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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 12 results

  1. Assalamallikum, My question is from the 23rd Sura. Ayat 23:57 the word khashiyati which has the tri-literal root kha shin ya and means "fear". Ayat 23:60 the word wajilatun which has the tri-literal root waw jim lam and means "fear". Question: What is the difference in these two synonymice words; and what do they reveal about fear? Shukran @Cooland other knowledgeable bros.
  2. In the past couple of days I have decided to become closer to Allah and went back to praying and making dua, and doing research about Islam. But honestly I don’t know why this has just made me more miserable and scared. I feel like im doomed in hell forever, im so scared of sinning and making mistakes that I sometimes wish I can die as fast as possible so I avoid drifting from the right path. I still don’t know much about Islam cause I spent al my life avoiding it cause I knew the more I learnt the more I will havw fear grow in my heart instead of iman and happiness One of the mai
  3. Salam, The famous Islamic rule, so often repeated on ShiaChat is that "if there is fear of falling into sin, it becomes obligatory to get married". Well, I'm already married...but nevertheless I find this law vague and unclear. How do you define "fear" in this law? How do you really know whether you have fear of falling into sin or not? Does one need to have a guarantee of sexual infallibility to make sure that marriage is not obligatory on him? Can marriage become obligatory instantaneously? For example, if a young unmarried person wants to go the supermarket, but he has fear that he wont be
  4. Asalamalekum, I am having anxieties that someone will harm my wife. If she goes out of the house wearing hijab, because of the current political situation. I want my wife to do proper hijab, but at the same time i fear for her safety. I read all the time muslims specially "womans" who wear hijabs being attacked and discriminated in America. What should i do in this situation? do you feel the same way about your loved ones, when they go out wearing hijab? W.salam
  5. So recently I'm not being able to sleep cause I had 3 rough past years with my conversion, had to pass through a lot, work and education altogether. I started having 2 weeks ago some very slight anxiety attacks at night that were keeping me from sleep. My heart starts bumping fast as soon as I'm falling asleep and my mind wakes up all of a sudden. My heart is fine now I was able to control it, but i caught a very bad habit along the way, and a very bad sleeping pattern. This was really draining. Until my friend who's an expert in psychology and a medical analyst told me that i should face my f
  6. Salam guys !!! I hope you all are fine and enjoying your life very well. Thanks to Allah almighty who gave me a very healthy life but I can't enjoy my life like you guys. I am 17 years old and the previous years of my life were passed very well but now 4 months ago I didn't even enjoyed a single moment of my life and the reason is Fear which has become very strong and making my life like hell and I have the fear of getting diseases, injuries and brain damage or similar to these things. I don't scared of death but I fear slowly or painful death which caused by diseases. I hope you g
  7. Salam all, I just wanted to have some insight from an Islamic and social perspective on self confidence and arrogance. Of course, it is imaan to have confidence in Allah. However, confidence in my self has ALWAYS been an issue in everything! It is concerning! anyhow, I met someone with alot of experience in the social services field. I asked her to "read" me to see what she finds. She said self-doubt, self esteem issues and you want to be successful but there is something stopping you. My whole life, no one understood me like that. She was a Muslim aswell, I feel that Allah helped me t
  8. Salams, Everyone. Hey guys, how have you all been? So, it's been two weeks since I became Shia(I was a Naqshbandi Sunni before), and boy has it been spiritually rewarding. Today, however, I had to resort to something that I had hoped to avoid. Nevertheless, it has helped me understand the troubles faced by the Shia communities elsewhere. If you've had similar taqiyyah experiences, please share them. I belong to the elite of Bangladesh, and therefore have rarely experienced real fear. I attend Jum'a at the local mosque--which as you might've guessed is Sunni--and prayed nafila of dhur while
  9. This is an interesting piece written about death. If you found it beneficial then please share it so that others may benefit from it too. Thank you http://ohtranquilsoul.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/death.html
  10. bismilah (salam) after a chat session in the chatroom today it became clear to me that one way to help my fellow brothers and sisters in faith would be to address the issue of fear. we were discussing the topic of Jinn, and many people got scared and left. we were also talking a bit about magic as well. i would like to stress that fearing any other than Allah is haram we have a surah about jinn in the quran so it should not get anybody scared to talk about them humans are potentially superior to jinn, proved by iblis who was ordered to prostrate to our grandfather our purpose
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