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Found 6 results

  1. http://www.heartsunion.com Salaam everyone, Tomorrow (Apr 8) at 5:30 pm GMT (1:30 pm EST), there will be a collaborative Dua with thousands across the world for the hastening of the Imam of our time, Saheb Az Zaman, Imam Muhammad bin Al Hassan Al Mahdi, may Allah hasten his reappearance. It is narrated from the Imam, "If our devotees' (may Allah give them success in obeying Him) hearts are gathered on meeting their obligation, their good fortune of meeting us would not have been delayed, and their joy of seeing us would have been expedited." (Al-Ihtijaj, by al-Tabrasy Ch.2, P.499) Please join us tomorrow to whoever is able and share the message.
  2. What signs of the faraj are happening now? Any theory? Where are the "black flags"?
  3. I was thinking about du`a al faraj. Why do we ask Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى to be a protector, guide, etc... for Imam (atfs) while he is "absent". He has His plan for him and undoubtely it includes being that protector, guide etc... Why not asking for hastening his appearance instead ?
  4. The lecturer spoke of his dream about Imam Al-Mahdi(af) and his desire for arrival. اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج والعافیه و النصر و اجعلنا من خیر انصاره و اعوانه و شیعته و المستشهدین بین یدیه
  5. Salam Alaykum It's long that I've been thinking about our duties before Faraj, we believe that by Faraj there will start a whole different era, but what about before it? I think regarding this particular issue, there are two main camps in Shia community, those (scholars) who promote hope for a bright future and, those who promote disappointment and passiveness. my own stance is this: get prepared for Faraj as if it's gonna happen tomorrow, and be ready for Ghayba as if it's going to continue for 100 years. and I have adopted this form this miraculous narration: get prepared for death as if you are going to die tomorrow, and work for your life as if you're gonna live 100 years. many people misunderstand and confuse this two sides, they don't do anything for their life, saying ok, we're gonna die anyway, on the other hand some have only attached to this dunya and never think of death, but some have reached a balance. sometimes at the amidst of all these problems Muslims and Shia have in their homelands, which have disappointed many of the youth who have lost their hope for a better future in Muslim lands, some leave their homeland, some long for Faraj (which is a necessity) but I think at all of this, the hope-giving language of Ayatollah Khamenei is amazing, he knows the Rewayat of Faraj and its surrendering fitnas, he knows the current problems in Muslim lands and Shia community, yet he continues giving hope to youth. a failed nation is a nation whose youth have lost their hope. and I think the greatest danger for Muslim nations is that young Muslims are losing their hope and some people, knowingly or unknowingly are helping and spreading this disappointment.
  6. In the Name of Allah “Creating a Better World” “Making the world a better place” this seems to be the goal of almost everyone nowadays. Whether poor or rich, illiterate or well-educated, it is the shared dream of all men and women. But there are slight differences: One is the scope of “the world.” Some, due to their natural selfishness, end up creating “their own” better world even of it takes to deliberately destroy others’. Another problem is the lack of insight. Some, due to their naïve mentality, only worsen the conditions of the current world while in all honesty they think they are “creating a better world.” They even make sacrifices for their wrong goal. But what really lies in “creating the world a better place”? The qualities of man and the world are in every aspect interdependent. As the goodness and badness of man are, in a sense, the result of his surrounding world; the quality of the world he lives in, is dependent on his perspective and his conception of the good and bad. Taking in consideration this situation of interdependency, any initiative for changing either of them without changing the other is imperfect and futureless. For great men we need a great world and for a great world we need great men. Here, the ever-challenging puzzle arises: where to start? Traditionally, there are two main answers to this question from two different camps. One takes the outside world as the departure point for any religious or spiritual reform while people from the other camp believe everything belongs to the inner-soul and its deficiencies. Interestingly, there are enough evidences in Islamic teachings to support either of them. One example of the supportive evidence for the latter perspective is the following Qur’anic verse: “O you who have faith! Take care of your own souls. He who strays cannot hurt you if you are guided.” 5:105. While the other camp cite another Qur’anic verse to stress the importance and priority of reforming the outside world. The verse reads “the faithful, men and women, are guardians of each other, They enjoin good and forbid evil.” 9:71. This verse introduces the concern for good and evil in their community, as the first qualification of true believers. While there are supporting evidences for either side in both human reason and divine revelation, the history of humanity, including the History of Islam, is full of miseries due to the reductionist attitude in favor of either side. While some people were busy with their own spiritual self-building, some hypocrites were creating their own ideal world in the name of social reformation and while doing so, oppressed and killed everyone in their way. On the other hand, some naïve people, before going through honest spiritual self-building, would start a premature social reform that could only lead to farther frustration for the society and self-destruction, that is: personal and social corruption. Taking too seriously one side and dismissing the other, seems to be source of problem here. This distinction must be bridged. The age of the Reappearance is the age of synthesis, the age of reconciliation, between the divine and the secular, the personal and the social. The spiritual synthesis must start from the believers and their community worldwide; they must be ready to create their global shadow cabinet, their leadership system, which prepares the ground for the final real revolution in the history of mankind. Only through that system of divine leadership can one reconcile between his own ideal world and a real better world for all humanity, by dissolving his dreams in Wilaya, the greater divine plan for a greater world.
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