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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 10 results

  1. Assalamu walaikum brothers and sisters. I’m sure everyone of us is extremely disturbed by what has just taken place in Lebanon. I feel helpless and I don’t just want to sit around. I don’t have the financial means to donate individually however I was thinking collectively we could set up a fundraiser to send to individuals (I know someone who can contact individual Lebanese people to help them, sister Berak Hussain to be exact). I’m just putting this out here so we can all discuss on how to help. Some ideas: I live in London so maybe everyone from London can help to organise something to help fundraise. And that everyone from each city can do the same. Or we can create an international fundraiser, collaboration... anything honestly any ideas are welcome I just really want to help. For now I know the only help that I have in my control is gaining more knowledge. Jazak’Allah everyone. May Allah bless all the Momineen and martyrs Insha’Allah.
  2. Salaam, Between Muharram 1 - Rabi-UL-Awal 1, how much money is spent approximately in commemorating the martyrdom of Sayed-us-Shohada Imam Hussain (as)? Let's include everything from holding gatherings and lectures at home to large scale processions to traveling to Karbala, etc. So 1) How much is spent? 2) Is that money well spent? 3) Could it be spent on something else? Regards. ShiaMan14
  3. A great opportunity for community members to get involved in the organisation of Muharram Majalis in London. Please visit www.tahafunder.com/projects/fundraising-for-muharram-majlis-of-imam-hussain-as/ Please donate generously, indeed every penny spent in the way of Imam al-Hussain (a.s) will return in thousands. Rewards include recitation of Surah Fatiha for your deceased ones or Dua Shif'aa for unwell members within your family during the Majlis.
  4. Dear Brothers and Sister, With the help of Allah and the Shia Communities internationally, the last project, sponsoring 8 disadvantaged students in the city of Islamabad was completed Alhamdulillah in time: http://www.tahafunder.com/projects/fund-a-childs-education-in-pakistan/ We are now inviting the community internationally to start a project on Taha Funder. Please watch this video to get a better idea: https://www.youtube.com/embed/uIWki4fNCxU and here is How to start a project on Taha Funder: http://www.tahafunder.com/how-to-start-a-project/ We are also offering internship offers and the opportunity to work for a UK based company for youth who are interested in content writing, blogging, social media marketing as well as our very own regional representative and volunteers to provide coaching and fundraising training to their communities internationally. Please send your applications to info@tahafunder.com and how you may be able to help the crowdfunding platform. Many thanks
  5. Zeynab Kobra Foundation, in Iran, is raising funds through https://www.tahafunder.com to buy a new set of furniture for its orphanage. Zeynab Kobra Foundation's approach towards running and managing their orphanage is very different to others. They make sure that kids in there, feel like home. Kids live in family-like environment in groups of 5-6 people. They do everything to help these little orphans live normal lives; For example they have no sign post of "orphanage" at their place, and Kids are never reminded of being orphans. They have been using the same furniture, i.e. beds, drawers, and desks, for more than 30 years now, with different groups of orphans. After all these years the furniture is worn out and they want to buy a new set for them. Please help by contributing and sharing on social media. https://www.tahafunder.com/projects/equipping-orphans-sleeping-area-iran/
  6. Dear all, Salamun alaikum Recently we have had a project from the Shia community on our crowdfunding platform for the disadvantaged children of families and Ulemas in Islamabad. They are asking for sponsorship of 8 of them for 2016. our of £3,400 almost 35% has been pledged, however if they don't hit their 100% target, they will not even receive the £1,140 pounds pledged so far, that's how pledging and crowdfunding works. http://bit.ly/1o22i1B Hereby we would like to ask the community on here to spread the word about this project on social media, mobile messaging apps etc. There are various videos and photos about the project as below if it helps you further: Please do let us know if you manage to raise any funds and you would become part of our international volunteers team, we will thank you on a blog post and social media accounts and can give you any reference if needed for job search. Really appreciate any help. Kind Regards, Taha Funder Crowdfunding Platform
  7. Taha Funder, a leading Shia crowdfunding/fundraising platform is looking for country representatives in the US, Canada and European countries. The aim of the organisation is to help Shia charities, individuals and groups with their fundraising endeavours on Taha Funder platform. We aim to empower the community and make the community of Ahlulbayt lovers as one international community better connected. The country representatives will be in charge of creating relationships with Shia organisations, identifying Shia community projects and helping them as a coach to raise funds. He/she will receive all the training and marketing materials needed to use for this purpose (guidelines, leaflets and business cards). This is an opportunity for those interested in contributing to the Shia community, and in return they will be working and getting reference from a reputable company (Taha Funder) in the UK for their CV. This is not a full time involvement and can be managed along with other activities. Please express your interest and how you could help Taha Funder by sending an email to info@tahafunder.com Thanks
  8. We invite you to take up this challenge: Think you can start a crowdfunding project in one of these categories and start fundraising? If yes then get in touch. To find out more about starting a project on Taha Funder, visit the following page: https://www.tahafunder.com/how-to-start-a-project/ We will provide free video production, marketing and TV ads for those with the best ideas.
  9. Dear Shia Chat community, Salamun Alaikum, We would like to present to you Taha Funder, the Muslim crowdfunding platform for our community. You may have seen our Ad on ShiaChat main page. We would like to invite all to take a look at our website on www.TahaFunder.com, where anyone can create a crowdfunding project and start fundraising for free internationally. You can also contribute to other projects there and receive rewards in return. Right now, there is a project to sponsor a disadvantaged family of 8 people in the outskirts of Tehran to visit the Holy City of Mash'had for the 1st time in 13 years. This project has so far managed to raise 80% of the funds needed for the project to succeed. Would really appreciate if anyone could contribute to them, or at least share the project to raise awareness socially. http://www.tahafunder.com/projects/ziyara-sponsorship-for-a-family-of-8-iran/ They have 12 days to hit their target, otherwise no money will be collected and given to them and the project will fail. Please note that Taha Funder is just a platform, however we do have a Media and Marketing team that creates Ads for Ahlulbayt TV, Google and Facebook advertisements for projects all at zero cost. Looking forward to hearing from the community. Kind Regards, Ya Ali
  10. Run/Jog/Walk in the British 10K London Run and raise funds for Ansar Youth Project and Peace Youth and Community Trust. If you are interested in taking part in this historic event please inbox one of the admins of this event. Places are limited so please book quick. The British 10K London Run is the UK's most prestigious and sought-after 10km road race which is staged on the world's greatest route through the heart of central London. 25,000 runners fill the streets of the nation's capital and get the unique chance to run past many of the country's greatest landmarks including Big Ben, The London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral, Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey. Abilities range from charity fundraisers and recreational runners right through to Olympic champions! The 2012 event is staged just 19 days before the start of the Olympic Games and the excitement and buzz within London at this time should make for a truly special occasion and the best British 10k London Run in its 12 year history. (Please note you must be 15 years old on the day) Ansar Youth Project have teamed up with My Voice Project and Peace Youth and Community Trust to help raise funds towards projects that engage young people from ethnic minority and disadvantaged backgrounds. Some of the projects that have been run include: · Weekly Youth Club Sessions · Leadership opportunities for young people · Developmental day trips · Teamwork and leadership residential trip · Project management opportunities for young people My Voice Project engage over 1000 young people per annum through various activities. Help Young people develop in a holistic manner by sponsoring our runners. Sponsor one of our committed runners and help raise the desperately needed funds required to run our projects. Sponsorship no matter how small can help: £5 will pay for expenses for a volunteer for a day. · £50 will pay to run an hour workshop of conflict resolution, teamwork and leadership, anti crime etc. · £500 will pay for a day trip for 15 young people. · £2,500 will pay for a teamwork and leadership residential trip for 15 young people for 3 days. · £10,000 will allow purchase of a mini bus to help support the youth projects. Please dig deep and help make the lives of young people better.
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