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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 6 results

  1. Salam aleykum, I have heard from different hadiths that the earth/dust of Karbala cures every aliment except deadly ones and I do believe that every earth/place has its own energy which affects the people living there. Well, I had an idea in mind and I wanted to see if its advisable or something that should be refrained from. I think all of my turbahs are from Karbala soil and after I have used them for some time they get dirty, I usually take a knife and scrape off the dirty top layer of the turbah, the "dirty" layer is still mixed with large amounts of Karbala soil. So I was thinking: is it allowed to mix this earth with planting earth in a pot and then for example grow herbs or vegetables from that mixed earth? That way the fruit of such earth is grown on/from Karbala soil and should contain the blessings of it the way I see it. Is it okay to do this and has anyone done it before/know if the fruits has the benefits of the earth?
  2. Salam Alakum Brothers and sisters while living in the West do you feel that there is a requirement of Halal Catering solution for majalis, wedding parties, Milad and other get togethers. I and my friends are working on this solution and willing to find your answers and your opinions? Halal Catering solution will enable a user to choose the best deal for catering meals for any big occasion. Please share your opinion.
  3. Salam everyone, Does anyone know what the eating of cabbage in a dream means? (Shia interpretations please) So I had a dream that my sister and I were eating cabbage with forks from a bowl that had red (sour) liquid inside as well. Thanks :)
  4. Asalaamu alaikum, Wondering out of curiosity if anyone knows with certainty whether eating frog legs is halal. Odd question, I know, and I recognize the instinctive response of most would be, "that's gross," but I wanted to know if anyone had anything solid in terms of a fatwa or such beyond that gut reaction. Saw them on sale at the grocery store, pointing them out to gross out my kids, but realized I didn't actually know whether the religion had anything to say about it. Again, please refrain from cluttering up with just answers from your own impressions. I don't want to wade through 3 pages of "OMG that's gross," etc.
  5. Salaam, First post ever on this site. I do taqleed of Ayatullah sistani, and know that according to him, a host should start eating first, and finish last (guessing because it is to put the guest at ease - which makes sense to me personally). This is all fine. I have tried doing this, and many occasions in cultures that I am around, they consider this rude. Does anyone have specific Hadiths from the Prophet (saw) or the Imams (as) which explicitly describe this action? Wassalaam
  6. 786 Salams brothers and sisters, Anyone know what our reasoning is behind our prohibition on select seafood (e.g. only eating fish that have scales)? I understand there is an ayah in the Qur'an that says something to the effect of all that is in the sea is halal to us. Please bear in mind that I have abided by what is my Marjah's resalah. To the extent there is a rationale behind what is in our fiq would like to know. Thank you, BB
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