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  1. Prophet’s Answers In Conformity To What Was Revealed In The Holy Scriptures Before Him Surprising Facts Prophet's Answers That The Earth Rejects An Apostate Imam Ahmad Relates That Anas Ibn Malik ((رضي الله عنه).) Said: There Was A Man Amongst Us From The Clan Of Al-Najar Who Used To Be The Prophet’s (P.B.U.H.) Writer. He Then Ceased To Be A Muslim, And As A Result He Fled. As He Was Fleeing, He Met With Some Jews Who Recognized Him And Said: This Is The Man Who Used To Write For Muhammad. They Later Killed Him And Buried Him. The Earth Did Not Accept Him, So With Time It Ejected Him, They Reburied Him And He Was Ejected Again While His Face Had Already Started Decomposing. They Had No Choice But To Abandon Him (Musnad Imam Ahmad Vol. 3 Pg. 272) Questions That The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Was Asked And To Which He Answered In Conformity To What Was Revealed In The Holy Scriptures Before Him 1 Holy Prophet's Answers About The Soul, Dhul Qarnain And The Companions Of The Cave Muhammad Ibn Ishaq Relates That Ibn Abbas ((رضي الله عنه).) Said: The Quraish Sent Ibn Harith And U ’Qba Ibn Abu Mu’ti’ To The Jewish Rabbis In Medina To Inquire About The Authenticity Of Muhammad’s Prophethood Because They Knew More About Prophets Than They Did. The Jews Told Them To Ask The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Three Questions: (1) Ask Him, What Happened To The Young Men Who Disappeared During The First Centuries? (2) Ask Him, About The Story Of The Man Who Traveled East And West Of The Earth? (3) Ask Him About The Soul? If He Answered These Questions, Follow Him For He Is A True Prophet. Then The Two Returned To Mecca And Informed The Quraish Of Their Findings. Henceforth, They Went To The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) And Asked Him The Questions. He (P.B.U.H.) Told Them That He Will Answer Them The Following Day (Forgetting To Say Insha Allah), Hoping For A Revelation (Wahi). Fifteen Days Passed Without Any Revelation. People Said: Muhammad Promised Us Tomorrow And It Is Now Fifteen Days, He Has Not Said A Word About What He Was Asked. The Prophet Was Perturbed By The Word Going Around Mecca. Finally, Jibril Came And Revealed To Him Suratul Kahf (Chapter Of The Cave), In Which Were Verses That Answered Their First Two Questions. Allah The Exalted Says: “And They Ask You (O Muhammad) About The Ruh (The Soul); Say: ‘The Ruh (The Soul) Is One Of The Things, The Knowledge Of Which Is Only With My Lord. And Of Knowledge, You, (Mankind) Have Been Given Only A Little ”(Suratul Al-Isra 85) We Have Talked About This Lengthily In The Book Of Tafseer (Tafseer Ibn Kathir), Anyone Who Wants More Details Can Refer To It. Allah The Exalted Also Revealed: “Do You Think That The People Of The Cave And The Inscription (The News Or The Names Of The People Of The Cave) Were A Wonder Among Our Signs….And Never Say Of Anything, ‘I Shall Do Such And Such Thing Tomorrow.(Suratul Kahf 9-23) Then, Allah Also Mentioned The Story Of Musa And Al-Khidhir Then Dhul Qamain. Allah The Exalted Says: “And They Ask You About Dhul-Qamain Say: T Shall Recite To You Something Of His Story’ ”(Suratul Kahf 83) The Almighty In The Above Verse And The Ones That Follow, Explained And Told His Story. What The Quraish Asked The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Are Happenings That Conform With The Stories Found In The Books Of Ahl Al-Kitab (People Of Book), Such Are Among The Little Truth Found In Them. Nonetheless, What Has Been Distorted And Changed Is Unacceptable Because The Lord Has Sent Down Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) Truthfully And Revealed A Book To Him Which Expounds To The People The Controversies In Reports And Judgements. 2 Prophet’s Answers To The Questions Of The Jewish Rabbis Concerning The Hereafter. Imam Al-Bukhari Relates That Abdullah Ibn Salaam Came To Medina And Went To The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) And Said: I Will Ask You Three Questions To Which Only A Prophet Can Answer. He Said: (1) What Is The First Sign Of The Day Of Judgement? (2) Which Is The First Food That The People Of Paradise Will Eat? (3) What Makes A Child Resemble His Father? And What Makes A Child Resemble His Maternal Uncles? The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Said, “The First Sign Of The Day Of Judgement Is A Fire That Will Force People To Move From The East To The West And The First Food In Paradise Is Whale’s Liver And Regarding Similarity Of The Child, If The Man Ejaculates First, Then The Child Will Resemble His Father And If The Wife Ejaculates First Then The Child Will Resemble Her. Abdallah Said: I Bear Witness That You Are A Messenger Of Allah. Abdallah Then Informed The Prophet That If The Jews Knew About His Conversion Then They Would Speak Ill Of Him To The Prophet (P.B.U.H.), As They Were A Perversive People. The Jews Came To The Prophet (P.B.U.H.), And Abdallah Went Inside The House. The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Then Asked Them About Abdallah Ibn Salaam And They Said: Our Scholar And A Son Of Our Scholar. Our Rabbi And Son Of Our Rabbi. Then The Prophet Asked Them, “What If Abdallah Converted To Islam?” They Said: May Allah Distance Him From That. At That Instant, Abdallah Came Out To Them And Said: I Bear Witness That There Is None Worth To Be Worshipped But Allah And Muhammad Is His Messenger. They Said: He Is An Evil One And Son Of An Evil In Another Version, Imam Muslim Narrated That Thubaan, A Servant Of The Messenger Of Allah Said: I Was Asleep In The Prophet’s (P.B.U.H.) House, When A Jewish Scholar Came And Said: Assalam Alaika O Muhammad. I Pushed Him And He Asked Me: Why Do You Push Me? I Asked Him: Why Do You Not Say, O Messenger Of Allah? The Jewish Scholar Replied Saying: I Call Him By The Name His People Call Him. Then The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Answered And Said: “My Name Is Muhammad By Which My People Call Me”. The Jew Said: I Have Come To Ask You Questions. The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Said: “Is It Going To Benefit You If I Answer You?” He Replied And Said: I Will Listen And Put What You Say Into Consideration. The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Said: “Ask”. The Jew Asked: Where People Are Going To Be The Day The Earth Will Changed To Another Earth And Sky? The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Said: “The People Will Be In Darkness Before The Bridge (Sirat) He Then Asked: Who Will Be The First People To Cross? He (P.B.U.H.) Said “The Emigrants(Muhajireen) Who Were Poor” The Jew Then Asked: What They Wibe Served On Entering Paradise? The Prophet (P.B.U.H.)Said: “The Outermost Part Of A Whale’s Liver”. The Jew Asked: What Meal Would They Be Served With For The Day. He (P.B.U.H.) Said: “A Bull From Paradise, Which They Will Eat From Its Sides”. The Jew Asked: What Will Be Their Drink? He (P.B.U.H.) Said: “From A Spring Called Salsabil. The Jew Then Said: You Spoke The Truth And I Have Come To Ask You About Something That Is Not Known By Any Among The People On Earth Except A Prophet Or One Or Two People. The Prophet Then Asked Him, “Is It Going To Benefit You If I Answered You?” He Said: I Hear With My Ears, I Have Come To Ask You About A Child. The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Said, “A Man’s Sperm Is White And A Woman’s Sperm Is Yellow, If They Meet And The Man’s Sperm Is Faster Then The Woman’s Then The Child Will Be A Boy By Allah’s Will And If The Woman’s Sperm Is Faster Then The Man’s Then The Child Will Be A Girl By Allah’s Will”. The Jew Said: I Do Believe That You Are A Prophet (P.B.U.H.), Then He Went
  2. This recent virus got me reading about soap as a disinfectant. The process seems simple, through chemical reaction between two elements (fat + potassium or sodium hydroxide) but its use is of utmost importance and is a central element of cleanliness and purity, which always played a great role in all faiths. This, combined to the historical proofs than soap may have emerged in holy lands (Sumer or Syria) lead me to wondering : could it be that the process of making soap was a holy science inspired by Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) to His saints ? Also on the same pattern, Qur'an tells us how Allah taught Dawud (عليه السلام) to make the iron soft... So looking at the big picture, are there holy sciences that were taught by Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) to prophets or appointed ones in our sources, or even in other religious texts ?
  3. Guest


    Salam aleykom! I have A sister who's very very religious. I have never seen A more religious woman who lives in the west. She prays on time, never skip prayer, never had any contact with any guy, she didn't put makeup until she got married (she got married at The age of 23 in iraq). Her husband seemed good and nice and all that but not very religious. So they got married and after that My sister never slept without crying. He was really bad to her. It have been to many problems between The Two of them for me to write it in here. So in The Holy Quran Allah SWT says "Good women are for good men and good men are for good women". I really dont understand this can anyone explain? I mean My sister she is good, very good and she always listens to him and she pleases him and his evil mother. I could never stand out with the pain she has been through. I would've been crazy within an hour. So she is good really so why did she get such a bad husband? And he abused her 2-3 times. They have been married 2 years now. They had A fight 2-3 months ago and she is considering a divorce. Her husband and his parents knows that but still they didn't care. She is staying with me and our family now.
  4. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS? this video was uploaded nearly 11 years ago in a shrine in Karbala. A girl is recording her father next to a shrine when suddenly you can see a figure in the back appear( Abbas (a.s). This was recorded by just someone 11 years ago, I honestly don't see why someone would edit it. it has to be real.
  5. A Lebanese family donated an artifact to the Museum of the holy shrine of Imam Hussain dating back to the Phoenician Age. Lebanese experts confirmed that the artifact dated back to five thousand years ago, during the time of the Phoenicians. The relic (40cm long and 20cm wide) is carved in the form of a ship, symbolizing that Hussein is the -Rescue Ship- as reported by Prophet Muhammad and hence the idea of the gift to the Museum of Imam Hussain. Sayyid Dhyai al-Deen, the Director of the Museum, said -Since the opening of the Museum of Imam Hussain, numerous artifacts were gifted from Ahl al-Bayt lovers.- It is mentioned that the museum celebrated with the family who gifted the artifact from the Republic of Lebanon that was provided by Dr. Kaplan Kaplan, Chairman of the Council of the South, responsible for building the infrastructure in southern Lebanon. http://imhussain.com/e_index.php?ac=news&id=37 Note: We are the International Media Unit in the holy shrine of Imam Hussain, Karbala Iraq. Our main aim is to spread the message of Ahlul-Bayt worldwide. Please join our Facebook Group at Hussein Revivalism Follow our Twitter account @ImamHusainMedia Instagram @imamhussainmedia Thank you, may Allah and the Ahlul-Bayt bless you.
  6. http://imhussain.com/e_index.php?ac=news&id=33%C2'> In the occasion of Eid al-Adha, the Aid and Charity Fund in the Shiite Endowment began distributing subsidies to the needy and orphan families registered in it, in compliance with the directive of the head of Shiite Endowment his Eminence Sayyid Saleh al-Haidary. A source in the Media Department of the Endowment reported that the manager of the Aid and Charity Fund, Sayyid Abdul Redha Hadi Saleh, confirmed in a press release that 6213 families including those who have orphans, widows and divorced spouses are registered in the Fund. The Shiite Endowment emphasizes to the distribution of subsidies before every religious or national occasion, pointing out to the continuous funding of subsidies until the last day of Eid al-Adha. It is worth mentioning that the assistances received are from the General Commission for investing the funds of the Shiite Endowment in the case of lack of aid from the Ministry of Treasury for this year. The director of the Charity Fund said a registration department will be opened in the Fund and will have one condition which is that the family receiving assistance mustn-t receive any other aid from other funds. Note: We are the International Media Unit in the holy shrine of Imam Hussain. Our main aim is to spread the message of Ahlul-Bayt worldwide. Please join our Facebook Group at Hussein Revivalism follow our Twitter account @ImamHusainMedia follow our Instagram account @imamhussainmedia Thank you, may Allah and the Ahlul-Bayt bless you.
  7. Top notch article! http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/the-photos-saudi-arabia-doesnt-want-seen--and-proof-islams-most-holy-relics-are-being-demolished-in-mecca-8536968.html
  8. Dr. Abdul Basit Muhammad, President of the scientific complex in the Holy Quran in Egypt, said that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) conceals a scientific fact of Laylat Al-Qadr. He pointed out the failure of wealthy Arabs to take the necessary steps to publish this case around the world. According to Muhammad, during Laylat Al-Qadr, the temperature is moderate; direct sun beam doesn’t hit the Earth directly. He also explains the scientific fact that 10 thousand stars and 20 thousand meteors hit Earth every day, except in Laylat Al-Qadr which witnesses no beams or any colllisions with any stars or meteors. This was discovered by NASA 10 years ago, but they refused to spread it in order to prevent non-Muslims to convert to Islam, quoted by the words of a NASA scientist, Karnar, and reported by the Egyptian "Delegation" newspaper. Karnar, Christian NASA scientist, announced his convert to Islam which led to the loss of his job at NASA. Note: We are the International Media Unit in the holy shrine of Imam Hussain. Our main aim is to spread the message of Ahlul-Bayt worldwide. Please join our Facebook Group at شعبة الاعلام الدولي and follow our Twitter account @ImamHusainMedia Thank you, may Allah and the Ahlul-Bayt bless you.
  9. (salam) Salawat is a truly beautiful thing. The virtue of salawat is truly great. We should aim to say salwat at any time we can because remembrance of the Ahlul Bayt (as) is remembrance of Allah (swt) What is Salawat? The Prophet Muhammad (saws) when he was asked how to send blessings on him (salawat), he replied "Say : O Allah, Bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, just as you blessed Abraham and the family of Abraham, verily you are Praiseworthy and Glorious." (in arabic : Allah Humma Sale ala Muhammad wa ale muhammad) That is the method of invoking blessings onto the Prophet (saws) and his family as prescribed by RasoolAllah (saws) Virtue of Salawat "Indeed Allah and his angels bless the Prophet: O you who have faith! Invoke blessings on him and invoke Peace upon him in a worthy manner"-Surah Ahzab 33:56 (Quran) Allah (swt) is COMMANDING the people to recite salawat upon the RasoolAllah (saws) and as mentioned in the first hadith, the method he said to use was to bless his progeny as well. The Prophet Muhammad (saws) said :"Wherever you may be, invoke blessings on me for verily your blessing reaches me" The Prophet Muhammad (saws) said "The invocation of blessing on me is a light on the sirat" The Prophet Muhammad (saws) said "Whoever invokes blessings on me, writing it on paper, the angels continue to seek forgiveness on his behalf as long as my name remains written on the paper" SubhanAllah! Such an easy thing to say and yet so much reward for uttering one sentence! The Hadith about writing it on a paper, it is something I will definitely get around to doing, it takes maximum 1 minute to do and place it in a frame or somewhere safe, and the angels will always be asking forgiveness for you! But this is the hadith that struck me most Imam Baqir (as) or Imam Al sadiq (as) said:"The heaviest thing to be placed on the scales on the day of resurrection is the invocation of blessings on Muhammad and his household (as) If you think about it, its the HEAVIEST THING, yet it is such a simple formula! Think about if you recite it so much on a daily basis, A) you won't be sinning because instead you'll be doing salawat. B ) The salawat will outweigh the previous sins on the Day of Reckoning InshaAllah Surely dhikr of Allah (swt) is better? Also participate in dhikr of Allah (swt) but the Remembrance of Allah (swt)'s divinely sent Household is also remembrance of him. And as mentioned in above hadiths about the virtues it is the HEAVIEST thing on The day of Judgement! That means if place one on one with ANYTHING else, the salawat will outweigh it. InshaAllah this thread has helped you guys, and InshaAllah we are given the towfiq to recite salawat as a daily activity whenever possible May Allah (swt) bless you all. (wasalam)
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