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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 3 results

  1. why did the syrian army fire at peaceful protestors back in 2011? say what you want about the FSA, and takfiri groups like al nusra and isis, but in my opinion this is all Assad's fault, as he fired the first shots....had he not allowed for his own soldiers to fire at people who merely want change and are not hurting anyone, syria would not be in the mess it's in. I don't know if assad used chemical weapons (he probably did) but he did fire the first shots, so badly that some soldiers even defected.....what kind of monster would fire at his own people for protesting? now im not defending al nusra or isis or even saudi arabia and turkey....i agree that the saudi government and turkish government is evil, etc. but that doesnt justify firing live rounds at peaceful protestors.... also, assad has been using barrel bombs, which are very inaccurate and kill civilians.i think assad needs to step down....
  2. I have sunni parents who view Assad as an evil dictator, and one sheikh who I frequently watched in the past even called him "the firaun of our times" but I've been doing some research and I've realized this isn't all one sided. My dad views Assad as the "greater of two evils" in his words, and my mom probably thinks the same, the two being Assad Vs moderate rebels (FSA)...my question is, do you think the FSA (Free Syrian Army) is a terrorist group or that the revolution is legitimate, or neither, is assad supported by his people, and what do you think of Bashar Al Assad?
  3. 1) Takfiries are Jahils and they themselves could not even make a sew. 2) US and Saudia give them a lot of ammunition .... but there is weak point of US i.e. US could not provide high tech weapons to the Takfiries, while US fears that one day it could be used against the West and Israel. We must exploit this weakness of US. 3) Against Takfiries, we don't need huge army units, nor do we need small abush units, but we need Technological Superior weapons, which will work best in the present civil war against Takfiries. 4) We need Drones, which could fly 25000 ft. altitude or higher. No manpads could ever touch the Drones at this height. (Iran even has the ablility to manufacture even 50000 ft and 64000 ft. altitude Drones, as has been said by Iranian officials ). Secondly, we need Precision Guided Ammunition (Iran is already producing it). Precision Guided Ammunition could be fired through tanks and artillery and in form of Rockets. It could be guided either by Drones (laser guidance) or by ground laser equipment. Tanks should not directly enter the cities, but trained units in camouflage should infiltrate the cities and enemies ranks, and they guide the artillery fire through lasers. With Precision Guided Ammunition and ground guidance equipment, we could win this war even without the Drones. This is what high tech weapons could do in fight against the Jahil Takfiries https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=779646365413142
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