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Found 4 results

  1. Salaam Alaykum Dear Sisters, Thanks for reading this post. I was wondering how to wear fake eyelashes and be able to do wudhoo. Is there any fatwa regarding this? Does the water have to touch my eyelashes, or the part of the skin where the eyelash grows? Is it possible to wear fake eyelashes above your eyelashes and do wudhoo or does it have to be below my natural lashes [ I don't even know if thats an option] ? Kindly share your knowledge regarding this! Have a beautiful day ladiessss!
  2. SalaamA Hope you are well I was wondering if there are any Islamic Laws which say that selling fake (replica) products of real brands (Armani, Gucci, Lacoste...) haraam? I tell the buyer it is not an authentic product so I am not lying to him so if he wants to buy fake brands then is that income halal or not? Thanks in advance
  3. Has anyone ever had any experience of cults who use the name of Islam? I have information from very high up about a Sayyid who is basically a fraud, who has been brainwashing people (they obviously are not even aware) and he is even said to use 'black magic'. I have spoken to various Sayyids who work for a highly respected Ayatollah who have warned of this Sayyid as being 'very dangerous'. He has married very young girls against the consent of their fathers even, leaving the parents distraught at losing their children to him. Not only once has he done this, he does this regularly. The frightening thing is, the Marje he claims to work for is hugely respected, so he is tarnishing his great name and only committing more sins, while using the people around him. This has become personal because this individual has taken in people that I deeply love. Unfortunately it is very personal to me because I feel it is partly my fault they were so vulnerable in the first instance so they were perfect targets to be brainwashed by this Sayyid (and those around him - also likely to have been brainwashed). So when i try to speak to those that i love, even as far as warning them or letting them know they can seek the truth themselves through offices of the Marje that this Sayyid claims to work for - They do not, because they do not believe me, or they are advised by these people in this cult to not communicate with me. Anyway, the Marje he claims to work for do not recognise him anymore and they have reports of him committing horrible sins across the world and destroying peoples families, as opposed to actually helping them to do everything to resolve situations as is supposed to be the case. If you actually sit with this man, you actually find it hard to believe he could do this, due to his knowledge and soft nature - Clearly an experienced con-man. The fact he uses the knowledge of Islam, the name of Allah is what frightens me the most. It literally makes me feel sick to my stomach. I did not want to believe the information i gained on him, infact i was in tears on the phone to a loved one of mine trying to warn her and have her seek the truth through official sources, but she just does not want to listen to me, she seems to hate me so much, so i feel helpless, but i wont give up on her. I gave up on her once, so i feel this is my fault.. Allah inshallah will give me the strength to have this man exposed and to bring him down, in return i only wish to have the two people i love so much back in my life, for them to give me the chance to show them i only wish to protect them from this day till the day i die, to just give me one final chance to prove to them this time i am not the bad man i was and that i won't leave their side or desert them ever again, in the name of Allah. What worries me more then anything though, is that they would be willing to take this 'Sayyids' word even over the word of those who are official Shaykhs, and Sayyids that work for this great Ayatollah. Reports from offices of this Ayatollah have even said this 'Sayyid' has even switched Ayatollahs once he caused so much fuss on one side, he went over to another! Why are there Sayyids like this!? :mad: Clearly no fear of Allah! This has caused me sleepless nights, any advice would be appreciated, however i will not rest until this 'Sayyid' releases those that i love from his grasp, or he actually repairs the damage the he has created. Any good du'a to help with this kind of brainwashing/magic would also be appreciated.. رحمك الله Rahimakalla Ali.
  4. Recently i feel as though i have just woken up. Like i suddenly found Allah, subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. I feel as though something has happened to me that i find difficult to explain. It feels like as though i am disconnected from my old self. Only the reflection in the mirror i recognise. A background check, please bare with me as my brief story kind of explains how i came to find Islam... I was born in a relaxed Muslim family, not 'guided' within Islam so to speak. I was from a family with good intentions, but ultimately a broken one. As a child i saw imagery which were haraam, an addiction which haunted me into my early twenties... My pursuit for such imagery disconnected me from reality, disconnected me from my family and those i loved. I became very lost, even isolated as a person within myself. I lost people around me who i loved through bad actions of my own. What is worse is that they were scared into the hands of those who hide behind the name and knowledge Islam, as a means of making large amounts of money through 'charities'. Their knowledge on Islam is good, but their intentions are certainly not. Even though things have gradually gotten worse for me, because of certain illegal actions within this group, i decided to turn to Islam and embrace it as i should have done many years ago (I attempted to embrace Islam a couple years ago but struggled on my own). It was either Islam or doing something very vicious and destructive amongst this group of people who claim to follow Islam but actually are those kind of 'muslims' we have heard about before who up make their own rules up as they go along. Physically i am a large muscular man, with copious amounts of natural strength alhamdullilah. It would have been very easy for me to inflict pain upon some of these men who did me wrong. Amongst these men is a fake Seyed, who has fooled those who i cared for, into working for his 'charity'. Or rather a number of charities which are scattered around the internet. One of these charities have been recently looked into (with the help of those who were once friends of these people), and have patterns of money laundering- into accounts no where near countries these charities proclaim to be working in aid of. Also, one of their charities were registered to have brought in £252,000 in a year. Guess how much of that was 'expenditure'? Just over £253,000. Someone working the books? Quite, the father of these people is an accountant. Oh, they also live in a property worth well over 1 million yet all there cars on the drive are worth a few hundred to a thousand (drug dealer style). Keep low profile while all that money is channeled elsewhere. Quite a picture eh?... Anyway, rather then expend my physical energy on these pathetic little individuals i decided to put my energy in learning as much as i can about Islam (although their Seyed is under investigation across the continent as he has been found out as a fraud in Iraq, Iran and Syria and falsely claims to be working for a certain very well respected Ayatollah, whose representatives of his have strongly denied as they no longer deal with him, due to many reports of him destroying families and also 'marrying' women only to never return to them). Learning about Islam is the main thing that has brought me some peace amongst all the turmoil i have been through. It is as though i have disconnected from the people who are wishing bad upon me, it is as though Allah is protecting me and repelling all their negative prayers, or their bad intentions and they are the ones who are going to be suffering, they will be exposed Inshallah. Ultimately it is Allah subhanahu Wa Ta'ala that they will have to answer to. Even though i lost people around me i loved, i feel Allah loves me, so that's enough. I feel i have done all i can to try and warn and protect those i cared for, but if they do not choose to listen. Their minds are too naive, because they are soft natured and not street educated. The problem is i have children of mine in the equation, so there is no way with the will of Allah behind me that i will allow my children to be lead astray within this cult, it would literally be over my dead body, then blood will pour. So my question is, how did you feel when you found Islam? I just want to know that what i am experiencing is normal perhaps? :) I know it will differ from person to person, but i feel as though i do not want to sleep unless i do my final prayer. I feel like i just want to read and learn more about Islam before i go to sleep. I am finding it hard to sleep even more then usual, as i am just wanting to feed my hunger for all things Islam? Have others experienced being addicted to learning as much as possible about Islam, in as short as possible time? رحمك الله Rahimakalla Ali
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