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  1. Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammad wa 'ala Alee Muhammad wa Ajjil Farajahum There are people who wish to fast more than they are able, but some obstacles or personal reasons will hinder them from that. I want to share an experience I had in the last month of Ramadhan and the months of Dhul-Hijja and if anyone has had the same. The one I had in the month of Ramadhan have I unfortunately forgotten if it happened while I was going to sleep after breaking my fast or if it was after I had come home from work and wanted to sleep the remaining time until it was time for maghrib. I'm more sure of it being the latter one. The second one was for the night to the first of Dhul-Hijja in my region but for the most of other regions it would have been the second Dhul-Hijja. I fasted with my sunni community their first of Dhul-Hijja and for the shias in Iraq that would also have been their first Dhul-Hijja, but not 100 % in the upper region of Scandinavia. Both of the instances had the same phenomenon happening in a dream. The one in ramadhan was more pleasing. All I could see was light and I was aware that this happened while I was lying down. White light was flowing through me and I felt I was encompassed by it from the back and the sides, it felt like being surrounded by wind touching you. And the light made loud sounds, that was what stood out the most. I don't remember the sounds anymore but at that time I interpreted it as sounds from angels. I was terrified and thought I was going to die but the experience was very pleasing, it was pure bliss. Because I was scared all I could do was calling out Allah's Subhana wa Ta'ala's name and other phrases for help. I woke up from that and was taken aback by the experience. In the dream it felt very long but when I woke up it felt like what happened was only the blink of an eye. I woke up and my mother had just entered the room I was sleeping in. In Dhul-Hijja it was the night where I made my intention to fast for the first of Dhul-Hijja after my second fast. The experience was exactly the same but this one was different in that it had squeezes coming in waves. The light was there but when I felt the squeezes, they would disappear. I would one moment see and feel the light and in another moment the wave of squeezing. I woke up and noticed the dreams likeness with the one in Ramadhan. Fajr was in about 10-15 minutes, I went back to sleep and had a wonderful dream with my mother, until I again woke up still smiling from the dream and fajr had just begun. Because of my bodily weakness I couldn't fast that day. My back begins to hurt, I'm already underweight. May Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala ease everyone's hardships. This world is not worth being in grief over. Wa alaikumasalam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh
  2. Salamulakum, I'm 16 years old and I recently had a dream about a peacock. I remember trying to catch or catch up with it to study its luxurious and beautiful feathers. It reminded me of Imam Ali (عليه السلام), when he explained the feathers of a peacock in Nahjal Balagha. So I wanted to see if the feathers were actually that beautiful up close. Does this dream have any meaning? Please help me, it would be appreciated. Salam
  3. Salamualakum, I recently had something like sleep paralysis, In my nightmare, I was in my room and I was sleep walking and I was grabbing things off shelves. Then, my I hear my mom come up the stairs, and she walks in aggressively, she grabs my shoulders and she shakes me harshly, and My mouth falls wide open and I look up, I went limp in my mothers grasp. I somewhat seen a white light or flash either in my mouth or my eyes, I don't know for sure, It was vague. I was gasping and struggling to breath, and In my dream I was aware I was dreaming about sleep walking while sleeping. I was half conscious and half unconscious. While asleep, my conscious half heard my ragged and fast breaths outside of my dream, and I also heard my breathing inside the dream. It was horrifying. If you want to know additional information, I'm 16 years old, and female. I want know what what my dream means, if it means something bad or good. It was a odd dream and I couldn't just bypass it. If you could help me, thank you. Please let me know.
  4. Selam! I stumbled upon a new novel by some indie author on Instagram with a Muslim protagonist. It sounded interesting and there was (is currently) a special promo so the ebook costed only $1! So I bought it with zero expectations and actually read it in one go! It was well written, bits of poetry, really suspenseful with a good story. The book offered several spiritual insights for myself, like why do I worship Allah? What's actual reason? What drives me? Where is the love? And it also motivated me to do something with my life ! There are some books with Muslim characters or Muslim settings, but the main character in this novel, his "super power" is being a believer with truthful spiritual dreams! And his name is Ali! And he fights for Imam Mahdi! I'm not aware of any other author who have mixed technology and religion in this way. Highly recommended! The realistic spiritualism reminded of Paulo Coelho in some ways, minus the sci-fi/tech of course. I'd love to discuss it if anyone read it! Available as paperback and ebook/Kindle: Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NKW87M3 Apple iBooks: http://itunes.apple.com/book/id1452278832
  5. Salam everyone, I've had the same dream twice now and I was wondering if anyone had any idea what it meant and if it does mean something at all. My first dream was 3 weeks ago where I dreamt that someone chopped off half my hair and I was so shocked and then I woke up very nervous and scared because I barely had any hair left. Yesterday I woke up very stressed and scared because I also dreamt that the hairdresser chopped off almost all my hair and then told me that he thought it was better that way. I was yelling at him asking him why he did that but I got no response:\ I've heard this means something bad, is that true?
  6. I was reading a comment about the couple and their Insta goals, about the way we watch others live their life. It got me thinking about things. Our mobiles have made us these tech addicted zombies, rather than go out and spend time at a park, we gaze at some Instagram couple going to a park instead. One has become easier than the other. Much like how people are absorbed with the lives of others instead of living their own better. Then I remember a dream I had... Stay with me on this, it's quite interesting. Over 10 years ago I had a dream where the atmosphere had become so polluted that we all had to stay indoors and we would sit and put on these weird goggles that showed footage of the outside world when it wasn't polluted. For years I never understood the meaning of this dream, other than the atmosphere part, but why were we all hooked up to these devices? Now I sit here and realise that it has almost become a reality, what I was dreaming about are the VR devices you can get for phones, and they even have a way now of filming footage somewhere and for another person to watch it live through these devices! I might not be too shocked when Instagram couples decide to do their social media like this. Weird, huh? Do you think the ordinary Joe Bloggs can have dreams about things that turn out to be true in the future? I remember hearing a hadith that said true dreams are 1/46 parts prophecy, but I don't know the reliability of such hadith. I had another darker dream about the world as a kid, but I won't go into it.
  7. Salaam So, a few weeks ago, I met a brother who was having a difficult time in life. We greeted and embraced each other. Later on, I went to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, I started picturing bright eyes of "demons" or whatever. I had a weird feeling that whatever following him were now onto me. I opened my eyes. I closed them. I started picturing a different "demon." This process continued a few times until I slept. And I have been having weird dreams. The one I just had...It was some kinda weird high school graduation-like field trip for the day. We went to a historic theater. I was around the back, where I decided to mess with an awning, which I ended up putting to the ground because I could not stand it up again. As I was walking back to the front, I saw who appeared to be the manager of the place walking to the back. I tried to speed walk to avoid him associating me with the downed awning. I left and walked around to the front of the building. Going inside, there were beds everywhere. Kinda like a hotel/theater combo if there ever was one. Everyone was laying in beds to rest for a bit in a giant room, I guess. People were inviting me to lay next to them as they were making room for me, but I declined. One person who was inviting me is someone in the decade after high school loves to seek pleasure, seeing it as a life goal I guess. By the window, there was a really skinny bed. I climbed out the window and onto the bed. It was some kinda "memorial" bed with a picture of a little kid (or even the head maybe, I don't recall) and a skeleton of the kid below the picture. I think I saw the shoe, maybe just one shoe, at the foot of the skeleton. It almost fell off the bed because the bed was skinny and the bed shifting due to my weight. I tried to put it back and climb out the window, but it was a struggle. I woke up. Thinking about it now, it reminds me of that kids movie, called Miss Peregrine's School for Peculiar Children. They would time travel in the movie, and a kid who died was rather well preserved in a bed, even becoming animated somehow. Which was a rather awkward scene for a kid's movie. That is one dream of many. What is going on with me? Am I dealing with magic/sorcery/witchcraft? Did something whack from that guy started coming after me? What should I do?
  8. Assalam-O-Alaikum My Shia brothers and Sisters in Islam. May Allah Have Mercy upon you All Aameen. First, My English is not Good, I hope you will understand my words . Can anyone please tell me what is the Dream Meaning if someone sees Imam Ali (AS) in Green Clothes? Jazaak Allah Khair !!
  9. Assalam Aliakum I have seen a small period of Karbala in my dream when everyone has martyred and Imam Hussain (as) is going from tent in the last. i saw Imam Hussain (as) I want to ask the was that really Imam Hussain(AS), or some kind of projection from Satan Whats the purpose of that dream. This is my first time when some Islamic Personality come in my dream My name is Syed Waqas Hussain Zaidi
  10. Hi, I had this dream a while ago about my cousin visting us from Lebanon. But in my dream he was younger than he actually is. And for some reason it wasn't a problem that he saw me without my hijab, it was completly normal for me. Then suddenly a Sayed knocked on my door. My cousin was standing right behind me. I told everyone around me not to open because I wasn't wearing my hijab. Then the Sayed opend the door and came in. I ran to me room but he followed me and opend my bedroom door and saw me without my hijab. And then he left. Does anyone know what this dream means?
  11. Salam everyone, I'm new here so forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong forum. Over the past 4 months I've been spending a lot of time trying to learn and understand the basics behind the Shia sect ( born into the hanafi school of thought). I began to want to learn about the history of Islam and knowing my dad is shia helped intrigued my desire to learn. After reading several books and listening to lectures, I've really learned to love the ahlul bayt and come to understand somethings I've questioned so much. But recently I've been having some odd dreams which I'm not too sure why. Maybe there is a hidden meaning behind them or maybe because I'm delving myself into learning all this. dreams are in order which they've occured 1) I was at a costco and I left my car on in the front of the store outside with emergency signal to go and help my mother bring grocery to the car because it was raining. She took longer than allowed so I went to make sure my car was still there but as I was heading out, the employees were shouting at me and while they were shouting all I thought of in my dream was imam hussein (as) for some odd reason. I began screaming his name in such a manner that it sounded like ya hussein. I then woke up thirsty as ever! I went to go get water and then it hit me; in my dream it was raining and I woke up thirsty and throughout the dream I hear imam Hussein. I then hen stopped watching lectures and reading for a while because I thought maybe my mind was overwhelmed until I had this next dream. 2) I had a dream where the entire dream is a blur to me right now, but all I remember was shouting Ali and Husseins name constantly. After this I had another such dream and then I decided to just open up the books and continue learning. But my question is this, do these dreams have any specific meaning? Out of nowhere in having these dreams with me shouting names of the imams and honestly, I'm just confused! Any help with this would be ever so grateful!!
  12. Bill Hussein


    Salam alaykum brothers and sisters, I am new here. I have just registered but known about your site for a while. A friend wants help with a question about dreams but privately and not shared. Could you please direct me into the right place. Salaams
  13. I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of happy, sad, and outright weird dreams in our lives. We might even sometimes feel a greater level of human sentience while asleep – images and emotions are heightened and the senses amplified to the point of genuine realism. This thread is dedicated to all dreamers who might want to share their bizarre thoughts and experiences, within the rules of the site of course. I’ll try to detail a recent dream I had as best as I can remember. Also, try and empathise with me a little: try to imagine a dream where you felt a great sense of fear – fear that felt very real. ----- I found myself in a medieval world, more precisely inside some sort of decrepit, decaying castle. The world itself felt dangerous and menacing; all sorts of disturbing and grotesque things could occur: murder, rape. Of course, all of this felt very real to me, so I felt genuine fear in my sleep. In the centre of the almost colourless hall within the castle, I trailed slowly behind a horse – a horse encompassed all-round by some fifteen battle-hardened yet ragged men with downcast eyes – towards an iron door with a small grill window at the top. The man on the horse was none other than @baradar_jackson. Don’t ask. I have no idea why (though I’m guessing your avatar had something to do with it, bro :). But he was the only one among us with an expression of unwavering resolve and determination; he was our immovable pivot, the axis to which our hopes and spirits centred upon. It turns out we were retreating from an army of around a hundred, led by a bloodthirsty tyrant who would have tortured and crucified us had we been captured. (I don’t know why we were walking slowly earlier if there were savages after us, but then again, dreams don’t usually have any strict logic to them). Anyhow, we opened the iron door and entered into the narrow room. A spider-infested sweatbox is what it was; all of us were cabined, cribbed, confined, bound in by the brick walls (anyone get the line reference here?). The reason we had come into this room was to access weapons hidden by our allies; I frantically searched for the vault that might alleviate our worries and downheartedness. The horse that was able to enter crammed against the door, now shut. There was a spiral staircase going down, leading to who knows where. Baradar remained vigilant, fixing his gaze outside the door window, weary of enemies that might appear. This is the point where I could literally hear my heart pounding, but not out of fear, out of excitement: I found the vault, opened it quickly and picked out an elaborate iron-wrought sword. I stood there, dumb and staring, transfixed by the shape and touch of it. I heard the vague sounds of shouting coming from my companions, but it’s as if their voices were drowned out; Time had slowed down for me as I marvelled at my weapon… But slowly, the shouting became clearer and clearer, until I eventually escaped my lucid bubble. I turned to the right….”The vault!”, they all exclaimed. I then turned slowly to the vault and looked. At this point, despair overtook me; tears filled my eyes, to find that the weapon I had picked was the only weapon there. This time, it was as if Time stopped completely! The look of resolution that was on Baradar’s face transformed into one of profound anguish as he looked at me for merely a moment (his expression akin to my avatar). Our allies had betrayed us! Only a split second later did an ugly face pop up through the grilled window on the door, accompanied by a long shaft that pierced Baradar’s chest. The enemy could be heard advancing, all of them barking like dogs, all of them slobbering over the same bone. ----- That part of the dream ended there. It continued somewhere completely different lol, although the enemies were the same. Turns out Baradar and I were the only ones who survived, and we escaped the place we were in by killing a few of the zalimeen. Ahem, so I shared this somewhat embarrassing story. Anyone got anything else? EDIT: There’s no need to write long cheesy paragraphs like I did, a few sentences would be more than enough.
  14. Asalam-alaikum brothers and sisters, My grandmother recently passed away and it has been quite hard on me and my family. However, I have seen her in my dreams multiple times. Does seeing her signify anything? Or the settings I see her in? Or even the colors she's wearing (white and green)? Please help me get some closure. Jazak'Allah khair Thank you -Abid
  15. Salam un Alaikum Dear all, Please share any aamal to see the HOLY INFALLIBLE IMAMS in our dreams. Thanx a lot.
  16. Salaam, Are dreams a stream of communication used by Allah or even Satan can use it? How are dreams involving inappropriate content justified? Who has the onus of what we dream?
  17. (salam) I wrote this shortly after I converted to Shi3a Islam. I decided to share it, although it may not make any sense to you. It encompasses a few dreams I've had and some pain I went through losing my mother. It basically was a plea to finding the Truth, amidst having a severed heart from loss. It took me year's to get to this place, but I thought I'd share it with you. Is My Heart Ready? Beginning with cross-road’s, looking for Your Light Tainted with deception, grief, and false insight Where are You? Is my heart ready? Pain stricken soul, no one in sight Lies upon lies, wrong and right in my view, something is not right Is my heart ready? My mother’s feet are now gone, pain more prevalent, where are You? My father’s cries are strong, no one in sight, where are You? Happiness swept away, no more light in my soul, A beating heart with no pulse… I still love You…Where are You? No one in sight… Years of being half-stepped with no light, I am ready. Please come find me. I need You. Life-less, a dark road, which seems darker and darker by night, no one in sight, is my heart ready? I need You. I still love You. Where are You? My sorrow prevails, no one in sight, I beg to be with You. My loss takes over my vision… Show me the Truth! There is something missing…A man comes in form of a vision… A broken heart, I now must endure, the sight of your suffering brings me to fear How could they hurt you? Are you here to help? The pain inside begins to welt A piece of my heart is now flowing, the gates to my salvation are now knowing A pulse has arisen, its beat is weak, show me more, so that I shall seek! Is my heart ready? Two men are here, to show you cheer, to guide your Light, and decrease your fear Who are you? Why am I here? Your love for me is unconditional…my heart is flowing, tears for years of not knowing… The pain is lifting, her memory is here, but your love for me, no one can compare…Is my heart ready? Your neck is red with a shining light, tears of blood drenching in your might, Who are you? Why do I love you? A prisoner’s keep was at your feet, my pain is lifting, my love is transcending…show me the Light. They hurt you with no feeling, nothing but hate in their hearts, I love you. I am here. Is my heart ready? This is not your land, but here we stand, waiting for the upper-hand of Light… Mecca came forth, showing your worth, in all of my blinded-night’s, no one could see, it was You who was guiding me. It was You all along, heart beating so strong, my loss was a fraction of your light Your name was Allah, the most beautiful name, Where were You? Is my heart ready? His name was Mohammad, a Messenger of Light, where have you been? No one in sight… My heart bleeds Hussain, I feel you in my veins, who are you? I love you, I don’t know your name. Your name was Ahlul-Bayt, a name of my fate…The seal of my blindness. Though mother’s feet are now behind us, I give my heart, my pulse, it will forever beat for you. I now see the Light. You are here, You are in sight, by my mother’s flight, wings shining so bright… I will never let You out of my sight. (wasalam) AB313
  18. (Salam) I get at least one dream a week which I would like to have explained and I am sure other people are similar. So, how about opening a dreams section on ShiaChat.com for people to share their dreams and have them explained by people who understand dreams? (Salam)
  19. (bismillah) (salam) I am sure many people on SC would have slapped their hands to their foreheads in exasperation, crying out, "Not Again!" but I must ask you readers to bear with me. Recently, a person I know very well had the good fortune to see the Imam(AJ) in a dream. What happened was that in one instance in the dream he begins kissing the Imam's(AJ) feet whereby the Imam softly chides him for doing so and states, " I know your name and your father's name and these names were written in my heart." Yet the catch is that from the beginning of the dream till its end, he never saw the Imam's(AJ) upper body. He told me that his eyes were focused on Imam's(AJ) feet and he seemed to be crawling after the Imam(AJ). Furthermore, somewhere in the middle the Imam(AJ) fades away and a new dream commences where my friend dreams of all sorts of nonsense. My question to those who have had the fortune to have seen the Imam(AJ) in their dreams is this: Did you remember seeing the Imam's face or did much of the dream fade away and you could only recollect certain parts of it? Also, are there Hadith or Fatawa prohibiting people from telling the public that they have seen the Imam(AJ)? PS: I apologize for any grammatical errors as I was in a hurry.
  20. Assalamualeykum, I was just wondering if someone could tell me how can one dream of the prophets or imams? Are there any hadiths about this? And if you do can you share your dreams and of not why? Jazakallah.
  21. Hello, I'm new here, and I am desperate to know if anybody here knows anything about snakes in a dream. For the past two days I have dreamt of snakes, the first dream included a rattle snake giving me a bite and i assume it was poisonous too, i was saving some children trapped in a very low grounded cave and there were three snakes, the children passed without having the snakes disturbed but when it was my turn to escape a rattle snake bit my hand. The other dream was very odd, i was supposedly in 'hell', the odd thing it included a vastly huge checkered floor and enormously huge snakes one was a female grey with black stripes (which didnt bother me so much) but the other was a red male with black stripes that transformed later into this man who wanted to take me away... i am very concerned because i have had multple one after another dreams of snakes last year in ramadan, also one of which a snake had bitten me in the same place as this dream, but the dreams stopped suddenly. i have asked about this with my close relatives and they said that it might be some people talking bad about me or jealousy or whatever, i guess they are all theories... however, i am not concerned of those dreams anymore since they have stopped but i would very much like it if anyone here has any clue of what they might mean... Please help i think this might be serious :/
  22. I have a feeling it'll be me in the future, but which Shia is currently top dollar?
  23. A Pakistani dentist whom works in Lebanon, wants to marry my cousin. He got permission from his mother, but his father wants him to marry a Pakistani girl in Kashmir. The dentist, his father, and even his brother got into a huge fight and there was injury involved! His own brother chopped off his pinky! My cousin loves him very much, but now she is very afraid for his life. She doesn't want to leave him as he sacrificed his finger for her, but at the same time she fears if she does marry him, his family will kill him. What should she do? Her brothers said they will defend him as they have guns and back him up. But why are Pakistani fathers so set on marrying their sons off to Pakistani girls only?
  24. Al Salaamu 3alaykum, I RARELY have dreams...like once every 4 months or more! Its not that I don't have them, everyone has dreams(around 2-4 every night). But I just don't remember them... But, with God's will, I remembered this one, and I just had to share it. Here goes: It starts in Iran(I live in Lebanon) and I go to Imam Ali Ridha's Shrine. It was much different than the pictures, there weren't as many people as I expected, and men and women were mixed(don't ask). Also, when I entered the main room(where Imam Ali Ridha is buried), there was just a wall with a black covering on it. I blink and suddenly I am by the wall. I get close to it and start kissing it and crying(I have never cried in any majlis...EVER! I just don't know why). But suddenly, I get thrown by an invisible power across the whole room and the dream finishes. I would appreciate tafseerat of this dream warmly... Thank you!
  25. Salaam, I would like some advice on the relationship between dream interpretation and Istikhara prayers. I want to ask about marriage proposals and Istikhara. My friend was offered a marriage proposal last year and she and her mom were doing Istikhara prayers almost every week. At first she didn't like this man and she was against the idea of marrying him. When she first started doing Istikhara she had bad dreams and was very uncertain about the whole matter. Then she started to become close to this man and to know more and more about him and slowly she realised that she was becoming to grow fond of him. He had told her that he was becoming fond of her too and enjoying getting close to her. During this time she was still doing Istikhara and then started having very very good dreams about her marriage with him. Dreams that are interpreted to mean a union of two people. But unfortunately, the marriage proposal didn't work out between them because of him, he left her all of a sudden with no valid explanation. So is there a connection between dreams and Istikhara?? When we do Istikhara and have dreams, is Allah speaking through them to us? Or dreams so not count when we do Istikhara?? If my friend was having good dreams about her matter with this man, why did something tragic happen all of a sudden? I want to know because now I feel that I lost all hope in doing Istikhara prayers and I dont feel they will really lead me in the right path anymore. Are dreams really part of our Istikhara, or just our conscious thinking about what's going on in our lives???
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