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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Q: Does Islam teach that it is the right or duty of a muslim to kill, harm, abuse or discriminate against someone who is homosexual ? A: No. More Info. While some people who call themselves muslim do this, it is not a teaching of Islam. Islam teaching that we live within a system of laws and norms and these laws and norms must be followed. Islam also teaches that every person in a society has the right to live in peace and security of their person and their possessions unless that person is actively involved in severe oppression of others in the society. The religion, race, gender, thoughts, philosophy, political stands, etc, do not matter in regards to this right as this is a basic right of all people who live in a society or community. Q: Does Islam prohibit relationships between people of the same sex / gender. A: Islam prohibits sexual acts or intimate acts normally only done between husband and wife to be done between people of the same sex / gender. The prohibition does not extend to other, non sexual acts such as hugging, holding hands, etc. Q: What is the penalty, in an Islamic Government System, for committing a homosexual act. A: The penalty is death, however, in order for the penalty to be carried out, the act must meet ALL of the following conditions. 1. The act must be eye-witnessed by four just witnesses, people known in the community as being honest and of good character. 2. The four witnesses must witness the act of penetration. 3. The act must take place under the jurisdiction of an Islamic Government. 4. There must be a trial and sentence must be pronounced by an Islamic Jurist (judge) 5. The penalty must be administered by an Islamic Jurist (judge). If any of these conditions are not present, the penalty cannot be carried out and the person cannot be harmed in any way. Q: If that is the case, and muslims are not allowed to discriminate against homosexuals, then why is there so much beating, killings, discrimination, etc happening to homosexuals in muslim countries. A: There are several parts to this questions which must be answered separately. First, there is a difference between discriminating against a person because of suspicion that the person might be homosexual, and challenging the ideas of a person who is openly advocating for pushing the 'gay lifestyle' agenda in muslim countries. On an individual level, and based on suspicion, muslims are not allowed to discriminate against or abuse a person. For example if a man has a high voice, wears feminine cloths, attends musicals, etc, noone is allowed to do anything to that person. That is thulm, injustice. There is a chance the person is not a homosexual but simply effeminate, or if they are homosexual and are engaging in the acts in private, people can advise them and try to guide them back to the 'strait path' of religion, but are not allowed to abuse them in the process. If a person is openly advocating for the 'gay lifestyle' and is attempting to pull youth or others into practicing this lifestyle, that is a different story. Most of the cases of human rights abuses against homosexuals in muslim countries fall into this category. If this advocating for the gay lifestyle is limited to talking and discussing, then we as muslims are obliged to respond in the same way, with only talking and discussing. If the person goes beyond this, and starts to use tactics or do actions which are illegal in the country or community, then the community has the right to enforce the laws as they apply to these actions. Sometimes the society overreacts or under reacts and this is mostly due to ignorance and hasty judgements, i.e. judgements without all the facts and this is obviously discouraged in Islam. Islam does not encourage vigilantism or mob rule mentality, but also does not encourage pacifism in the face of actions which are imminent threats to the cohesion and tranquility of the community. As there is a current scheme by certain groups in Western Countries to attempt to 'normalize' homosexuality withing the muslim community, we should be aware of these groups and their actions and attempt to counter their actions with knowledge, prudence, and justice. Q: Can you be gay and be a muslim / a A: It depends on what you mean by 'gay' If by 'gay' you mean that you are actively in a sexual relationship with someone who is of the same sex / gender AND you are making no attempt to end the relationship and repent to Allah(s.w.a) for your sins, then the answer is no. The word 'Islam' means submission to the will of Allah(s.w.a). The word muslim means 'a person who is in the active state of submitting to the will of Allah(s.w.a)' . So by actively and persistently not 'submitting' by refusing to follow the prohibition against being in a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex / gender, you are considered as a fasiq, someone who is actively sinning and not seeking repentance. Someone cannot be 'submitting' and 'not submitting' at the same time. You are either in one state or the other. To be a muslim, you must accept that 'There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah'. By logical extension, you must accept the entirety of the message that was brought by Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h) including the prohibition against a sexual relationship between those of the same sex / gender, and attempt, however imperfectly, to follow the entirety of this message. To openly reject any part of the Message of Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h), means you reject the entirety of the Message, and are therefore not a muslim, in fact. On the other hand, if someone is actively engaged in homosexual acts, but considers this a sin, and is trying to stop the act and repent, then this person is a muslim, and as long as they consider the act as a sin and attempt to stop, then Allah(s.w.a) will give them the strength and the courage, eventually to stop and amend their life.
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