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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 7 results

  1. Salam, UK sister here, Are there any websites that I can buy those praying gowns off of? What do you use to pray? I am in Manchester if that makes a difference.
  2. I have a question regarding fatwas from Ayatollah Sistani and Ayatollah Khui relating to the dress worn while praying: According to Ayatollah Khui: Makrooh Things 874. To wear a black, dirty or tight dress or the dress of a person who is a drunkard or a dress (or a ring) which carries the image of a living creature upon it. http://www.al-islam.org/islamic-laws-ayatullah-abul-qasim-al-khui/prayers#abominable-things According to Ayatollah Sistani: Makrooh Things Issue 874: To wear a black, a dirty, or a tight dress, or to put on a dress of a person who is a drunkard, or of one who is careless about najasat. Similarly, to wear a dress which has images printed or drawn on it, to keep the buttons open, to wear a ring which has images engraved on it. http://www.al-islam.org/islamic-laws-ayatullah-al-uzma-sayyid-ali-al-husaini-seestani/rules-salat-part-i-iii My question is that Khui mentions a dress with the image of a living creature upon it as makrooh while Sistani mentions a dress which has images printed or drawn upon it as makrooh. Does this mean if I wear a shirt while praying with a picture of a non living thing on it for e.g. 'a cricket bat' its not makrooh according to Khui but makrooh according to Sistani? Or does Sistani also imply a living creature when he uses the word 'images'? I am asking this question as alot of people around me, myself included, sometimes wear T shirts with images (living or non living) drawn upon them while praying. I will be grateful if someone can please provide some answers on my query and help me with the clarification.
  3. Assalamualaikum. I am a recent convert to Shia islam, alhamdulillah. When I was learning how to pray, I was watching videos and looking at images and I couldn't help notice women were wearing prayer dresses and chadors/khimars. Or is this only in muslim countries? My understanding is that women have to cover everything but their face and hands when praying but is a covering like a prayer dress compulsory? Also, I would like to purchase a prayer dress, regardless of if it's compulsory or not and I live in Birmingham, UK so does anyone know where I can buy one. If a prayer dress is not possible, a chador or khimar would do. Jazakh'Allah
  4. Assalamu alaikum. Due to professional reason, sometimes I need to wear shorts which does not cover my knees. Is it allowed for a man to wear such a dress? If allowed, would you please give me the reference of Quran or Hadith (where it is mentioned). May Allah help us all.
  5. As salam aleikum Sorry for bringing another thread regarding validity of prayer, but there I go. As I was sitting for tashahud, I felt a small pain in my left foot which I was relying on. As I stood up after prayer I noticed a very small cut on my foot with blood which seemed to have dried. I realized that even after reading many times about it, I never got to know rulings about blood in prayer. Once again, I came across rules that got me confused. http://www.al-islam.org/laws/rulesofnamaaz1.html Can you please have a look to rules 856 and 858 : Thess two are clearly contradictory to me : my situation can apply to both, and I really don't know what is to be understood here. My small cut was smaller than a dirham, yet it could have been washed easily... What is the logic behind these rules ? Any answer appreciated. Salam aleikum
  6. Salam all :) What would you consider Hijab??? How should a true muslim dress?? Like is it haraam for a muslim woment to wear bright attractive hijabs that will get attention?? ( IM sorry i know im thowing out questions like crazy ^_^ Just Curious :D
  7. (salam) Brothers & Sisterss :) There is this question that i have been thinking about recently. Is wearing an 3abaya required as part of Hijab. I've been researching on how womens should dress and a lot said that the body shape of the women must not show..soo does that mean that the only thing we can wear is an 3abaya? I mean it's the only type of clothing that doesn't reveal a womens body shape. Thanks in Advance All !! (wasalam)
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