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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 3 results

  1. (salam) I have been listening to some lectures and somehow i ended up watching this video: The verse that Hassanain talked about says that everything is created from water, to which the Atheist replied by saying that Thales has said this 2500 before. This caused some doubt in my heart, i know that this could be answered but i dont know where to find the answer. :donno:
  2. Salaam Allaykum, One of the questions I feel unable to answer and a question that very many atheists ask is: "Why did God create poverty, disease, miscarriage etc." I'm sure theres a perfectly reasonable answer, especially considering that this is a question all religious people, of all faiths may come across however I was wondering what your answers are. By the way, I am aware that sometimes atheists tend to ask about issues such as death, mild illnesses and such trivial things that we all undergo at one point or another and when these questions are asked I have no difficulty in providing an answer. It's the really serious and unfortunate problems that only very few people may undergo that I have no answer for. Thanks for taking your time to read (and respond).
  3. If I'm not mistaken we Muslims believe that all Jews (before Christianity was founded) and all Christians (before Islam was founded) go to heaven. In other words those religion were the correct religion at that time and now Islam is the correct religion. Just the other day however I was thinking, why didn't God simply ensure that he wouldn't need to repeatedly send down a new religion by ensuring that Judaism was a solid religion in the first place. The reason I didn't post this question before was because I thought I had found the answer. I considered that maybe Allah looked at religion almost in the way an engineer may look at a building or a bridge. It can only survive for so long yet does so much good and as soon as that bridge, building or religion "expires" a new one will arrive. And though that makes sense (to me anyway) I realised just recently that the reason an engineer builds a bridge (even though its use will expire) is because he/she can not prevent the cause of deterioration in the bridge. Allah on the other hand COULD HAVE PREVENTED Jews and Christians from falling astray by foreseeing that he would need to repeatedly send down his message and ensuring that Prophet Moses could be the last Prophet and bring down the message that Prophet Jesus and Prophet Muhammed (pbut) would have brought, saving them the trouble (and I don't mean that in any offensive way, like I say I am a Muslim myself. I'd just like to rid myself of this doubt and strengthen both my knowledge and my belief). Thanks for reading (and responding)
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