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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 4 results

  1. For me, I think Zelda games are good ways that we can use to train ourselves for Jehad. It makes us ready for when the time of Jehad comes by Allah's will and we have to use our swords to fight. You know Legend of Zelda does have you play as Link who has a sword to fight with and that will prepare us for when our Imam comes. Does that sound good. I mean Ocarina of Time,Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword seem like good sword training games that are useful to us Muslims before our Imam comes. I mean Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess both are very beneficial Zelda games that teach us sword fighting skills so that we can prove to the Imam that we're ready for sword fighting against enemies.
  2. I was reading all over the news and many new stations say that lebanon wont be able to handle another war fighting Israel and fighting in the rebels in Syria. What do you think? Is that true?
  3. Hello brothers and sisters, im just wondering i wish to join the Canadian armed forces. isn't it haram to kill another person, but i'm preserving peace, i'm gonna be in training to be a lieutenant so that means people will be under my command, and what about sending people to their own death? Canada tends to help keep the peace so what do you guys think, i'm gonna be regular force, not a reserve so please advice me, I'm pretty built and in good shape i'm just wondering inshallah when the mahdi comes to be ready to fight and help the oppressed Muslims over seas. quran, hadith, saying of imams would be appreciated
  4. (salam) As I was looking for the next topic for my next thread, I thought it should be something directly relevant to this website. I've witnessed with my own eyes, brothers and sisters arguing with each other to the extent where they begin name calling. Although the term "name calling" seems like a very childish thing to do, some of these names are completely outrageous and are spluttered out in the moment of madness. Calling people terms like "ghulat" and then insulting their existence by saying something along the lines of "may Allah (swt) forgive your mother the day she bore you" is completely outrageous and displays poor levels of akhlaq. What is disputation/argument and what is the difference between discussing and arguing? There is a difference between discussing and arguing. I like to think of the difference between the two in terms of the mental approach towards the situation. For example, if you go into the dialougue with the state of mind "I will prove my point and make this person accept it" then it will surely become a dispute because there is no value in discussing like this if you're not going to change your mind. A discussion state of mind will be "I have this point of view, but I want to find out more and see the other point of view then come to a decision" That is the difference between the two. Hadiths on disputation: The Prophet (saws) said "A servant will not perfect the reality of his faith until he abandons disputation, even if he is right"-muniyat al murid p 171 The Prophet (saws) said "The most pious of people is he who abandons disputation, even if he is right"-amali al saduq p73 no 41 Imam Ali (as) said "Beware of disputation and argument, for they sicken the hearts against brothers, and hypocrisy grows from them"-al kafi v2 p 300 no 1 Imam Ali (as) said "One should not dispute with six types of people: the jurist, the leader, the low, the lewd, the woman, and the child"-ghurar al hikam no.5634 (doesn't mean that they're the only people you don't dispute with) Imam Sadiq (as) said "Humbleness is to...abandon disputation, even if one is right"-ma'ani al akhbar p 381 no 9 Imam Al-Hadi (as) said "Disputation corrupts old friendships, undoes strong ties, and the least of it brings about aggression, and aggression is the basic cause of cutting off relations.- a'lam al din p 3111 Do these hadiths not clarify the danger of disputation enough? These hadiths simply but surely outline and warn people of arguing with each other. How to avoid disputation: Disputation is actually one of the easiest things to avoid, without a doubt! Just simply think to yourself "if they don't want to learn, then May Allah (swt) guide them" Also just think before you say what you will say and question yourself as to whether it could lead to something that would become a dispute. As soon as the conversation becomes aggressive just abandon the conversation and leave it as it is, because the Imams warned against dispute, and you will be acting on their words and being humble as the hadith says! Also if you detect the other person in the dialogue is in the "dispute" state of mind then stop conversing with them because you'll be wasting your time. If you continue after you have recognised that they're of this state of mind, then it could be considered that this is simply your ego telling you to prove your point. InshaAllah this post has benifited people and inshaAllah we avod dispute for our benefit and always have the "discussion" state of mind. (wasalam)
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