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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim As-Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu Who else is religiously-inclined, but has been born into a less-than-religious family? Those of us who have been face a unique set of challenges which our brothers and sisters blessed with virtuous families do not. At the same time, our experiences differ from, but can certainly find inspiration in, those of reverts. InshaAllah we will all pass such Divine tests with patience and wisdom. Does anyone, at any stage of life, currently have a similar experience? Inshallah we can all benefit from kno
  2. Many if not all of us seek to be constantly illuminated by beneficial information pertaining to the many categories of what is known, for me and the many seekers of knowledge what do you respected brothers/sisters advise and what are great plans to implement in ones journey of obtaining knowledge. I remember reading an article published about one of the contents of the lectures of Ali Shariati and how he emphasized the importance of having a clear and direct path in achieving ones goals, he stated that although the genius of Socrates is unparalleled a French philosopher whos intellectual
  3. Asalaam o Alaikum brothers and sisters, I am from Norway. I was born a Sunni and I've been a Sunni upto now. I read a book called After the Prophet. It's written by a non Muslim author who claims to provide a neutral view on what took place after the death of the Prophet. After I read the book, I started researching the Shia school of Islam. I just have a few questions and I'm looking for some support and I thought this would be a good platform. I don’t really know many people that are Shia. I pray every day that Allah guides me to the right path.
  4. Hello brothers and sisters, I have come to this forum in order to make myself feel at ease, as I don't know how to make things better any other way. My sister is an athiest. We grew up in a very loving home, although we had trouble with an abusive father (a father who grew up in a war torn country with a horrible upbringing) my mother is loving and is the most kind and caring person on this planet. She poured her life and soul into me and my siblings growing up. She has always been a very religious Muslim mother and she tried her very best to make us all pray and read the Qura
  5. Hi . I'm currently studying in Kuala Lumpur. I plan to return to my home back in Pakistan in a few days . I'll be staying there for over a month .i will be in travel for 12 hours . Is is okay if I don't fast for that day ?
  6. Once upon a time I used to be quite strong in my beliefs but as the years have gone on, meeting new people and having new discussions has left me lost and aimless in terms of the 'path' that I follow. Of course I am Muslim - in that I believe in Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, his Prophets (pbut), his angels and the Holy Book. However as of late I have really been struggling to find my feet either in the shia thought of school or sunni (originally raised as a shia) - there are some aspects which just don't sit right with me and I can feel my heart reject it - but then I worry that the truth is merely bei
  7. How we can find our true identity. What are the practical steps in knowing the self (nafs).how to achieve the state of “man 'arafa nafsahu faqad 'arafa Rabbahu”. This particular Hadith is highly focused, qualified for achieving and realizing closeness to Allah (S). What practical steps are needed in order to recognize the self so that we will be able to recognize the RUBB"
  8. Assalamu 3alaykum. On the basis that there is dream interpretation by Imam Jaffar al Sadiq (As) as well as there being real dreams (in exclusion to nafsi and shaytanic inspired dreams) if you are pure when Allah Swt raises the souls when we are sleeping (As mentioned in the Holy Quran), Is there a specific dua one can make to rely on Allah Swt to see a dream for guidance, the Imams (As), the Prophet (Sawa), a hint of the future or something symbolic? I personally have heard of experiences where people have had dreams that ended up being something true or two people
  9. ------------Dear Reader - Please consider to subscribe to my blog via email. This will serve as an acknowledgement of readership and encourage me to serve the mission of Ahlul Bayt. To subscribe please visit my blog website (http://losthumanity.org) and on the top right hand side enter your email address and click the "Follow" button. Many thanks for your support and encouragement. Posting frequency is about 2 posts per month. The goal of the blog is to spread the teachings of Ahlul Bayt (AS) to as wide an audience as possible. Below is an excerpt from my latest post - inspired by a saying
  10. Teachings of Imam Ali: Abstemiousness February 7, 2015By Shoeb Bhinderwalain Ahlul Bayt,Guidance,Imam Ali, Self-ImprovementLeave a commentEdit The teachings of the Ahlul Bayt provide us with the correct perspective from which to look at this world. Imam Ali (divine guide and successor of Prophet Muhammad) on numerous occasions explains the realities of this world. He provides us with the required insight, clears our concepts and gives us the correct viewpoint and angle from which to look at this world. The attention and energy we devote to a task is directly proportional to the importance we
  11. The Noble Qur'an is the Universal Message of the Creator (in his own words). The Message is first and foremost directed to the Holy Prophet and the Ahlul Bayt (the qualified and divinely appointed successors of the Prophet) so that they can convey and explain it to us. There are two keys to unlock the [...] Read more of this post: http://losthumanity.org/2014/05/17/luminosity-of-the-heart-and-the-words-of-the-creator/ -- Lost Humanity Blog http://losthumanity.org
  12. (bismillah) (salam) Nouman `Ali Khan and Bayyinah Institute visit and hold Jumu'ah at the nursing home of Robert Devlia. Warning: Prepare to shed a tear! loved the part when he began describing Rasoolillah Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå. His description reminded me of the many ahadith that speak of his [sawa] appearance, clothing style and physical features such as the bright whiteness of his [sawa] teeth, and the way he spoke, which brother David mentions amongst other things. SubhanAllah his description of the Prophet [sawa] is remarkable! By Allah the heart of every true Muslim years for
  13. Oh lost man! Think about escape every single day of your life. If you are able to escape in this world then escape in the Hereafter will be easier. But escape is not easy. And what is it really that we need to escape from? Every day is a different game. It presents us with […] Read more of this post at: http://losthumanity.org/2014/04/05/where-is-the-escape/ -- Lost Humanity Blog http://losthumanity.org
  14. Man is constantly gravitated downwards by his base and selfish desires and must struggle to overcome the strong gravitational pull of his lower self to reach the higher goals of existence. Just like the seed which battles to survive in the soil, struggles to extract the right nutrients, and fights the forces of nature and gravity to seeking the higher ground where it can live it’s purpose and deliver the fruits of it’s labor to the world. [ continued ... ] Read more of this post at: http://losthumanity.org/2014/03/03/nafs-and-self-struggle/ -- Lost Humanity Blog http://losthumanity.org
  15. The enemies intend to extinguish the Wilayah (Leadership and Guardianship) of the Ahlul Bayt but Allah shall protect it and perfect it. When Al Qaim (the last member of the Ahlul Bayt) shall rise then Allah will make the Truth prevail over all other religions. Let me first define what is meant by the term Awakening of Desire. By this term, is meant the brutal, harsh, severe, [ ... ] If the events and narrations reported about the merits of Ali had not been so famous, so profuse and so numerously reported, their reporting would have been stopped out of fear of the Umayyad dynasty because of t
  16. Living a Life of Honor http://losthumanity.org/2014/01/20/living-a-life-of-honor/ Oh Creator! None can elevate the one that you abase, and none can abase the one that you elevate! – Imam Ali in Dua-e-Yastasheer No matter how much we try or how good our intentions are, understand that ultimately honor is bestowed only by our Creator. On the other hand, if we are on a relentless path of deceit and corruption, no matter how much ... Continue reading at: http://losthumanity.org/2014/01/20/living-a-life-of-honor/ Lost Humanity Blog http://www.losthumanity.org
  17. ASA everyone. Now, most muslims will generally say that humans have free will but that Allah(swt) knows what will happen before it will happen and that he can alter things as he so pleases. However, when reading the Quran it is not that simple. It seems to me that two points are made simultaneously, the first being that humans control whether or not they will accept faith and guidance and the other being that it is not up to an individual but all up to Allah(swt). If it is up to Allah(swt), then doesn't it seem unfair that he will misguide some people and guide others? This is really bothering
  18. Imam Ali – Guide in the Wilderness Few are the men who are patterned like Ali ibn Abi Talib. Life itself rises with them, as they appear scattered along the crossroads of generations, like lamps that guide those who journey. Despite their fewness, they are like pillars through which can be seen the courtyards of magnificent buildings; holding on their shoulders the […] Continue reading at: http://losthumanity.org/2013/12/25/imam-ali-guide-in-the-wilderness/ Lost Humanity Blog http://www.losthumanity.org (Note: Please subscribe to the blog to receive automatic email notifications of new
  19. Lately in life i have been facing some major life changing decisions. I don't know what path to take, i feel like i'm lost. I don't know what i want in life anymore, the pressure and stress really kills my mood. Lately i have not been the devoted muslim i am know, (nothing haram of course). I feel like i'm alone in this world, to survive by myself. I'm confused and lost. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  20. Salam Brothers and sisters, I have got a job in London and I am moving from Manchester for the first time. we are a young couple with no babies, we want to ideally move in an area where we can find imambargah and an easy link to canary wharf. I am willing to travel upto an hour depending on the area I get to live in and looking for a reasonable accommodation. Can someone please help.
  21. While at University, I had begun to do a personal evaluation of my own faith based on my understanding of the historical proceedings that took place after the death of the Prophet (SAAW), I always loved the household of the prophet Muhammad. I could never wrap my mind around what happened to them after the expiration of prophecy, though interestingly I had no doubt in the “four rightly guided caliphs”. But after doing an academic study of the faith I was brought up in, and the history in particular, I decided that belief in God and living by the golden rule was good enough. I’ll just be ‘spir
  22. Salam alaikum, This article introduces a new book to the public which brings guidance and certainty to the heart. This article gives details and you may order this book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. http://www.islamicin...conclusion.html Wasalam
  23. Asalaamualaiukum and Ramadhan Mubarak! Applications are now open for: Certificate in Islamic Counselling Skills September 2011 – Jan 2012 Weekends in Central London Contact: Tel.01582 411900 or email mail@islamiccounselling.info · Develops helping skills from an Islamic perspective, based on Qur’an and Sunna – and helps you to develop yourself!· Shows how the Islamic Science of Self illuminates modern therapeutic techniques· Improves effectiveness in your work in any people-facing situation – you do not have to change profession.· Is inclusive and non-sectarian, no prior experience
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