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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam. I do have problems with certain things in Persian, such as family members. It causes me a lot of trouble when I translate English subtitles into Turkish. Because of the differences in languages, the English subtitles just won't help me. When it says "cousin" in the subtitle for example, I need to know which cousin, is it referring to a boy or a girl and whose child it is, the uncle or the aunt and which uncle and which aunt. lol. Thus I need to know all the family members in Persian. Could you guys teach them all? If yes, here's a silly family tree: I'll be glad if you fill in the blanks (in Persian along with English translitarations) so we can learn better inshaAllah. About parents and children; Hasan is Maryam's ... Masooma is Maryam's ... Amir is Asghar's ... Armita is Asghar's ... Grandparents and grandchildren; Mohsen is Sadeq's ... Mahbuba is Qasem's ... Morteza is Mohsen's ... Narges is Mohsen's ... About spouses; Mohsen is Mahbuba's ... Fateme is Ali's ... Also what are the common words in relationship stages? (As in "engagement" terms. I hear the words such as "khastagaar", "namzad" etc.) Can you name the terms in the stages and explain them? Also I need to know the possible terms in wedding ceremonies, such as "best man". About siblings; Qasem is Sadeq's ... (And do you have different terms for older and younger brothers with no use of adjectives such as "bozorg" or "kuchak") Maryam is Zainab's ... (Same q^) And how about twin brother and sisters? Cousins. (In Turkish we have 8 versions of saying "cousin". I think Persian language also has such different versions. Thus asking:) Jafar is Sadeq's ... Kawthar is Sadeq's ... Armita is Maryam's ... Amir is Maryam's ... Jafar is Amir's ... Kawthar is Armita's ... Jafar is Maryam's ... Kawthar is Zainab's ... Nephews & nieces. (in Turkish we have just 1 version and it doesn't matter if it is a male or a female. But I am asking any POSSIBLE versions in Persian so that speakers of other target languages may benefit) Maryam is Saed's ... Morteza is Laila's ... Kawthar is Maliha's ... Amir is Hasan's ... In laws. It is possible some of my questions may not have equivalents in Persian. But I need to know the terms you have. Ali is Masooma's ... Mahbuba is Ibrahem's ... Maliha is Saed's ... Nazanin is Laila's ... Muhammad is Saed's ... Saed is Masooma's ... Mahnaz is Maliha's ... Ibraem is Muhammed's ... Masooma is Leila's ... Saeed is Ibrahem's ... Mahnaz is Sadeq's ... Masooma is Jafar's ... Ibrahem is Narges' ... Saed is Qasem's ... And please add any other possible relation term I forgot to mention. Lastly, this might sound a bit weird but, do you have a term like "Godfather" just as we Turks have usually resulting from circumcision ceremony? Asking because among Turks such person is accepted as a close relative. Thanks in advance.
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