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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 4 results

  1. Salam, I would appreciate it if you brothers/sisters can take the time to read what I have written and give me your ideas on whether it is sound or mere jargon. My attempt was to describe myself following a path which was not easy, but I was willing to undertake no matter the odds in order to achieve my goals, unfortunately I was sidetracked by an occurrence which was not well considered, in which led to the shattering of the process and plan I had in reaching said goal. ————————————————————— Could one articulate a blueprint to life’s uncertainty, to bring forth a module in the form of a timely script, one which enumerates all fundamentals; pondering over its practicality there lay a feeble attempt driven by aspirations to pursue such an endeavor. Transforming formulated thoughts into tangible strings to the similitude of yarn which could be woven dexterously in a fashion which resembles a deliberate sequence, one that leads to intended patterns. However, lack of discipline and untimely decisions prove to be adequate impediments to such an endeavor that necessitates forbearance. Undeniably, miscalculations lead to strands, unwanted strands which alter a meticulous process. An attempt to address the unwanted extremities would not only stagnate the continuous process, but also divert one’s attention, due to an attempt to liberate the sequence from a deviating retreat. Evidently, the ill considered approach to such a process carries its repercussions, to an extent where the result of such a grand endeavor would begin to lose its touch profoundly, wherein a little strand in a grand means becomes the entire agency. The yarn of thought which was knitted attentively, passionately, and deliberately would therein be reduced to nothing but overlapping strands of meaningless string. All the effort put reverted to the point of origin, scattered thoughts, like the yarn on quivering hands. Perplexion reinstated due to ill miscalculation. @313 Seeker @hasanhh
  2. Read the Reddit comments to understand what the thread was about, since the post has since been deleted. ....................................................................................... I'm so tired of the utterly nonsensical and VERY COMMON Sunni notion of 'I am happy to seek unity with Shias as long as they don't curse/insult/abuse any Sahaba, and especially NOT Aisha, Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman. Firstly, any Shia claim regarding the sahabi that happens to go against the Sunni narrative is considered insulting. Secondly, and more importantly, is that the same notion is true for Shias... You are insulting the Ahlul Bayt by not accepting them as divinely appointed leaders of Allah, and infallible individuals, and perfect preservers of the religion of Islam, and a high means of seeking closeness to Allah (intercession). Not only are you insulting revered Shia figures by not following them, you are commiting MAJOR shirk by giving a false attribute to Allah, by saying that Allah has not always appointed an infallible leader on this Earth, and that there currently isn't an infallible leader. Furthermore, the real kicker is that plenty of revered Shia figures, such as Abu Talib (رضي الله عنه), are considered kuffar by Sunnis. Is this not insulting? So, how can we Shias unite with Sunnis based on their own fallacious logic? Shias are the minority, and Sunnis are the majority. It makes Sunnis think that they are Orthodox and that they have to unite with Heterodox for political and humanitarian reasons, and that Shias must make [ridiculous] compromises. Shias are far more receptive to the unity message, because we actually understand Sunni Islam, and can see the commonalities. We understand that we can't make Sunnis compromise on their beliefs. Simply by being the minority within Islam, by nature we Shias already understand Sunni beliefs, whereas Sunnis have a basic strawman understanding of Shia beliefs... which is natural, considering that they are the majority. Anyways, the point of my post is the following: Let's compile a list of revered Shia figures that are not given their proper status by Sunnis, according to Shia Islam... with an explanation given. ...This is to show that we Shias and Sunnis can unite, but we cannot unite upon revered figures and imamah. ...This will also serve as a way of showing Sunnis that this argument of theirs makes no sense. Another important question we may ask is "What about commonly revered figures like Imam Ali (عليه السلام) who is given different status in both sects? Can we unite upon Imam Ali (عليه السلام)?" ...a common Sunni criticism of political unity is that "Ali ibn Abi Talib (رضي الله عنه) is given an improper status in Shia religion because they call upon him... tawassul (intercession) of the 'dead' is Shirk! So there is absolutely no room for unity since we can't even agree on the status of the sahabi" [yes, I am aware that the Imams (عليه السلام) are still alive, but Sunnis don't believe this...] I would love to hear your thoughts. Wassalam. JazakAllah Khair. Fi sabilillah.
  3. Assalamun alaykum, I do not know if this is the correct forum for this thread, so if the mods think it would be better to move it to some other forum, I request them to do so. The thing is, I want some books/articles in English which contain good, academic criticisms of 'liberal' or 'reformist' Islam, from a traditional Islamic perspective. Are there any which are available? Apart from this, if the brothers/sisters wish to share their own view points, or some scholarly opinions, they are most welcome to do so. Any and every kind of feedback, given that it is reasonable and logically sound, is also welcome. Thanks in advance. Stay blessed.
  4. This is based and adapted on a series of lectures by a leftist professor, a Phd, who currently works in the reputed TISS College, Mumbai. Economics is generally considered a study of production, exchange and consumption of goods and services. We have had classical economists like Adam Smith. And then the later approaches have been through concepts such as perfect market. In all of the major basic economic concepts and theories, we find the mention of the term 'rationality' as being a fundamental necessity for the respective theories to hold their ground. For better or for worse, the concepts/theories such as the demand theory, supply theory, marginal utility etc are all used to form a basis of most of the business and Government fiscal decisions. What is rationality? In simple words, it is making the right choice. Rationality holds an important concept in Islam. In Islamic thought, there are certain certainties like- Quran, Death, Day of judgement, Pure and Just God Almighty, Heaven and hell etc. These significantly assist an individual to make a good decision. The intention of Islam is to make your life as meaningful as possible by performing acts which bring you closer to God and stay away from acts which are against God's instructions. God being the Almighty rational being, it is easy for us to rely on Him. If confusion reigns while making decisions, then they have the option of relying on their conscious and, in extreme and important cases, refer to istekhara. ------ However, in case of economics the situation is different. The intention of economics is to maximize the utilization of the scarce resources. Economists, especially those in the West and the erstwhile Soviet Union, tried to achieve these objectives through extreme free market economy and extreme socialism respectively. The result was so-called economic progress through general economic growth and better standards of living. The thinking was that either the rational markets or the rational governments will maximize the returns on investments. Some amount of the profits will be given to the poor, disabled and the unemployed to support them. The issues with rationality in economics- The main problem is that we do not live in a rational world. The influence of 'rational' line of thinking has reduced humans into productive and unproductive machines. The old, infirm and the unemployed are a burden to the economies where 'rationality' is paramount. The influence of warmth, humanity, friendship, love, empathy, sympathy, social justice and religiousness and spirituality have given way to cold and calculated rationality. For example , by being rational, I can reduce the prices of products in my fathers shop, because, who cares if there are no profits for the next 1 year. After all, I am earning a lot from my day job. And once the competition goes away, ie. other local business shut down, then the prices can be increased to previous levels. Great, isn't it? NO. It is not. This is economic rationality and, at the same time, a hateful thing to do. It is affecting the other hard-working businessmen and their families. I know that some will say that that other businessmen should try such tactics or simply try to get a job, nobody is stopping them. That seems rational. But like I said, we dont live in a rational world. It would take years to change and adapt ones business or even get a well-paying job. I think that concepts like the GDP/GNP and even PPP and other such parameters should not be considered as relevant to understand how great is everyone doing in a country or region. For example, If a person earns a million $ per month through disruptive trade activities(leading to closure of other businesses), then he is not an asset to the country. On the other hand, a teacher works hard to create a army of honest, polite, religious and hardworking students every year, he is not being celebrated by finding his name in the millionaire list, but happens to contribute much more to humanity. He has more value for the country/region, even though he earns much less in comparison. Even though, no doubt, rationality is important, its importance in economics has been overblown at the cost of other factors. And the main problem is the attempt of economists and decision makers to over-rely on this dubious concept, leading to general public sufferings, especially unemployment. We can clearly see that happening in Greece and Portugal. Leaving the EU= Plummeting GDP(short run), also= lower unemployment and general suffering in the medium and long run. But who cares about the unemployed. Your thoughts?
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