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Found 2 results

  1. Salaam I got my english language paper 1 GCSE tmmrw, this exam is essential and along with math is the core core subject WE HAVE TO PASS. for the 5th question, worth over 50% of the first paper (so 25% of the total grade cuz 2 papers). U may get an option to write a story I have a couple ideas but need some help taking out the plotline and dont wanna gpt it cuz thats a big issue. So, a christian mexican boy, called Jesus (no not christ just a regular mexican boy named Jesus (pronounced Hai- Zoos) is a deeply religious boy and devoted christian. All his life he does good, goes to church every sunday, mass communion, etc. PREACHES THe gospel, knows the bible through and through, has done witness work. Doess all the good stuff like charity, kindness, forgiveness, etc. However, one day, when Jesus is an old man. He seems a homeless boy on the street with a blanket over his legs, the boy seems young perhaps in his 20s. And is asking for money, Jesus ignores him, scoffs and moves on. Later, he feels gulty as this is one of the first fairly bad things hes ever done. Its a sunday so he goes to church for mass. However, the church is empty. When he gets there. There is a man however, on the front bench. Sitting there alone, no one else. Jesus walks up to the man on the bench. He sees the man sitting there, in a suit. He looks most dashing. His shoulders are broad, chest large and strong, But eyes gentle and loviing. the man has long hair and a neat beard. He sits down next to the man and he begins to talk with him and generally how he feels bad for what happned earlier explaining the situation with the boy. A LOOOOOOOOOONG conversation happens. Then, the man with the long hair gets up and says "Look, you preached my word all your life, the gospel. the word I bought down from Heaven, from Holy God. What you did today, was not as i would do." jesus the mexican is taken aback the man in the suit continues he notices the man in the suit's hair looks wet, as if he has just washed it, however, it was dry all day. and the mans suit too is dry. The suited man continues saying "I bought down the message of glad tidings and mercy from God, the magnificent. to all, I raised the dead, healed the leper and the blind and sick. Fed the people, my way is not what yoy have done today. Did you even enquire, to the young boy why he's there? No! You simply saw a young man and thought he must be idle because a young man should be working not begging like an elderly or sick person yes?" Jesus the mexican realises who he's talking to. It is none other than Jesus Christ, son of Mary. "Yes it is I. But go now, go find the boy and come to repent back here. When you have fufilled the right of the people." He runs out the church hall down to the corner where he saw the boy first, the boy sat there, he saw the man and looked at him silently. The boy lifts the blanket. And the man is shocked. Both of the boys legs were gone, not there in the first place. As well as this, he realises now, how thin, bone thin the boy is "He weeps and says, forgiv e me please. " Him and the boy have an exchange and he returns to the church He goes in looking for Jesus Christ "O son of Mary! O holy one! " However, he finds nothing. No one. Indeed however, he sits in the very same corner of the bench he sat on before when talking to jesus christ. and a sense of calm washes over him. He passes away. Can someone help me FILL in the plot line ALSO RATE THE STORYY!!!! shud i also do a muslim version with the Prophet (sawa) and a mosque instead? LMK!!!
  2. Is Iblīs (or Shaitan) behind every bad or evil deed or thought ?
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