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Found 15 results

  1. Dear brothers and sisters, I did not find an answer to my question yet,therefore I’m asking you: Can our dead relatives hear us when we’re on the graveyard and talk to them?I know that,for example, our Prophets and Imams can hear us but what about normal people?Are they able to hear us when we,for example,tell them about our day or what’s going on in our lives?
  2. I have noticed that not many topics get posted anymore and not much activity is going on. Why is this?
  3. Assalam-O-Alaikum My Shia Brothers in Islam. My question is, What are Proofs of Shia for Intercession? Is intercession still allowed after death, I mean after passing away of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and Ahlul-Bayt? What about saints? Is it appropriate to go at the grave of a saint and Intercession through them? Jazaak Allah Khair !!!
  4. I think it is quite obvious that Shiachat is very silent these days. I had a long absence due to personal commitments. This said I was quite shocked (so to speak) to find out that Shiachat is not what it has been before. I do not know the exact reason but I think it might be due to people finding posts repetitive, boring and not exciting. The 2013-era is indeed dead to quote Nietzsche. I mean some initiatives can be made to make the place more engaging. I won't mention my personal intentions, which I think have been well established. However, if an admin wants an elaboration (note: only an admin), they can contact me on PM). And these are my last words: Walhamdulillahi rabil alameen, wa salalahü ala Tâha wa Ahle Taha.
  5. امن یجیب المضطر اذا دعاه و یکشف السوء Is He [not best] who responds to the desperate one when he calls upon Him and removes evil al-Naml:62 (a part of the verse) Many might ask what does the word moztar(مضطر) mean, no definition better definition can be given than what I saw in the voice of this man. It is more than 1170 years that our Master(af) is moztar and we live as if nothing is going on and no one is waiting for us to give him a hand for our own salvation.
  6. https://www.yahoo.com/news/orlando-fla-ap-gunman-wielding-000000701.html It looks like these people are just going to make life harder for everyone now? I feel like we are going to be in some deep trouble. (I mean the Islamic community)
  7. http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/08/us/philando-castile-alton-sterling-protests/index.html Welp, another shooting. What is going on?
  8. Is it allowed to view pictures/videos of people who are no longer with us?
  9. Salam everybody Recently, I have been praying 2 rakat after fajr prayer for my mother's soul - she passed away. I have never come across any information on a prayer for the dead, except for namaz-e-Mayyat and Namaz wahsat-eqabar. I've never found a specific prayer to pray for the dead on a daily basis. So my question is, will these 2 rakats I do for my mother benefit her? Are there any hadiths on how the dead will benefit from people praying for them? Thank you
  10. Salaam everyone, I got a question. That question is that when a non Muslim who is cremated, is the soul (ruh) still questioned by Munkar and Nakir? I am just willing to know.
  11. I remember when I used to post here there was so much spirit in the forum. It was a pleasure to come online and engage in dialogue and discussion with others. There were always activities going on central to the Islamic months.. For instance, in Ramadan there would be videos of selected speakers uploaded and daily contests.. It just seems so stale and dry, as if a tornado ran through it and sucked the life out.. Perhaps its the layout. I don't prefer this Facebook integrated format. It's sad to see this once powerful site go blank.
  12. Do you think it is Haram to bring back an Extinct Animal such as the wolly mammoth which is looking to be more of a possibility. Have our Ayatollah's discussed such a topic? DNA of a Wolly Mammoth has already been merged with an Elephants: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/11488404/Woolly-mammoth-could-roam-again-as-extinct-DNA-merged-with-elephant.html Could we use this method to save the different species of soon to be extinct animals.
  13. Note to Mods: I posted this topic earlier, but it was deleted. I request the mods to please at least give the reason for deletion in 1 line so that we could understand our mistake. Thanks. Mutilation of Dead Bodies: Islamic Sharia VS ISIS Sharia It was the custom of Ignorance to mutilate the dead bodies. In battle of Uhad, the wife of Abu Sufyan (leader of Bani Umiyyah) ate the liver of Hazrat Hamza (the Uncle of Prophet Muhmmad (saw)). Islam ended this custom. «نهی النبی عن النهبی والمثلة»(صحیح بخاری) Sahih Bukhari,Volume 3, Book 43, Number 654 : The Prophet forbade robbery, and also forbade mutilation of bodies. «لاتغدرو ا ولاتغلوا ولاتمثلوا»(صحیح مسلم) Sahih Muslim, The Book of Jihad and Expedition: Prophet (saw) said:...do not embezzle the spoils; do not break your pledge; and do not mutilate (the dead) bodies. When 1st Caliph Abu Bakr sent an army towards Syria, he advised them to not to mutilate the dead bodies and to not to kill the old ones, women and children. All the historians and Hadith collectors recorded it. ISIS pose themselves as champions of Islam, but why then they hate Islamic Sharia so much that they have to become god themselves, and make their own Sharia where mutilating the dead bodies is Halal for them? History: Bani Umaiyyah and Mutilation of Dead Bodies First head which was cut in Islamic history, it was of Ammar Yasir. After battle of Siffin, the head of Ammar Yasir was brought to Muawiyyah and 2 persons were fighting each other and every one was claiming that he cut that head. (Ref: Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal, Tabqaat Ibn Saad) Second head belonged to Sahabi 'Amr bin al-Hamiq. This Sahabi took part in killing of 'Uthman. Ziyad cut of his head and sent it to Muawiyyah in Damascus, where Muawiyyah paraded it in the whole city. (Ref: Tabaqat Ibn Saad, al-Istiaab, al-Badaya, Tehdib-ul-Tehdib) Third head belonged to Muhammad bin Abi Bakr. When Muawiyyah captured Egypt, he was taken as prisoner, then killed and then put in the skin of donkey and finally burnt. (Ref: al-Istiaab, History of Tabari, Ibn Athir and Ibn Khaldoon) Fourth head belonges to Imam Hussain (as) and his companions who were slaughtered in Karbala. Hussain's head was cut and his dead body was mutilated through horses feet. Then all these heads were taken to Kufa and from there to Damascus to Yazeed. (Ref: History of Tabari, Ibn Athir and al-Badaya) Nauman bin Bashir was initially the supporter of Bani Umayyah. But later he supported Ibn Zubair. He was killed and his head was presented to his wife as gift (Ref: Tabaqat Ibn Sa'ad, al-Badaya) Ma'sab bin Zubair's head was paraded in Kufa and Egypt (Ref: Ibn Athir) Head of Sahabi Abdullah Ibn Zubair and his companions Ibn Safwan and Ibn Hazm were cut off and were sent from Mecca to Madina, and then from Madina to Damascus where these heads were paraded in the city and then they were hanged for several days. (Ref: al-Istiaab, History of Tabari, al-Badaya and Ibn Khaldoon).
  14. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/middleeast/2014/01/israel-ariel-sharon-dies-at-85-201411231338785176.html The biggest pile of trash to walk this earth in the 21st century has died at the age of 85, following eight years of permanent incapacitation. Sharon quickly rose to fame in Palestine after participating in Hagana terrorist acts, but it wasn't until the 1982 invasion of Lebanon that his name was reckognized worldwide, much due to the Sabra & Shatilla massacres that Christian militias carried out against Palestinian refugees under the supervision of the IDF. In the late 80's, he started a very deceitful political campaign and founded the right-wing Likud party. In order to gain popular support from Israelis, he visited the Temple Mount (Al-Aqsa) in the year of 2000 to get the Palestinians to commence the Second Intifada. TL;DR version: The biggest pile of trash to walk this earth in the 21st century has died.
  15. AsalaamOLaikum. First of all could you all please read surah Fatiha for my beloved Grandad who has passed away. My Grandad (Father's Father) whom I was very very very close too passed away five years ago, however all the memories live on and I still feel so close to him but all connection to him in reality has been cut off this makes me really upset and sometimes ill just sit there and cry. I do know that this does not help at all and dua is the best thing to do. I will just casually read Surah Fatihah and Surah Ikhlas whenever I do think of him. However, I feel this is not enough and want to increase my knowledge in this aspect. What can I do for the Dead - my Grandad? I really want him to go Jannah insha'Allah and for Allah to forgive all his sins (if any) How do I ask of this? And is reading Surah Ikhlas/Fatiha casually with him in mind helping him at all?? I truly love him to bits and wish he would come back alive, which is obviously impossible so I want to instead help him as much as I can. Please post your advice. :) Also could you increase my knowledge in can the Dead see us, hear us etc? Thank-you! Hope you are all well insha'Allah and enjoying Ramadhan as it comes to an end.
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