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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) صلى الله على محمد وآله This topic is dedicated to having a simple reference list of main sources of Hadith and all related subjects. If there are works one thinks should be added to the opening post, please post them below along with the a brief description. The Four Canonical Books :: الكتب الأربعة al-Kāfī fī `Ilm al-Dīn by Muḥammad b. Ya`qūb Abū Ja`far al-Kulaynī رحمه الله The first of the Four Canonical Books consisting of 8 vols: vols. 1 & 2 Usūl dealing with topics of belief and history, vols. 3 - 7 Furū`dealing with the divine laws, vol. 8 al-Rawạda dealing with misc. topics from the letters, speeches, and stories regarding the Imams عليهم السلام Man Lā Yaḥḍarahu al-Faqīh by Muḥammad b. `Alī b. al-Ḥusayn b. Bābuwayh Abū Ja`far al-Qummī رحمه الله The second of the Four Canonical Books consisting of 4 vols dealing with issues of law. It is actually a book on jurisprudence by al-Sadūq where he presents his legal opinions with the narration he believes authentic. He has truncated the chains of narrations, leaving out his ṭuruq of ijāza and appending them at the end of vol. 4 in order to make the book easier to read. al-Istibṣār by Muḥammad b. al-Ḥasan Abū Ja`far al-Ṭūsī رحمه الله The third of the Four Canonical books by Shaykh al-Ṭā’ifa. It is a jurisprudential work where the author sought to solve apparent contradictions in narrations in regards to law. Tahdhīb al-Aḥkām by Shaykh al-Ṭā’ifa al-Ṭūsī The fourth of the Four Canonical Books by the same author as the previous one. It is a commentary on a jurisprudential work by his teacher the famous al-Shaykh al-Mufīd. The author brings forward the various narrations on the topics of law that are discussed in the treatise of his teacher. Other Ancient Works Books by Ra’īs al-Muḥaddithīn al-Sadūq al-Tawhīd - A single volume work where the author seek to teach the reader proper beliefs about Allah عز وجل through the narrations of Ahl al-Bayt عليهم السلام `Ilal al-Sharā’i` (2 vols) - A two volume work where the author presents narrations that explain the wisdoms and/or reasons behind certain practices, events, etc. `Uyūn Akhbār al-Ridā عليه السلام - A two volume compilation of narrations from the 8th Imam عليه السلام and regarding him Ma`āni al-Akhbār - a single volume work where al-Sadūq narrates regarding the meaning of words, phrase, other narrations, etc. Kamāl al-Dīn wa Tamām al-Ni`ma - A two vol. compilation where the author clarifies Imamah and the Ghayba with the use of traditions Thawāb al-A`māl wa `Aqāb al-A`māl - a two vol compilation of narrations regarding meritorious actions and their benefits then evil actions and their punishments al-Khiṣāl - a single volume work where the traditions are organized by number discussing misc. topics of akhlāq, manners, belief, history, etc. al-I`tiqādāt - a book on Shi`a theology al-Muqni`- a book of laws extracted from traditions al-Hidāya - a simple summary of the authors views on the basic points of doctrine and practice Shaykh al-Ṭā’ifa: al-Ghayba - a comprehensive book analyzing the theme of occultation —————— al-Ghayba by al-Nu`mānī رحمه الله— a collection of narrations clarifying the Ghayba and the Qa’imiyya of the 12th Imam عجل الله تعالى فرجه by a contemporary of Sh. al-Saduq, a student of Ibn `Uqda, al-Kulayni, and Saduq’s father Ibn Babuwayh رحمهم الله Masā’l `Alī b. Ja`far رحمه الله وسلام الله على آبائه - a collection of narrations by a son of the Sixth Imam al-Ṣādiq عليه السلام where he seeks answers from his brother, the Seventh Imam al-Kāẓim عليه السلام Qurb al-Isnād by `Abdullāh b. Ja`far al-Ḥimyarī رحمه الله - a collection by one of the heads of the religious center of Qum two generations prior to al-Saduq, one generation prior to al-Kulayni, this book as we have it now is incomplete and much of it seems to have been lost. The intent of the book appears to be have been to lay out the author’s strong narrations with the shortest chains to each of the Imams عليهم السلام. The book covers various topics from supplications to some history and a large amount of law al-Maḥāsin - by Aḥmad b. Muḥammad b. Khālid al-Barqī رحمه الله - a once monstrous compilation from a famous scholar of Qum from the generation prior to al-Ḥimyarī. This work is quoted in the many other ancient works such as al-Kafi and al-Faqih. The work as we have it today seems to mostly deal with topics of recommended practice of reward and benefit in this life and the hereafter. Kifāya al-Athar - by `Alī b. Muḥammad b. `Alī al-Khazzāz al-Qummī رحمه الله a jurist and scholar of hadith and theology contemporary to al-Shaykh al-Mufid رحمه الله. In this work he presents the narrations on the appointment of the Imams عليه السلام in order to prove the known, famous doctrines of the Twelver Imami Inshā’ Allah, this will be updated later to incorporate works dealing with rijal as well as works of Hadith from the post-Classical scholars. في أمان الله
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