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  1. I am having a discussion with a Christian friend and I stated that my issue with the trinity is that the trinity has never been mentioned by name in the Bible, nor is there a doctrine of the trinity found within the Bible, and in that regard questioning how someone come to the belief that such a fundamental tenant of faith and salvation was chosen to not be highlighted clearly and without question. Stating the seemingly odd nature that God ordained such a core belief in his divine system or ordinance 300 or odd so years after the departure of Jesus Christ within The council of Nicaea. His response was that the trinity was introduced when Moses spoke with God at the burning bush and how that was the word or spirit of God What is a clear stance that can be taken to highlight the unbiblical nature of the trinity, as well as a well rounded rebuttal to the assertion that it was highlighted through the burning bush.
  2. Salaam I saw a website which refutes other religions and then I saw Shia can anyone please refute these claims First claim Second claim Third claim and the fourth one is they say The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) died 4 days after the pen and paper can anyone please refute this
  3. Guest

    Is chess haram

    I found myself very fond of the game of chess as a kid practicing honing my skills it was a good hobby I had for a while until my dad informed me that chess is forbidden in our relegion which got me really confused chess is in no means a gambling game nor has it ever been used for that and it keeps your mind in check and helps you relax why is it forbidden then? I also heard that chess was used by Yazid after the battle of Karbala which to me sounded like nonsense why should we forbid something just because a certain person we despise did it? The other argument I've seen was that chess is a waste of time and can stop you from praying the 5 daily prayers with that being said doesn't that logic apply to everything entertainment wise? We shouldn't forbid chess for these weird reasons I know that chess is practiced normally in Iran but why is it haram in Our Sistani Sect?
  4. For anyone interested in debating/discussing the floor is yours, if you would like to defend a particular issue, or challenge us on a matter it is completely up to you. However, we would like to stick to the point chosen for debate. @Ansar Shiat Ali @layman @Abu Nur @313_Waiter @Mahdavist @Zainuu
  5. Brother @layman You are free to choose any topic that you would like to discuss, I pray that this can be a fruitful discussion. It would be great if the brothers/sisters can not derail the thread as last time, if anyone feels that they want to genuinely be a part of the discussion please do not diverge away from the area that is being discussed. I, and brother @Ali bin Hussein are more than happy to answer any questions pertaining to Zaidism, however, this thread is not the place to ask those questions, as it’s purpose is to debate/discuss. That being said the ball is in your court brother. اللهم صل على محمد وعلى آل محمد الطيبين الطاهرين
  6. Would anyone actually be interested in debating a topic, but over a call? Typing seems to go nowhere and a call would be more efficient, especially if has a moderator (though one is not necessary). I would love to host a debate about certain topics that are being brought into question, or we could have discussions on them. Regardless, would anyone actually be interested? Hiding behind a screen is not only typical, but tedious and takes either side nowhere. I feel as if hearing the person is better - at least for me.
  7. will he be worse than trump or even better than trump? how about the mental health of Biden? will he attack muslim countries? what are your thougts?
  8. @Mahdavist @Haji 2003 I would love for you to please moderate the Debate. I offered @Nightclaw a debate about the succession to Rasul Allah (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) and he accepted. It will be a 1v1. My position is that Rasul Allah (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) said that Ali (عليه السلام) is his successor of every believer after him and he (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) also that he is the master of whoever he is a master of. Therefore he should've been the real Caliph.
  9. Anyone offer to Debate me on this topic and I will. The rules will stay like my debate. @Cherub786 @Maulana
  10. In regards to transgenderism it is very clear that transitioning from one gender to another is only applicable to those who are medically deemed to be hermaphrodites as per the ruling(s) of Ayt. Khamenei et al, the fatawa are very explicit on the matter. And as many may know, those who are considered to be in that category are a very small group and the only group allowed to be considered for such a transition. To simply say that it is permissible for an individual to engage in sexual reassignment surgery, due to whatever emotive reasons they may present - if the issue is psychological and not biological (such as the case of hermaphrodites) is strictly prohibited. Such rulings are those which seek to maintain the Orthodox Islamic position in accordance with the Quran & Ahlulbayt, If one (lgbt Muslims) seek to defend this matter in a manner which is deemed unorthodox to Islam it is imperative that the arguments presented are in accordance to the Quran & Ahlulbayt, it is fine to disagree with such rulings as long as the disagreement stems from an Orthodox position. Now that we have that established we can then transition towards the way progressiveness in Islam is antithetical to progressing in Islam, Inshallah there can be emphasis on that statement. Progressive Muslims have sought to create this all inclusive Islam wherein irrespective of what a person's sexual orientation or sexual preferences may be, we all seek to not judge and encompass these groups embracing them with warm hands and highlighting to them that in the end only Allah can judge them and all we can do is provide them solace with the message of Islam and the spiritual harmony which it prescribes to mankind's ontological plight. I agree partially with such reasoning and oppose the other half in which progressive Muslims are seeking to somehow brush the strict condemnation of these vile sins and actions which spread corruption and disease within the world, and instead present these flowery and sweet words of acceptance - in lieu of not being judgemental and accepting of others. This is very destructive and will cause us as Muslims to be in a position of compromising our beliefs to appease these troubled individuals. As Muslims we have an obligation to embrace our struggling brothers and sisters who are having issues when it comes to their sexuality, or are for some reason seeking to transition without a medically sound reason, however, to support these troubled individuals by sharing this colorful narrative of an all inclusive Islam or misrepresenting jurisprudential rulings to push certain agendas is a grand disservice and will not aid, but rather push our Muslim brothers and sisters further astray. In our mosques we should have for lack of a better term ‘safe spaces’ where these individuals can speak with learned men and women who can aid in addressing their struggles privately, but on the surface be very explicit in condemning the sins of homosexuality/lesbianism and whatever may be promoted by the deviant LGBT agenda. Seeing posts that support the LGBT community and even claim that as Muslims it is fine to be a part of such a group is truly disheartening, the Quran when dealing with the people of Lot clearly addressed these individuals as aggressors, due to the sins of lust which they were committing, as it explicitly stated in a tone which seeks to highlight the severity of their crime - which was homosexual behavior. Sura 7: 80-81: "And Lut said to his people: Will you commit a horror that none of the world's inhabitants have committed for you?" 7: 81-82: "You approach men with lust instead of women. No, you are a people who go beyond the limits." (also translated as: "You are excessive people") 27:55: "And Lut, said to his people, do not commit immorality against your better judgment!" 27:56: "Do you lustfully approach men instead of women? No, you are an ignorant people." 29:31: "He (Lut) said:" help me, my lord, against the people who cause disaster. " 29:32: "And when our messengers brought the news to Abraham, they said, We will destroy the people of this city; for its inhabitants are evil." (literally: "unjust") 54:37: "And they tried to disgrace their guests (by asking them to have sex with them). Then we took their eyes off their eyesight. Then taste my punishments and my warnings." It is imperative that as Muslims we adopt the language of the Quran in highlighting the severity of destruction this LGBT narrative is promoting and seek to not give apologetic answers which hope to resolve individualistic conflicts - Islam is an individualistic and collectivist religion and to support these Utilitarians is something which must be halted. And I am astonished that even the explicit nature of the Quran has not stopped such progressive groups from arising and supporting these individuals, if we wish to remain consistent with this new Islamic narrative we will then be defending beastiality, incest, and as we can now unfortunately see pedophilia. The LGBT agenda is an evil one and to associate ourselves with these individuals by simply being an ‘ally’ to this organization by compromising our beliefs in order to appease this group, or in a way seek to be apologetic or all inclusive is truly an abomination and a path to treachery and sin. Therefore, supporting queers, homosexuals, etc can only be done by compromising over our Islamic beliefs. To admonish them and to provide for them avenues to discuss their troubles and seek help is one thing and to ‘support them’ is clear misguidance and Kufr, as you all may know anal male to male copulation is an act of Kufr. I have not even scratched the surface when it comes to the complications, discrepancies, and essentially disasters of the LGBT community in general and supporting ‘LGBT Muslims’ in particular, however, I hope that this serves as a preamble to a magnum opus length of scholarly work which can be presented. I would appreciate those who see any problems with my position to question/critique/debate me. Edit 2: The updated Fatwa of Ayt. Khamanei permits SRS for those who are going through gender Dysphoria. https://www.leader.ir/ar/content/23919/تغيير-الجنس I was wondering if someone can touch on this point as well, based on what I’ve understood the male who transitions to female would have the legal rulings that pertain to the female apply to them and vice versa, however, will these individuals be able to marry or as a result of them choosing that type of avenue are they to remain celibate? If the male transitioning to female can marry a male, how is this not a loophole to same sex behavior? In the sense that any gay/lesbian individual can complain that they can’t contain their desires and therefore seek this avenue.
  11. Go ahead and Debate this Topic, I want to see what you think.
  12. Selam love community, there is apparently a book which should have refuted the arguments of Muhammed Al Tijani. Has anyone ever read this book and can tell if these were really refutations or excuses? Wa sallam
  13. I decided to Update the thread because we have more Sunnis on Shia Chat, I would like someone to debate me on this, @Cherub786 @eThErEaL @Maulana Than after I Pick someone than I will debate him/her, similar to my last debate, so we can maintain a peaceful and uninterrupted Debate
  14. Hasan Ibn Farhan al Maliki said that the Hadith that is most Mutawatir on the earth is the Hadith of Ghadeer Khumm. So I want a Sunni to give me a legit reason of why you believe Abu Bakr was the "1st" Caliph
  15. I created this post because this is literally what we follow, Ahlulbayt or Sunnah. So by proving that 'Kitab Allah and Sunnah' is unauthentic than it proves that 50% is based off following an unauthentic hadith. If you can prove me wrong and that Kitab Allah and Ahlulbayt is unauthentic the 50% of the religion of Shia Muslims is false.
  16. Is the idea of a religious jurist(s) being the supreme authority over a government a theory which was developed or advanced by Imam Khomeini, or is it an obligation upon every Muslim to support as it is the means to establishing a government which acts strictly on the precepts of enjoining good and forbidding evil. Is there a third stance to the idea of a governing jurist and does it differ from the WF we see in Iran, for example a type of WF which we must all support, but it is one which differs from the fundamental position of the government in Iran. Is this third opinion merely stating that as Muslims we should believe in a type of WF, but in reality such a WF is only legitimate if governed by an infallible. I oftentimes find myself in support of the present day WF we see within Iran - of course it is not perfect - it is a system which is fundamentally established on Islamic edicts. Why would we as Muslims take a differing stance from such a system of governance? Should we then simply fall as second class citizens to a secular government where our religious ideals hold no objective basis, and seek to pray and hope for the return of our Imam so that he may establish a true Islamic government, why can't we at least accept the fact that we can't have a true Islamic government, but still seek to move as closely as we can to it. I believe that in reality as Muslims we should not oppose the system of WF, and instead of pointing out its flaws we should act together collectively to reform any such flaws to the point which they fall in unicem with the ideal type of government which would be lead by the Imam. In reality when the Imam appears he won't just snap his fingers and behold the world is a utopia, he will need his supporters that will aid him in establishing his system of governance. Now I ask what greater why of becoming supporters of the Imam and Mumahideen to the arrival of the Imam, then supporting the fundamental idea of what WF stands for. I look forward to an engaging discussion where those in favor and opposition to WF can provide their claims and substantiate them with binding evidence, while ideally posing an alternative solution to an ideal system of governance during the occultation of our Imam. I believe it is critical to note that we should not fail into a state of complacency merely occupying ourselves with matters of jurisprudence, as Muslims we should have a voice of justice and a means to raising that voice. @Muhammed Ali @Mahdavist @Haydar Husayn @HusseinAbbas @Ali_Hussain @starlight @Sumerian
  17. Salam Alaykum Is it true that there was a debate with the sheikh with the exchange of letters. Many Sunnis claim the debate never took place and deny this. His Book is „Al Murajat‘‘ Does anyone have any evidence to support the authenticity of the debate? Wa sallam
  18. Salam, I am aware that this issue has been discussed many times before on this forum, however, I seek to rekindle this discussion in hopes of gaining further insight and reaching a sound conclusion InshaAllah. If you believe it is an innovation (Bid'ah) please state your reasons why If you believe it is a recommended act (Mustahab) please state your reasons why @AmirioTheMuzzy@Diaz@guest 2025@Haji 2003 @ShiaChat Mod @notme @starlight @Ibn Al-Shahid @Ibn Al-Ja'abi @AlmondJoy680 @habib e najjaar @Mahdavist @313 Seeker @Ethics @.InshAllah. @Sirius_Bright @The Green Knight @AkhiraisReal @Hameedeh @A_A @Gaius I. Caesar
  19. In the video Hajji states the question that if Imam Ali was divinely appointed, why then did he tell the people who wanted him to be caliphate to go find someone else, as stated in Nahjul Balagha. Couldn’t the Imam have said instead the time is not suitable for him to be caliphate, etc Time stamp: 2:00 @Mahdavist @313 Seeker
  20. Social media, a world of responsibility with enormous numbers of irresponsibles... Let's not just become a forwarding machine ... When we just forward: At least what we can do is to check the source of a matter popped up on our screens. There are number of appealing messages floating everywhere on social media but we do no good by just forwarding these, we fulfill the sole purpose of its sender by passing it on. Knowledge is always a result of the efforts of only the knowledgeable people, not just everyone. Therefore least we can do is to check out traceable source if mentioned in any message. Expensive researches, crafted work and hard yearned produced materials with efforts naturally have its owner/creator's name unlike otherwise. We will be held accountable: We should strive to build a culture of admiration of those who worked hard not those doing plagiarism, a clean atmosphere of accountability not just promoting brain malware and publishing tormented facts, building a sense of responsibility but not a hidden world of tarnishing characters and images of persons or entities. Another area of exercizing extreme care rests with the sender of any message. If he/she has understood it well and capable enough to respond to further questions of audience or at least able to refer the audience easily to the source. Extreme care is also needed to verify if the article, media clip or content would not be harmful to some or any recipient of the message. If there is a chance of misinterpretation that exists due to the level of audience or possibility of message carrying multiple meanings that cannot be achieved without active dialogues, then better hold it and don’t send it to the texting world. Refrain from sending it by exercising your self control. Else we might equally be responsible for any deviation of one's faith for a period of time or forever, which is far worst than taking one's physical life.!!! Acceptance of specialist only: Another area of extra care is a to let message be decoded, understood and sent only by the experts of that field e.g. debates of religion by scholars or least the students of that decipline, medical, engineering, technology or finanicial related matters by their respective specialists. Imagine if financial derivative market impacts during meltdown are explained by a medical doctor; ib contrary you can imagine what happens to poor specialist of medical sciences when someone says cancer or diabetes is a myth or can be cured merely by taking hot showers etc. Above mentioned careless attitude of us being master and responsible for all and everything has driven us to a verge where finding true specialist, truth itself and the respect of righteous people has been severely damaged by our both hands so that so now you can either find marajaeen (where everyone thinks as a mufti) in every corner of a street or the vision has got so blurred that many of us do not know who a Marje Alam is, hence the lack of respect to this highly respected position which is like aforementioned specialists is not a profession, instead a highly divine decreed station by deputy of Almighty. The evidence: Examples are simple and can easily be seen in our or every society by just observing messages being relayed on social media on per nano second rate. Let us change our daily attitude towards knowledge and show a consistent sense of responsibility successfully handed over to next generation. Media industry, a poison for all: Above all we know credibility of main stream media and the strings of social media lie in the hands of those opinion makers who have invested billions into it, who constantly manipulate it else it would have not existed. The basis and worth of the other half of the floated content is to make things viral. This attitude is far much poisonous, widely accepted and infected all societies more than the impact of Covid19 itself. Time to change: The change lies into our hands and how responsible we are. Blaming those giving statements against respected marajaeen uzaam, those not doing taqleed while at the same time we fall prey to same basic principle in our daily lives by overriding specialist is so commonly found in our societies. Its like a huge noise created by clueless people while the specialist in the very room are not consulted or even respected at all. It would remain a grave concern, a matter of collective attitude and a big question mark we all are answerable and ultimately accountable to. The message: This message is not meant for general distribution just simply share it with those who you can engage with over the topic or refer to myself for a constructive discussion. Thanks for reading till the end.
  21. I cannot remember it clearly but it was something like a man challenged Imam Hassan to debate religion but he refused due to his certainty... Does anyone know what I am referring to and can post it??
  22. Sheik Hassan Allahyari. Salam. Last week Sheikh Asrar Rashid issued at challenge to the Shia Ulema based in the West to debate him. I hereby accept the challenge. Having previously debated and destroyed a plethora of Bakri titans via TV debates, I'll happily do the same with you. I'm based in the USA so therefore fulfill your requirement that the scholar be from the West. As the debate will need to be via satellite I'm happy for it to be aired live for all to see. We can show it concurrently on my Ahlelbayt TV channel and whatever Bakri channel (using your facebook live or any other means of live streaming) you want to show it on. So Shaykh Asrar, I am here, ready, willing and able. Now all that's left is for us to agree the conditions of the debate on the uprightness of the Sheikhayn (Abu Bakr, Umar, A'isha ) and all other companions who deviated from the path of Allah (swt). I'll look forward to hearing from you in due course. Ahlbaittv@gmail.com https://eng.abtv.org
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