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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 9 results

  1. Salam alaykoum friends, I study politics and I am working on a paper regarding the Houthi ideology and specially the relation with Iran. I am trying to present the ideological importance of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in the conflict now in Yemen (not regarding military help or anything, but ideological affinity and inspiration), I need to find writings/sermons/interviews regarding this topic. I have heard of a book, or writings called "Bright Pages of the Life of the Martyred Leader Hussein Badr al-Din al–Houthi" in which al-Houthi would speak of its affinity with Khomeini's mission and ideology. Any suggestions on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Be blessed and ma'a salâma
  2. Dear Friends Salam alaikum, The president of Yemen Saleh Al Samad had been martyred by bombing of Saudi and new President Mahdi al Mashat was elected by Presidential council of Yemen. http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/04/23/559474/Yemen-Saleh-alSamad-Saudi-strike-Hudaydah-Houthi-Ansarullah
  3. Yemenis needs urgent response for food supplies on comment section of video Praecursator explains it.
  4. I've heard that the Houthis' of Yemen are a branch of Shia called "fivers". They are different from Iranian Shia called "twelvers" as they believe in only the first five imams. I've heard that the Houthis' have good relations with Iran even though they have different Shia beliefs. Is Iran assisting the Houthis'? And also, is their a possibility of war between Saudi Arabia and Iran in Yemen?
  5. Sallams I only have access to al Jazeera and BBC, and none of them can be trusted to tell the whole story. I want to hear it from someone on here, someone who knows what is actually happening in Yemen. Is the war in Yemen mainly Houthi vs Government or is there a Shia vs Wahabi element present? I have heard that there has been numerous schools teaching hate against shias in Yemen and that is what outraged Houthis, correct? Iran is being accused of sending arms and helping them, and they say they captured a boat which was smuggling weapons into Yemen and there were Iranians on board, is this true? Saudi Arabia is saying that they are only looking to make Yemen stable because it is its neighbour and the spill over effect could damage Saudi Arabia. All in all, what is the story in a short paragraph please, are we shias really all that goody goody or am I under some kind of a propaganda? What do the Houthis want? what does the government want? I also hear the Houthis are led my a Sayyid! :D :angel: Could he be the Yemeni? Thank you, try to keep it short please.
  6. LOL! Senator McCain thinks Houthi's are more dangerous than Al Qaeda in Yemen U.S. Senator John McCain believes the Houthis to be more dangerous than al-Qaeda in Yemen U.S. Senator John McCain said in a address at the Brookings Institution, a private nonprofit organization devoted to independent research and innovative policy solutions, he believed the Houthis had become a bigger threat to Yemen than al-Qaeda. The Houthis which are now organized under their political denomination, Ansar Allah are believed to entertain strong ties with Iran and the Hezbollah. The group which was funded by late Hussain Bedralddeen al-Houthi in reaction to Sana'a central government' aggressive stance against its Zaidi community was categorized as a dissident group with secessionist tendency right up until 2011 revolution, when old political and power dynamics shifted in their favor. When Yemen revolutionaries called for former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Abdel Maleh al-Houthi, the leader of the Houthis movement immediately offered his support. Within weeks of the uprising, hundreds of Houthis militants traveled to the capital to set up camp. As months went on the Houthis carved for themselves a bigger, more important role within the revolution; they fast became a important power-broker, one which officials could no longer keep on the sideline of negotiations. Strong of the support of the Ayatollahs in Iran, the Houthis have managed to morph from a dissident group to a legitimate political faction, all the while building up its para-military forces in its stronghold of Sa'ada (northern province of Yemen). With a reported one million supporters, and an army a several thousands strong the Houthis represent indeed a mighty foe, should they use to sprung into action. Senator McCain clearly articulated the threat, noting, "«Iran represents a bigger threat than al-Qaeda in Yemen." He added, " groups linked to Iran have started to emerge in Iraq, Syria and the Peninsula. Iran is trying to play instability to its advantage by tipping the balance of power in its favor." Source from http://www.yemenpost.net/Detail123456789.aspx?ID=3&SubID=6948
  7. this is old news but apparently the houthi's have entered in the syrian civil war fighting against foreign takfiris http://yemenpost.net/Detail123456789.aspx?ID=3&SubID=6926 i dont know if that is a reliable enough website. but it is what i have read.
  8. Question: Isn't it a good idea for the Houthi movement's social branch to setup donation collecting centers in countries like Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait and even EU to support the poor people in North Yemen? Most Shias might be willing to donate and help them, especially after years of poverty and multiple wars that were imposed on them by Saudi and their own puppet government. Now that they are free and in control of many areas in the North, they should use all resources to help people socially and economically to build themselves reputations amongst people. Abdulmalik Al Houthi From Wiki, Sheikh Sayyid Abdul-Malik al-Houthi (born 1982) is a leader of the Zaidiyyah in Sa'dah Governorate, Yemen. His brothers Yahia Badreddin al Houthi and Abdul-Karim Al-Houthi are also leaders of the movement, as was his late brother Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi. He was claimed to have been heavily injured during an air raid in December 2009, a claim denied by Houthi spokesmen. On 26 December 2009 it was claimed that Abdul-Malik has been killed after 2 days from a heavy air strike from the Royal Saudi Air Force. The claim however was refuted by the Houthis which then released video evidence proving he was alive. The al Houthi movement in Yemen traces its roots back to a political and paramilitary group called the Believing Youth established in the mid-1990s by Hussein Badr al Din al Houthi. In 2001, Hussein al Houthi increasingly spoke out against the state, and the group held mass anti-government and anti-American demonstrations. The government issued a reward for the capture of Hussein and security forces killed him in September 2004 during an attempt to arrest him. His death ignited an uprising by his followers, who became known as the al Houthis. The al Houthi movement draws its supporters from the Zaydi Shiite population in northern Yemen and is primarily active in Sa'ada and Amran provinces. The al Houthis' grievances include economic and social marginalization, corruption in the government, close alignment of the state with the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, and excessive Wahhabi influence on state policy and schools. Al Houthi leaders, however, are quick to deny accusations that the goal of the al Houthi movement is to re-establish a Shiite imamate in the north of Yemen – an accusation the government often repeats. The al Houthi movement claims to seek autonomy from the Yemeni state for the Zaydi Shiite population in order to redress its other stated grievances. Abdul Malik's Ashura speech (Arabic)
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