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  1. I was looking through this list (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_current_Maraji) due to wanting to resolve an issue regarding Mut’ah. I planned on emailing all of the Maraja I could regarding a specific instance, considering the fact that it is often resolved using “obligatory precaution”. While doing so, I stumbled up the following Fatwa from Grand Ayatollah Nassab: Question: Is covering a Muslim woman's hair obligatory in Islam? Answer: Covering the body of a Muslim woman is obligatory in Islamic law. However, the ruling on covering the hair of a Muslim woman based on the Qur'anic verses and Islamic narrations which will be mentioned is that it was one of the Islamic governmental rulings to differentiate the free Muslim woman from the non-free maid in a certain period of time when the system of slavery was still in place. Source: http://www.hoseini.org/Esteftaat-English.asp Is the Ayatollah implying that covering of the hair is not required? Is he the only Current Marja of Taqleed who have come forward with this opinion? I believe Ayatollah Al-Haydari has also implied something similar to this, but he hasn’t written on his website that the hair covering is not wajib for women. (P.s. does anyone know a method in which I can contact Sayed Al-Haydari, I couldn’t find it on his website.)
  2. If I wear a very long Hijab (I think its called Jilbab? Example here, Do I have to wear clean clothing underneath as well? (e.g. new pyjama's) Because I go to the bathroom in my pyjama's, can I wear something on top of them to pray in?
  3. Is hijab actually a sign of oppression? Hijab is a piece of cloth that covers your head followed by your neck and chest ( typically worn by Muslim women) In our modern world, we see people typically opposing hijab as they say that it is oppression itself! We see thousands of controversial claims to ban hijab, stop wearing hijab and what not. But before getting into hijab vs patriarchy we must know why Muslim women wear hijab, is it true that male wants their wife, mother, daughters, sisters to wear it or is there any other reason? To answer this, I would take an example from my phones cover! I bought my phone I got a screen guard on it I made it covered with a shockproof cover in order to protect it... Suddenly I realized I am being so protective for something, which I can easily buy again! But what about me? My safety? I realized that being in this modern world made me so oppressed and so meek that I cannot even differentiate what is right for me and what is wrong... It is actually protecting women from male's horrid behavior. They make people fool claiming false allegations #traditionally submissive a very popular hashtag firstly quoted by PM David Cameron saying that Muslim women in the UK, owing to their lack of knowledge and understanding of the English language, are not able to speak up against their oppressors and stand up to protect their rights. But I can see thousands of girls from well off families well eduacated with pretty good communication skills, confident and smart wearing hijab... why they aren't considered? A very popular concern about hijab is that is it a sign of patriarchy? and it a choice? I would say yes it is a "choice" everything on earth is a choice their is no compulsion in islam as the verse from quran says Let there be no compulsion in religion, for the truth stands out clearly from falsehood.1 So whoever renounces false gods and believes in Allah has certainly grasped the firmest, unfailing hand-hold. And Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. Qur'an aayat 2:256 You can follow your rule book or not follow it,it's your choice, following the path which is called astrayed or the path of true success is your choice it is very simple if you will choice to wear hijab you will get benefited and if not the hell is all yours... tit for tat.. I would say going to heaven or hell is also a choice. Patriarchy and Hijab How can a rule be patriarchal even if it also for males? Say to the believing men that they cast down their looks and guard their private parts; that is purer for them; surely Allah is Aware of what they do. And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their private parts; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their khimār over their breasts and not display their beauty except to their husband, their fathers, their husband's fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers or their brothers' sons, or their sisters' sons, or their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex; and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. — Quran 24:30 (The word khimar, in the context of this verse, is commonly translated as "head coverings". Such head coverings were worn by women in Arabia at the advent of Islam. ) The verse clears the doubt that their is nothing patriarchal in islam! The western society gives bait to women giving lustrous life full of freedom... Is it actually freedom? The literal meaning of freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. but noone give you this type of freedom, do they? Okay lets take an example if I go to their functions wearing modest clothes with hijab what will happen? Nothing but they'll start judging me. I ask, but why if you are giving freedom then why it's incomplete it's my matter I should have my own freedom! why it is static? why dont they offer freedom to those who willing wants to wear hijab? I hope asking these questions to yourself made you pretty confident about the fact that they actually offer static freedom! Now if you are clear that freedom isnt complete.. you can evaluate that in almost all religions when women goes for worship they wear the same hijab giving it different word...( In hinduaism, In christianity, In sikhism, In jewism in all religions) but why they go such attire? Because The supreme and The devine power likes you dressing modestly! it is now clear that we don't have complete freedom and therefore have to submit oneself to someone.. why dont you submit yourselfs on the devine the supreme power? I would love if people start deeply studying with clear mind and then give their opinions! I hope I made certain things clear in this aticle and expect if people start thinking on the above questions and start introspecting! think and study before you say something! your words cost lifes!!!
  4. If I'm going to go into a temporary marriage with a girl who is a non hijabi/ chats with other guys. Is it wajib for me to tell her/make her stop talking to other guys and make her wear hijab otherwise I'm a dayooth?? The thing is I'm not planning on marrying her forever/building a family with her so I don't really take these things seriously it's just to fulfill urges + I don't want to start arguments and make issues when we get married?. Also if I just advice her not to and she doesn't listen do I have to keep arguing with her about it, and do I have to leave her if she doesn't listen, does staying with her if she doesn't listen to what I say/my advice make me a dayooth? As we know there's a hadith that says the dayooth doesn't smell the fragrance of jannah + The answer I'm most interested in is the hijab question W salam.
  5. I've read somewhere that parents get ajer if they force their daughters to wear the hijab even if their daughter didn't want to and I would just like to confirm the accuracy of this information. I thought that there is no compulsion in religion but apparently well according to that person there is? Also, isn't it sinful to force someone into Islam doesn't that apply to wearing the hijab as well?
  6. Salaams All; I don’t know the password for the sisters forum hence posting on here. I am wanting to wear the hijab / headscarf again. For years I wore it and practiced it appropriately. About 8 years ago I went through some difficult times and chose to remove it. I have since become a mum and feel like it’s now or never. Something however isn’t aligning (head, heart, gut). I feel like I’ll be a fake if I do wear it because I don’t see myself as a good enough human being (does that make sense)? I am constantly judging myself, pray first, do all the wajibats appropriately and then wear it. Again I then think, this is just an excuse… so something isn’t right and I’m having difficulty putting my finger on it. The harder I’m trying to convince myself the more difficult it is for me to wear it. Im not really the sort to be bothered about how society will perceive me. I also do not wear tight / inappropriate clothing (just don’t like that sort of thing) so literally it really is just about covering my hair. I feel that personally it’s down to me thinking “will I be able to maintain it”? what does maintaining it look like? Will I be a fake if I wear it and say for example not pray? Shouldn’t I be fulfilling other wajibats first? I’m so confused. Has anyone else been through something similar? What was your struggle? What made you wear it? What about summer when it’s so hot? Was it hard to maintain? Please don’t judge me- I’m genuinely seeking some loving, kind advice. Thank you
  7. Salaam to all I was approached by someone about the matter of Hijab. I will not get into specifics for keeping it short but I want to know of Maraji which have mroe lenient laws regarding hijab By more lenient I mean they do not require covering of hair... etc
  8. Its disguisting how the world started hating the muslim society (especially shia-islam) at once! for example: we all know in the western culture that someone can be rejected for work on application interview only because his foreign islamic name or even of their appereance like a hijab. Or if we take it more worse like being rejected for a study only with a hijab on!!! -> lately a lot of schools/universities are opening a new law for students to not wear a hijab and if you don't agree then you should get off the school! that means its getting more and more tight for the muslims these days especially women with a hijab on! I will put down below some of the hijab-bans from this year ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1,Macron's anti-Islam remarks trigger far-right policies in Franc French President Emmanuel Macron's recent remarks that target Islam triggered far-right groups in the country to implement anti-Muslim policies, especially against Muslim women who wear headscarves. Macron recently claimed that some Islamic religious practices are "separatist" because they carry the threat of seceding from French institutions and rules. scources:https://www.dailysabah.com/world/europe/macrons-anti-islam-remarks-trigger-far-right-policies-in-france France, Oct. 7, 2020. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.BRUSSELS Some 1,000 people took the streets in the Belgian capital on Sunday to advocate for the right to wear headscarves at universities. scources:https://www.aa.com.tr/en/europe/belgian-protest-for-headscarf-rights-at-university/1900618 Belgium 05.07.2020 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- countries with hijab ban 1.Kosovo (since 2009) 2.Turkey (gradually lifted) 3.Azerbaijan (since 2010) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- there are multiple hadith saying that the muslims in the end of time will experience a really hard time, since the begin of 2000 the world turned step by step more arrogant towards an inocent religion and is busy accusing the muslims of alots of attacks (9 11-building) which we haven't done.. if you look at the difference of life before 2000 then everyone will say it was unjust BUT never against islam as much as now.. what are youre toughts???
  9. Guest


    Salam I want to know more about “awrah” of men and women. What determines what is awrah? Hadith? Quran? Only strong hadiths please and references too. Thank you!
  10. Salam, I recently came across this hadith that was shared to me from a Shia whats app group. Can anyone please confirm if this is true ? The hadith goes like this:
  11. Assalamu alaykum everyone and Eid Mubarak!! This is mainly directed to the hijabi sisters but anyone is free to offer advice. Brief context: I started wearing the hijab at 17 (Now going onto 19) alhamdulilah and I didn’t know before hand that it was fully obligatory, coming from a non practicing and more so spiritual family. Also, that apparently one should start wearing hijab (khimar) at the age of 9/10 (correct me if I’m wrong). Since I’ve worn the hijab I’ve been receiving a fair share of Islamophobia (living in the West kind of makes you a target). Specifically even today on my way home which inspired me to write this post. However alhamdulilah my convinction for the hijab grows stronger after each event and I’ve gotten over that phases of uncertainty about hijab a while back thanks to clear evidence and logic. Do any of the sisters observing the hijab have any advice on dealing with such situations? Also, if anyone wants to share their stories your more than welcome to. Jazak’Allah.
  12. Salam, A jurisdiction would set a law Forcing women to wear hijab. Another jurisdiction would set a law Banning hijab in schools/universities/workplace etc Aren't they both extremes? Aren't they both wrong? As far as the Qur'an teaches us, there cannot be compulsion or forcing in Deen, ﷽ لا إِكراهَ فِي الدّينِ La Ikrah Fil Deen There is no Compulsion in Religion. (2-256) Isn't forcing women to wear hijab counter intuitive? Wouldn't such a law push people away people from the faith simply because they're being forced to adhere to it? Just as some western jurisdictions' banning of the hijab had created a backlash of Muslims holding onto it even more. Your thoughts? Please also take a second to answer the poll to gauge the views.
  13. Thank you for submitting a question to imam-us.org, your answer can been seen below. Please do not reply directly to this message as your email will not be read. If you have a follow-up or new question, please complete a new request using our submit a question form. Thank you!Question:What is the punishment for blasphemy according to Ayatullah Sistani?Answer:Alaykum AssalamDuring the time of the twelfth Imam's occultation (ghaiba), Muslims are not authorized to practice any form of punishment against disbelievers, instead, their duty is to call people to the way of God the Exalted through wisdom, good advice, and objective and solid arguments.
  14. Salam Alekum, Approximately 3 months ago, there was a computer program that was made that has the ability to create nude pictures of women, even if they are fully clothed. It uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to guess what a women would look like without cloths based on the form of the women's body and it joins this data with female anatomic data plus a learning algorithm, that means the computer gets better and more accurate at producing these images with each successive set produced. The result is very accurate and realistic image or images of the women. Why am I telling you this. Sisters who either don't wear hijab or wear the 'Dearborn style' hijab , covered hair and tight cloths all over, and in danger of someone taking pictures of them and then using the program (I'm not going to give any more specific information about the program, so don't ask me. I would rather have you not believe me than to reveal more details. ) to process the images to produce nude photos of them without their consent or knowledge. Sisters who wear proper hijab are not at risk, at this point. There's another reason to wear proper hijab (Oh, besides it being wajib, it's wajib for a reason). I'm not going to lecture about that at this point. The point is that sisters, you need to be very aware of who is around you and who is taking pictures of you. Don't go into a full panic about this. You need to exercise some caution though. If you notice someone around you who is taking pictures of you from multiple angles (it takes more than just one image for this program to work), please figure out a way to stop the person or leave the area. Also, if I were a sister, especially a younger one, I would avoid public places where alot of tourists go, because this is the perfect cover for these animals in human form who are trying to take advantage of this situation to humiliate and exploit women. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) punish those who would do this to our Muslim sisters or any women actually. I am saying sisters because this program was written specifically to process female images in this way. It will not work with male images. Some of you know that I work in IT and I have some collegues who work at Google, yes that Google, and I can tell you that they are aware of how damaging this code could be if it gets widespread and they are actively trying to stop it from being downloaded. The problem is that the original programmer who uploaded it to a public site (Github) left it there for a few weeks, then took it down after realizing that this is something that could be very damaging to many women. But before they could take it down it was downloaded over 30,000 times, which means it is out there. So please, again, don't panic, but be careful and aware of your environment and if you don't know someone very well, don't allow them to take pictures of you from multiple angles. Please share this with your friends who are not on ShiaChat to make them aware. Oh, and one other thing. If there are some out there who know what program I am talking about and post details about it or links to it, I will not only ban you permenantly, but we have more details about you (behind the scenes). I will share that information with authorities. I hope that is clear. Don't do it.
  15. To all my Hijabi sisters, You have been the forefront of my faith in the face of ignorance and islamophobia across the west. You have represented 1.8 billion Muslims throughout the western world. You have faced numerous looks, gestures and attacks simply because you're wearing the Hijab. You have had your scarves pulled, spat at, physically assaulted just because of your Hijab. On behalf of every single Muslim male, I Thank You for your sacrifices. I Thank You for your patience in the face of such ignorance. I Appreciate your stand and strength. And I Promise that if I witness anyone wrong you, I have your back and I will defend you no matter what. Muslim male
  16. My question is very simple . Why do men talk about women hijab or thier clothing but don't talk about their own selves.?I'm not a feminist or anything but I personally feel like people are more interested in how someone dresses rather than looking at their ownselves
  17. Why do people think it’s okay to 1- have a mixed wedding 2- have women wearing makeup in front of non mahrams Is there a Hadith somewhere that says we can commit haram on the day of our weddings? If someone has a reference please share it with me, because I’m not sure how people can call themselves Muslims and still blatantly violate Allah’s command
  18. Salam aleykum, Funny how they ask a fashion blogger regarding the nuclear program of another country to begin with.
  19. Guest

    hijab crisis

    i'm very sorry if this has been asked before but i really need help. i started wearing hijab when i was 8 bc my mom told me the old lollipop analogy and i was too young to reason w it. did i understand hijab and why i was wearing it? no. now, 10 years later, i am still looking for answers. everytime i ask my mom she keeps using analogies like if you have a diamond you should hide it away so you can protect it??? or she would say im not a man so I don't know how men think? but i find that that contradicts with the fact that Allah is fair because now i am being held accountable for how men think which is obv not my fault. i also cannot find solid proof that hijab is wajib. i know the women in the rasool's family peace be upon him and them wore it but they also went for jihad and did all these things that we don't do anymore like freeing slaves. i know that we should look up to them and try to live like them but i feel that a lot of things from their lives should be considered alongside the context and the life they lived at the time. i am rly lost and i need to find an answer please help me. ps my mom says i follow sistani bc i wore hijab at 8 and bc her and my dad follow him so i inherently follow him apparently but i never rly made a conscience decision to follow him nor did i know who he was when i started wearing the hijab so I don't know. i'm starting to question the whole marja thing bc rly they all say different things depending on their understanding and interpertation of Islam and i don’t really know who i agree with or if i agree with any of them at all. please don't comment things like sister go repent bc all i want is guidance.
  20. I am human, I make mistakes, therefore please correct my reasoning with references if possible, as I have separated from my partner over the matter of "displaying one's beauty", and perhaps I am wrong in my thought process. In the situation of a woman who does not observe hijab, but covers her body well; My reasoning: it is wrong to post your photos on social media where men are able to view your photo. Allah says in the quran do not display your beauty. You are a woman with beauty, you are posting a photo on social media, you are displaying yourself on social media, by posting on social media, it is an act of displaying yourself. I don't know how else I can say it. It is not the same as going to work. The thought here is "I am going to work". It is not the same as walking down the street to get somewhere and people see you, because the thought is "I am going to x place". When you post a photo, the thought is "I will post a picture of myself on instagram " in other words "I will display myself on instagram". You are therefore unnecessarily displaying your beauty to men. Even if the woman observes proper hijab, it is an act of "I will display myself on the internet by posting this photo"; it isn't a charity photo, a conference video, you giving a lecture, it's simply to share a "fun" or "precious" or "happy" moment with the people on social media (which includes male cousins, friends, strangers, etc.). Am I wrong in my thinking? Can someone explain it in a more articulate way rather than my caveman explanation?
  21. (bismillah) (salaam) I was hoping to get some advice on the topic of social hijab. I live in the UK. Before I explain my dilemma, I follow Sayed Sistani and I will give a brief summary of his rulings on this: 1. There is nothing wrong with talking to na-mahram out of necessity e.g. talking about work with opposite gender work colleagues, opposite gender doctors, cashiers, etc etc. 2. It is makruh to talk to na-mahram where its not necessary e.g. general chit chat with the opposite gender, laughing and joking with them, going out to cinema/restaurants with them 3. It is haram to talk to na-mahram to make them feel lust or if they make you feel lust or fall into any other type of sin. I work in a department of eight people, 6 are female and 3, including me, are male. This is how the seating plan is at work: male female female ------------------------------------------- (desks) female me female female female As you can see I sit in the centre amongst all female colleagues. We are all of similar age so like females of similar age they have become good friends and they talk about various things such as what they did on the weekend, their dating lives and so on. As you can see from the desk plan, I am in the middle of these conversations and can hear everything. The good thing is that they don't talk about anything inappropriate such as women stuff or backbiting and they are good people in that sense - just general stuff. My dilemma is that due to where I sit, I find myself getting drawn into the conversations with them that leads to joking around and laughter so something makruh under the marja that I follow and this is poking at my conscious and I am not sure what to do. I have tried different things such as I put on headphones and listen to lectures, nohas about ahlulbayt etc. so I can't hear what they say but also gives the impression I am busy and don't want to be disturbed and I even went through a phase where I kept my conversations strictly about work which worked but they thought something was wrong with me (lol). What do you guys think? A part of me feels we are social beings and what I am doing is normal. I don't hang out with them outside work hours. Other part of me is obviously aware of the rulings. I can keep my headphones in but all the time? Can I really expect myself to talk to them about nothing but work for the 8 hours or so I am at work? Also, are these general conversations necessary and fall under 1. in the marja rulings, in the sense that socialising is something necessary at work and harbours a healthy working relationship, meaning if I didn't do that, I would alienate myself. The good things is that I have established certain Islamic boundaries: - They accommodate my prayers and let me pray at work - Most of the females in my team are aware that contact with me it not allowed. Bless them, even when they accidentally tap my shoulder to get my attention or accidentally touch me in any way, they apologise! - They are happy with me not attending social events/work events where alcohol will be on the table I am sitting on Sorry this post is a bit unstructured, but given all the above, what do you guys think? I am leaning towards limiting it as much as possible so use the headphones (if you guys have other ideas and ways of limiting it let me know) and I even work home one a day a week which is helpful and generally try my best to uphold my marjas ruling. Some things I can definitely do is for example, not participate in work whatsapp convos etc ( we have two work whatsapp groups) cos thats not necessary and in my control, which I will look to stop. Other things I can't avoid e.g. next week I am travelling by car to a work meeting away from the office with a colleague so she will be in my car with me (just us two). I imagine this is makruh (being alone with na mahram) so is it possible to just talk about work and avoid general convo in an hour long journey? so I guess I should have just not offered her a lift and let her take the train? (its a fair distance to travel) but then would I come across rude and not courteous? Any advice appreciated Thanks, duas.
  22. Salam everyone, I came across this article on al-Islam.org. https://www.al-islam.org/hijab-muslim-womens-dress-islamic-or-cultural-sayyid-muhammad-rizvi/hijab-jokes i thought I must share it with all of you, it’s good - to the point and funny- and are not my words. Some sister wrote it many years ago. let me know what you guys think of this little article, as I plan to make a video on this - so your response will help! Here it is: ’It has been my personal observation that some Muslim girls and women do not realize the significance of hijab. Hijab is Arabic for protection and cover. Some people put a lot of effort into their hijab, yet it serves no purpose. I am referring to the pointless hijab that some girls wear. The first pointless hijab is referred to as the headband hijab. It is a band of fabric approximately 4 inches wide. It covers the back of the head and allows all the hair to be exposed. It doesn't serve much in terms of modesty, but at least it comes in handy in case of an unexpected tennis match. The second pointless hijab is the dupetta, also known as the Saran wrap hijab. It covers all the hair, but it is totally transparent. Again it doesn't serve much in terms of modesty, but it keeps the hair nice and fresh. The third type of hijab is known as the Mickey Mouse Hijab. It is when a girl wears a black scarf and tucks it behind her ear, so that her ears stick out. We now move to my favorites: the yo-yo hijabs.The first yo-yo hijab, also known as the Benazir Bhutto hijab, is the scarf that keeps falling down and needs to be constantly pulled back up....up, down, up, down, just like a yo-yo. The second yo-yo hijab is also referred to as the convertible hijab. This type of hijab is predominant at any type of social event, i.e. an Aqeeqah, Bismillah party, Ameen party, wedding, etc. This is when an Imam or Qari comes up to the microphone and starts to recite Qur'an. At this point, all the convertible hijabs come up...until he says "Sadaqallahul adheem". I'm not sure, but apparently in some cultures that translates to "Ok sisters, you may now take off your scarves". I'm sure this may seem odd, but what's even funnier is when people do not anticipate the recitation of Qur'an at a social event, and are forced to be creative and use accessories such as a purse to cover one's hair. I was surprised to see a women hold her purse over her head as "hijab"...as if the multitudes of men surrounding her are not a good enough reason to wear hijab, but some guy reciting du'a compels her to hold a purse over her head. Her friends were more creative...one friend used her dinner napkin. I was also laughing when I saw the communal hijab---two or more girls draped under one dinner napkin during the recitation of Qur'an. Her other friend was still more creative. She used her coffee saucer on the back of her head. I wasn't sure if it was hijab or a Yamaka. I didn't know if she was a Muslim or a Jew. I felt like going up to her and saying "Shalom alaikum, sister". And, people should remember that hijab is not just a protection from guys, but from a girl's nafs (ego) as well. It should prevent girls from having to spend hours in front of the mirror doing their hair. But, unfortunately, you see girls in front of the mirror for hours doing their hijab as they would do their hair, with all sorts of elaborate braids and the like. I wanted to go up to a sister and say "Is your hijab naturally curly?" I also felt compelled to go up to another girl and say "pardon me, but is your hijab naturally that color, or did you dye it?" Well, the point to remember is that some people make an effort to wear hijab, but it is futile, because it is not fulfilling its purpose. It's like using an umbrella with holes in it. Hijab is used for protection from guys as well as from the girl herself, and should not be used as an accessory or for beautifying one's self. Anyway, that's it…. dont forget to write your response!
  23. Assalamualaikum, before moving to Japan life was much easier. Sports, sports club, changing clothes, physical education had become so hard for me that I started to hate my religion because my parents or let's say my mother did not allowed me to get rid of my hijab , she told me either school or hijab and I chose school because school is mandatory until 9th grade but I told her that I will leave school if u don't allowed me. I swear life over here is hard. My question is that do I go to school until 9th grade and wear hijab 「 I am in 9th and next year around February, I will graduate」 or don't wear hijab and go to school?
  24. okay so I really don't know how to start all of this... I am a 19 year old girl, started wearing a hijab when I turned 13 years old - Me, still super young, didn't have any idea what was happening, somehow got forced into wearing it because everyone scared me. or let me just say, there was no other option. Turning 15, I told my parents that I didn't want to wear it anymore. They got extremely mad, my mom cried her heart out, it was like seeing them have a mental breakdown. I got really scared so I kept wearing it. Turning 18 and starting uni, which also made me live in a different country, I decided to just tell them that I'm taking it off and did it. The problem here is, that I can't bear seeing my mom cry... And I can't talk to her either about this topic.. Born and raised in Europe, which zero arabic friends, makes it way too hard for me to actually wer hijab with everyone around you judging and treating in such a different way... She just doesn't get it. I really don't know what to do in that kind of situation... I really don't want to force myself to do something I'm super uncomfortable with but I don't want to see my mom cry and know that she's sad. It just breaks my heart and makes me cry myself into sleep.. I'm really clueless.. I just found that forum because I can't talk to anyone about this. Does anyone maybe have an idea what I could do right now?.. Am I just "forced" to wear it? is there no other way out?
  25. https://www.albawaba.com/entertainment/amal-hijazi-just-retired-because-she-wore-a-hijab-1017926 https://arabic.cnn.com/entertainment/2017/09/05/lebanon-amal-hijazi-hijab Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi surprised fans today by announcing she’d be retiring from life on stage. More importantly, depending on your perspective, she announced this following pictures of her wearing a hijab making their way around social media. It’s true, said Amal Hijazi in a Facebook post. I’m a hijabi now. And I am therefore retiring from the stage. “God has finally answered my prayers…for years I have struggled with the art I loved and the closeness to the religion I have harboured. I’ve lived this struggle internally and God, finally, has answered my prayers.” https://www.facebook.com/amalhijazipage/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peVPnNPFNps “I don’t mean to diminish the art or other artists…but I have found happiness.”
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