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Found 21 results

  1. Do Shia converts from non muslim and Sunni have a hard time eating halal and stop listening to music? Is it difficult because your used to it or do you give it up cold turkey?
  2. Do Shia converts join the mosque and get registered as members when they take the shahadah in a shia mosque?
  3. Do Shia parents allow daughters to marry converts? i heard in some cultures they cant marry converts or they choose not to.I heard this was true in shia islam, is it?
  4. Is Shia islam growing like sunni? Are alot of people coverting to Shia islam now in the West and in Islamic Countries?
  5. Chapter 5 aya 6- The changing of `wipe' وَامْسَحُوا to 'wash' your feet and ankles: O believers! When you rise up for prayer, wash your faces and your hands up to the elbows, wipe your heads, and wash your feet to the ankles (5:6) https://quran.com/5/6 Chapter 4 aya 24 - The changing of 'muta' اسْتَمْتَعْتُم to 'consummated marriage' with their due dowries: Also ˹forbidden are˺ married women—except ˹female˺ captives in your possession.1 This is Allah’s commandment to you. Lawful to you are all beyond these—as long as you seek them with your wealth in a legal marriage, not in fornication. Give those you have consummated marriage with their due dowries (4:24) https://quran.com/4/24 This is misleading to non-Arabic speakers and converts. Quran.com is the most popular website to pop up on Google when searching for verses in the Quran, but as you can see they mistranslate to suite their agenda. When am debating with non-Shia's it becomes very difficult as I am forced to use Shia websites, which then they accuse me of being biased and deceiving for using something that is Shia. Debating becomes a very lengthy process because I first have to explain what the real translation is, which then they have to double check and do their own research on etc etc. understandably the opponent is very dubious. Also, these are obvious words. There is no way that wipe in Arabic should translate to wash in English. I understand that there are (Sunni) traditions that say for example that the Prophet (عليه السلام) washed his feet, but how can a tradition/hadith have more significance that the Holy Quran? These are clear orders and words, nothing ambiguous about them. So if a tradition contradicts the Quran then it should be thrown out. Or at least it should be taken with a grain of salt. We shouldn't resort to hadiths when we have the Quran - with clear verses. Can someone please explain, what are the reasons behind this, and what is their justifications?
  6. Are shias more likly to accept converts from sunni or converts from non muslims? I read a threat on here about marriage too! is this a factor?
  7. One of the motivations of those who convert to Islam may be marrying someone who is a Muslim. In Islam, marriage is a sacred and dear institution to Allah, and it plays a very crucial role in the formation of an ideal society. It is in fact, considered one of the greatest Divine blessings for responding to the natural instincts of human beings. However, according to the Islamic teachings, faith is the first quality to be considered in choosing a spouse. A faithful and harmonious partner plays a crucial role in having a prosperous life. It is on this basis that the Quran, the Holy Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and his Ahl al-Bayt (عليه السلام) have laid great emphasis on religion and well mannerism as necessary criteria for marriage. Meanwhile, an important question that comes to mind is that, “can we convert to Islam for the sake of marriage or not?” The Highest Goal of Islamic Marriage Marriage is a natural necessity for every human being and several good outcomes such as procreation, sexual satisfaction, peace of mind, etc. are considered as the purposes of marriage. However, these could not be the ultimate goal of marriage in Islam as the non-Muslims can also achieve these, perhaps in better ways. Humankind is not created solely to eat, drink, sleep, seek pleasure or act lustfully. Thus, the aim of marriage for a religious person should be a means of gaining proximity to Allah and avoiding sins. In this regards, a good and faithful partner assumes a vital role as he/she invites his/her partner to goodness, in the same way as a corrupt person would tempt his/her partner towards corruption. Islam has enjoined its adherents to consider religion and good manners as necessary criteria for the selection of their future partners on different occasions. The Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) said: “If I were to bestow all the good of both worlds upon a Muslim, I would endow him with a humble heart; a tongue which continuously utters the praises of Allah; a body patient enough to withstand all calamities; and I would give him a pious spouse, who when he sees her becomes happy and protects his property as well as her own honour in his absence”.[1] Convert to Islam for Marriage In the Quran, it is said: “Do not marry idolatresses until they embrace faith. A faithful slave girl is better than an idolatress, though she should impress you. And do not marry [your daughters] to idolaters until they embrace faith…” (2: 221) From the above verse, it is clear that faith and religion is an uncompromised condition for marriage in Islam. It has explicitly prohibited marriage with the infidels except that they embrace Islam, as the statement “until they embrace faith” indicates. Thus, neither is the man allowed to marry idolatress nor a Muslim woman is allowed to marry an idolater. However, there is a separate ruling to the marriage with the people of the Book (i.e., Jews and Christians). Meanwhile, following the Islamic jurisprudence, it is considered permissible for someone to convert to Islam for marriage, as there is not any religion hindrance on that, as far as it is based on the sincerity of intention and a strong determination to act by the Islamic teachings. Although such a conversion might not be the best idea, it might be a perfect chance to think more about converting to the real and true religion. Conclusion In Islam, faith and religion are crucial requirements to be considered in the choice of a future spouse. This is because the ultimate goal of a marriage is the everlasting salvation in this world and the Hereafter. And this cannot be achieved by marrying an idolatress or idolater. However, based on the verdicts of the Islamic jurists, it is acceptable to convert to Islam for the sake of marriage, so far as it is based on the sincerity of intention and a resolution to work in line with the teachings of the religion. Note: Books on the Islamic jurisprudence or the official sites of the religious authorities should be consulted for details of the ruling. References: [1] Hur Amuli; Wasa’il as-Shiah, Vol. 14, P. 3.
  8. as salaam alakim! I heard experiences of some and I was told that Shias(not all!) look down on converts expecially in the US!I was told that I wouldn't be accepted! Is this true(for Some) What do you guys think?
  9. (salam) I was just wondering whether white converts/reverts would still be eligible for "white privileges", even after submitting themselves to Islam? what I am seeking to know, is the following type of benefit (counted as white privilege): being the one offered lotion samples at the mall? I have seen this a lot: once a white female converts to Islam, people no longer see her as a white woman but rather as a Muslim hence her hijab. Thanks ahead of time,
  10. Salam aleykum wr wb my brother and my sisters I need your help. I want to help a young convert brother from Basque Country to pray in the shia way. He have a really bad situation with his atheist parents and he dont know what do to do, he is in a depression and he dont know how to pray, because every person on the internet tell him something different and he is confused. The thing is I only have a german explanation "how to pray" and its very difficult to find an english one and its not easy to translate the german version. Does someone know a link or a website who is explanate exactly all the 1-2/3/4 Rek'a on every 5 times and the acts (positions etc.) to pray in english? Sorry for my bad english i hope someone understand what i mean. Wa Salam
  11. After a life of crime, Mateen at a young age discovers Shia Islam whilst serving time in one of the harshest American prisons. Meanwhile, Ibrahim rediscovers Shia Islam whilst growing up in the harshest ghettos of Washington, D.C. This is the amazing story of how they came together to begin their mission of spreading Shia Islam through American prisons.
  12. (bismillah) Assalamu Alikoum, I have a question, which has been something bothering me since I converted to Islam. Most people; in general, I come across are happy to hear the news of a conversion. However, I've also had the privilege of enduring the semi-common stereotypical questions posed by Muslim's, "Are you an agent?" They say this jokingly; however, I believe there is some truth in its humor. Now, I usually smile and dismiss their stereotypical profile, but the more people I encounter, I am seeing this is something needed to be discussed. How do we bridge the gaps? How to we break the stereotypes? I know there are (in fact) people who join Islam in the wrong light; but for those of us who are sincere, it is very hurtful and I see it as nothing more than a lack of support and discrimination. Now, like many of us who have converted to Islam, we did it for the sake of Allah SWT, but I feel many don't understand our passion, or reasoning behind our conversion. It's not even important to me if you don't understand and/or believe why I converted, but it's truly disheartening that some of our brother's and sister's cant accept us or our intentions. There are fake people on both sides of the spectrum; whether it be a convert or someone born into the religion, I feel we need to make better strides in the acceptance of our new converts to Islam. I won't drag this one out, I just want someone to shed some light on the matter, and be truthful. Many new converts leave Islam in less than 3 years for this lack of support; luckily, I am not one of them. My love for Allah SWT, His Messenger (pbuh), and the Ahlul-Bayt (as) is etched in my heart. I have spoken to several converts, and I am now asking on behalf of them, as well as myself. I know we cant change ignorant people and their cultural ways, but I do believe it's important to address the issue. (wasalam) AB313
  13. Salam to All, We are working as a unit on a website migration313.org as mentioned by brother Abu Hadi. We are using wordpress as our website's framework and for this require a theme to built the foundation of the website. We have agreed upon a theme and requires someone special to help us out buying that wordpress thee for $48. The link to theme is here: http://themeforest.net/item/islamic-wordpress-responsive-theme/3726313 We greatly appreciate your donations for this project! Please feel free to contact me. Abrar Wassalam
  14. I can see a constant increase in the numbers of people converting to Shi'sm and I sometimes tend to wonder if this is good or bad. What do our books say about the days before Imam Mahdi (as) re-appears? I know that destruction will avail throughout the Middle-East if not the whole world. But, do we have anything mentioning whether people will come towards the religion of Ahl-alBayt or will instead start to stray away from it? Will Imam Mahdi (as) appear when he has gained a massive following (Shi'a) or will he appear when everyone is starting to lose their Iman?
  15. Recruiting all Australians! :D https://www.facebook.com/groups/AustralianShiaReverts/
  16. Asalamu alaikom sisters and brothers, my name is Akaisha and i am new to the site, i have an issue and wonder if others have had or heard of similar issues. well it seems to me that since converting to Islam 3 years ago Alhumdulilah, the more i learn about Islam and the more i take into my life, the more issues i have with my born muslim fiance, he prays his 5 prayers, he is knowledgeable in Tajweed and quran, he doesnt drink and doesnt go with girls, but the issues i have is that he always telling me to relax when it comes to other Islamic practices, telling me dont take it too serious, we are not living in a islamic country so its hard to be a very good muslim etc, so that said we have issues regaurding stuff like, taking loans and credit cards(riba), main stream music, kufir friends, parties, islamic disscussion and practices I have encouraged him to take part in the local shiite communities but his not into it, he has issues with me taking part in community gatherings & attending lectures etc, now i realise this could be most likely due to the fact he is a born muslim and i am a convert so naturally my passion for learning and practicing would greater then his?, but im not sure how to feel about it, i want to be able to share the passion and practices of Islam that Allah swt has ordred for us with him, is this normal? has anyone else delt with these kind of issues? and if so how did you and did you overcome them or just live with it? should i just leave him do as he wishes and not mention anything to him ( because when i mention that we should so "A" instead of "B" as Alllah said "A" is halal right way and "B" is haram he will get angry and say we dont wana be fundalmentilist he doesnt wana make life hard for us comon) i just dont know how to handle this in "Islamic way" please advices Thank You, fe amaan Allah Wasalam
  17. Asalamu alaikom sisters and brothers of Islam i hope you are all well inshallah, I am a convert to Islam alhumdulillah and i would like to study Islam from well basics to as far as possible i suppose. I am living in Melbourne Australia and im not sure how to find the right path of study, are there any Schools/institues that offer Islamic studies in English-Arabic Arabic-English, study for converts/unlearned adult Muslims overseas or in Australia? i would prefer campus study however if anyone knows reliable online study please pass on information. Please if anyone knows of any could you please pass on information thank you. Wasalam
  18. Okay so my friend is Christian, and I want to turn her into a Muslim because I love her so much she is like a sister except I don't want to see her in jahannam in the after life an I want to help her. Oh also I'm kinda selfish cuz I want to get more hasanaat, since you know, whatever hasanaat a convert gets you will also get :P but anyways that's not my Main reason. So you converts from Christianity or any other religious belief system that converted to Islam; can you please give me some ideas on what made you convert? Did you research? Perhaps someone talked you into it?
  19. Many converts convert to Islam with 100% positive feelings towards muslims which makes them fragile emotionally when faced by Dissapointment in dealing with Muslims.... Generalizing that all muslims are good is not a wise thing to do.... In general, muslims do not necessarily represent Islam... Infact one of our scholars once said, it might be easy to become a muslim but hard to become a human being... Many muslims still need to focus on the struggle against thier vices and negative deeds.. I heard of alot of converts being dissapointed with him muslims behave is some cirmustances Any Encounters to share? How did you deal with that encounter? Do you have any advice to give to recent converts?
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