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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Social media, a world of responsibility with enormous numbers of irresponsibles... Let's not just become a forwarding machine ... When we just forward: At least what we can do is to check the source of a matter popped up on our screens. There are number of appealing messages floating everywhere on social media but we do no good by just forwarding these, we fulfill the sole purpose of its sender by passing it on. Knowledge is always a result of the efforts of only the knowledgeable people, not just everyone. Therefore least we can do is to check out traceable source if mentioned in any message. Expensive researches, crafted work and hard yearned produced materials with efforts naturally have its owner/creator's name unlike otherwise. We will be held accountable: We should strive to build a culture of admiration of those who worked hard not those doing plagiarism, a clean atmosphere of accountability not just promoting brain malware and publishing tormented facts, building a sense of responsibility but not a hidden world of tarnishing characters and images of persons or entities. Another area of exercizing extreme care rests with the sender of any message. If he/she has understood it well and capable enough to respond to further questions of audience or at least able to refer the audience easily to the source. Extreme care is also needed to verify if the article, media clip or content would not be harmful to some or any recipient of the message. If there is a chance of misinterpretation that exists due to the level of audience or possibility of message carrying multiple meanings that cannot be achieved without active dialogues, then better hold it and don’t send it to the texting world. Refrain from sending it by exercising your self control. Else we might equally be responsible for any deviation of one's faith for a period of time or forever, which is far worst than taking one's physical life.!!! Acceptance of specialist only: Another area of extra care is a to let message be decoded, understood and sent only by the experts of that field e.g. debates of religion by scholars or least the students of that decipline, medical, engineering, technology or finanicial related matters by their respective specialists. Imagine if financial derivative market impacts during meltdown are explained by a medical doctor; ib contrary you can imagine what happens to poor specialist of medical sciences when someone says cancer or diabetes is a myth or can be cured merely by taking hot showers etc. Above mentioned careless attitude of us being master and responsible for all and everything has driven us to a verge where finding true specialist, truth itself and the respect of righteous people has been severely damaged by our both hands so that so now you can either find marajaeen (where everyone thinks as a mufti) in every corner of a street or the vision has got so blurred that many of us do not know who a Marje Alam is, hence the lack of respect to this highly respected position which is like aforementioned specialists is not a profession, instead a highly divine decreed station by deputy of Almighty. The evidence: Examples are simple and can easily be seen in our or every society by just observing messages being relayed on social media on per nano second rate. Let us change our daily attitude towards knowledge and show a consistent sense of responsibility successfully handed over to next generation. Media industry, a poison for all: Above all we know credibility of main stream media and the strings of social media lie in the hands of those opinion makers who have invested billions into it, who constantly manipulate it else it would have not existed. The basis and worth of the other half of the floated content is to make things viral. This attitude is far much poisonous, widely accepted and infected all societies more than the impact of Covid19 itself. Time to change: The change lies into our hands and how responsible we are. Blaming those giving statements against respected marajaeen uzaam, those not doing taqleed while at the same time we fall prey to same basic principle in our daily lives by overriding specialist is so commonly found in our societies. Its like a huge noise created by clueless people while the specialist in the very room are not consulted or even respected at all. It would remain a grave concern, a matter of collective attitude and a big question mark we all are answerable and ultimately accountable to. The message: This message is not meant for general distribution just simply share it with those who you can engage with over the topic or refer to myself for a constructive discussion. Thanks for reading till the end.
  2. I am having a discussion with a Christian friend and I stated that my issue with the trinity is that the trinity has never been mentioned by name in the Bible, nor is there a doctrine of the trinity found within the Bible, and in that regard questioning how someone come to the belief that such a fundamental tenant of faith and salvation was chosen to not be highlighted clearly and without question. Stating the seemingly odd nature that God ordained such a core belief in his divine system or ordinance 300 or odd so years after the departure of Jesus Christ within The council of Nicaea. His response was that the trinity was introduced when Moses spoke with God at the burning bush and how that was the word or spirit of God What is a clear stance that can be taken to highlight the unbiblical nature of the trinity, as well as a well rounded rebuttal to the assertion that it was highlighted through the burning bush.
  3. I cannot remember it clearly but it was something like a man challenged Imam Hassan to debate religion but he refused due to his certainty... Does anyone know what I am referring to and can post it??
  4. Salam respected brothers and sisters in Islam I earnestly plead that I may receive the advice of your respective personages, for your opinions and ideas will most evidently illuminate my heart and strengthen my mind in aiding this young girl in following the religion of the Ahlul Bayt ((عليه السلام)) the catholic girl is very receptive to any religious advice and conversations I have been having with her, but it is very difficult for me to convince her due to the nature of her family and culture (Mexican). She completely agrees with me in most of the topics that I have raised for her in regards to alcohol she is 100% on board with me as for nightclubs she will never enter such despicable places in her life, and as for modesty she has been improving gradually when it comes to clothing. Sometimes I can become a bit uneasy and show a form of anger if I see her dressing in a way that is not deemed modest, for example the other day I saw her wearing a shirt that showed her shoulders and although she agreed that she will cover up and not show her shoulders she couldn’t understand exactly why it was immodest if in her perception “they’re just shoulders”, or for example my dismay of her wearing ripped jeans which she agrees with, but doesn’t understand why I disagree with her wearing jeans that only have holes in the knee area, as she sees it quiet confusing why showing ones knees is immodest. Now the likes of me and other individuals of our faith and community understand completely the logic of these things but how can I explain to her a girl who lives in a very open society and culture that showing your shoulders, knees, and hair is not modest. In some cases that we do debate or converse in regards to religion if she finds that she does not have an answer or is left a bit perplexed she instantly reverts back to the notion that there must be an explanation to her certain belief or idea that she is arguing and in order to rebuttal my arguments she needs to look more which in a way is a portrayal of a form of cognitive dissonance. I know the difficulties that may surround her in regards to not only the vast cultural changes that she may need to undergo, but also taking into consideration the impact changing her religion or her lifestyle may perhaps be . I try my best to be understanding with her and not rush things or overwhelm her. My current methodology is that I am trying to first bring her closer to her own religion in order to not make it seem as if I am just forcing my own beliefs on her, For example in regards to modesty or what may otherwise pertain I give her examples of Mary the mother of Jesus as well as scriptural and textual evidences from the Bible in order to be a form of authority upon her to follow in which she complied completely after seeing such evidences in regards to certain clothing that she will not wear anymore. I believe that after I get her in tune with the essential primordial messages of our holy Prophet Esa ((عليه السلام)) and the pure fundamental messages that he brought forth through the undistorted portions of the Bible it will be a much easier transition when I begin to introduce Islamic doctrine and also provide a dichotomy between the two; And in the end she said that if I am able to truly prove to her that Jesus is not the son of God then she will accept Islam inshallah. It is a tumultuous wave that I am riding and I don’t think there is a very good chance of her reverting due to that essential clinging to culture and the reality that is already established with her in regards to her own personal outlook on life, but as Allah says in the Qur'an we cannot guide those whom we please, but rather Allah guides those whom he pleases, and I will hope to inshallah not only portray to her the best message I can of Islam but also tell her to sincerely pray for the truth for through that sincere prayer Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) can open and illuminate her heart towards the path of the Prophet and his holy progeny. Respected brothers and sisters I was hoping if you can perhaps give me advice in regards to my difficult situation as well as perhaps provide me with an argument that would be deemed fit to an individual who cannot conceptualize why showing ones shoulders, knees, and so on is immodest taking into consideration their cultural background and worldview understanding. There are so many factors that play when it comes to her conversion therefore I need to solidify her foundation so she becomes unwavering to the many strong winds or tumultuous waves that she will evidently encounter if she does decide to convert which I see as highly unlikely but in the end all we can do is provide the hujjat and hope for the best inshallah through the grace of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)
  5. Sheik Hassan Allahyari. Salam. Last week Sheikh Asrar Rashid issued at challenge to the Shia Ulema based in the West to debate him. I hereby accept the challenge. Having previously debated and destroyed a plethora of Bakri titans via TV debates, I'll happily do the same with you. I'm based in the USA so therefore fulfill your requirement that the scholar be from the West. As the debate will need to be via satellite I'm happy for it to be aired live for all to see. We can show it concurrently on my Ahlelbayt TV channel and whatever Bakri channel (using your facebook live or any other means of live streaming) you want to show it on. So Shaykh Asrar, I am here, ready, willing and able. Now all that's left is for us to agree the conditions of the debate on the uprightness of the Sheikhayn (Abu Bakr, Umar, A'isha ) and all other companions who deviated from the path of Allah (swt). I'll look forward to hearing from you in due course. Ahlbaittv@gmail.com https://eng.abtv.org
  6. Sincere Questions for our Shi’a brethren 1. Imamat for Imamiya Ithna Ashari Shi’as is considered as Usul e Deen and in maqam and position it is considered greater than Nabuwwah or atleast equal to Nabuwwah. We would like to ask you that how has this Usul e Deen not stated in Quran al Kerim. Allah Almighty time and again tells us to Believe in Allah and the Ambiyaa in Kutub wa Suhuf e Ambiyaa a.s, in Maa’d in Jannah in Jahannam in Meezan in Malak and many other important matters. But no where in the whole Quran al Kerim are we commanded or told to Believe in Imams or the understanding of “Imamat” is not in line with Quranic dawah. How can an Usul e Deen be established when it finds no mention in the Quran al Kerim? 2. Imam ‘Ali a.s did not consider the rebels of Shaam as Kuffar for they did not believe in the Imamah/Khilafah of Amirul Momineen and also those who did not accept Imamah of Imam al Hasan a.s were not unbelievers. So does a disbelief in any Usul e Deen imply Kufr and if not then please give us your definition of what “Usul e Deen “ is. 3. In Nahjul Balagha we do not find any support for the Shi’a concept of Imamah raher on contrary maters of Imamah wal Khilafah were considered as per consensus of Muhajireen wal Ansaar and at many places Imam ‘Ali himself stated that people have no option but to have an Amir be it good or bad. A sincere study of Nahjul Balagha will prove that the understanding of Imamah which was later developed by Shi’a was not the Manhaj and belief of Salaf e Saliheen and is a later innovation. 4. Is Khilafah of Imam ‘Ali a.s mansoos MinAllah if yes then how can Imam be ready for arbitration to chose a Caliph whereas this mansab is from Allah Almighty and not men. This amal of Imam Ali and also of Imam Hasan a.s proves that Khilafah is not Mansoos MinAllah in the sense the shi’a believe it btu rather as per the agreed upon choice of the best of Muslims of their time and that decision is condiered Mansoos MinAllah. 5. We would like to ask the Shi’a that whether the Promise of Allah Almighty in Surah Nur to give Khilafah and then peace and security to the Muslims , whether this promised has been fulfilled or we wait for time of Imam al Mahdi a.s for this to be fulfilled. In Nahjul Balagha the advises and words of Imam ‘Ali a.s to Hazrat ‘Umar r.a is a shining proof that Imam referred to a promise from Allah in terms of victories of Muslims over Kaiser wal Kisra. And referred to Khalifa as string for the beads. And many others words of wisdom from ‘Amir a.s are shining proof that Salaf e Saliheen understood Khilafat e Rashida r.a as fulfilling this promise of Allah for khilafah to Muslims . 6. Tahrif e Quran: The shi’a state that it is foundational belief of Shi’a Imamiya that there is not a Tahrif of a single Alif or a letter and it is present with us as it was before pure and in original form. Shaykh Saduq, Shaykh Tusi, Sharif Murtaza, Ayatullah Khoei and others are all unianimous on it. We have to give them the credit of trying to educate the Juhalaa among the Shi’a but we ask the Shi’a that do they consider those who believe in Tahrif of Quran al Kerim as Muslims anymore or Kuffar. However it is saddening that the shi’a do not do so as Al-Majlisi, Tabrisi, Qummi and Al-Mufid and others believe in Tahrif e Quran and yet the shia still looka t these scholars as leaders of guidance. Clearly this is a sign of their dishonest and hypocritical stand! Any sane and sincere looker can see through this fallacy and deception. I really believe that because of the stance of Shi’a towards Quran al Kerim they have produced very very scarce and few Huffaz and even they cannot meet the caliber of the Huffaz from Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaah. The urge and great love for Tilawah and organizing the study of Quran al kerim and to do Hifz is found in Ahle Sunnah and not in shi’a and the reason is centuries of their Aqaaed of Tahrif e Quran and doubts over its being in original form and also in their notion that it is not present in the Tartib ‘Ali a.s had compiled. But now in Iran a lot of people are arising from this deception the late Ayatullah Tabatabai felt this big gap and hence produced a Tafsir known as Tafsir al Mizan. 7. Sahaba: In Quran al kerim, Nahjul Balagha, Sahifah e Sjaadiya if we look at the understanding of Sahaba then only way of Ahle Sunnah wal Jamaah is in line with Quran al Kerim and Nahjul Balagha and Sahifah e Imam Ali bin al Hussain. The fact that their praise in mentioned in Quran al Kerim and authentic ahadith is enough a proof for the Fazilat e Sahaba e Kiraam. The Shi’a never attack the companions of Imams and it seems from their ways that they honor ‘Ali a.s more than Rasoolallah saws as they do not realise the branches are not like the root. And the Adab and love of Rasoolallah Saws would have demanded from them to keep their tongues shut in matters of Sahaba e Kiraam and realized that they had believed and occumpanied Nabi e Akhiruzamaan saws and fought for Islam and laid their lives and wealth for the cause of Islam and spread the Word of Tawhid across the world. This is the reason that we find less love for Quran al Kerim, Implementing Sunnah and Jihad in the Shi’a as Sahaba e Kiraam are the real Pioneers in them and this Deen spread through them. This is why very few books on Seerah and few Naat khaawn were found among the Shi’a. This is why their hearts do not Brim with Zikr e Mustafa (Saws) like you find with Ahle Sunnah. Their support of Yahud wal Nasara and despising Jihad and how Allah Almighty has always strengthened Borders of Islam through followers of Sahaba e Kiraam and Ahle Sunnah wal Jamaah is another shining proof of the Shia being on misguidance. We will only focus on Usul. I fail to understand how can the reports of Holy Prophet Saws be relied upon unless we do not remove the shi’a way of thinking. In terms of Ilm e Rijaal and science of Hadith Shi’a cannot match the hardwork and knowledge base of Ahle Sunnah wal Jamaah. The foundation of Shia thought process is very weak but that of Ahle Sunnah is like steel so on what should one base his/her Aqaaed. Taqqiyah, Rajat and Badaa all these aqaaed are indeed not in line with understanding of the Quran al Kerim by the Salaf e Saliheen and hence are later innovations of the Shi’a. We seek sincere answers of the Shi’a to these questions of ours and ask them that is not their line of thinking actually trying to paint a very negative picture of First Muslims and What hope does his generation or many others have in a revolution and change and Tazkiyaa wa Tasfiyaa if he Greatest of all Teachers Nabi e Akhiruzamaan Saws could not bring such a change only handful of Muslims remained true to their belief and then their belief of Imamat and Taqqiyah . I believe these are genuine questions every shia should ponder over and Allah has power over all things and He alone is Al-Hadi
  7. Hi all, I was wondering, the only time the Ahlul-Bayt are mentioned in the Quran, the verses refer to the prophet's wives and not the household of Hazrat Ali RA. Verse 33:32- O wives of the Prophet, you are not like anyone among women. If you fear Allah , then do not be soft in speech [to men], lest he in whose heart is disease should covet, but speak with appropriate speech. Verse 33:33- And abide in your houses and do not display yourselves as [was] the display of the former times of ignorance. And establish prayer and give zakah and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah intends only to remove from you the impurity [of sin], O people of the [Prophet's] household [Ahlul-Bayt], and to purify you with [extensive] purification. See, these verses suggest that the Ahlul-Bayt are the prophet's wives and not the family of Hazrat Ali RA. My dear and beloved Shia brothers and sisters, what do you think about this? MuhammadXII
  8. Assalam Alaykom. This Story is translated by one of our shia member, Thank you. Once, the scholars of Ahlul Sunnah invited Allama Amini (author of Al-Ghadir) for a meal. However, Allama Amini refused. They insisted on inviting Allama Amini to their Majlis. Due to their continuous insistence, Allama Amini accepted their invitation under the condition that it be only for a meal and that there should be no discussions of any sort. They accepted this condition. After the meal was served, one of the scholars of Ahlul Sunnah from among the many scholars in the Majlis (around 70 to 80 scholars) was about to start a discussion. At this point, Allama Amini said; “We agreed to have no discussions.” However, they still stated: “Then, to incur blessings on the Majlis, everyone shall recite a Hadith from here so as to brighten the session.” All those who were present in the Majlis were memorisers of Hadith, and a memoriser of Hadith is someone who has memorised one hundred thousand Hadiths. One by one, they started to recite a Hadith until it was Allama Amini’s turn. Allama said to them: “My condition for reciting this Hadith is that initially everyone should confirm the authenticity or inauthenticity of the Hadith.” Everyone accepted, then Allama said: “Rasullalah (SAWA) has stated: Whosoever dies without knowing the Imam of his time dies the death of Jahiliyah (the time of ignorance).” Then, he asked from each and every one of those present regarding the authenticity of the Hadith and everyone confirmed its authenticity. Then, he stated: “Now that you all have confirmed the authenticity of the Hadith, I have a question for you.” Then he asked the whole audience: “Did Fatima Zahra (SA) know the Imam of her time or not…? If she knew, who was the Imam of Fatima Zahra (SA)’s time?” Everyone went silent for 15-20 minutes and dropped their heads down. Because they had nothing to say as an answer, they would leave one by one and would say to themselves, if we say that she didn’t know, then we should say that Fatima (SA) died the death of an infidel and far be it from the Leader of The Women of the Worlds to have died as an infidel. If we say that she knew, how should we say that the Imam of her time was Abu Bakr while Bukhari (one of the most prominent scholars of Ahlul Sunnah) has stated that Fatima (SA) died while extremely angry with Abu Bakr. Because they had to accept the truth and Imamat of Imam Ali Ib Abi Talib (AS), they kept silent and left the Majlis in shame. Wassalamo Alaykom.
  9. Salaam dear brothers and sisters, One of my Sunni friends told me something obscure (at least for me). He described to me a happening during the time of rassulallah (s.a.w.w). He said that once imam ali(a.s) missed his asr prayer and he came crying to the prophet about this. the prophet then order the sun to go back, and it did go back. This way he was able to correct this and pray asr on time. This is what he says is the reason why we shias combine our prayers. it may not be exactly what he said but as the friend told me this quite a while back, this is what i remembered. I just want to know if there is anything similar to this event that exists in hadith books. and how am i suppose to reply him in this regard. Jazakallah kair in advance for your patience and reply. wasalaam.
  10. Who wants to join a discussion on that date, and that is EST time in Ontario, Canada? It will be fun and productive -- we can choose a hot topic and engage in friendly dialogue.. Just some ideas to bring this forum back from the dead. Who's in? If date is not convenient for you... we can plan another time.
  11. Now that the debate has come to a rather abrupt ending, I'd like the members to post any thoughts they might have about the session, the different arguments, the ever so evident "obsticles" they encountered etc. Personally, I would like to argue that the acceptance to the challenge was wrong, and don't think that there is explicit evidence for the imamah of the twelve in the sunni corpus, albeit Ali's imamate can be proven, the other eleven is merely indicative, or hintive at best.
  12. قال أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام يا أبا بكر تقرء كتاب الله؟ قال: نعم. قال: أخبرني عن قول الله عز وجل:" إنما يريد الله ليذهب عنكم الرجس أهل البيت ويطهركم تطهيرا " فيمن زلت فينا أم في غيرنا؟ قال: بل فيكم، قال: فلو أن شهودا شهدوا على فاطمة بنت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله بفاحشة ما كنت صانعا بها؟ قال كنت أقيم عليها الحد، كما أقيمه على نساء المسلمين، قال: إذن كنت عند الله من الكافرين، قال: ولم قال: لأنك رددت شهادة الله لها بالطهارة، وقبلت شهادة الناس عليها، كما رددت حكم الله وحكم رسوله Imam Ali(as): O' Abu Bakr. Have you read the book of Allah(swt)? Abu Bakr(la): Yes. Imam Ali(as): The verse " God desires to keep only the uncleanness away from you O'People of the Family and purifies you a thorough purification" has been send down in our praise or in the praise of others? Abu Bakr(la): Yes, in Your praise. Imam Ali(as): If a witness, witnesses against Janabe Fatima(sa) regarding a bad thing, what will you do in that case? Abu Bakr(la): I will apply the Islamic Had on her(sa) just like its done for other muslim women. Imam Ali(as): In that case you will be among the Kaafir in the sight of Allah(swt). Abu Bakr(la): No. Imam Ali(as): Because in this case you rejected the declaration of Allah(swt) regarding the Purity of Janabe Fatima(sa) , accepting the declaration of the common people which is like rejecting the order of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì and order of Messenger of Allah (saww). [source: Ihtijaaj-e-Tabarisi Vol 1 , Pg: 122-123] VISIT OPPRESSIONS UPON JANABE ZAHRA (SA) BLOGSPOT
  13. The debate of Ayatollah Ghazvini with AbdulMajid Muradzehi, regrading the martyrdom of Lady Fatima (sa) CLICK HERE FOR THE DEBATE BETWEEN AYATULLAH GHAZVINI (SHIA SCHOLAR ) AND ABDUL MAJID MURADZEHI (SUNNI SCHOLAR ) REGARDING THE MARTYDOM OF LADY FATEMAH ZAHRA (SA) PERSAIN LINK FOR THE SAME DEBATE http://oppressionsuponjanabezahra.blogspot.in/
  14. Salaam Apologies for not posting this in advance of the event, as some people mentioned that I should have! Regardless, given that most were unable to make it, see the Question Time Panel discussion on Syria at Mahfil Ali (Harrow, North-West London, UK) on Saturday 20 July: Defence Correspondent of the Independent Kim Sengupta MPAC Founder and strong critic of anti-political Muslims, Asghar Bukhari Director of CASS and renowned Shi'a leader, Seyed Yousef al-Khoei Syrian activist and priest and Director of the Awakening Foundation, Rev. Nadim Nassar The Chair was Channel 4 reporter, Fatima Manji. The event was recorded and has been uploaded onto our YouTube Channel:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y438Aa1y_Pk&feature=c4-overview&list=UUTJkkqhzeUWUzZAlkQWj8Pw For other programmes at Mahfil Ali, see http://www.youtube.com/user/sicmtv Thanks Miqdaad
  15. Salaam, I am going to debate a sunni soon as he challenged me. Any tips to blow his socks of? Any quotes on Imam Ali. Any bad quotes on the 3. Any other help. With reference too please.
  16. (bismillah) (salam) I am writing this post with the intention of preserving the truth, so that none of my brothers and sisters are fooled by con-artists trying to deceive unknowing people. I humbly plead my brothers and sisters to read the following so that they become aware of the falsehood of others and protect themselves from falling into their traps. I am posting this in response to Ibn al-Hashimi’s article about the names of Imam Ali (as) sons in which he supposedly refutes answering-ansar.org (may Allah be pleased with their efforts) article about Imam Ali’s children’s’ names. These are Ibn al-Hashimi’s works which are so vastly used by our Sunni brothers; http://www.schiiten....habah/sons.html http://www.schiiten....als/rayat1.html Ibn al-Hashimi quotes: 1. “We kindly ask Rayat to display more honesty when he furthers arguments; if he knows that four of them were named that, then there is no reason to state two and then base his entire article upon that false fact. 2. “In other words, this statement made by Rayat: […] is quite patently false! This so-called “crucial point” is nothing but a bold-faced lie.” 3. “Subhan-Allah the Shia only fool themselves!” 4. “Yet, this is a blatant and manifest lie!” The hypocrisy of these statements will soon be revealed. I suggest that you read his articles about the Imams’ (a.s) naming their children, and keep in mind that he is lying through his teeth. He uses two Shi’ite sources and he states them: “[…] is recorded by the classical Shia scholar, Shaikh Mufid, in “Kitāb Al-Irshād”, pp. 268-269, where these three sons of Ali are listed as numbers 12, 6 and 10 respectively. Also when he says, “[…] let us look at the list of Imam Hasan’s children, as found in Shaykh Mufid’s book (Kitab al-Irshad, pp.289-290).” He goes on stating each of the pages until the 11th Imam before he states the there was no 12th Imam. According to Kitāb Al-Irshād, pp. 268-269 (first part of this book can be found here and on the last page accounts for the children of Imam Ali: http://www.scribd.co...itab-Al-Irshad), which this author constantly loves to refer to, never stated that the Commander of the Faithful (A.S) had 18 sons! Yet, he seems to be calling out the Shi’a for lying? “Yet, this is a blatant and manifest lie!” This man so often accuses of the Shi’a of lying, while his hypocrisy is quite visible. Let’s see exactly what Kitāb Al-Irshād says on pg. 268-269: Chapter VIII THE CHILDREN OF THE COMMANDER OF THE FAITHFUL (This is) an account of their children of the Commander of the faithful, peace be on him, their number and names, and a selection of reports about them. The Commander of the faithful, peace be upon him, had twenty-seven children, male and female: 1. Al-Hasan 2. Al-Husayn 3. Zaynab the elder 4. Zaynab the younger, who was given the kunya Umm Kulthūm Their mother was Fātima the blessed, mistress of the women of the worlds, daughter of the master of those sent by God and the seal of the Prophets, the Prophet Muhammad. 5. Muhammad, who was given the kunya of Abū al-Qāsim. His mother was Khawla, daughter of Ja’far b. Qays al Hanafī. 6. ‘Umar 7. Ruqayya They were twins. Their mother was Umm Habīb, daughter of Rabī’a. 8. Al-‘Abbās 9. Ja’far 10. ‘Uthmān 11. ‘Abd Allāh The (last four) were martyrs with their brother al-Husayn on the plain of Karbalā’. Their mother was Umm al-Banīn, daughter of Hizām b. Khālid b. Dārim. 12. Muhammad, the younger, who was given the kunya of Abū Bakr. 13. Ubayd Allāh. Both of these were martyrs with their brother al-Husayn on that plain. Their mother Layla, daughter of Mas’ūd al-Dārimī. 14. Yahyā. His mother was Asmā, daughter of Umm Sa’īd, daughter of ‘Umays al-Khat’amī, may God be pleased with her. 15. Umm al-Hasan 16. Ramla The mother of these two was Umm Sa’īd, daughter or ‘Urwa b. Mas’ūd al-Thaqafī. 17. Nafīsa 18. Zaynab, the youngest. 19. Ruqayya, the younger. 20. Umm Hāni’ 21. Umm al-Kirām 22. Jumāna, who was given the kunya Umm Ja’far. 23. Umāna 24. Umm Salama 25. Maymūna 26. Khadīja 27. Fātima These, the blessings of God be on them, had different mothers. Among the Shi’a, there are those who mention (another) Fātima, the blessing of God be on her, who was born after the Prophet. They say that the Apostle of God named her while he was carrying Muhsin. According to this group there were twenty-eight children of the Commander of the faithful, the blessing and peace of God be on him. God knows and judges best. [END] Comments: where exactly did Ibn al-Hashimi get his sources? He seems to have listed the list he provided was from Kitāb Al-Irshād. “Yet, this is a blatant and manifest lie!” The depths of falsehood that the Wahhabi (not Sunni) scholars will put forth to overcome their Shi’a opponents by lying? Where did he get 2 ‘Uthmans from, 2 ‘Umars from, and 1 Abu Bakr from? Did the Prophet (s.a.w.w) ever lie to convert people into Islam (na’uzobillah)? How could this man follow the ‘sunnah of the Prophet?’ Is ibn al-Hashimi part the Ahle-Sunnah. A Sunni can say that the Imam names one of his sons Abu Bakr in which I will respond to as incorrect! Kunya means “nickname” or “epithet” (http://www.islamic-dictionary.com/index.php?word=kunya) which may or may not be a name that is given from a parent! Kitāb Al-Irshād states that Imam Ali’s thirteenth son was named Muhammad, whose kunya was Abu Bakr. A nickname/epithet is given when people notice a quality about him/her and label the person with a name that suits him accordingly. On what basis do Sunnis (because not only Ibn al-Hashimi claims this) claim that Imam Ali’s thirteenth son, Muhammad, was named Abu Bakr? How does this prove the merit of Abdullah Ibn Abi Quhafa? Now, before I move onto the other Imams, I want to address another thought that first came into my mind when I caught Ibn al-Hashimi’s deceitful methods. I know it may not sound scholarly, but you guys will have to bear with me. Here is a thought that will be followed by a few questions that you might think redundant but I think it’s crucial; Imam Ali’s (as) mother’s name was Fatima bint Asad (s), the Prophet (S.A.W.W) named his (one and only) daughter after Imam Ali’s mother (most likely). We see that Imam Ali named his last daughter Fatima; 1. What proof is there that Imam Ali named her Fatima after Imam Ali’s wife or mother? 2. Imam Ali named 3 of his daughters Zaynab, the Prophet (saww) had two wives with the names of Zaynab (Zaynab bint Khuzayma & Zaynab bint Jahsh), which one of Imam Ali’s daughter’s was named after which wife? 3. Imam Hassan named 2 of his daughters Fatima, how do you know that he didn’t name them after his father’s mother (Fatima Bint Asad), or his own mother (Fatima Bint Muhammad), or his youngest sister (Fatima Bint Ali)? 4. Imam Hassan (A.S) had a daughter named Umm Salama, as did Imam Ali (A.S), how do you know that Imam Hassan (as) didn’t name his daughter after his sister as opposed to the Prophet’s wife? 5. Imam Hassan (A.S) named one of his sons ‘Umar ibn al-Hasan, as did Imam Ali , how do you know that Imam Hassan didn’t name one of his sons after his own brother as opposed to ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattāb, or all of the other ‘Umars during the Prophet’s era? This applies to so many of the Imams’ children! Since I am an average Shi’a, I cannot give scholarly explanations as to why we see so many ‘Umar’s or Uthmān’s. But, I could go on and on until the 11th Imam. Even the Imam that named one of his daughters ‘Aisha, how does that prove the merit of ‘Aisha bint Abi Bakr? How do one know that those Imams didn’t name those daughters after an ‘Aisha of his own time? How do you know that the Imam didn’t name their daughters ‘Aisha for the same reason that Abdullah ibn Abi-Quhafa named his daughter ‘Aisha? The more I think about this argument of the Sunnis, the more I am compelled to feel that the Sunnis don’t have any more serious arguments that could be proven from each others’ books. An Account of the Number and Names of the Children of al- Hasan b. ‘Alī, Peace be on them, and an Extract from the Reports about them. Al-Hasan b. ‘Alī, Peace be on him, had fifteen children, both male and female: 1. Zayd b. al-Hasan and his two sisters: 2. Umm al-Hasan 3. Umm al-Husayn Their mother was Umm Bashīr daughter of Abū Mas’ūd ‘Uqba b. ‘Amr b. Tha’laba al-Khazrajī. 4. al-Hasan b. al-Hasan His mother was Khawla daughter of Manzūr al-Fazārī. 5. ‘Umar b. al-Hasan and his two brothers 6. Al-Qāsim 7. ‘Abd Allāh Their mother was a slave-wife (umm walad) 8. Abd al-Rahmān b. al-Hasan His mother was a slave-wife (umm walad) 9. Al-Husayn b. al-Hasan, who was nicknamed the one with the broken tooth (al-athram) and his brother: 10. Talha b. al-Hasan and their sister: 11. Fātima daughter of al-Hasan Their mother was Umm Ishā daughter of Talha b ‘Ubayd Allāh al-Taymī. 12. Umm ‘Abd Allāh 13. Fātima 14. Umm Salama 15. Ruqayya These were daughters of al-Hasan, peace be on him, by various mothers. Now, once again we see the popular and common name ‘Umar appear. I will repeat the same question that I stated earlier, Imam Ali also had a son named ‘Umar, how can one like Ibn al-Hashimi claim that Imam Hassannamed his son ‘Umar after ‘Umar al-Khattāb when he could’ve named him after his brother. Again, Sunnis have no proof that the he named his son after ‘Umar al-Khattāb. Let’s move on to Imam Hussain’s (as) children. Here is where Ibn al-Hashimi’s lies reached its peak and infuriated me. Ibn al-Hashimi stated pg. 379 of Kitāb Al-Irshād is where Shaykh al-Mufid listed the names of Imam Hussain’ssons. In the same list where Ibn al-Hashimi states names of Imam Hussain’s children, he stated Abu Bakr and ‘Uthmān on page 372. “Yet, this is a blatant and manifest lie!” This is what is really written on page 372 of Kitāb Al-Irshād. The Names of the Members of the House who were Killed with al-Husayn in the Plain of Karbalā There were seventeen souls, in addition to al-Husayn b. ‘Alī, peace be on them both: 1. Al-‘Abbās. 2. ‘Abd Allāh. 3. Ja’far. 4. ‘Uthmān. (These were all) sons of the Commander of the faithful, peace be on them, and their mother was Umm al-Banīn. 5. ‘Abd Allāh. 6. Abū Bakr. (Both of these were) sons of the Commander of the faithful, peace be on them and their mother Laylā, daughter of Mas’ūd al-Thaqafī. 7. ‘Alī. 8. ‘Abd Allāh. (These were) two sons of al-Husayn b. ‘Alī, peace be on them both. 9. Al-Qāsim. 10. Abū Bakr. 11. ‘Abd Allāh. (These were) sons of al-Hasan b. Alī, peace be on them. 12. Muhammad. 13. ‘Awn. (They were) two sons of ‘Abd Allāh b. Ja’far b. Abī Talib, may God be pleased with them all. 14. ‘Abd Allāh. 15. Ja’far. 16. ‘Abd al-Rahmān. (They were) sons of ‘Aqīl b. Abī Talib, may God be pleased with them. 17. Muhammad. (He was) the son of Abū Sa’īd b. ‘Aqīl b. Abī Talib Now we see that these were the martyrs of Karbalā, not (all) the sons of Imam Hussain! The Abu Bakr that Ibn al-Hashimi stated was the kunya given to Imam Ali’s (A.S) son (if you recall). The devious Ibn al-Hashimi portrays that both Abu Bakr and ‘Uthmān were the sons of Imam Hussain (A.S)! Surely he has embarrassed his Sunni followers who have also used this same article! If he didn’t, he made a Shi’a the victim of his falsehood. I only pray for those Shi’a who actually believe his rubbish. Now let’s take a look at what Shaykh al-Mufīd really wrote for the names of the children of Imam Hussain (A.S). The Children of al-Husayn b. ‘Alī, Peace be on them Al-Husayn, peace be on him, had six children: 1. ‘Alī b. al-Husayn al-Akbar (the elder). His kunya was Abū Muhammad and his mother was Shāhzanān, daughter of Choesroe Yazdigard. 2. ‘Alī b. al-Husayn al-Asghar (the younger). He was killed with his father on the banks (of the Euphrates) as has already been mentioned earlier. His mother was Laylā daughter of Abū Murra b. ‘Urwa b. Mas’ūd al-Thaqafī. 3. Ja’far b. al-Husayn, peace be on him. He had no survivors. His mother was a women of (the tribe of) Qudā’a and he died during the lifetime of al-Husayn. 4. ‘Abd Allāh b. al-Husayn. He was killed while still a baby child with his father. An arrow came, while he was in his father’s arms, and killed him. Mention of that has already come earlier so. 5. Sukayna, daughter of Husayn, peace be on him. Her mother was Rabāb, daughter of Imru’ al-Qays b. ‘Adī of Kalb of Ma’d. she was also a mother of ‘Abd Allāh b. al-Husayn, peace be on him. 6. Fātima, daughter of al-Husayn, peace be on him. Her mother was Umm Ishāq, daughter of Talha b. ‘Ubayd Allāh of Taym. Where does Ibn al- Hashimi see an ‘Uthmān as one of his six children? Where do he see Abu Bakr as one of his six children? One might notice that on page 372 Shayk Mufīd stated that Abu Bakr was the name of one of Imam Hassan’s (as) son. But if you refer back to the original list of Imam Hassan’s sons, there was no Abu Bakr. Neither was there an Abu Bakr listed in Ibn al-Hashimi’s list for Imam Hassan’s son. So I’m guessing that Sheikh Mufid made a mistake as he is not infallible, and if one of Imam Hassan’s sons had the slightest chance of being named Abu Bakr, Ibn al-Hashimi would surely include it in his (self created) list. You also see an Abu Bakr as Imam Ali’s (A.S) son, which you can refer back to was the kunya of Muhammad b. Ali.! In conclusion, Imam Hussain (as) did not name any of his children Abu Bakr, ‘Uthmān, or ‘Umar as the cunning Ibn al-Hashimi claims is listed in Kitāb Al-Irshād. Now we reach the fourth Imam – Imam Ali Zayn Al-Abidīn (as). Again we see errors in Ibn al-Hashimi’s list which is only more proof that he is a liar. He only listed ten children of this Imam whereas Kitāb Al-Irshād has listed fifteen children. If a Sunni says that Ibn al-Hashimi was only listing males, than that is also incorrect because he only listed one Muhammad while Kitāb Al-Irshād states more. An Account of the Children of ‘Alī b. al-Husayn, Peace be on them. Fifteen chldren were born to ‘Alī b. al-Husayn, peace be on them. 1. Muhammad. His kunya was Abū Ja’far al-Bāqir and his mother was Umm ‘Abd Allāh, the daughter of al-Hasan b. ‘Alī b. Abī Tālib, peace be on him. 2. ‘Abd Allāh. 3. Al-Hasan. 4. Al-Husayn. Their mother was a slave wife (umm walad) 5. Zayd. 6. ‘Umar. (Both were born) from a slave-wife. 7. Al-Husayn the younger (al-asghar). 8. ‘Abd al-Rahmān. 9. Sulaymān. 10. ‘Alī. He was the youngest of the children of ‘Alī b. al-Husayn, peace be on them. 11. Khadīja. The mother of both of these was a slave-wife. 12. Muhammad the younger. His mother was a slave-wife. 13. Fātima. 14. ‘Aliyya. 15. Umm Kulthūm. Their mother was a slave-wife. We see another ‘Umar here, again I can ask the questions; 1. How do you know that he didn’t name this child after ‘Umar b. Ali? 2. How do you know that he didn’t name this child after ‘Umar b. Hassan? 3. How do you know that he didn’t name this child after ‘Umar b. Abdul Aziz who put a stop to the cursing of Imam Ali (a.s)? I won’t go over this again and again whenever we see another ‘Umar or ‘Uthman as a name because I have already explained the probability of it them being named him after the second and third caliphs. Anybody can claim that it was after another ‘Umar or ‘Uthman because we already know that these two were popular names amongst the Sahabas of the Prophet (s.a.w.w). You also can’t tell me that the Imams named any of their children Abu Bakr, because they didn’t! Whenever you see these names, apply the same questions. Imam Muhammad ibn ‘Ali Al-Baqir’s (as) and Imam Ja’far As-Sādiq (as) lists (that Ibn al-Hashimi provided) was amazingly on par with Shaykh Mufid this time so I won’t write down what Shaykh Mufid wrote in his book. 18 of Musa al-Khādhim’s (as) children were female. Is Ibn al-Hashimi seriously claiming that because Imam Musa al-Khādhim named one of his daughters ‘Aisha out of 18 female children, it is sufficient enough proof that he named here after ‘Aisha bint Abi Bakr. Once again, if one actually thinks about this argument, you find it to be even more foolish as you go along. On the same note, we see that Ibn al-Hashimi has listed an Abu Bakr as one of Imam Musa al-Khādhim’s sons. If you check his list carefully, you see that he has referred to another book. Unfortunately, Allah (s.w.t) only blessed me with the pleasure of reading Shaikh Mufid's book, so I don't have this one. He seems to be finding Shi’a books that differ from one another, and as soon as he finds something useful for him, he states it! For the entire list of Imam al-Khādhim’s (A.S) he was only using Kitāb Al-Irshād, but now he changes books. Since I don’t have this book, am I supposed to believe him? Based on our previous knowledge on Ibn al-Hashimi, we can make an educational guess that he is, once again, lying! I am given the right to accuse him of lying because he has already been caught many times! There hasn’t been a single time where both parties agreed on the naming of Abu Bakr as one of the children, why should I believe him now? Now we see another ‘Aisha as one of Imam Hasan al-Askari’s (A.S) daughter’s name. You should already have the same questions that I keep repeating, going on in your head by now. This concludes for what I have to say to you, now I will move on to answering your arguments by breaking it down. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If I any of my brothers or sisters find any part of this article offensive in any way, I apologize for it, as I am inexperienced. May Allah (s.w.t) guide everybody. I hope this helps! (wasalam)
  17. Salaam, Okay brothers and sisters, lets shake things up a bit. I want you to post the lyrics (Just the lyrics) of Music that you found inspiring, thought provoking etc. Let's leave out the youtube links and things, don't get me into trouble here, many shiachatters may not be ready for that. So I'll start... I though this song was very azadari-malanngi-like when I first heard it so here goes: Johnny Cash - Man In Black: Well, you wonder why I always dress in black, Why you never see bright colors on my back, And why does my appearance seem to have a somber tone. Well, there's a reason for the things that I have on. I wear the black for the poor and the beaten down, Livin' in the hopeless, hungry side of town, I wear it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime, But is there because he's a victim of the times. I wear the black for those who never read, Or listened to the words that Jesus said, About the road to happiness through love and charity, Why, you'd think He's talking straight to you and me. Well, we're doin' mighty fine, I do suppose, In our streak of lightnin' cars and fancy clothes, But just so we're reminded of the ones who are held back, Up front there ought 'a be a Man In Black. I wear it for the sick and lonely old, For the reckless ones whose bad trip left them cold, I wear the black in mournin' for the lives that could have been, Each week we lose a hundred fine young men. And, I wear it for the thousands who have died, Believen' that the Lord was on their side, I wear it for another hundred thousand who have died, Believen' that we all were on their side. Well, there's things that never will be right I know, And things need changin' everywhere you go, But 'til we start to make a move to make a few things right, You'll never see me wear a suit of white. Ah, I'd love to wear a rainbow every day, And tell the world that everything's OK, But I'll try to carry off a little darkness on my back, 'Till things are brighter, I'm the Man In Black.
  18. FACTS 1.It is acknowledged within all major islamic schools of thought that Jannabe Fatima-Zahra (as) is the chief of the women in Paradise. 2. It is accepted by both sunni scholars and shia scholars the saying "He who does not recognize the imam of their time will die the death of jahiliya". 3.Sunnis appoint abu bakr as the imam of his time (or at least the ones i have spoken too). However Lady Fatima did not accept him as the Imam as she had considered him a liar and stopped speaking to him for the rest of her life! Question Who was Jannabe Fatima-tuh-Zahra's Imam??? Closing Statement If someone had died a jahil they would not be guaranteed paradise as Propet Muhammad (sawas) guaranteed it for Lady Fatima (as). Bottom line dont die a jahil and answer the question logically. Salamun Alaykum.
  19. Salaam, I thought this would be good for the thinker's discourse because it affects us all and I feel it is a serious matter... ...here's the story... ...so I've been using LinuxMint 12 KDE for a couple of months now and I really love the operating system, it can do everything my Windoze machine can, some things better and (thanks to wine's imporvements of late) nowadays can run alot of Windoze programs and games without the need to install it or use emulators (which causes speed losses), I have the freedom not to be limited by the Win7 Starter-edition which came with my laptop, I couldn't be happier... here are some reasons to switch http://www.whylinuxi...index.php?lang= which I stole from another brother's signature :angel: ...but I digress... ...anyway, most Linux Distros like Ubuntu / LinuxMint use Firefox as their default browser and increasingly more are chosing to use DuckDuckGo.com as their default search engine, you see many people don't know this but a while back 'the internet good-guy' Google chose to drop development support for firefox's googletoolbar, I suppose they got drunk with power after Chrome started becoming popular, it was at this point where I started becoming weary of Google, I am not an anti-Googlist, I quite liked the company all these years... ...I just don't like it when they act all corporate on us. Anyway it was at this time that the opensource community whom I have a lot of respect for started switching search engines, this matter intrigued me, but what I didn't realise was the REAL REASON for the switch... Please watch the following: You can clearly see this matter affects us all! So we need to keep our eyes open. Other links of interest: http://donttrack.us http://dontbubble.us Was-Salaam
  20. The Famous sites which dumbs Nasibi propaganda and lies and put the Zulfiqqar on the neck of Nasibis answering-ansar.org is now shiapen.com the domain named changed. Hope they will bring much more missiles to Nasibis with their new edition.
  21. (bismillah) Today I had a debate with a Christian brother and we concluded with this big question. He argued that the concept of good and evil is defined only for the religion itself. Bad and evil, moral and immoral are divine creations only in the context of the religion itself. However, it ceases to exist outside that context. In other words, It is impossible to apply any religion's concepts universally. Is the concept of good defined within a religion's own domain only? Can anyone answer this question? thanks in advance If you need further elaboration please ask. (wasalam)
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