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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 3 results

  1. Salaam What do you know about these questions related to the Quran please: 1. Was the book form compiled during and under the supervision of the Prophet (saw)? 2. Is the Quran in the order as intended by the Prophet (saw)? 3. Why is the Quran not in the order of revelation? 4. Were entire verses revealed at a time, or were segments of a verse revealed on separate occasions but collated into one verse at a later date? (E.g 33:33 first part that talks about the wives revealed in January, second part that talks about purification revealed in July). Just some background info; Discussing the above with a Twelver Shia who believes that there was a committee endorsed by Abu Bakr whom were tasked with compiling the Quran after the Prophet's (saw) demise. And that the Quran was also compiled by Imam Ali, which supposedly had a different order, but this was dismissed by the establishment. This is a popular belief in the Twelver community I've grown up in - as read from the mimbar. I don't personally believe this. IMO, if the Quran hasn't been left by the Prophet (saw) in the intended order then that would mean a distortion in Allah's book which would question ayats such as "Surely We have revealed the Reminder and We will most surely be its guardian" [15:9] and "Falsehood shall not come to it from before it nor from behind it; a revelation from the Wise, the Praised One" [41:42]. Allah refers to the Quran as a book [correct me if I'm wrong]. Why if it wasn't in book form? Then you have hadith Thaqalain where the Prophet (saw) said that he leaves behind the Quran and Ahlulbayt. Rationally it doesn't make sense that the Prophet (saw) would leave without compiling it as it ought to be compiled. So I believe yes for 1 and 2, and for 3 i believe it was left in the best order for mankind to derive benefit, albeit you still have to refer to external sources/Imam to know about the historical event that happened. 4 would be interesting to find out about... Something interesting i heard from Nakshawani (who believes the Quran is in the intended order) is that (with exception to surah Fateha) the first verse of a surah is a continuation of the last verse of a previous surah. E.g 1:7 and 2:1 both talk about guidance. Another theory I've heard is that (for example) the reason why the first revelation "iqra" is at surah number 96, is because it was the 96th surah to be revealed in full. In other words, once all the verses of a Surah were revealed, that's the order it got in terms of chapter number. Your thoughts?
  2. I have to admit thah after many years I still don't know exactly the reasons behind the order of our Holy Qur'an. After some research, some very simple questions still remained unanswered : - What were the other methods of compilation before "Uthman's version" ? Were there for instance chronological compilations ? - Did the Prophet (s) give some instructions like "such verses are to be linked with such" ? - I was reading another thread regarding the Basmallah. Is our reading correct since each recitation should start with ? We should find in between two verses of a same surah in many places shouldn't we ?
  3. I was doing quick research on the path that Ahlu Sunnah sect took to gather their hadiths amid the plethora of hadiths that were narrated by Ahlulbayt. It is well accepted that Hadith documentation and teaching was forbidden in the times of the 3 Khulafa. A closer look though shows that this forbiddance was not absolute. The history shows a number of companions who went against this law, taught hadiths to other Muslims and confronted the authority with it. Shia school usually focuses on the Ahlulbayt contribution and role in those hard times and usually ignores the rest of the companions. A great number of Shia scholars reasoned this ban to be directed against Ahlulbayt specifically. Ibn Um Abd or Ibn Masoud is an intersting hadith narrator, he is not usually associated with the Shia of Imam Ali, but in the same time he had narrated many hadiths about Ahlulbayt. Some Shia scholars concluded from this that the 3 banned the hadith to cover their defeciency in knowledge. Ibn Masoud was the sixth Muslim man, he was among the earlist men who recited Quran loudly in Mekkah and was one of those who attended Bay'atulRidhwan. He was forced to saty in Madinah during Umar time by a direct order from Umar. Umar forced many Sahabah to stop spreading the hadith of prophet, some were leashed, some were imprisoned and others were exiled. Among them was Ibn Masoud who was forced to stay in Madinah. It is also important to note that during Abu Bakr rule and Umar rule, there were a number of Muslims who wrote hadiths despite the ban. These incidents appear discreatly in history books while mentioning the ban of hadith documentation. Some narrations will mention the burning of hadith books that were written during Umar time which tells that people did not stop writing the hadiths. Ibn Masoud is thought to be one amongst those who did not stop documenting the hadith. It is also important to note that we some narrations mention that Ibn Masoud himself destroyed a book of hadith that was speaking specifically about the merits of Ahlulbayt. Acouple of other narrations mention that Ibn Masoud had rarely narrated something from the prophet and when he dide he shivered and sweat. It is worth telling as well that by the time Uthman was the Khalifah, total hadith ban policy proved to be ineffective, Uthman and the Umayad rulers allowed certain set of hadiths to be taught to people most of which were hadiths related to fiqh that Umar had approved. I wonder if any Sunni here will have the gut to tell me how Ibn Masoud died? It was during Uthamn time .....Uthman did not like Ibn Masoud, he beat him ... Ibn Masoud passed away later.
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