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Found 4 results

  1. Ghadir: Key Teachings from the Last Sermon of the Prophet - Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi | Friday Juma Khutba June 30th, 2023 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQRGB_joUUU - 'Idul Ghadir is celebrated after 'Idul Adhaa and is significant in the faith and history as it links the institution of nubuwwat and imamat. - Ghadir was the Prophet's last formal sermon and the largest gathering he addressed. - The sermon discussed various teachings and values of Islam, including the sanctity of a Muslim's life, prohibition of interest, ending tribal strife, changing sacred months for political agendas, Shayṭān's influence, women's rights, brotherhood of the ummah, equality among believers, and the importance of inheritance laws were also emphasized. - The main message of Ghadir was the issue of succession, appointing 'Ali as the mawla, the master, the guide, and the Imam. - The Prophet highlighted the sanctity of a Muslim's life and honor and criticized the lack of respect for life among Muslims. - Trustworthiness and the sanctity of others' property were emphasized, reflecting the character of the Prophet and 'Ali. - Women's rights were addressed, emphasizing mutual rights and the responsibility to fear displeasing Allah. - The message of equality among believers, similar to the message of Hajj, was highlighted. - Holding on to the thaqalayn (the Book of Allah and the Prophet's family) was emphasized as a means to avoid going astray. - The statement "Allah's Book and my family" is found in three of the six major sources of Sunni hadith and is considered mutawātir, narrated by 120 companions. - The statement "Allah's Book and my sunnat" is not found in the ṣiḥāḥ sittah and is considered unauthentic.
  2. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم السلام عليكم لو ورحمة الله وبركاته حديث الثقلين Hadith at-Thaqalayn This tradition is contained in the Musnad of Ibn Rahwayh and Ibn Asim [5 – 5.1] and its chain been graded Saheeh by Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani and others, and Hasan by Shu'ayb al-Arnaut and A.Shakir. Chain: Sulayman b. ‘Ubayd Allah al-Ghilani – Abu ‘Amir – Kathir b. Zayd – Muhammad b. ‘Umar b. ‘Ali – his father – ‘Ali,may Allah be pleased with him: حدثنا سليمان بن عبيد الله الغيلاني، حدثنا أبو عامر، حدثنا كثير بن زيد، عن محمد بن عمر بن علي، عن أبيه، عن علي رضي الله عنه أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال :إني تركت فيكم ما إن أخذتم به لن تضلوا :كتاب الله، سببه بيد الله، وسببه بأيديكم، وأهل بيتي. Introduction The most reliable version and the meaning of Hadith at-Thaqalayn or the 'tradition of the two weighty things' has been the subject of intense debate. So pertinent is it to ascertaining the right belief system and distinguishing between the Shia and Sunni sects as to the most upright, that many Sunnis, particularly of the Salafi group, and particularly young men who own refutation websites, have attempted to weaken versions that do not suit them, change the real meaning, interpretation and significance of this tradition. An attempt has therefore been made to present objective research, quoting only reliable and well respected Sunni authorities of Hadith, as well as attempting to respond to counter refutations. InshAllah, it is hoped this attempt can demonstrate to those who produce articles on websites, that not only do they go against their own scholars, but also twist the evidence and play with the words and true meaning of the command of the Messenger of Allah (saw). A request is made to kindly not post until a clear message has been made that the thread is open to comments, for the sake of continuity of posts.
  3. Here is the all four books authored by dear brother Toyib Olawuyi in dowloadable version (PDF). Just click on the titles. 1. 'Ali: The Best of the Sahabah: Explicit Testimonies of Sahih Sunni Ahadith (November 28, 2013) 2. On The Khilafah of 'Ali over Abu Bakr: A Dictionary of Sahih Sunni Ahadith (March 8, 2014) 3. 'Abd Allah IBN SABA: Myth EXPLODED (July 30, 2014) 4. Hadith al-Thaqalayn: The Deposed Will of the Last Prophet to Humanity (August 14, 2014) You can buy all these books via AMAZON. Here is the LINK to all 4 books on amazon.
  4. Ayatullah Jamil Hamud al Amili's website Third Question: The Prophet said: "I leave behind among you 'al Thaqalayn' (the two weighty/important things), the book of Allah and the ahlulbayt, so that if you hold onto both then you will never be misguided after me.". Which is the 'thaql al akbar' (greater of the two weighty/important things), Qur'an or the ahlulbayt (as)? Answer: No Shia source contains the words "one of them is greater than the other". This addition is only found in mukhalif (non-Shia) sources. In non-Shia sources it is reported from Zayb . Arqam that the Prophet (pbuh) said: "I leave behind among you that which if you hold onto then you will never be misguided after me. One of them is greater than the other: The book of Allah, the outstretched rope from the Earth to the Heaven; and my ahlulbayt. So be careful of how you treat them after me, for they will not separate from each other until they return to the fountain (of Paradise, on judgement day)." This hadith is reported by Shaikh Sadooq, in Kamaluddin Page 234, but from aami (non-Shia) sources as follows: Told us Muhammad b. Ibrahim b. ahmad b. Yunus, who said: Told us Al Abbas b. al Fadal, who reported from Abi Zar'a, who reported from Kathir b. Yahya abi Malik, who reported from Abi Awanah, who reported from al 'Amash, who reported from Habib b. abi Thabit, who reported from Aaamir b. Wathilah, who reported from Zayd b. Arqm that he said: "When the Prophet (pbuh) returned from his last Hajj, he came upon Ghadir khum. He ordered stoppage by the large trees, so camps were setup thereunder. He then said: Please understand that Allah has called for me and I have accepted the call (i.e. my time of death is very close). I leave behind among you the thaqalayn, one of them is greater than the other: The book of Allah, and my ahlulbayt. So be careful of how you treat them after me, for they will not separate from each other until they return to the fountain (of Paradise, on judgement day)." Shaikh Sadooq also reported this hadith in "Uyun Akhbar ar Reda" without sanad, and it seems that it is also from aami (non-Shia) sources as it was the habit of Shaikh Sadooq to often quote from non-Shia books. He also reported this hadith in another section of his book Kamaluddin, from the following chain: Isa b. Yunus al Waqifi from Zakariya b. abi Zaida, from Atiyah al Ufi, from Abi Saeed al Khudri. Zakariya and Atiya of this chain are aami (non-Shia) narrators. Regardless of all of this, even if we were to accept these ahadith which indicate that "one of them is greater than the other", there would still remain the question as to which of them is actually greater than the other (as the aforementioned aami ahadith do not pinpoint which is greater of the two), is it the Qur'an or the ahlulbayt? What becomes apparent, by additional evidences (from rest of the ahadith) is that it is the ahlulbayt, as they are the only ones who interpret the Qur'an as per its actual reality with regards to the complexities found therein; in terms of verses which may be brief, ambiguous, abrogating (of other verses), abrogated (by other verses), general, specific, unconditional and conditional, for none of these can be correctly understood without referring to them. As is reported from Imam Ali (as): "The Qur'an is the silent book, whereas I am the speaking (living and talking) book of Allah. The silent book does not provide benefit without being accompanied by the speaking book.". It is also narrated that Imam Ali (as) said: "I am the speaking (living and talking) speech of Allah". Some people have interpreted the 'thaql al asghar' (the lesser of the two weighty things) to be the ahlulbayt and the 'thaql al akbar' to be the Qur'an, and have claimed that this is due to the consensus of the ahadith towards this meaning. But this is contrary to the reality, since no such hadith is found in our sources via a shia tariq (intermediaries/chain of transmission), they are only found in our sources via mukhalif (non-Shia) turuq (chains of transmission). http://realtashayyu.blogspot.be/2014/07/quran-vs-ahadith.html#comment-form
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