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Found 1 result

  1. Bismillah, So here is my take on this, I believe that when we look back at history, we will see that the Democratic Party in America reached it's apex during the Presidency of John F. Kennedy. This is when the Democratic Party actually did something great, which was put it's political existence on the line to support the civil rights movement. This movement was one of the high points in American history and as such many people were drawn to the party. The civil rights movement was a movement based in truly having 'justice for all' regardless of race or skin color. Since the Civil Rights movement and the legislative victories it achieved (Voting Rights Act, School Desegregation, end of Jim Crow Laws in the South, etc), the Democratic party has been slowly, over decades, been taken over by Big Corporations and their lobbyists, and by those who wish to push an agenda of social corruption. One of the examples of this is the gay rights movement. The main victory of this movement, that started out as a movement within the Democratic party, is that it has convinced most people in the US that it is equivalent to the Civil Rights movement and that it has conflated its goals and achievements with the former. This conflation is not based in reality. These two movements are very different, in substance, for a few reasons. First, the Civil Rights movement was both a political and religious movement. The Civil Rights movement had deep roots in the Christian Church, and most Civil Rights leaders, including the most famous Martin Luther King Jr, were Christian ministers. It was the churches, and particularly the Southern churches in predominantly african american areas, that began, sustained, and organized the civil rights movement. The support by the Democratic Party and other political groups came much later. Second, the Civil Rights movement was based on justice and equity for people, i.e. who that person is, not based on what they do. A black person born in the South had no control or say as to whether they were born black, to black parents. It wasn't an act, they didn't choose that. So it is innate in human nature that we recognize that you shouldn't punish someone for something they had no control over, something they didn't choose. That is whether you like black people or not, logic dictates that you must recognize that simple and basic fact. The gay rights movement was, from the beginning, a purely political movement with no roots in religion. This is because all major world religion, condemn the act of homosexuality in their holy books. It was only very recently that this movement began to co-opt some religious leaders and got them over to their side. Even today, the vast majority of practicing members of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam believe that the homosexual act is a sin. Just to clarity, I continue to state 'the homosexual act' rather than 'a gay person' because we as muslims do not believe in condemning a person for having physical / sexual attraction toward the same sex(homosexuality), we only believe it is a sin to act on this attraction. Second, the homosexual act is a choice, like any other act. You can choose to do it or not do it. Although, it is true, there are some who have a proclivity toward this act, this does not mean that they have no free will. People are born with proclivities to all different types of sins. They are only considered 'sinners' if they act on it and do not ask for forgiveness and make amends for it. So now to the question of why Hillary lost. I believe the main reason is that Hillary, as well as the Democratic Party, has lost it's way and lost it's roots. It's original platform, of the party that stands up for Civil Rights, workers rights, and human rights is not something this party is known for anymore. It has become the party of gay rights, rights based on an act that someone chooses to do that is condemned by most major world religions, and pushing trade deals that favor large corporations and not workers. Hillary was the personification of this. She talks about some points of the original Democratic platform, and then takes millions of dollars from Big Banks, Saud family, etc under the cover of the 'Clinton Foundation' (you should read the leaked emails which she doesn't deny she sent, btw). The Democratic party is pushing things down the throat of people, which they don't accept. First is constantly 'talking up' ObamaCare without acknowledging that it is a failed policy with many flaws that, in its current state, is making many people's lives worse and not better. It helps kids between 18 and 26, so they can stay on their parent's insurance and those with catastrophic pre existing conditions. But if you don't fall into one of those two categories (and most people don't), then you are getting worse, more expensive health care than you were getting before ObamaCare. The Democratic party is also pushing gay rights onto the American People. While most Americans don't believe gay people should be persecuted or discriminated against, they also don't believe that they should be given additional rights soley based on the fact that they choose to have sexual intercourse with someone of their same gender / sex. They also do not believe that large corporations should be allowed to export American jobs to other countries, en mass, with no consequences, either legal or financial. This is what happened under NAFTA (supported by Bill Clinton) and other trade deals that came after that, all supported by Democrats (what used to be the workers rights party), most recently the TPP. They also became very ill and sick when they saw the same Big Banks and Financial Institutions which sank the US Economy in 2008 get bailed out under TARP while the average American, during that time, many lost their homes, lost their jobs, and were forced into bankruptcy. They didn't get bailed out. Where was their bailout ? This happened all under the leadership of Obama. If the Democratic Party does not recognize these mistakes and attempt to correct them, resentment will continue to build, clearing the way for demagogues like Trump to take over the US and have a major influence on the rest of the world.
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