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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 3 results

  1. MashAllah, so many new converts/reverts to Islam. I thought I would make one thread for all the videos. Listen to these wonderful people tell their story so that our faith becomes stronger to Allah. (wasalam)
  2. Well, here where the problem is! I’m a young student living in Mexico, I was raised as a catholic, a few months ago I met a Muslim girl, this Muslim girl first caught my eye on the net, did tell all my matez how I found her attractive and she had something special, I'm deeply infatuated, I can't sleep sometimes thinking about her, she walks so confidently, amazing dress sense and has such a strong dominant face, we started texting out all the time, at some point I realised I had a crush on her, I found her to be a very beautiful, smart and spiritual woman, I kept quiet though, not wanting to kill off the friendship, at first he started telling me about the difficult relationship he recently finished off, she said there were just too many obstacles inbetween, I should mention she's somewhat older than me, how relevant is the religious aspect? If she's from a traditional family, a pre-marital relationship with a guy is a no-no, I think to devout muslims, only a musilm man may marry a muslim woman, I know spirituality is deep, it's our belief (or lack thereof) in a higher power and this belief influences our character, morals, and choices in life, it's not like a pair of sandals you wear and can switch out if it goes out of style, I want to spend my life with her, but become a muslim, how can do that? Advice please? Thankyou :)
  3. QUOTE: "Assalam-o-Alaikum Brothers and Sisters ! I posted a topic a long time ago when i needed some help regarding a friend who is Christian but a very good human being ; We used to talk about religion but it never ended well , neither was i so good at convincing nor she knew her religion good . Later we decided never to talk on this subject . Recently we had a fight when i told her that Jesus was a man and a beloved prophet of Allah , she said she gets angry when i say this because i'm wrong so i said i'm firm on my belief and if you think i'm wrong you must convince me . Now finally she is ready and she wants to talk to me about it , she is willing to discus faith . so now hopefully i have a chance to show her the truth , I need your help as where to begin and what all shall i discuss and how can i convince her to know that she is holding on to wrong belief . All i can do is to give it a try , since its my responsibility being her only and the closest friend , and may God help me show her the way of righteousness . I expect my brothers and sisters who have knowledge , to guide me to pave a way for her to accept the ultimate truth . I hope i get you kind attention . Thank you" Well, if she's a good human being then you don't need to force so much on her religious doctrines as long as it doesn't offend her because respecting other faiths is our moral responsibility. Being a good person is enough. You asked where to start from. You should ask her why she believes Jesus was the son of God. Obviously, she'll say she read it in Bible. Then you'll show him that Bible contains scientifically inaccurate statements and some of its verses contradict some others. You'll have to tell her the fact that the Christianity we know today is actually Pauline Christianity and another Christianity used to exist that was Judeo-Christianity. Why did she chose Pauline Christianity? Then again Bible is not Jesus's own words and some Christians scholars have agreed that when we read the New Testament, we're not listening to Jesus but to the authors of those Gospels. You are a Pakistani and it's not common for Christians there to indulge in religious issues in depth. In the end, when Christians say that Jesus was son of God, they actually degrade him. Muslims upgrade him by calling him a man of God because a father/mother can't love their children more than God. God loves us more than seventy mothers. The love between a father and his son is nothing in front of the love between a man and God.
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