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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am conducting research on the differences between how Shia and Sunni Muslims conduct their prayers. I am curious as to WHY these differences arose, and if possible please link your source (as I need to cite them). Also, if anyone would be willing to partake in an interview through email, either Shia or Sunni, it would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards
  2. Muslimah525

    Confused On Shi'a Views?

    (salam) Hope you are all in the best of health ^_^ I just have some questions regarding the Shi'a aspect of Islam, purely to help me understand the beliefs and reasons for certain actions. They are not intended to offend anyone, I am just a Sunni looking for some answers and hopefully you can help me learn more about Shi'as. ​I understand that Shi'as believe that there is proof of the 12 imams after the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and I respect this idea, however what I do not understand is how they can be infallible? Surely every human commits sins, we are all accountable for them on the Day of Judgement, so how come they are void of all sins? no expert tell me if I'm wrong Following the teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah, it is forbidden in Islam to harm oneself, as is suicide etc. for our bodies belong only to Allah, so how come Shi'as 'beat themselves'? This may sound harsh, but I don't know how else to describe it. and correct me if I'm wrong but this beating is done to mourn the death of one of the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) family members? I have seen my very close friend's father (who is a Shi'a) praying, and during Sujood he prostrates his forehead onto a stone. I understand that there is a difference of opinion on whether it is okay to prostrate onto a rug (prayer mat) since it is man-made and therefore not clean, and I agree that prostrating onto the earth is probably better, however I dp not understand why this stone has to be from Karbala? Is there some religious significance? Could someone please explain to me the dislike for one of the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) wives I think it is? And the Sahaba? I have only seen a few comments here and there, and haven't really grasped the concept :wacko: Prayer times- I have heard, through my friend, that Shi'as only pray 3 times a day, combining Namaaz, but do you ever pray all 5 separately? Did the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) do this or is it mentioned in the Qur'an? Just curious, this seems a lot easier :D I have heard some Shi'as say that Hazrat Hussein is a prophet? Surely Muhammad (pbuh) is the last prophet? Is the Shahadah different? And if so, who 'changed' it?Again, I am no expert, and my questions are not intended to do harm, merely to educate myself and others so that misunderstandings do not become out of hand, and we can grow to accept each other, since this a big problem that is prevalent in our society today. Thank you :)
  3. The sunnis believe there are 7 (maybe more?) different ways the Quran was revealed to the prophet and can be recited today. Do shia accept this belief or not? If we do then how do we know which 'Quran' is the correct one? (In which traditions did the Imams(as) recite the Quran?) And before you dismiss these differences as "meaningless", take a look at some of the differences highlighted in this article: http://www.free-minds.org/which-quran (This isnt an anti-islam site. Ironically, it is a quranist website) Granted, these differences dont have any effect on Islamic theology but they do change how we read particular verses and what those verses are really saying. These differences should matter because the word of God matters. They matter to me.
  4. ahlul sunnah1


    differences between shia and sunni beliefs and reasons and proofs for these differences 1) firstly the differences in agreement over the successor of rasoolullah please provide proof if possible and only comment if your well versed in this area. "you can only awake those who are asleep and not those who close their eyes intentionally." "some people are asleep in this world, they will stand up when they die" the reason for this thread is to get a better understand of each sect and ultimately gain more knowledge inshaAllah. may Allah guide one and all.
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