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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All.. I have been in so much confusion about colouring the hair... I haven't got any reliable sources telling me if colouring the hair is allowed or not and if it is allowed then of what kind of colours..? I have personally coloured my hair with light orange strip in the front part of head.. Can any one please throw light on this if colouring the hair is allowed or not as per Islam and if yes then of what kind please..
  2. Salam alaikum Does anyone know anything about the flag of our prophet Saww ? I recall hearing on tv something about it being green and had the verse/ words "inna nasrAllah qareeb". Does anyone know about this? Ws
  3. Assalamu alaykum Mubarak on the wiladat of imam al Mahdi (aj) :) Hope you are all well and enjoying your day inshaAllah. I wanted to ask does anyone have any idea as to the colour of the flag above the blue dome of mosque Jamkaran? No clear pictures and sometimes it looks black, sometimes green...any ideas? Thank you
  4. Salam to all, I will inshallah be visiting Iraq this october/november and I have a few questions for those that have visited there, lived there, or have family there. I will be going for ziyarah and visiting najaf, karabala, samarra and kadhimain, I will also possibly be visiting family in Khalis(near Baquba) in diyala province. I will be expecting to wear an overhead abaya aomething like this- What I would like to know is, would I need to always wear a black headscarf under this abaya or could I wear headscarves in other colours? If so, what colours are commonly seen acceptable to wear in Iraq? Would muted colours such as brown, grey, white, dark blue, dark green, dark red, beige etc be something that is common headscarf colours worn by women in Iraq under the overhead abaya? Or would it be unusual and better to stick to black headscarves under the overhead abaya? I would like to add that I am a white english revert and I am married to a British Iraqi arab, I will be visiting with him, and my parents in law, and would like to blend in as much as possible whilst there inshallah, and I don't want to offend anyone or attract attention to myself any more then I necessarily might do being a western foreigner. Also, I have heard that exposing the hands in Najaf in particular may atttract attention and that they should remain covered under the abaya at all times, unless absolutely necessary, would it be ok to wear black gloves like the picture, or would that be odd to the locals? Are the shella type of headscaves normal in Iraq? because I heard that most women wear the triangle type headscarf, so would it stand out to wear the shella type scarf under the overhead abaya? Also, what will the weather/temperature be like in October/November in Iraq? Najaf? Karbala? Khalis(near baquba) in diyala? Will it be cold winter weather? or cool autumn? or is it still warm? I would like to know whether I would need to bring clothing in cooler fabrics, or thicker warmer clothing, or doesn't it matter due to the layers that you wear? I have heard that local women wear normal at home dishdashas under the overhead abaya rather then a black jilbaab type abaya under it, what is the norm? and would it be ok for me to wear either loose trousers and a mantoo/long top under the overhead abaya, or a long skirt and top under the overhead abaya? Would it be ok to wear jeans or a denim long skirt under the overhead abaya? or could I wear a jilbaab abaya under the overhead abaya? What kind of shoes do you suggest? would some plain black ballerina flats be good enough? or would ballerina flats of another colour such as white or beige be ok-or would that stand out under the black abaya... I know this all sounds extra and detailed, but as they say, the devil is in the detail, and as I will be visiting family and I am not going with a tourist/ziyarah group wear you are with all foreigners and as long as you stick to the general modesty rules of Islam and at least loosely fit in with the usual level of modest in Iraqi custom, then there would be no problem, but I feel that I will need to fit in a lot more then that inshallah so I would like to try and adhere to as many details as possible. Salams and dua to all and thanks for any help and infor in advance x
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