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Found 5 results

  1. Salaam everyone This thread is to put together a list of video game systems that you have owned or used to own. Let me start it off with mine. Game Boy Advance (my first game system and my first handheld, SP version, I lost it) Sony PlayStation 1 (my first ever video game console, my parents threw it away two years after I got my Wii) Nintendo Wii Nintendo DS Lite (my second handheld, broke in 2013 ) Nintendo GameCube Sony PlayStation 2 (had for a short time only, original fat model) Nintendo Wii U Sony PSP (borrowed one from my dad's best friend's son in India to take during my long ziyarat trip during the summer of 2015, returned back to him when I was returning back to Toronto)
  2. Asalamalekum, Before i used to think that iranian dramas or movies would be under islamic guidelines. But after watching few of them, i notice they are not really following religious guidelines, for example, womans in the dramas and movies apply to much make up which is prohibted by marajas. I know it is entertainment media, and that is a norm. But after all it is being made in a iran and not pakistan. I am actually surprised they don't make dramas and movies with all male cast. If we can have segregation based on gender in majalis, schools, why not in entertainment if they are not going to make something under islamic guidelines?
  3. Salaam brothers and/or sisters if some of you are reading this. Which generations of video game consoles would you consider to be retro? For me its the second generations, third generation, fourth generation and fifth generation (and probably the sixth gen to a certain extent).
  4. Salaam everyone. I am getting this odd feeling that this current age of digital technology may describe a couple of the signs foretold by our holy prophet. I mean one of the signs is that people will cary music. People are carrying iPods and other stuff like that. Next there are video games like Call of Duty which many people are starting to get addicted into. Today's youth are completely brainwashed by these games and it encourages violence. People are starting to be violent due to these games that they play on their PlayStation 3's, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC. It is leading to corruption. Music is starting to become widespread and it is played just about everywhere in public. Younger kids are being influenced by this media. Could this be a possiblity that we are slowly approaching the age of ignorance? They misbehave with their peers and injustly with others. Video games are currently the fastest highest grossing means of entertainment. People chase after them including myself which is kinda tricky for my to stop myself. People are almost starting to be distracted from the worship of Allah. They start thinking about buying the latest Call of Duty. People are being addicted to social networks like Facebook and Twitter and gaming services like Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Today's younger teens start looking at innappropriate haraam pictures. What could this all mean? I get this weird feeling that we may be close to the age of ignorance. Video games seem unavoidable and people just can't keep away from them. This is widespread in North America and Europe. Younger Muslims start following pop stars like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, PSY, Justin Timberlake among others and can't stay away from them. They are nearly compelled to go towards them. There are too many sins being committed and people are wasting their time with this Call of Duty stuff. There is too much bloodshed going around the world in the Middle East and Gaza and so many other places. It seems that our current era is being filled with curruption and injustice. We are losing some dear momins in a few places and they are being killed. It makes me feel sad. We hear lot's of problems going on around the world and it is heard in the news all the time. Does this all seem true and reasonable or are almost all of the signs of the last age are starting to come true one by one? What are your thoughts on this? It makes me fear so much.
  5. (bismillah) (salam) I get bored alot these days and due to many things having alot of haraam stuff in them or being a general waste of time I avoid alot of things e.g. Movies, TV, Games etc.. Please someone tell me some fun things (halal entertainment) that I can do. I already read books that are beneficial. I already come on ShiaChat ;) I already listen to nasheeds and stuff But I don't know what else I can do that is halaal and fun and isn't just a complete waste of time like sitting playing call of duty for hours etc.. Please help :) (wasalam)
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