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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) I was talking to my colleague at work about karma. I asked her whether or not she believed in karma. This is roughly what she said: "No, i don't believe in karma. Look at how many evil people there are in the world who are living happily and how many innocent people who are being abused and are miserable most of the time. Karma doesn't always get the evil people back. A lot die evil and happy. And what about the innocent people? They live a really bad life and die that way. They don't end up being happy or anything. In fact, in this world it's always the evil people that are happy and successful and the poor/good/innocent people that are abused, live a very bad life and suffer from really severe illnesses. If karma really did exist, these poor innocent people would not live this way." I was going to tell her that if they don't get their punishment/reward in this life, they'll get it in the hereafter. But i know she doesn't believe in the hereafter, so i didn't bring it up. I just let the conversation fade. I started thinking about what she had said and i thought to myself..."could she really be right?". For the evil people that don't get punished in this life...they will definitely get punished in the hereafter. But what about those evil people that karma DOES get? Why are they getting punished TWICE whereas the other evil person is only getting punished once (i.e. the hereafter)? And what about the innocent Muslims...that are abused/live a sad life in this world and also get punished in the hereafter for not being good Muslims? Why do they get double the punishment? Do you get what i'm saying? And what about the non-Muslims that live a bad life? Is their punishment 'lighter' in the hereafter? I believe Allah (swt) is the Most Just, but how would i answer a person if they asked me these questions? Can someone please shed some light on this topic? Jazakum Allahu Khair.
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