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Found 4 results

  1. We are looking for an experienced graphics designer who can work as a freelancer with us. We need somebody with strong conceptualisation and designing skills to help us convey dense information with illustrations and infographics. Thanks to anyone expressing their interest, in advance.
  2. As-salamu 'alaikum! I have been unemployed for awhile and pondering returning to the place I worked before I reverted to Islam insha'Allah as a groundsman. For those who don't know, a groundsman is responsible for general labor during tree-removal/pruning operations and handles everything on the ground including cutting and chipping branches and loading logs into dump trucks for sale as firewood. It's work I have years of experience doing and it would help get me back on my feet insha'Allah but I have been hesitant to start back there for two reasons: first, I heard from no source in particular that cutting trees is haraam, and second, some of my fellow crew-members were a bit...intolerant...of other view-points, so to be honest I've been apprehensive about working with them again. Any advice would be wonderful insha'Allah! Would anyone recommend returning? If so, would it be wrong for me to just remain quiet about my being a Muslim, or should I be open and unapologetic? By that I don't mean confrontational, but rather, honest? Thanks to all answerers for your time!
  3. AsSalamu Alaikum, I won't usually do this, post a link to my web page, but I have a problem. Because I am Shi'a Muslim, I have lost my job. Read the link, and advise me. https://haijinamin.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/a-call-to-christians/
  4. Salams everyone, I promised to share this story. Being a final year uni student, I am obliged to arrange my own internship position after graduation. For 6 months I have been going in person to every single pharmacy in every single suburb and asking for an internship. Yup, you can imagine the frustration! It was during this time were I realised that racism was a big issue here and the hijab isnt very welcome everywhere. I always told myself not to despair, although I couldnt help feeling depressed and the only thing on my mind was internship. To the extent that I was emotionally blinded. Even when my relative passed away, I did not feel the sorrow I would have felt if i was emotionally alive. It wasnt till one day where I get a phone call from someone called Ali that my depression went away. He was my first boss and the worst one i worked with. Subhanalla, he had a long beard, wore the muslim dress and never worked on friday. Yet, he stripped his employees of their rights. He went to hajj knowing that he underpaid me for my shift! He paid everyone cheap and made 150% use of them. He makes his staff work like a robot non-stop for such a cheap price. The only reason I put up with him is because he offered me an internship once I finish university. I hated his stingeness and manipulative nature as well as lack of courtesy. One day I was very upset from him and on the way back home to vent my anger I started writing SMS on my iphone. I never meant to send it to him. I was simultaneously listening to dua kumail and made duaa for Allah (swt) to help me. All of a sudden, I look at the iphone screen to realise that I sent my boss the SMS rather than deleting it!!! I pretty much told him how his job sucks and that I quit! OMG i went insane and did not know what to do. A few minutes ago I had an internship and a job and now I had nothing. I was back to being unemployed :( I lost my sanity and the only thing that kept me going was salatul layl and duaa to our 12th imam. Every day after salatul layl I will make duaa that I want my job back. To extent that this is the only thing I wanted in life. Reason being I have been job hunting every day since I quit, going from place to place and being rejected by everyone. I kept crying to get that job back. I then had a dream that my boss was talking to me and hiring me back. Subhanlla, I did not want to go to my friends engagement the following day but I forced myself. At 9pm that day (7 days after the incident of quitting) I get a phone call from Ali and he negotiates everything and pretty much hires me back!!!! Although I had an internship, it was a dodgy one and I knew that I will be trained to be a [Edited Out]py pharmacist if i stayed with him.. not to mention that he was still taking advantage of me. I found a part time job in another pharmacy and I took it with the hope that they offer me an internship. He was an egyptian christian who refused to pay me anything less than average and was extremely fair and generous person. I always had in mind that I will do my internship with him. We got along very well and I was favoured compared to all other staff. Towards the end of teh year,i directly asked him whether I have an internship he told me that he wont be able to offer me internship position for next year 2012 but he can offer me an assistant position! I was shocked! Yet unlike last time, i remained calm and remembered the quranic verse about saying ina lilah wa ana ilahi rajoun whenever something strikes. I kept saying it and that calmed me down further. In the next following month, internship positions were posted and everyone was applying. I got around 9 interviews but did not get any offer. One day I felt down. MAybe its not racism but I am not competent enough. Then subhanalla i recieve an email from an employer telling me that I made it to the top 3 candidates and that unfortunately he is no longer able to hire anyone but I performed exceptionally well. That put my self esteem up again. All my friends were recieving offers and I felt that I was punished for pushing working with Ali so much. I should have left my employment to Allah (swt) instead of begging and crying to get job back with Ali. Now i was stuck with Ali and its worst job on earth. Everytime somone gets a job from my collegues, I feel happy for them but start hitting depression. It wasnt till one day i realised that me spending my life thinking of internship wil not help and that at the end of the day, it was up to Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. i tried really hard to stop thinking about it and to try and enjoy life again. I kept telling myself that Allah (swt) knows which job is best for me. Days passed and i was waiting for phone calls. Weeks passed and by now there were no more internship advertisements. the end of the year came and my collegues were already starting their internship. Ali was no longer interested in hiring me and he went overseas. At this stage, it no longer mattered to me whether i had a job or no. I will just stay home and keep myself busy with volunteer work at islamic centres etc i convinced myself. One day, I sincerely asked Allah (swt) after prayer to give me an internship. I knew that Allah (swt) will give me the rewards for the 8 months of trials and patience. Unexpectedly, I get an SMS as I was driving to the airport from a girl that used to go to my university. I probably spoke to her once in my life and was only superficial talk like: hi, bye... She asked me if i wanted an internship. How did she get my mobile? At the airport I also unexpectedly bumped into my friend who was boarding the plane in few min and she told me about a girl who called her and asked her specifically for my mobile! Subhanala how she was able to get my mobile before the girl boarded the plane and she contacted me and arranged everything. The job that i have now= I have never dreamt of getting! That girl who called me did not even remember the day were I bumped and spoke to her at uni! How did she remember me? How did she know my name? How did she know how to reach me? Allah Aeliam... Subhanalla al karim. The end :P
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