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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 3 results

  1. Salaam, dear brothers and sisters! I've literally JUST created an account on this website so I'm still pretty new to all of this and I don't exactly know if this question has already been asked (and perhaps even been answered?) but I'll give it a shot and insha'Allah someone will help me out I was born a Shia but I've never been THAT religious, unfortunately. However, due to recent traumatic events and struggles in the past few years in pretty much every aspect of my life, I have decided to learn more about my religion and strengthen my belief. This has literally been such an empowering and eye-opening move for me, I now wish I would've done it alot sooner. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I do not have alot of knowledge on certain Islamic topics (yet) so just have mercy on me, y'all lol Let me get into it now: I've read alot about the etiquettes of making Duaa - that you're supposed to make Duaa 101% sincerely and with firm belief (as if Allah was going to fulfill your Duaa, no matter what might happen or how much time it might take). In addition, Duaas, apparently, have the power to change DESTINY (qadr) - as this is the only way to 'lift the pen' and change or prevent sth which has been decreed upon you. I also know that reciting miraculous Duaas like Kumayl, Yastasheer, Mashlool, Mujeer and Tawassul works like a charm when it comes to having your halal wishes granted. Especially Mashlool is supposed to be a solution/cure to all problems and is even able to heal paralyzed people, among other great things! So, my question is: Can these Duaas help PREVENT certain conditions, diseases, calamities, struggles and ailments from happening in the future? For instance, there are certain diseases that run in my family - Could reciting Duaas make them stay away from me and kind of 'skip' a generation, does that fall under the category of qadr? Does the forgiveness of sins fall under qadr? The human genetic predisposition obviously plays a pretty big role when it comes to certain illnesses but then, on the other side, nothing happens without God's approval... And I'm not asking Allah for anything materialistic or too over-the-top. Heck, I couldn't even ask for too much because I have been committing sins left and right for the past couple years and I'm regretting my actions now and I'm too ashamed to ask him for too much... I just want my future to be somewhat easy... I hope this post makes sense and everyone gets what the question is.
  2. Salam everyone, I have a question regarding the destiny of ones life. I am sort of confused about life . I don't understand if God controls things and if he does,how much does he control them. It confuses me because sometimes I feel like when I try to change things in my life , theres no result , even though i keep trying and hoping for a change. I surely don't try to change things that are unchangeable . So it lefts me with dispair , so i start asking myself if it's Gods willing, and if it is .. Is it for the best? Do i have to stop trying because maybe when God will want something to happen to me it will happen ? I'm just very confused. Hope I was clear with my questionning!
  3. Salaams Brothers and Sisters, My question relates to istekhara for marriage Is it permissible for a man to do an istekhara for marrying a woman without informing her or asking her? I ask this because I have read that going against an istekhara is not allowed, so if the istekhara comes good, isn't it obligatory on BOTH of them to get married? Also, I hear istekhara can change with time. Is this true? Is it even allowed to do istekhara anymore because nowadays it's being used as a reason for not making a big decision and just relying on istekhara? When should istekhara for marriage be done? Both the people think they are good and decent people, yet if someone is not 100% sure, should they resort to istekhara? And if istekhara comes bad, can one still consider marriage with the same person after a certain amount of time, when circumstances have changed? Lastly, is our partner destined for us, or is there any way that we can make dua to Allah for Him to grant us the person we wish to marry but can't at the moment? Duas can change destiny. Allah accepts all duas that are legitimate. Isn't dua for marrying a specific person a legitimate desire? Thanks a lot in advance for your responses.
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