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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 4 results

  1. Probably a lot of us know about Imam Tawhidi - he is extremely controversial and to some very detestable Shia Imam, i have heard a lot of his videos but he finally got me today and i am very shaken at the moment. Without any pre-conceived biases and solely based on the merits of his argument i absolutely agree with him on what he is saying especially about Imam Khomeinis fatwa that he is speaking about. It is even hard to type about Khomenis fatwa being a father myself. If its true - which it seems it is because he is showing the source and all, but again being a father myself, i am completely disgusted and how can i follow such man after i know what he said about little girls? In fact i will go a step higher and say i agree with Imam Tawhidi about EVERYTHING he is saying in this particular case and now i am feeling totally vulnerable. What am i supposed to do about this fatwa that keeps on repeating in my head? - PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO COMPLETELY AND THEN COMMENT, DONT WASTE MY OR YOUR TIME.
  2. Asalamalekum, I have been reading practical laws of islam by khameni for few months now, and comparing his fatwas with ayatollah sistani and many other marjas. And noticing aytaollah khameni fatwas are too conservative and bigoted. You would be surprised if i told you that they have recently updated their website leader.ir after i notify to them, that their website is missing important fatwas. I respect Ayatollah Khameni, and not trying to bog down anyone who follow him, but the more i do my research on him and his fatwas, his outlook comes out to me as a political leader, who wants to control people's day to day life affairs to extreme, than a religious and spiritual scholar. Some of his fatwas are contradicting not one, but up to 5 leading marjas from najaf and qum. For example, Ayatollah Sistani gives permission; wearing a tie, watching satellite tv, looking at woman's face who has applied make up muslims and non muslim without lust. At the same time ayatollah khameni have the opposite fatwas on these issues. And it is very clear that aytollah khameni intention is to try and control and confine iranian people and their day to day life affairs. One thing i noticed in his fatwas is that "since this thing is associated with the low west" it is therefore haram. If you read islamic laws of other marjas you would notice that non of these marjas try to interfere in miniature stuff such as entertainment. If they do give fatwas on such stuff, it is very clear and logical.
  3. Salam, I have been sending questions at english@alsistani.org, but haven't received any replies from them in months. Has anyone else has similar issue, i know i can send question at najaf,org but i prefer sending directly to Iraq? W/salam
  4. Bishmihi Taala.. Salam Alaikum.. Here's a nice short e-book on shia muslim leaders' views regarding the reverence to the sanctities of sunnis and sunni brothers themselves.. I hope everyone reads it.. ma salam "The great maraje and scholar's verdicts about reverence of companions and the prophet's (PBUH&HP) wifes.." http://www.hajij.com/library/component/k2/item/1010-the-great-maraje-and-scholars-verdicts-about-reverence-of-companions-and-the-prophetspbuh-wifes
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