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  1. Salam everyone i have questions about ghusl, if anyone can answer it would be very appreciated. 1. is doing wudhu before any ghusl mandatory? Ive been doing it but i saw a post saying it’s not necessary so i wanted to confirm. 2. The way ive been doing it is by making intention, then washing right side, left side, then everywhere 3x each. But i saw a post saying to wash the head and neck seperately, which way is correct? 4. are all ghusls (like for menstrul, janabah, etc. )performed the same way? 3. this one is super specific. I was going to take a ghusl but before i took a normal shower and decide to shave, but i cut myself with the razor by accident and a lot of blood came out. I still did ghusl but after i remembered that blood invalidates wudhu. If so then my wudhu (which i did before entering shower) would have been broken and my ghusl not accepted. In this case should i repeat my ghusl? Im not sure because while the blood flow was constant, it was also being washed away with water at the same time, so im confused. thanks everyone!!
  2. Salams, I'm struggling with a little, (excessive so to speak) problem. I am always doubting whether I've performed something correctly or not, and later doubt its validity. For example, I'd perform ghusl al janaba, make sure I'm absolutely sure there's nothing left on my body. But hours later, I'd find like for example a miniscule white crumb-like something on my upper back and start thinking where I went wrong lol. I start beginning to assume that's the najasah, but then I was so sure I removed it whilst performing ghusl. That how would it have made its way to my back, and that too just being the size of one singular little crumb? For more background, it was dry, flat and felt crumb like, as opposed to a small congealed ball which I would expect is najasah. And I can't make up my mind whether it is or not, as I was so certain I scrubbed, washed and wiped everything off of my body. Do I just ignore it? Mind you this isn't a one off, I regularly find myself doubting the validity of my ghusls, mainly because of these reasons, that I end up scrubbing my body so hard it hurts. It happens so often that I'd restart the ghusl a - z. And even deep down, na3audabillah, I find myself starting to stray away from faith. Because im finding it too tumultuous and difficult if its like this..
  3. As salamu alaykum, As we know when your doing wudhu in normal circumstances and let's saying your washing your right arm while doing so your face that you just washed becomes completely dry, then your wudhu is invalid. But now let's say we are doing ghusl someone is washing their body and then let's say they take too long for whatever reason (waswas, not enough water, jabirah, etc.) and a part of their face become completely dry for example the lip. Now my question is would their ghusl be valid?
  4. In islam we tend to associate ritual bath ('ghusl') with physical cleanliness such as pollution. Yet we have many recommendations about how performing ghusl can accompany us in our spiritual actions (e.g. friday before congregation etc). Can we establish connections with holy baptism which at some point may have been a tenant of shari`a - as by judging from Mandeans?
  5. Can I cut my nails during state of junub before performing ghusl according to al-Sistani?
  6. Can i do ghusl of janabha and hayd together? And are the steps of janabah and hayd same?
  7. Guest


    So basically. I had a lesson in my shcool about sex education and i got sexually arosed and now when ive came back home ive checked my underwear and it was indead sexual arose fluid but now.. im having waswas about if it was from wet dream.... I CLEALRY remebr i have cheaked my pants and i dont see any fluid and im VERY SURE THAT IS not from the wet dream... Is my ghusl valid i just want to know that please??
  8. Does a shower count as ghusl? And i have intetion to do ghusl (Im going to do ghusl of janabah and hayd)
  9. So i need to do Ghusl of hayd and janabah. But i dont know how Should i do it this video https://youtu.be/8mFMKyYMGNw (skip to 1:16 sunnah way)
  10. I reverted to Islam in December 2006. I have been doing ghusl wrong all these years by ignorance, not from laziness. I would make niyyat and wash my body, but never knew I had to wet my hair. So, because of my ignorance, do I have to do over, to make up and redo all my prayers of the past and all my fasts of the months of Ramadhan for the past 6 years? Jazakallah khairan for your answer! (wasalam)
  11. Salam, if one were to eat food from a person who is najas (sikh, Hindu) is he required to do ghusl or would he just wash his body. Same thing but would if it were urine or blood, if urine or blood touches you would you just wash yourself or do ghusl.
  12. (salam) Is it okay to use soap while ghusl and then wash it away with water. Shukran
  13. SA, I had surgery recently and my doctor said I cannot put water on my head because I have stitches. I recently have become in a state of Janabat. How can I do ghusl if my head cannot become wet? I follow Sistani and I’m a man.
  14. Have you ever or do you plan to do ghusl-e-mayyit for your community?
  15. Salam, how many ghusl janabah suffice for a person who discharged twice in different times while he hadn't done ghusl for the first one yet?
  16. Assalam o Alaikum I am married i have 2 questions 1 # My wife is far away from me. I use to talk to her on phone . while doing that we both become sexually excited when talking about sex. Is it ok to talk sex on phone do kisses on the phone while imagining her in front of me? 2 # While doing that I fell my genital organ becoming hard and wet. I feel some drops without Masturbation. The Basic question is should I do ((( Ghusl janabat ))) after that conversation. when I feel some drops or just wash and change clothes i am in taqlid of ayat ul ali khamenei
  17. Asalaam Alaykum dear SC members, Is changing clothes for (any) ghusl mandatory? I have read somewhere you only must change your underclothes after ghusl. Thanks in advance. sara
  18. Guest


    Selam brothers I became junub and i did ghusl After ghusl i noticed a liquid,sticky and no colour coming out of my organ but in very small amount My question is Is my ghusl invalid or is it okay? And also Should one take another clothes after ghuls or can he wear the clothes he became junub I mean there is no semen on it But still I need to know
  19. Salaam, Long story short, I took a bath and intended to do ghusl alongside it and did say my intention. So I did the bath and wudu as well. Since then I offered 15 different prayers and until now I realised I didn't wash my body on how it is supposed to be done for ghusl. Does this mean I have to do all the prayers again?? Many thanks.
  20. Salam. I always thought that for ghusl is wajib to wash three times the head and neck, and then three times the right and left part of the body. But I have been reading the resalah of multiple Maraje and none of them mention that is wajib to do it three times. Muy question is, is it wajib or mustahab to do it three times? Sometimes I don't have enough water to do it three times, that's why I would like to know if the ghusl would be valid if I wash every part only once. If there is any fatwa addressing this issue I would appreciate it. Thank you!
  21. Salaam, Say you were on the last days of menstruation, and you also work. What if your menstruation ends whilst you are in your workplace, and by the time you get back home, Zuhr and Asr would be qadha. And typically, you'd go home and do ghusl and pray but it'll be late. It is worthy to note that there is a wudhu place and a praying area at the place, so is there an alternative other than simply going home, then doing ghusl, and then praying late, or, can I do something else, e.g: tayammum, considering the fact that missing prayers is a grave sin?
  22. If one was to find himself in a state of janabah, and was unaware that this means you cannot read namaaz, would all of his namaaz during his time in the state of janabah be invalid? If the namaaz is in fact invalid, will this person have to re read all of his prayers again?
  23. So i have two questions, first regarding istibra and second regarding masah. Here goes.. 76. If a person performs Istibra, and also performs Wudhu, and if after Wudhu he sees a liquid discharged, of which he knows that it is either urine or semen, it will be obligatory upon him to do Ghusl, together with Wudhu. But if he had not done Wudh u after Istibra, then Wudhu alone will be sufficient. I did'nt quite understand this law, what does this mean. Why is ghusl required in the above condition?? Why can't i just wash my privies and do wudhu again?? And the second question. i was searching about wudu and i saw some people saying (on shiachat) that masah water should not mix with washing water. For example, if i do masah of head then i should stop few cm before hairline. But i've seen many videos and no one has ever discussed this thing, some even went to the hairline (when doing masah). So is this thing mustahab or wajib? Does it render wudu void (if water mixes) ?? How exactly can i stop water of masah from flowing into water of washing (because a drop or two may flow to the face). Please help me because i have to do wudu atleast 3 times due to this "mixing of water" issue. Also cite any reference or hadith and saying of Imam about this issue. Thanks in advance.
  24. I was just addicted to masturbation. After getting rid of it, by mistake i masturbated yesterday. My question is: after doing this i wore clean clothes...without ghusl...so after ghusl can i wear the same clothes or the clothes are pak.???
  25. Salam dear friends: Is there a rule that the days in which Mustahib Ghusl (bath) can be obtained, it can only be done only onces, or it can be done number of times ? On Eid, I take mustahib bath at morning before offering eid prayer, this eid after slaughtering animals, I was untidy, my cloths got messy with animals blood, and I was feeling like taking a bath. It was about noon prayer time, then this point came into my mind, but I was not sure that if I could take another mustahib bath as per the day, so that I could take mustahib bath of eid day again and offer prayer. Thank you.
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