحبك الا مؤمن و لا يبغضك الا منافق
  6. Ever since, Graeme Wood, well known Islamophobe and anti theist, published his article "What ISIS Really Wants", the Western Media has been raving like mad dogs of how inherently violent Muslims are and have based their assumptions on this article. In this post I will examine the error filled logic behind this theory and how the Western Media seeks to delegitimize the voices of 1.6 billion Muslims while subsequently promoting their own "scholars on Islam" to a general audience that is ignorant ,lacks critical thinking and is uninformed on Islam. Additionally, before this article came out there was a tension in the air in which various organizations critical of religion and conservatives who hate Islam were awaiting for such a theory to arise so they could come to the occasion and have their own sentiments fulfilled hence confirming their own confirmation-bias. Additionally, this article came at a time when sensationalism and reactionary sentiments towards Muslims were at an all time high, and hence sought to reinforce these views. In this post I will be dissecting such arguments, disproving them with my own thoughts on the matter, providing links to scholars who provide a unique and informed view to the conversation, and showing how these types of arguments have no real substance but rely upon the ignorance of their audience, and sensationalism and reactionary like opinions to validate themselves. Also, I will be exposing the agenda of Graeme Wood against all religions, as he posted an article criticizing Buddhists in Myanmar who were perpetuating violence against Muslims, while subsequently instead of coming to the defense of Muslims, reinforcing negative stereotypes and also criticizing Islam and Muslims in the same article, all the while assuming that Buddhism promotes such violence which we all know is untrue, however, sell it to the right audience and they will believe it. As the great propagandist Adolf Hitler once said: “But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success.” ― Adolf Hitler As also was emphasized in George Orwell's novel, 1984, say a lie enough times and it will become true.
  7. Salam Alaikom Am aware and heard names such as: mottaqi, momin, muslims, moztazafin, kafir, hypocrite, unjust, referring to people or group of people, they are synonym to each other and also opposite of it exist, so all of it is called/named generally what! What is a 'group name'; for example can we say, it is characteristics of the group or individual, or 'kinds of people' or certain level of people! WHAT IS A PROPER WORDING FOR ALL OF IT? And also any important group missing that i have not mentioned! Or maybe we can call it horizontal spectrum/ spectrum of 'what'-level of people, kind of people -. A name that can describe it and also other synonyms. Extra aref, aqil and so on. What more synonym is out there? Please let us know. What is the definition of each word? What is called or what we should call it altogether? What is the proper naming! The Host welcomes all to participate and hope all guests benefit from this topic.
  8. (bismillah) (salam) I hope you are all in the best of health and most firm in your Imaan. The separation of the Church and the state has been a matter of profound debate over the past few centuries. While I'm not here to discuss the issue in general - because that has been done to death already - I did find a particularly interesting video on the matter: https://youtu.be/EbUUNonUgE8 You can skip to around 3:40 for the relevant part but I would suggest watching the whole thing. Anyways, the part which piqued my interest most was when the scholar argued that hypocrisy is a natural product of an ideological state and that even in the time of the Prophet himself, this is something that could not be countered or mitigated, regardless of how perfect the ruler might be. This was particularly interesting for me and there are two aspects of this that I would like you guys to discuss and give your opinions about: 1. Is hypocrisy, as he states, a natural and inevitable product of an ideological state, such that in a secular state the problem would not exist at all? 2. This argument implies that even the Prophet's rule was not perfect. Now, we all know that it was, indeed, not perfect as there were bad people and so on but we mostly interpret that as a problem resulting from the bad people and that the system itself was perfect in and of itself (just like God created a perfect system but evil exists because of the people, to give a relatively similar analogy). This argument, however, claims an imperfection within the system itself. Do you agree or disagree? Or, would you just argue that this is an example of a problem resulting from the actions of the people and not a fundamental flaw in the system itself? Thanks.
  9. (bismillah) Okay, I've been noticing a couple of things that have become quite common in the Muslim Community--in the East and the West. One makes me laugh because it's just super funny, and the other really grinds my gears. Let's start with something lighthearted. Ever been to the mall and suddenly this absolutely stunning woman just walks past you? She has enough perfume to asphyxiate a Komodo Dragon to death, her clothes makes Britney Spears look modest, the amount of make up on her face just makes you uncomfortable and her hair couldn't be more exposed. Yeah, that's happened to all of us but here's the ironic bit. Her parents are following her around--her mother is covered head to toe in a niqab and her father is wearing a long thobe with an imamah to top it all of. Both of them have an expression of such pride on their faces, as if the contrast between their modesty and their daughter's immodesty was a good thing. It's sort of sad, but it's also worth a chuckle. Now the part that's not so funny. Whenever I travel abroad and hit the beach, I sometimes see hijabis wearing the most uncomfortable clothes to protect their modesty(My Allah bless them) and then their husbands pop up wearing these super small shorts and super tight T-shirts. I mean seriously, what's that about? I always wear full pants, and loose T-shirts(it's not that bad, trust me) so I'm not being a hypocrite here. What annoys me is that it's okay for these men to boss their wives around and make them wear layer upon layer of black clothing in the middle of June and force them on to the beach and they themselves dress so immodestly. So woman must be perfectly Islamic but man can just put on his shorts and play volleyball in public because he is a man? I know Islam prohibits this kind of immodest behavior but many of us don't pay attention to these types of situations. Has this ever caught your attention? Does it bother you? How would you recommend going about remedying this problem? Salam. Shahreem.
  10. (bismillah) Salam, everyone. I've been reflecting on my situation, and I've started to believe that it's best if I distance myself from my parents. God forgive me, but I'm just so tired of the double standards and hypocrisy in my house. I don't mean moving out and shifting to a different location--I can't do that yet. Rather, I just don't want to discuss religion or call them towards the path of Ahlul Bayt anymore--their religiosity is just so plastic. They claim to be religious(especially my mother) but the moment something happens they say things that offend Islam as a religion. I'm the only kid in my entire family who prays all the Salah on time, abstains from the girlfriend/boyfriend trap, doesn't masturbate, doesn't waste his time watching useless TV shows, reads Qur'an, offers Sadaqa from my his own pockets, gives Da'wah, prays tahajjud, etc. I even do well in my tests( I have really high SAT scores, for example). My father is genuinely happy that I do these things, but he would never accept me as a Shia. My mother claims she is happy about it, but the truth is she doesn't really care that much. My mom wears hijab, prays--every now and then--but I know that religion isn't all that important to her. She likes to talk about Rumi, heck, everybody likes to talk about Rumi. I thought she would be receptive to Shia Islam, and she seemed enthusiastic but then it faded out. Don't get me wrong, I love my mother and I care about her--she raised me more like a single parent. I can never repay her, I know that. But there are just things that bother me so much about her that's driven me to consider something like this. I know I'm not perfect, and that I should try fixing my own faults, but sometimes my parents say certain things that just drive me insane. Tomorrow, if I absolutely abandoned all my religious duties, started drinking and fornicating, and became a hedonist, my mom would be okay with it....so long as I get into a good University, or become a Rhodes scholar or something. My dad might get a shotgun to my head--which is genuinely comforting--but I don't live with him(he spends most of the year abroad, working and travelling). Here's the flip side: if I ever make a mistake, my mom says hurtful things like, "ashol kaj bad diye hujur der picche douraccho", which means "you've left your REAL JOB(school, social image maintenance) and started running after tales of dead men and mullas." Honestly, it's not what she says to me that hurts, but just how easily she can insult the prophet and the family of the prophet if things don't go her way. She always does this, and me telling her to stop--politely of course--has never helped the situation. It's really frustrating. It saddens me especially, that my worth to my mother doesn't depend on my moral standards but how well known I am in my community, and how much $$ I make in the future. This is why I want to just keep contact at a minimum, stop bringing Ahlul Bayt up in conversations, not ask them to get me married( a sheikh would do me more good), stop trying to preach to them. Just fulfill my duties as a son and be on my way. I've done my best trying to bring them to Ahlul Bayt, it's not like I haven't tried. I don't know why I'm even sharing this, maybe I just need to let this out. Anyways, I think distancing myself from them would be better for my spiritual well being. Salam.
  11. Assalam-o-Alaikum, This is my first thread , i am very confused and i want an answer from Sharia or from our Prophet or Imam's view point. Note: I am using "MEL" instead of her name I love a girl and we both really wanted to marry. We both are Shia Muslim from Pakistani background.She (MEL) is a British Pakistani whereas I was working in the UK . I am a Pakistani guy from a very religious family background. In 2010 MEL told me to go back to Pakistan and settle their before sending a marriage proposal therefore i did what she said and sent the proposal to her parents as soon as i got settled in Pakistan, They visited us in 2012 and after 2 days they said NO to my parents.They made the following issues to support their decision: 1) I am based in Pakistan 2) They don't want their daughter to move to Pakistan or anywhere and they want her to stay close to them in UK. 3) I am not well settled financially even though I was doing a good job ( and i am from a well off family and owned my own house ) 4) I am from an Urdu Speaking background whereas they are from Punjabi background 5) They don't like the fact that their daughter has chosen her life partner I truly loved her and had no other intentions other than spending a happy life with her therefore I always wanted to live in Pakistan with her and she was also wanted to live in Pakistan with my family but after the refusal i even told her parents that I will move back to the UK if they don't want to send their daughter to Pakistan but still they refused:(. I took that refusal to heart and started seeking inner peace from Allah, before that i was totally opposite to my family and i was a very open minded and liberal kind of person. That refusal changed my life and now I strictly follow my prayers, read and follow Quran , dua's and try to be a good Muslim .I still speak to her sometimes but just as a friend although i still love her and want her to be my life partner. I did istekhaara twice and both the times it comes as good / yes. Now there is another Pakistani based guy and he wants to marry MEL too .This guy has not sent any proposal yet because he has not disclose or told anything to his parents about MEL but MEL's family knows about him that he likes their daughter. Now MEL's parents are forcing her to talk to this guy because he is from a very rich family and they don't want to lose this potential proposal .Her parents wants her to start liking him so he will send an official proposal. Moreover That guy wants to move to USA.Now MEL's parents don't have any aforementioned issues which they made when i sent my proposal Her parents are being greedy and giving importance to financial status over everything.They are going against their own decisions which they made when I sent my proposal. My Question is : 1)What does our Prophet or Imam (A.S) says about love marriage? 2) Is she allowed to marry against her parents' will because they are giving importance to worldly and financial status over my dedication , Islamic way of life and sincerity ?? 3) If that girl stands against her parents and tell them that she will not marry anyone because its a hypocrisy and she will only marry me is that stance is allowed in Islam?? 4) Also suggest what is the best thing I should do in this matter as i am really confused Kindly Answer my question in the light of our Prophet's (pbuh) or Imams (A.S) teachings as I don't want to go or do anything which is against the teaching of Islam.
  12. (salam) I wish to direct your attention to a rising issue about recent members refusing to clarify which sect they belong to. At the moment, a member named "Ugly Jinn" fits this category perfectly. Refuses to answer direct inquiries as to which faith he belongs to, goes into topics giving out his fatwas like candy, and hides behind the wall of deception he calls "logic". I know we don't have a rule that prescribes punishment for hypocrisy, but seriously, how long do we have to bear his likes on a forum meant for us Shias in the first place? Extending on this issue, there have been growing concerns over a number of non-Muslim members barging into topics meant to be specifically discussed among Shias, mainly theological and Islamic ethics subjects. Can there be stronger moderation of such topics? Thank you for taking the time to listen.
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