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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) I've posted this before but I'll repost it here as this is the more appropriate section (and in case any one missed it you can read it). http://ahlulakhlaq.w...taining-akhlaq/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Holy Prophet (pbuh) and his Ahlulbayt (as), the pinnacle of creation, were sent down to complete the infallible religion of Islam. To do this they themselves must be infallible so that no flaws arise. So what does this have to do with Akhlaq/Mannerisms? To first attempt to even improve our Akhlaq we must have something to compare it against so that we know what level we're at and what needs to be done for this improvement to happen, in practical terms. What better comparison than our beloved ma'soom? Because they do not sin, they are perfect in every way. They are our set examples, like our fathers we must obey them but also make it so that we try to be like them in every aspect. We know that they are perfect and therefore the level of Akhlaq shown by them is second to none. So by accepting their perfection in all aspects is the first step to improving our selves. Qu'ran & Hadith Allah (SWT) speaks about the importance of good conduct in the holy Qu'ran: 'And say to My servants (that) they speak that which is best.' (17:53) 'Worship Allah, and do not associate partners with him. And be good to your parents, and the relatives, and to the orphans, and to the poor people, and the neighbor that is close to you and the neighbor that is not close to you, and your companion on the journey.' (4:36) These verses remind us that we must show good conduct and morals especially to others e.g. Parents, neighbors, orphans, relatives, friends and even enemies. If akhlaq wasn't important it wouldn't be highlited in the Qu'ran. There are also numerous Hadith about Akhlaq, I will post a few that highlight that this is no small matter but rather Akhlaq is VITAL to our religion, as I will explain. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) has said: 'I have been sent by Allah to teach people good manners.' Imam Ali (as) said, 'O Believer! This knowledge and good manners are the value of your soul so strive to learn them, for however much your knowledge and good manners increase, so will your value and worth accordingly.' Sulayman-ibn-Mahran said that he visited Imam Sadiq (as) while some of the followers (Shi'a) were attending him (as) and he heard that the Imam (as), addressing them, said,'(Behave) to be as ornaments for us and not to be against us as shame. Tell people of goodness, and protect your tongues and hold it from excessive talk and offensive speech.' Just by using a few hadith to back up what is in the Qu'ran and we find akhlaq is a 'must' and not to be taken lightly. As well as looking at the example set by our beloved (as). Lets go back and take a look at the time the Prophet (pbuh) had not yet announced prophethood. You'll find that their akhlaq was perfect, they became known as the honest & trustworthy and this was shown through their actions. If the Prophet (pbuh) had bad Akhlaq, nausubilah, then people would have doubted the Prophet (pbuh) at a later date. This example is perfect as it shows akhlaq, in fact, is everything.. If a 'religous' man/female has no akhlaq then people would be turned off, not just by you but Islam as well. So please for the sake of your lord and his chosen faithful servants keep good Akhlaq in everything you do and everyone you meet..Including... SHIACHAT (wasalam)
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